Why is AR talking about Through the Looking Glass? Alice in Wonderland is the book where Alice chases a rabbit down a rabbit hole. Rabbits don’t feature in Through the Looking Glass.

Through the Looking Glass is the one where Alice goes through a mirror and becomes a pawn in a chess g–


Does this mean Jane will cross the board and become a queen?

EDIT: Alice crosses the board, becomes a queen, and checkmates the King in Through the Looking Glass.


I’ll say one last thing. 
Though the magnitude of the ensuing destruction resulting directly from your actions will be neither possible or necessary for you to fathom, there nevertheless ought to be a silver lining. 
The only question is whether you will live long enough to see it. 

VRISKA: Every time he destroys another dream 8u88le, he does a little more damage to the furthest ring, inexplica8ly shattering the essence of all-encompassing nothingness. 
VRISKA: As the cracks spread across the void, new points of reference show up on our maps! 
VRISKA: Then we look at the angles and intersections and all the shapes formed 8y the cracks, and compare them to our notes from the various riddles and clues we’ve discovered a8out the path to the treasure. 

VRISKA: No, 8ecause the map isn’t complete yet! 
VRISKA: Needs more cracks so we can plot the rest of the course. All we’re a8le to do now is head in the right general direction. 
VRISKA: So ironically in order to prevent reality from 8eing destroyed, we need to w8 for it to 8e damaged further. In fact, we’re 8etter off encouraging it! 




thoughts on recent updates and theorizing:
  • big thing in jake’s sylladex = 4th wall? also grandma english was a badass, just saying. parallel to grandpa harley’s shenanigans?
  • beta kids definitely won’t arrive until after jake’s entrance (after the 4th wall shows up in the medium) and jake will probably enter last in act six: act five so the meetup happens at the eoa5
  • so jake’s land is definitely LOMAX - correlates with the weekend at bernie’s reference.
  • dirk’s land is probably LOPAN? he’s jane’s server, and correct me if i’m wrong but i don’t think we’ve previously seen a situation in which the server-client chain could be switched this early in the game. he probably has to enter next. (land of pyres and neon anyone?)
  • since he intends to be jake’s client, we might get a situation where roxy pretends to be jake? (who would be dead/incapacitated) to get dirk into the game (hence weekend at bernies setup)
  • would explain the apparent gap between LOPAN and LOTAK if jake (LOMAX) wasn’t around to get roxy in normally for a while. (creates an 11/11 pattern in land entrance, and results in a similar order of personality analogues entering –> john-rose-dave-jade becomes jane-dirk-roxy-jake)
  • noble gases also in a 11/11 pattern (helium and neon/ krypton and xenon - omitting argon and radon)
  • helium and neon can be associated with breath and light. (helium–>balloons–>flight–>breath) and (neon–>neon lighting–>light). can krypton/xenon be associated with time/space?? maybe, but its a stretch i think. noble gases were probably chosen based on the 11/11 pattern and not associations. but how the noble gases are expressed in the land might be associated with time and space!!
  • also drillgorg, yeah!!!!!!!!

TL;DR so I have helpfully bolded important points!!

approx. timeline for future events?

Adjusting a number of semi-popular theories to account for recent events, this is a timeline of what I roughly think will happen.

This is assuming the lanterns imply the death of the dreamselves and not the death of their real selves and that the sessionwide blackout starts with Roxy’s death.

  1. Dirk has some really weird dreams in the bubbles and merges with his brain ghost splinter fragment. Dirks left: 3.
  2. In the meantime, Dirk’s unconscious dreamself is killed by the Red Miles. Dirks left: 2.
  3. Waking up, he find all his friends dead/unconcious, flips out, talks with uu(?), and has a fight with AR over the whole mess. AR is crushed as in “over 9000?!” He is a “red herring.” Dirks left: 1. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.
  4. Dirk enters. His planet is LOPAN, Land of Pyres and Neon. (because Bro started some ‘sick fires’, amirite?)
  5. Sometime during this, Jane’s dreamself dies and is moved to the crypt in Prospit’s moon? Where she explosively resurrects either by Maid of Life powers or by God-Tiering the wrong way. Possibly she damages Jake’s dream corpse in doing so. Alice #1 is queened, and Alice #2’s head comes off. The light of Life outlasts that of Heart and Void.
  6. Jake wakes up several hours later after night has started to fall. Oceans are rising, cities are falling, and volcanoes are erupting. Hope survives? Hell yeah! Jane and Roxy still out of contact. Dirk freaks out at him? If DirkJake issues get a resolution, it’s gonna be around here.
  7. Jake enters. His planet is LOTAK, Land of Tombs and Krypton. (because Grandpa Harley was a tomb raider, get it?)
  8. Around this time, Jane manages to find her way back to her planet and get a computer. (She lost hers on Derse)
  9. Dirk, Jake and possibly some carapaces reenact Weekend at Bernie’s with Roxy’s corpse (using the fenestrated plane?). Mostly with getting her into the Medium. There is at least one awkward conversation with Jane in which someone pretends to be Roxy. Also probably one with UU. Weekend at Bernie’s references secured.
  10. Roxy’s corpse enters. Her land is LOMAX, Land of Mausoleums and Xenon. (because Mom built a mausoleum for a dead cat, yeah?)
  11. Roxy’s dreamself dies in the void, but being Rogue of Void, she escapes the dreambubbles somehow? Possibly with the help of the Beta Kids and Trolls (both living and dead) at various points in time.
  12. She meets up with either the meteor kids or the boat kids late in their journey (very close to the 3 year mark), and arrives in her session with them at the same time as the Break. This is sometime after she (or rather her corpse) enters the game. This marks the end of Act 6 Act 5 and the beginning of Act 6 proper.

As you may note, a lot of empty space here! Shenanigans happen on the meteor/party boat/in the Medium/in dreambubbles with dead people, which probably will partially or completely invalidate what I’ve said here. HOMESTUCK.

tardisdelorean asked you:
2012-12-28 00:57
Tell me more about my beloved Time players.

I’M SORRY, this is so late. In my defense I was sort of sick this morning. Just did Time since it got REALLY LONG, haha.

Thoughts about Time in no particular order:

Time is arguably the most powerful aspect but also the hardest aspect to use. Time players basically have to work within the rules of paradox space, and what paradox space says is that nothing can really be changed: whatever happens is whatever will have happened already.

This is reflected by the objects Time players use to time-travel. Most people already know that they’re associated with music, but the key distinction here that I think a lot of people miss is that they’re music players, not instruments.

They control the tempo of the music: can speed it up, slow it down, can start or stop it, but they can’t change the music they play. A Time player wouldn’t have a guitar or a violin: with those you could compose music – decide how a timeline would play out. But since the timeline is created through the collective will of all players, it’s completely beyond the capacity of a time player to change the outcome of timeline with their powers.

(Possible Time Travel Artifacts: metronomes, player pianos, music boxes, CD players??, weird futuristic Synthesia programs, those dinky fake electric violins that play a song if you press a bow to it, etc.)

On the note of things that people get wrong about Time, Time is associated with death, but it isn’t strictly death in the same way that Space is not strictly about life. (That’s already covered by Life and Doom kthx)

Time is associated with death and entropy, yes, but its also associated with patience and acceptance. The Time player must either reject the past and accept that they will die doing so, or accept the past and press onwards regardless. Where Space is the rebirth that proceeds from death, Time is the death that allows for rebirth.

(You may note that where the creation of the Green Sun came about through the death of two universes, the death of the red sun heralds the creation of a new universe.)

The path of the Time player is to be prepared to die a thousand deaths in service of their cause. But it is not the Time player’s destiny to die.

The thing is, a lot of people get distracted by the doomed timeline business when it come to interpreting Time as an aspect. And its true that its inclusion in every session is meant to ensure a successful session in the alpha timeline. But in terms of the Time player’s Hero’s Journey, doomed timelines are irrelevant. The alpha self will never experience the growth of their beta selves.

The alpha self must learn to accept that they may die – memento mori if you will. Its why god tier Aradia says she has no intentions of dying – dying to fix every small mistake is not the point ofTime. It’s acceptance of the fact that one may die in the process of doing what is necessary. This is what Dave needs to learn. He’s scared of death and compares himself to his bro and to John. He thinks they’re heroes because they don’t hesitate to act. (Of course, John “did not realize he was completely useless until 2 years after the fact” Egbert and Dirk “literally the dictionary definition of hyperconfident” Strider are basically the worst two people to compare himself to. Meeting them again after three years - enough time for John to realize what a shitty hero he was and enough time for Dirk to get thoroughly sick of himself - will do Dave a lot of good.)

As an addendum, it’s pretty cool how Aradia’s and Dave’s interests reflect how they use time.

Aradia’s an archaeologist: its all about piecing together the past and learning from that to guide actions in the future. It’s why Aradia’s use of time is primarily preventative and results in a zillion doomed timelines, and why she later take on the role of understanding why events played out in the alpha timeline like they did: she pieced together how Doc Scratch came to be and how he brought about the enemy they had to face. To prevent the worst case scenario from happening in the future instead of fixing it after the fact. (This is extremely likely to be a Maid thing: Jane’s into detectives – they piece together clues to prevent the future loss of Life.)

On the other hand look at Dave’s many interests: preserving dead things, photography, even the insistance on slightly retro pop culture, that’s all about preserving a moment in time, slowing entropy. He mixes music: overlaying disparate tracks in different arrangements to make something new. That’s why his primary use of time is through time loops: overlaying his own timeline upon itself to do what he couldn’t do before. Same with SBaHJ: he makes it by copying old art and turning it into a new comic. (Here’s something interesting: half of Dave’s interests stem the denial of entropy, preserving the dead. Yet SBaHJ is in itself almost a celebration of entropy: its distinctive look comes from informational decay. Given Dave’s worries over being a relic from 2009 in his recent appearances, this could support my earlier suggestion that Dave has to come to terms with mortality. Or something.)

tl;dr Time shenanigans are complicated and sometimes you just have to roll with it. 

@messwithmoe: you gave me an aspect and a class which are still pretty hard to understand so give me some time to canon review and I will get to it. o7

Let’s seee

We know troll dancestors are genetically identical and can take the place of their ancendants in dreambubbles.

Roxy’s probably doing something similar - taking Mom Lalonde’s place in this memory? (Is Rose dreaming this close by?)

The reason Roxy needs to pass through Mom Lalonde’s memory and then the universe gate to get to Calliope, is that this gate is clearly Sburb Beta’s. (drawn because none of the dreamers have ever seen it and only Calliope has drawn the hypothetical ending.)

Since Sburb Alpha is a void session, it may not even have a gate: the only way out is to merge sessions and play in Sburb Beta. So Roxy has to pass through Mom Lalonde’s memories as the gate connects the B1 session to the next universe.

Its possible that the gate connecting Calliope and Roxy/Mom means that the universe they create will be Calliope’s (with an Earth from B# moved to the new universe at some point…)

update spoilers yo

1. red/green safe (on the edge of the screen) stores uU’s jujus

2. Lord English writes in GREEN

3. The special stardust is dead trolls

TC: and paint the wicked pictures with your motherfuckin blood.
TC: your crushed bones will make my special stardust.

update: snippets from a discussion on facebook

paradox space uses cherubs to usher in the end right? so UU=good end, uu=bad end?

Dark gaps in RL book correlate to dark spots in Doc Scratch’s omniscience?

UU doesn’t know that LE is her brother because of the “dark gaps” –> void powers?

re:Page of Dicks, UU draws the “right” conclusion (that uu as LE is intricately involved in Homestuck) for the wrong reason… should we be on the lookout for red herrings that aren’t actually red herrings at all?

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