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Cute Feederism Scenarios

•You getting horny from me getting stuck in a buffet booth
•You giggling like a child as you watch me waddle around the apartment, mesmerized by my jiggling
• You picking me up from class and seeing how tired i am, so you take me to get mcdonalds or rallys or taco bell or other fast food. I respond feeling guilty at first but you reassure me you just love to see me full 😘
• You “forgetting” to buy me new jeans so i have to wear the ones im outgrowing to school, then teasing me when i get home and they’re torn across the ass
• You waiting for me patiently at the door when it’s time to go to a date we planned, calling “come on, butterball! our reservation is at 7!“You are tapping your feet with your arms crossed as i heave myself through my room’s doorway and slowly make labored steps across the apartment living room. My belly knocks over the paper towel stand on the coffee table and you snicker as you have to move the table out of the way so i can squeeze through. •You reassuring me you’ll be fine as big spoon when we go to bed, then as i lay down in front of you, the bed sinks (as usual) sucking you in and trapping half of you. You’re struggling to breathe and you’re sweating. Me: “Uhm, are you sure you’re okay hon?” You: “Yes!!!” •As I get on our bathroom scale for our daily measurements you ask me, knowing i cant answer; “So what does it say?” Me: “Honey, you know i cant see the numbers…” You: “Hehe. I know.” •We go on a walk together at the local park , i have to sit down every 2 minutes and the increments of time get shorter as we go. We don’t even walk half a mile before i ask to go home. •You take me to play at a mini golf course and i get visibly excited. Slowly, as i hold the club and try to maneuver my arms around my belly that gets in the way, i realize i cant see the ball and you set me up just to fluster me. I look over at you, blushing and you just smile, pleased with yourself. “Oh well,” you say “We could always go hang out at the pizza parlor?”


~✵Pool Boy AU Prompt✵~
Phil Lester was a seemingly privileged kid. His mother died years ago when he was five years old in a boating accident. While Phil inherited an extreme phobia of water, his entrepreneur father inherited a lot of life insurance. Thus, he and Phil lived rather lavishly in a well decorated home topped off by a great view, a complementary golf course, and even a pool. While the pool wasn’t of much use to Phil, his father utilized it every moment he could get be it with his coworkers, the various significantly younger women who flowed in and out of their home, or just to relax by himself. When their last housekeeper moved off to live with family during a crisis last winter, Mr. Lester decided that summer to hire not only another housekeeper, but also a pool boy all thanks to a neighborhood flyer.

Daniel James Howell was not poor but he certainly didn’t have spare change. Living in a home with a loving mother and father was great, except for the fact that they were constantly taking care of his sick younger brother. He couldn’t blame them. Still, Dan was forced to support not only himself but also his struggling family. As summer approached he needed work. His friend PJ suggested jokingly one afternoon to clean the “rich snob’s pools in the ‘heaven on earth neighborhood’” next door. That joke quickly became reality, and after posting signs asking for work, Dan had a booked schedule all summer long.

Phil hadn’t expected to do much more than habitually smoke weed or abuse his prescription painkillers while he played video games to cynically pass the time. Little did Phil expect when a certain pool boy Dan Howell captured his interest one faithful, humid, summer day.

The rest was history.

Sedona, Arizona

When I told folks in my office I was zooming west for a long weekend to see the Grand Canyon, three of them said, “make sure you go to Sedona.”

I had heard of Sedona, but had no idea why I had heard of it, or why it was famous, but nonetheless my mom and I decided to listen and go; good thing we did!  

If you ever drive (in the day time) from Phoenix to Flagstaff make sure you drive through Sedona. It’s incredible!  The city’s main attraction is its collection of beautiful red stone formations every which-way you look.  

It was so gorgeous that my mom and I went twice; after we got back from the Grand Canyon tour, and the next day on our way back to Phoenix. 

The first time we saw it, we had just missed the sun set by about 10 minutes, and I think that’s when this place must glow.  

We drove to Chapel of the Holy Rock (recommended by our Canyon guide), but unfortunately it was closed. Still, we got to see this remarkable church built into the rock (hooooowwww?!?) 

As the sun finally disappeared and we headed back to Flagstaff for the evening, we decided to get up early to go again the next day, especially as it’s right on the route back to Phoenix!    

Initially we had planned a day in Phoenix, but instead of half-assing Phoenix, and doing it in a hurry, we decided to explore Sedona this time around, and next time see Phoenix properly. :)

The 89A (recommended scenic route) drive down from Flagstaff is steep and beautiful! You drop in elevation from 2,106 m (6,910 ft) to 1,319 m (4,326 ft) so your ears will pop! 

Neat, eh? 

Sedona did have a city center (below), but it looked very touristy. Not sure I’d want to stay there personally, however many people do!  (Would be good to see sunrise/sunset here)

It also looked like a wealthy retirement area. Lots of large homes built into the rock, and golf courses! 

My mom and I wanted to do a hike, but we were too limited on time, so we only managed to park the car and do a ten minute walk (our own path, woot!) to try capture views of the “finger” type rocks. 

It was very exciting when we saw them! As we dropped in elevation we went from the heat on in the car and Ugg boots on, to t.shirts and air-con! 

After a stop for some coffee and snacks, we hit the main interstate road and headed back to the airport to drop off the car, and catch our flights. 

There were thousands and thousands of cactus (what’s the plural for cactus, cacti?) lining our route. I’m sure Arizona folk don’t blink an eye towards them, but they were so cool to see!! It takes about 20 years to almost attain one foot in height, so these are old cacti. 

And then suddenly I was on a plane back to Detroit (my mom on another one headed back to Toronto) after a whirlwind, wonderful spontaneous Arizona , Adventure! 

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TFLN The missus is looking after Lux or Gemma's kid and it's sick but she can't get hold of Lou or Gemma so is texting Harry in a panic xx

Harry. Missus.

Mia was sick.

Like, full on sick. 

And Gemma won’t answer her phone. Harry, she’s sick and I can’t get a hold of Gemma or Michal!

I’ve got Persephone who’s crying in her room because she’s scared that the baby is going to die. 


Hey, hey. It’s okay, love.

I’m stressing out, Harry! Persephone’s crying in her room. Mia’s crying and won’t stop. It gets worse when she gets put down in her bed.

Okay. It’s okay. I’m sure Gemma’s just busy at the moment. Her and Michal are with their contractor, remember?

I know. I know.

Where are you? Can you come home?

I’m on the golf course with Niall right now, love. We’re almost finished with this nine-hole game and them I’ll come home. He’ll understand that I need to come home rather than go for beers.

What do I do, Harry? I don’t know what to do!

It’s okay, love. Persephone was sick when she was a baby, wasn’t she? All you had to do is make sure she’s hydrated and slide in some baby paracetamol, if necessary. We still have loads of it from when P was little. Keep her hydrated with milk, okay?

I fed her the milk that Gemma put in the fridge when she dropped her off and she puked up down my back and it went on the sofa and I can’t clean it up because Mia won’t let me put her down. Persephone’s crying out for me and I can’t go to her. Harry, I need help!

It’s okay. 



I’m coming home, alright? I cut the game off. I’ll keep an eye on Mia when I get back and you can go up and see P, yeah? It’s okay.

Gemma called. She said she’ll come through but the earliest is in the next hour or so.

They can’t get off with the contractor so they’re still talking with him about the kitchen. He was late and then took a while to set up. So we have her for an extra hour and Persephone still won’t settle.

Okay. I’m coming home now. I promise. I’ll pop into the pharmacy and see if they can suggest anything and then we’ll go from there. Everything will be fine. And, if it isn’t, we’ll take her to the GP or paediatrician and get her checked over.


Okay, yeah.

She’ll be fine. x

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It's not ok for you to make things that fluffy and make me feel the feels that I am feeling😭❤️❤️❤️

You sure? I’m pretty sure you enjoy those feelings, little missy. Imagine what else I have going through my mind now that it’s over. Let me add on a little more…let’s stir up some more feelings for you. Enjoy!

It’s been a year since Enzo had met your parents and you both have never been happier. Your parents love him and your mom absolutely adores him. In fact, you’re pretty sure by this point your dad and Enzo have become BFF’s. Hell, Enzo had taken your dad golfing once because your dad mentioned at one point he wanted to try it and see if he liked it. Those two tend to go for golf whenever you guys are in town. He even invited Cass to go with them…your mom had to go and pick them up because the three of them got wasted. They had lots of fun because your mom said he had been talking about that for weeks.

But most recently, you guys left your parents house and Enzo was acting a little unusual. Everything seemed fine but when he and your dad came home from the golf course, he just seemed a little….jittery. 

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Britney Spears Purchases $7.4 Million Italianate Villa In California’s Thousand Oaks

The princess of pop—who ranked #82 on Forbes’ 2015 Celebrity 100 list with an income of $31 million—just sealed the deal on a $7.4 million 13,264-square-foot mansion situated on roughly 21 acres of land in Thousand Oaks, California (a stone’s throw away from a 8,456-square-foot Hacienda-style haven she picked up in 2012 for $6.7 million).

It ends Monday in Pittsburgh.

Same as last season. A bad 20 seconds hurt the Pens. The Caps season ends Monday in Pittsburgh. No way they lose at home with a chance to send these clowns to golf course. Also if the refs could show up and start making the correct calls, that would be great.


PRIVATE ROMAN POOL SUITES in Las Vegas’ Newest Hotel, the beautiful 3 million dollar Golf and Country Club Motor Hotel, on the Tropicana’s championship Golf Course, adjoining world famous Hotel Tropicana, home of the Follies Bergere. Show reservations, baby sitting, beautiful pool overlooking Golf Course, Dining and Cocktails in country club lounge. Gaming at adjoining Hotel Tropicana, 10 Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada.


Elizabeth Short was born on July 29th, 1924 in the Suburbs of Medford, Massachusetts. Her parents were Cleo Short and Phoebe Mae Sawyer. Cleo built miniature golf courses and Phoebe was a stay at home mom, taking care of eight children. The stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression caused Cleo to lose his job, because who’s going to buy a mini golf course during that time? Sometime in 1930, Elizabeth’s father parked his car by a bridge and suddenly disappeared.

Phoebe moved the family to a small apartment in Medford and got a job as a bookkeeper. Even though she had a job, she was still struggling to provide for her family of nine. Elizabeth also suffered from Bronchitis and asthma during this time, which didn’t make things easier. Due to her health problems, Phoebe sent Elizabeth to Miami where she started working as a waitress while staying with family and friends. While still in Florida, Elizabeth met Major Matthew Michael Gordon, Jr., who was an officer in the U.S. Army during World War II. Mathew proposed and Elizabeth accepted his offer, but he tragically died on August 10, 1945, less than a week before Japan’s surrender ended World War II.

When Elizabeth was nineteen, she found out her father was still alive, living in California. Cleo paid for her trip to Cali and she immediately moved in with her father. The time she spent living with Cleo was short lived due to the fact that he made her do all of the housework and she even had to pack his lunches. She eventually started refusing to cook or clean and that’s when her father kicked her out.

Not much is known about her life after she lost her fiance and was kicked out of her father’s house. 

“On the morning of January 15, 1947, the nude body of Elizabeth Short was found in two pieces on a vacant lot in Leimert Park, Los Angeles.” 


Belle Abri (Spring Farm, Montego Bay, Jamaica) :: Belle Abri (“beautiful sanctuary”) is one of the newest homes overlooking the Half Moon golf course and vast vista of Caribbean Sea. The architecture is dramatic ~ the view is breathtaking.

Six well-appointed bedrooms are in the main house, including an extraordinarily spacious master suite. The seventh bedroom is a separate cottage with kitchenette and is located just off the pool terrace. Dining tables are in both the large mid-level living area and outside on the long covered verandah.

The infinity-edge pool has the unique feature of a defined children’s pool area, separated from the deeper pool by an underwater partition. Child friendly, Belle Abri provides a complimentary crib, high chair and playpen.


Because everyday cannot be a catwalk day… today was our traditional Monday sweat walk day aka Around the Island Challenge.

This is our penultimate walk and we did Sentosa island (aka resort island, home of universal studio, golf courses, etc)
Next week it’s Labor Day so walk around the island (plus I’m not in town!) . The following week the leader of the walk has another commitment so there won’t be a walk either (and I’m not in town either so it’s perfect). Our last walk will be on May 15th and it’s a good thing because it’s starting to get very hot (not only by the end of the walks but even when we start).


Farewell to Florida is a small self portrait series that I created during my last four months living in Jacksonville, FL. While it was originally created with the intention of showing the places that I would miss in Jacksonville (my college town) and Port St. John (my home town), the series ended up revealing much more about my transformation, both physically and mentally, as I migrated into a new chapter of my life that would ultimately end with me moving to Boston, Massachusetts. While the early images appear dark, there is a hint of hope that moves throughout the series as I spent time battling with my confidence, my identity, and my future. The series ends with a photograph from my first week in Boston.

all images were taken using my mamiya rb67 with fujifilm fp-100c film


Relishing America’s Roadside Relics with @clive78757

For more of Gregory Smith’s photos, @clive78757 on Instagram.

Architectural historian Gregory Smith (@clive78757) is obsessed with American roadside relics. Family road trips to destinations like the Atlantic City, New Jersey region — home to numerous miniature golf courses and Lucy, the six-story building shaped like an elephant — initially sparked Gregory’s affections, and he began photographing his favorite landmarks in college. He aims for a light touch in processing, yet admits, “I’m prone to saturate color and dramatize the sky, perhaps inspired by the old postcards I’ve loved since I was kid.” But it’s not just about image for Gregory, who helps get Texan landmarks listed in the National Register of Historic Places. His goal is to document and promote the preservation of commercial landmarks. “They represent the spirit of small business, exemplify creativity in design and construction, and help us better recognize and understand patterns in the ever-changing American landscape.”

I’ve wanted to photograph this vast expanse of the Colorado Desert (corner of Ramon & Bob Hope) for as long as I’ve been breathing, but there are No Stopping Any Time signs posted along the whole stretch. Fortunately (or as fortunate as a crappy situation can be), my husband got a flat tire here driving to work this morning which involved delivering a jack to him, giving me a legitimate excuse to stop and take some photos. 

My family has lived in the Coachella Valley since the late 1920s so needless to say, we’ve watched the landscape shift from unadulterated desert sprawls to track homes, golf courses and strip malls. “It’s just desert,” the developers say without so much as batting an eye. I thought that if there was any group of people on earth that would find that statement as ludicrous as I do, it would be you guys. 

To me, long stretches of desert nothingness are probably as close as we can get to being in outer space on earth. They make you feel small, they humble you. There is a sort of magical electricity that emanates from these special places that make the world seem to go on forever just before your eyes. 

You can probably bet that in ten years, half of these empty spaces will be laden with Chipotles and Best Buys and Walmart Supercenters. Or there will be gated communities fashioned after other parts of the world with giant, obnoxious water features and hundreds of yards of grass, as if the desert isn’t beautiful enough to stand on its own without augmenting it in some egregious way. You see the retail coming soon signs peppering half of our empty desert spaces, so it’s important to take them all in before they’re gone. No more creosote bushes to give the desert its incredible smell when it rains, but there will be even more fast casual dining options than you could shake a stick at. Good to know we have our priorities straight.