homesick to my stomach

Kind of Like Narnia (Part 4/4)

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader

Notes: LAST CHAPTER OFFICIALLY. Mainly bc @llturner7 wanted it so bad,, I GOT YOU GIRL xx

Word count: 794

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Another argument. Another makeup, just to argue again. It was hurting you, and it was hurting Raph just to keep doing this to yourselves. What was the argument about today? You wanted to go up top with April so you could have a feel of the New York nightlife, but Raphael took that as the notion that you were going to the club to get felt up by random men. He did not like that idea, not at all.

Even Splinter was fine with you going, and he was still in protective dad mode.

You reacted badly though. You called him a coward, and told him that it was no wonder why Leo was leader, because he couldn’t do anything for himself, let alone his brothers. He left to the gym after that, and you went topside by yourself.

Currently sitting on a random New York rooftop, you sipped the juice box you brought with you, you watched the lonely people walk around the streets, the drunks stumbling out of the bars. There didn’t seem to be problems with the world, just a lot of lost souls. But then again, it wasn’t your world.

Your world was gone to you a month ago. Now it was just you and [P/N], living in a sewer in a New York that wasn’t yours. Donnie still hadn’t found out how to get you back. It was apparently going to take a miracle, and you had ran out of miracles a long time ago. It was cold. It was raining. You weren’t dressed for this cold weather.

[P/N] didn’t have a problem staying with the turtles in the sewers. In fact he loved it. He spent most of his time with Splinter surprisingly. You just assumed because it was all the nice smelling candles and the aura of the room. It calmed the very energetic animal.

You on the other hand, just seemed to stick out in the lair like a sore thumb. You’d asked April if you could move in with her, but she told you her landlord wouldn’t let anybody who couldn’t pay rent stay in the building. You tried getting a job, so you could get out of the lair more, but nobody would hire you. You were at a dead end, and you didn’t like it at all.

“Ya don’t like it here do ya…” A blanket, a thud and he was sat next to you.

“I feel out of place. Like none of you want me here. It might just be my head, but-”

“I do want ya ‘ere babe. I jus’- I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” You leant your head on his shoulder, sniffing to keep back the tears. “I guess I’m just homesick. But I only get homesick when we argue.” He was running his hands through your hair. He remembered it calmed you. You might have just made a huge revelation to yourself. So big, that it made you start crying. This was it. You were going to pour your heart out to him and he couldn’t stop you.

“You’re my home, Raphael.” He stopped, dropping his hand.

“Come again?” he looked down at you, his heart skipping beats and his stomach doing somersaults.

“I- I’m homesick because you’re my home. When we argue, I feel like you don’t want me here.”

He was holding you. Back against the wall and you in his lap. He was crying too. You were pressed against his plastron, not that you minded much though. “I-I do want ya here babe, I really do.” You wrapped your arms around him, feeling the tears fall from his face on to your head.

“If I somehow disappear tomorrow-”

“Ya ain’t goin’ no where alright? I can’t lose ya [Y/N].”

“Raph listen… If I disappear, I want you to know that, when you look up at the stars, it’s the same sky I’m looking at too. Because no one can change the galaxy, and no one can change fate.”

“But yer staying fer as long as ya can, right?”

“Yeah Raph, I’m staying for as long as I can.” You heard him whisper a ‘oh thank God’ as he gripped you tighter.

You both probably sat there for hours, just being with each other, and occasionally crying a little bit. It was the first time the both of you acknowledged that there was a possibility that you might disappear from that world and return to your own, and it hurt. But as long as you were with him for now, you were okay. You both were okay.

The End 

Because I was starving after not eating for two days and my dorm neighbor gave me her taco:

Nico hadn’t realized he was hungry until his sister had started a video chat with him and chided him for not eating.

“What do you want me to do, I’m not hungry,” he protested.

“You’ll get sick if you don’t eat, Nico.” She moved her phone and the image blurred for a moment before refocusing. “What’d you eat yesterday?”

“Just a salad. Didn’t feel too good after.” Bianca gave him a reprimanding look and he shrugged. “My stomach has been weird.”

“You’re just homesick. It happened to me too.” He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I have to go to the store. Meanwhile, you need to go find something to eat, okay?”

“Sure. The café had these little sandwiches earlier. I’ll get one of those since the cafeteria is closed.”

“I want a picture of you eating!” she said. “Okay, love you, bye!”

“Bye,” he answered. He hung up the video call and slumped into his bed. His stomach was still burning from the salad the night before. Maybe Bianca was right. It was just him being homesick. And nervous.

This was the first time he was completely on his own. He was hours away from home, in a city he didn’t know, with no relatives. It was terrifying. He missed his sisters. He missed his own bed, his own room- which Hazel had immediately claimed when they got back. She sent a picture.

Heaving a sigh, he got off his bed and left the dorm. His roommate was gone, so he locked it before going to the elevator down the hall to get down to the third floor. Over the last two days, he’d gotten used to the campus layout. Thankfully, the café and cafeteria were close to his dorm hall.

He crossed the street and walked under the shaded breezeway that led to the doors of the café on the left side and to the doors of the bookstore on the right. He went into the café which was loud with chatter of people who had already made friends, the mellow rock blaring through the speakers, and the blenders making coffees for customers.

To his disappointment there were no sandwiches, and he had actually hoped to get one. They looked pretty good. Still, his hopes didn’t make any new ones appear in the glass door fridge. The cafeteria was closed and he wasn’t sure where the other dining hall was at or if it was even open. He stood in line and asked the barista if they would restock the sandwiches soon.

Sadly, they wouldn’t until the next day when classes started. He thanked her and went back to his dorm, suddenly hungry. His stomach was growling. As he went back up the elevator, he figured he could either check online to see if anyone knew when the other dining hall would open or suck it up and eat a granola bar.

He went into his room and got on the university’s media page to ask. Surprisingly he was answered quickly- they don’t open until tomorrow.

He cursed under his breath and sighed.

Then he heard a few laughing voices outside his dorm. Nico wasn’t a person who socialized easily, but he figured it’d be better for him to force himself rather than starve for the rest of the day.

Steeling himself, he walked over to the door, took a breath and looked out. There were three guys walking down the hall with smiles on their faces, obviously already friends.

“Um, hi,” Nico said. Three pairs of eyes flickered to him, two dark, one a startling blue. Nico cleared his throat and managed a terse smile. “Do you guys happen to know where I could get food nearby?”

“Oh we just came from eating,” one said. He had cornrows, dark skin, dark jeans, and a shirt with Kenny G on it. “Do you have a car? We could-” Nico shook his head, causing him to trail off.

“Well, there’s a café nearby in the Rag Center,” another said. He had a Brazilian flag bandana tied on his wrist, long, straight, glossy black hair and a tank top with shorts. There were two jagged pale marks on his shoulders, but Nico quickly looked away.

“Um, yeah I tried that, they don’t have any solid food right now.” He chuckled nervously. “I was just hungry, and apparently none of the dining halls are open.”

“Well, we were just getting used to the layout of the city,” the last one said. He had a slight drawl in his voice that suggested he was from the south. It was subtle and pleasant. He was blond and wore khaki shorts with a House of Blues shirt. “There’s a small coffee shop near the East hall but it’s a bit of a walk.” Nico nodded, unable to find words with those blue eyes looking right at him. The more he looked the more he noticed.

The freckles splattered on his face, the way one corner of his mouth seemed to curl up in a half smile, the fullness of his lips, the raspy undertone to his voice. “Oh, I’ve got a taco,” he recalled suddenly. “Can I see the bag, Austin?”

The boy with the Kenny G shirt handed over a large paper shopping bag filled with miscellaneous things for the dorms. The blond looked inside and pulled out a taco wrapped in red checkered papers. “I got it from the café earlier. Do you want it?”

“Uh, y-yeah. I’m starving.” The blond smiled and handed it over, causing Nico to blush slightly.

“I’m Will,” he said, extending a hand. Nico shook it and smiled.


“I’m Austin,” the boy with the dreads said.

“I’m Paolo,” the one with the bandana said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” he nodded.

“We’re all roommates here in this dorm right across from you,” Will said.

“Oh, okay. Wow. My roommate isn’t here.” He chuckled. “Um, but thank you. Thank you so much, really.”

“No problem,” Will smiled. The other two went inside and Nico figured he should too. But before he could take a step back, Will took one forward. “Oh, hey, there’s a mandatory hall meeting later today. At seven.”

“Yeah I saw the signs,” he answered, feeling his hands begin to shake.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you there then.”

Nico nodded and smiled nervously. “Thanks. For the uh taco.”

Will chuckled and rubbed his neck. “If you ever want to check the city out or… uh, if you want someone to go eat with, just…. You know.” He gestured to his door.

“Oh. Oh! Yeah, sure! That’d be nice.” Nico bit his lip. “Thanks. Uh, I’ve said that a lot. Um… yeah, I’ll let you know….”

“Okay, cool,” Will smiled. “Um, bye.” Nico nodded and ducked back into his dorm as Will went into his own.

Somewhere, someone fell asleep to the thought of my name with a different face. I heard that you are where you live - I’m not sure what that means yet. This place is oddly comforting and like a stranger sometimes. What does that say about me? I have forgiven nostalgia, but I still cringe when it comes over. I wonder when I’ll stop. Yesterday, I felt like flying. Can someone drown in the clouds? I have mastered the water already. I can taste so many possibilities and my feet are aching to touch new places. There’s this kind of homesick for things you’ve never seen - my stomach hasn’t recovered still.