homer hedges

anonymous asked:

You know how Fatgum can absorb people in his fat defense form, right? Could I request for hcs about Fatgum being jealous of his s/o talking happily to their friend that he absorb his s/o, say they're mine and leave? I think this is cute

it is cute omg ;; 


  • While he isn’t one to get jealous easily, seeing his s/o laughing and talking a bit too comfortably with this unknown person does grind his gears!
  • Before they can realise, his s/o has been absorbed by Fatgum! They’re kinda flailing asking him to let them go! Fatgum simply responds with “Nope, you’re mine!”
  • They both laugh about the situation later, his s/o explaining that the person was a really good friend of theirs and how they were rather shocked to see his s/o dating Fatgum!