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Why does Kurloz have Vriskas jacket? What is this guys motives?

You mean this coat?

I think it looks like another coat we already know. Only more colorful.

A coat a certain RIPPED cherub wears.

Not yet, of course. But since he already has unlocked Stitch from his planet quest, all he needs is material.

What for?

So he can be the yaoiest motherfucker we’ve ever seen. 

In other words, Kurloz needs Vriska’s coat so Caliborn can cosplay his Gary Stu self-insert. And Kurloz, a firm believer in his Lord, serves loyally.

As for Kurloz’s motives, they’re pretty much the same motives as Gamzee’s

which means believing that “their [Rage players] Lord” needs servitude and tutoring. This is the same motive that keeps repeating through Hussie’s works for oblivious clowns and I believe both of these juggalos simply are lost within their dadderly instincts toward the loathsome green kid.

And since loathsome green kidCaliborn wants to kill everyone simply because he is a cherub and this is his nature

it makes him happy to help his Lord achieve happiness with double-killing everyone.

Vriska, who wants to get rid of Caliborn, is a problem and he seems to be a helping guide with problems she poses to Gamzee in the dreambubbles, but it’s rather unclear what else (aside from giving him a codpiece) was he able to help him with.

There’s also this thing. 

Who knows how Kurloz got in possession of Green Chest (which clearly is in opposition to Red Chest Vriska has found) and what does it do (probably something in opposition toward what contents of the other chest could do - if John’s got unstuck in from canon by getting inside it, then this probably sticks people in canon. Y’know. Sticks in a little house shape. HOMEST(U)CKs.), but it surely will come up again.