Homeschooling and family illnesses.

Yesterday we took Amber to the doctor.  Her nerves have been even worse than usual since she was attacked. 

We found that she has gone down from 5'5 136 pounds to 5'21/2 104 pounds.  In less than two years.  While having P.O.T.S and now new forums speak of patients who have tumors on their pituitary with presenting P.O.T.S  symptoms and possible links to lymphoma and or leukemia, the doctor is now testing her for cancer, thyroid disease, and loss of all sorts of vitamins and minerals that ones body needs. 

With my youngest one starting to have the same symptoms as her sister, and my son presenting with tachycardia (hoping it is only due to mild dehydration…he knows he has to drink much more clear liquids than he has been)

Time to get busy with school  We would have started already by Cass is having a really bad morning.  Going for some exercise to clear our minds and energize our bodies!  Then Music, Math, Language, Geography (I am having her do a Pinterest World tour for her slide show.  She will set each location as if she were a tour guide and let us know about the culture, the economy, and religious beliefs of that region), then The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Violin practice and starting the essay on Ayn Rand’s Anthem.  (Hoping for a scholarship from this essay.)