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The Friend in Boyfriend

Genre: Fluff

Member: Changkyun

Word Count: 2,314

a/n: I’m complete trash for this fake boyfriend series I have started.

Holiday season was either a dreadful season, or a very exciting one for you. Once surrounded by your family, the spotlight could forget you entirely, or focus on you for a good five minutes, which was more than enough time for everyone to bring up your dark past or nonexistent present. It only seemed to worsen as you got older, because work and relationships seemed to be the personal favorites of everyone.

Living away was always a bonus for holidays though, you could either choose to spend them with yourself or with friends, or go back home. However you had used up your last holidays to be away from home, so this time around you were going to have to wear thick skin and go home.

Changkyun had no particular schedule for this season, so you decided to have him tag along with you, and as the two of you drove back to your hometown, your nerves began to pile up high until you were about ready to combust.

“I don’t want to see anyone” you blurted and Changkyun turned to you from the driver’s seat with a blank expression, “W-Why?” he asked softly, turning back to look at the road. You groaned and leaned your head against the window with a thump, “They know I’m going so they invited everyone and I’m scared- they’re snakes!” you whined, covering your face and bringing your knees up to your chest as you hugged them. Changkyun smiled, “You’re so mean, they probably miss you a lot” he said, occasionally glancing over at you as you curled up on yourself.

He was right. They were your family and probably only meant good, but sometimes you realized they just didn’t really filter any of their comments on your life.

“I know… I’m just nervous” you admitted and that was that for your worries. Until you were standing at the doorway of your house, Changkyun patting his clothes a little and fixing his hair as you breathed in and out before knocking. As soon as you did, you heard the voices on the other side and recognized your aunts and cousins and your parents, making you gasp and suddenly take Changkyun’s hand. He shot you a look of shock and before either of you could say anything about it, the door opened and your mother stood at the entrance, with nearly everyone you could recognize standing behind her.

You knew they had noticed your skinship with him, because looks of surprise and thrill arose as well as those of judgement. Your mother held one of thrill as she greeted the two of you with hugs and brought you inside, your hand still tight on Changkyun’s as he held yours gently and very reluctantly. You refused to let him go, for some reason your brain was able to be more grounded as you said your hello’s and how’ve you been’s with him by your side. Everyone sat at the living room on the couches, or dining table, some even on the floor, all eyes on the two of you as you entered and sat at the couch side by side.

Someone began to make small talk with you as everyone else settled, “How have you been Y/N? How’s school?” they asked and you finally let go of Changkyun’s hand so that you could run your hands over your lap, “Good, I’ve been really good, and school has been very busy but I’m doing well there too” you replied with a smile that felt too tight on your lips. “Y/N, aren’t you going to introduce us to this young man?” your mother then interrupted and you could feel everyone staring at Changkyun now, and it made you want to find the closest blanket or curtain to throw over him and protect him from any criticism.

“O-Oh, yeah, he’s Changkyun, everyone…” you started and met his gaze nervously as he smiled kindly and exchanged looks with a few people, “Um, Changkyun, she’s my mom, and that’s my dad” you then added, pointing at your parents who came up to Changkyun to shake his hand as he stood up and did the same with them, bidding everyone else a small wave before sitting down.

A few prying eyes begged for you to continue, to further introduce him and you knew exactly what question snaked behind their teeth, so out of impulse and sudden selfishness, you gave them what they wanted.

“Changkyun this is my family, and family, this is my boyfriend Changkyun” you said confidently, earning the reactions you were currently reveling in, with the exception of your now apparent boyfriend, who didn’t look at you but you knew wanted to smack you across the face and yell what did you just say?

Just like that, tension subsided between your family and you, but only thickened between Changkyun and you. Everyone caught up and decided to settle down to eat, in the meantime, while everyone was busy, Changkyun pulled you aside, “Show me where your bedroom used to be” he said through a very forced smile, and had the situation been different, you would have teased him about it. However you excused yourself and led him to your bedroom, nearly being pushed inside by him as he then closed the door behind him and turned to you. “Why would you say that? Why didn’t you at least warn me?” he spewed, his voice low and hushed, almost making you feel scolded.

“I know I’m sorry it just came out but just do this for me please, I’ll do anything for you after this is over but just do me this one favor” you begged, taking his arms and nearly dropping to your knees had he not held you in place. He sighed loudly and looked over his shoulder then back at you, “Do you know how nervous this makes me? I was already feeling awkward- Y/N I’m an awkward person, granted you would have probably been better off without me as your boyfriend” he rushed and it made you giggle despite the circumstance.

“I know- no, you’re great, just be you it’s okay” you tried, patting his shoulders and giving him a once over and nodding to yourself, “You’re good looking, that’s more than enough” you then added and Changkyun grinned but covered his face and groaned, “Oh my god” he said, then  patting his chest with one hand to soothe his nerves. “Don’t be nervous, it makes me nervous” you then said and he raised his eyebrows, his ministrations coming to an instant halt, “Okay, okay- no you know what, I’m nervous now, just give me a second” he said through a whisper and you chuckled, standing before him for a few seconds before leading him back towards the door as you opened it.

He was shy, but you could tell everyone liked him, he also stuck close to you at all times, occasionally pinching your shirt when you’d stray away and he couldn’t grasp your hand or arm. He feared being cornered by someone and being ultimately interviewed all by his lonesome. He couldn’t escape the questions when they came from your parents, and he always replied with small nods and attempts at answering as politely as possible, but stammering a few times before you were chiming in to his rescue. He didn’t need it much anyway, he was fairly good and your parents were more than satisfied. You were sure at some point he had even gotten comfortable enough with everyone because eventually, he’d stay at least a few feet away from you, that was more than enough progress for you.

You hadn’t realized the burden you had placed on his shoulders until the day got closer to an end, and he no longer smiled much, his shoulders slumping slightly. Everyone stayed until midnight and only then did you get a moment to yourself with Changkyun as the two of you brought your luggage to your bedroom.

“You okay?” you asked in concern, as the two of you arranged your belongings. Changkyun nodded and offered you a small half smile, sitting at the edge of your small bed and scrolling through his cellphone. You looked away and sighed, sitting at his side and leaning your head against his shoulder as you watched the contents on his phone. “I can tell you’re tired… I mean, you used up a lot of energy in charming everyone” you commented jokingly and caught him smile sheepishly. He didn’t mind you looking, and the two of you stayed there for a few quiet minutes until you were hooking your arm with his and he was putting his cellphone away. “Changkyun… I’m sorry” you said softly, still hearing your family chat in the kitchen. Changkyun hummed and then sighed, letting his gaze fall on his lap as you turned to look at him, “I’m really sorry…” you repeated and he gave you a warm smile, shaking his head a little and meeting your gaze for a little before you were looking away a bit flustered.

“It’s okay, I just wish I would have had more time to mentally prepare myself for this” he commented with a chuckle and you moaned in guilt, burying your face against his arm as he glanced at you. “I wasn’t planning on dragging you down with me, I feel really bad… But you took it like a champ” you admitted but all Changkyun did was lean his head against yours and shake it, “Do you feel better about seeing your family though?” he asked and you took in a deep breath and nodded. The burden had been shared, and you no longer felt like your self-esteem had been walked all over by your family members. “Thank you, boyfriend” you joked, making him grin, “You’re welcome girlfriend” he replied, the two of you chuckling lightly.

The word made him a little weak as it escaped your lips, it was no burden to have him play your boyfriend, he’d do it any time, but he would have wanted to meet your parents after he’d confessed his feelings for you. Had it all worked out differently, he would have been much more prepared to meet your parents as your real boyfriend.

“You were great, they’re gonna miss you when we’re gone” you commented and he chuckled, “What are you going to tell them later on?” he asked and you moved away and sighed, letting your shoulders drop with a shrug, “That we broke up or something” you stated and Changkyun pressed his lips into a line as you met his gaze. He looked away and toyed with the ring on his index finger, one you always insisted he should wear because you were convinced rings were made for his hands. “Let’s say, hypothetically, your family really wanted to see both of us again, would we do this again or would you just turn the invitation down and say we broke up?” he asked and you knitted your eyebrows in amusement as you smiled in thought, “I don’t know… I feel bad bringing you” you said and Changkyun nodded, raising his eyebrows in acknowledgement, “Makes sense, but what if I told you I could do this any time?” he then countered. You stared at him quizzically and chuckled, “Why would you? This is terrible and annoying, and eventually they’ll start attacking your self-esteem too” you said jokingly but with a hint of seriousness. “But what if I’m okay with it?” he pushed and your smile faltered as you met his expression, you knew he was looking at you and things were breaking away from the hypothetical. “Why would you be?” you asked again and Changkyun smiled shyly, looking away and shrugging sweetly, “Hypothetically speaking, I could enjoy being your boyfriend” he admitted and your heart jumped, making you freeze in your spot as you stared at the floor.

He then cleared his throat and stood up slowly, letting out an exhale and patting his clothes down, “That’s okay if it’s not what you want” he then said, making his way to the door of your bedroom as you watched him. “Wait no don’t go out there yet, we can’t just leave this conversation hanging” you stated, getting up as well. You couldn’t go back to your family and have him hold you close with genuine feelings while you pondered on them, that’d be using him knowing this was no longer a fake situation and that was definitely not a path you were going down on.

Changkyun turned to you and smiled awkwardly, “If it makes you uncomfortable-” he started but you cut him off, “It doesn’t, but you just kind of threw a curveball at me” you said with a chuckle and he grinned. “I had thought about us together before, but I didn’t think you ever wanted it so I didn’t… Really push for it” you confessed and his eyes widened, “You should have said something!” he said raising his voice in disbelief and you quickly made your way to him and hushed him. The two of you sniggered and you leaned your head against his chest, gripping his arms and trying hard not to laugh loudly. He held your arms as well and you felt him chuckle, making you look up at him and suddenly you were looking at him in a different light.

“So no more lying, okay? We’re actually dating now” he said and you nodded, leaning forward to peck his cheek, “I’m glad we came to terms with it now, any sooner and I don’t think I would have kept my hands to myself” you said with a wink to which Changkyun grinned at sheepishly before opening the door while he held your hand, “You’ve been keeping them to yourself?” he joked and you snorted.

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2 & 11 for Ivar, please and thank you :) - Oddsnendsfanfics :)

2. “I want to punch you in the face.” &  11. “I want a divorce.” @oddsnendsfanfics (Modern!Ivar AU) sorry, I wrote it in Alex first and then realized you chose Ivar so I had to change it

You flew to Kattegat City to surprise Ivar. You hadn’t seen him in 7 months and it was long overdue. Your work finally slowed down so you could take a much needed vacation. Two weeks you asked for. Two weeks that you’d be with your husband. You missed him. 

You stopped at one of the local breakfast shops that Ivar always raved about. Picking up two coffees and two bagels and a muffin for yourself, you walked to where Ivar was staying. It was his home away from home. Ivar always kept his place tidy. You called him a neat freak a time or two because of how meticulous he was with where things went or how things were supposed to look. 

As you unlocked the door and stepped inside, you placed the coffee and breakfast on the counter. You stopped mid-step as you heard a moan coming from the bedroom. You waited until you heard it again, the voice clearly a female. You weighed your options as you stood in the kitchen. You could either confront him now or silently slip out and avoid him. 

You had made up your mind that you were going to avoid him when you heard the unmistakable sound of his voice growling out “fuck, fuck, fuck” in pleasure. You felt the tears sting your eyes as you gripped the doorknob. You had to see for yourself. You had to make sure that he couldn’t come back and claim otherwise. 

You made your way to the bedroom, the door slightly ajar. The moaning increased in volume as you stepped closer. Ivar grunting out loud. You burst through the door, screaming “I want a divorce!” only to be met with a wide-eyed Ivar sitting on the bed, his hand wrapped around his thick length, stroking himself. 

You looked around the room, only to find that Ivar was alone. You clutched at your chest, trying to calm yourself down. You look up to see the TV playing some porn video, the female having a strange resemblance to you.

You looked back to Ivar, who continued to stroke himself, with a smirk on his face. “Ahh, little dove, did you think i was in here with another woman? You know it’s only you that I crave.” You watched his hand tug at himself. 

I want to punch you in the face.” You breathed out. “My gods, Ivar, I didn’t know what I was walking into.”

“Well it’s just me, thinking about you, so are you going to come over and give your husband a kiss.” He grinned at you. 

You ran to the bed, jumping into his open arms, his length momentarily forgotten as he pressed his lips to yours. “I’ve missed you, husband.” You whispered against his lips. 

“I’ve missed you more, wife. Now, get down there and take care of my needs, woman!” You winked at him as you slithered off his lap and made him come in your mouth. 

lance is constantly touching people. leaning on hunk, ruffling pidge’s hair, bumping shoulders with allura, throwing his arm around coran. he grew up in a place where that’s just how people interact, and if he goes a while without touching someone he feels weird and uncomfortable. keith, on the other hand, is so used to being alone that he still jumps every time lance walks up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder, but you know?? it’s… kinda nice. to be reminded that there are people around, close enough to touch

I saw this awesome lesbian movie the other day!!

It’s about a lesbian couple that just got married, and they’ve just gotten back from celebrating their honeymoon. They’re so cute there’s a femme girl and a butch girl and they’re just all over each other and it’s adorable. Anyways the femme girl gets an email from her parents (who she hasn’t talked to in ages ‘cause they’re hyper conservative and she ran away from home) and they’ve invited her to come visit home since they heard she’s recently gotten married and wanna give their blessing (they saw their daughter’s relationship status change on fb, but since the butch girl doesn’t have a facebook it’s possible they don’t know she married a girl). The butch girl really doesn’t wanna go, but the femme girl insists her parents will get over it since they love her.

Anyways there’s a road trip where they travel to the parents house, and the butch girl’s quirky best friend tags along. When they arrive, the parents are shocked but the mom quickly accepts it, since she just wants her daughter to be happy. The dad is really pissed though and has a big argument with his daughter’s wife over dinner. The daughter storms off to her room. Her godmother shows up late, and goes to the daughter’s room to comfort her. Then she kinda starts suggesting she change her image to appeal to dudes, implying that getting married was a mistake and she should find a man. The daughter gets pissed and kicks her out. Her wife walks into the room and it turns out the femme girl’s kinda mad at her too, saying she could’ve tried harder to get along with the dad. They have an argument, and the butch girl storms off, saying that coming here was a mistake.

Meanwhile, the parents are arguing about accepting their daughter’s wife, when the godmother comes in and pulls the dad to the side. They start plotting to hook the daughter up with a straight dude the godmother knows, and they agree to not tell the mom about this. The godmother suggests that the dad should do something about the wife so she doesn’t catch onto what’s happening.

This is when the plot gets kinda crazy?? The dad hires somebody to beat up the wife and I’m sorry I can’t do this I’m just describing Shrek 2

#i just love this moment right here #the pure happiness radiating from both of them #’do you want to get out of here’ and an emphatic ‘yes’ #alec’s slowly spreading grin #magnus’s smitten face and the embodiment of heart-eyes #the way they circle in each other’s gravity #it’s a fleeting moment but it feels like everything

can i say somethin real quick.

a lot of fans are quick to assume that big hit doesn’t care for bts, because the fans compare big hit to other companies (cough cough SM)
The fans even go as far to call Big Hit, “Big Shit”.

Everyone “defends” bts from “big shit” because apparently the company doesn’t give them time to rest or have holidays and overall doesn’t treat them right.

In actual fact, out of all of the idol groups i have liked in the past, bts has probably been the most taken care group. This is all because of how tight-nit the members are with the staff and how they are all family.

Now you can argue - “oh but remember that time that jungkook was hit by his manager” - well guess what happened when big hit caught wind of that info- the guy got sacked.
“Jimin starved himself…” - that was a decision made by Jimin (unfortunately)

you can see the close relationship between bts and their manager and dance instructor and stylists through just watching bangtan bombs or fancams where they interact. When the members are sick, they don’t force the member to perform like some companies would (see cough cough SM)

Big Hit are a friendly and supportive team that takes care of BTS and are like a home away from home for them. Bang PD hasn’t debuted anymore groups after BTS because he believes in them and wanted to focus on them solely. When no media-outlet believed in BTS and were practically made into a joke (see 1st visit weekly idol) Bang PD prevented them from going on variety shows that would make them feel inferior.

Guys… Big Hit has done so much for BTS, more than we know.


okay can we please talk about something in the theater community? specifically how people think that dear evan hansen, hamilton, heathers, be more chill, and (sorta) the book of mormon are the only musicals?



now, i’m not trying to diss those musicals. i personally adore them, but it makes me so angry when people overlook other musicals!

so, i’m leaving a list of musicals you should listen to in order for you not to seem like a broken record ;)

1. carrie: the musical

2. something rotten!

3. the last 5 years

4. urinetown

5. bring it on!

6. falsettos

7. fun home

8. matilda

9. legally blonde

10. newsies

11. rent

12. wicked

13. 13: the musical

14. little shop of horrors

15. 25th annual putnam county spelling bee

16. natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812

17. come from away

18. next to normal

19. the color purple

20. groundhog day

feel free to add more if you reblog!


high school !!!!!