Home Sick

Fandom : SPN

Pairings : Reader x ? - If I say who it would spoil it the surprise

Word Count : 1116 - Just a cheeky lil one shot this time

Warnings : Angst  - Yeah I know, back at it with Angst. I can’t help myself

A/N : This was written for @mrswhozeewhatsis#LoudenSwainSPNChallenge. My song was Homesick. This one kinda wrote itself, as soon as I chose my song. I really really like this, despite it being angsty. Un beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. Italics are speech, and Bold Italics are song lyrics.Tags at the end of the fic.

“Falling down to my knees, here I am again, talking nonsense. Hoping that someone out there is listening. I don’t know if any of you even care any more, but what else is there to do? There is nothing else to do, time is almost up. Hiding this, hiding this fear is going to kill me, before they do… Well, I guess here goes nothing…”

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Long way home

I think Ford wanted to get home despite the danger, but he almost lost all hope after 30 years. So he sometimes looked up at the weird skies of another dimensions and wished it were the skies of his home dimension.