homer heat


Yesterday was far too warm on the whole, but we were in a good spot while at the event over at the Freedom Farmers Market. We brought a bunch of carrot tops, as well as some other assorted greens for the bunnies over at the Georgia House Rabbit Society. Not to mention a few bunnies got to indulge on some greens yesterday while we were there. The bunnies were a big hit with both kids and adults alike at the event, too.

Bree also made friends with both Bella and Homer while we were there. They all seemed to get along quite well. Bree had been munching in the litter box when Bella hopped in as well. Bree looked back, but went about her business while Bella sprawled out next to Bree in the litter box. They were later joined by Homer as well, particularly once the cold water bottle had been moved in to the litter box.

After we left there, I had gotten most of the way back to the rabbit center when I had my car overheat. Got it into a shopping center parking lot and brought Bree along with me to a nearby dollar store. Bought a few cold water bottles to sit in with Bree in her carrier, still open as usual of course. Got the car a little further, pulled in to a McDonalds parking lot when the car overheated again. Saw a no pets except service animals sign for Mcdonalds, but no sign of the kind at the Zaxbys right next to it, so Bree and I went in to the Zaxbys to let the car cool enough to get to the rabbit center. I had fries and ice water, Bree was just relaxing against her cold water bottles in the carrier next to me. Air conditioning helps too.

After all of this, we got to the rabbit center, greens not too badly impacted by the extra time in a hot car. Bree went off to do her usual explorations and observations in the bunny house while we were there.