The Signs and Their Homes

Aries: A big house on the beach with a skylight in every room

Taurus:  A giant mansion with a lot of expensive furniture

Gemini: A charming trailer home overflowing with plants 

Cancer: A cozy house with lots of candles and a few pets

Leo: A renovated castle with big rooms and a live-in nanny and butler

Virgo: A loft in New York with a window that looks out over the city

Libra: A house in an overgrown yard with wind chimes and sun catchers

Scorpio: A brick house with a fence and a fireplace

Sagittarius: A small bright house that’s always full of people

Capricorn: A modern house without a lot of furniture and white walls

Aquarius: A run-down but colourful house (probably a sofa on the lawn)

Pisces: A yellow house filled with artwork and sunlight