homer eating

Homers Ring = The Sea Creature

Hear me out because I do have a point that sort of makes sense.

SO. In episode 1, we see the video of Homer in the hospital. He looks directly at the camera (something often used to show that the character is about to say something important) and says “I’m leaving with that ring” or something.

“That ring” happens to be the thing that they later use as an escape method. Guess what they also use as an escape method? The animals, to escape the NDEs. This leads them to get the movements which are an escape method from the basement!


Homer eats the sea creature in his NDE, and the tank has a purple tint just like the ring is purple. (Also the sea creature is orange which is almost opposite of the colour wheel to purple but that’s just me taking colour analysis too far)
In Homers NDE there’s the lovely pink chairs. They just so happen to be the same colour as the pepto bizmo in Haps medicine cabinet. Guess what’s also in Haps medicine cabinet? THE RING. Giving me the conclusion that the sea creature in Homers NDE is a way of showing the ring that Homer stashed in the medicine cabinet