You guys…..I can’t even 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 WHAT IS THIS?! It is just so wrong in so many ways hahhahahaha omg hahshaha. Flipping through the channels and landed on the home shopping network. They were selling this “excercise” machine lol I filmed it so I could share this with you. #koreasorandom

#infomercial #asseenontv #funny #homeshopping #웃긴동영상 #웃겨 #haha (at Seoul, South Korea)

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Shinhwa 2014 Here Seoul concert fanaccount compilation part 1 (first night - March 22, 2014)

VCR: Dongwan with ajumma hair held an axe and ran towards the members in the trenches. When the battle began he raised his axe and charged… Peng, he was shot… Dropped down dead… OTL

Jin asked everyone what they have been up to recently and future plans. When it came to Dongwan, Jin said all the videos were really edited by Dongwan himself, asked did he learn it by himself, Dongwan said yes. Then about future plans, Jin asked is he going to pick up foreign languages, Dongwan said to talk about this in the future, aye today’s weather became warmer…

Fans did Andy’s rap during This Love.

At the end Dongwan said “ni hao” (hello in Chinese) a few times.

Fans did Andy’s rap in Brand New.

Park Yongkyu took Andy’s spot in This Love. During Andy’s rap only the female dancer danced.

Dongwan picked up a soft toy wanting to throw to fans, but he didn’t use enough strength and the toy didn’t fly past VIP area’s barricades. He was embarrassed too.

For encore everyone came out wearing the t-shirts and travel pillows, except Hyesung with a towel around his neck. When Eric came out and saw Hyesung without a travel pillow, he took off his to give Hyesung, but Hyesung refused and walked away.

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Diva Mariah needs a MOMENT on homeshopping!