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recs for nice long slow burn bughead? wip or finished idm xx

OKAY - so I have 19 requests for fic recs. I’m going to start with the two that asked for Slow Burn fics. Now - I’m not sure if I’m the best judge at what a slow burn is - because I’m impatient as hell and want to knock Bughead’s heads together when they aren’t kissing fairly quickly - HOWEVER - I have a few faves that are definitely slow burn. Hopefully some of them will be new to you. I’m certain there are more - so if you have a favourite that I didn’t mention here - please reblog with the links so that I can read them (if I haven’t already) and so other people can read them too. Sharing is caring, Buggies.

Teenage Talk by darlingdearestdead  - This is the HS Reunion fic you didn’t know you needed. There is serious mystery involved and if I could lock Bughead in a closet and tell them they can’t come out until they make out a bunch - I would.

for the life of me by @stillscape - I am overcome with emotions every single update. I’d almost categorize this one as slightly angsty - because currently we’re Pre-Series and Juggie had a pretty rough and emotional time of it - but as we move closer to the beginning of the pilot, I’m hoping we can give this boy a little happiness. Hopefully. Soon.

What Happened To Us? by @fxyeahriverdale - An AU where Juggie gets injured and doesn’t remember the better part of the last year… in fact - his last memory is shortly before Jason Blossom ended up dead. So he doesn’t remember Archie ditching him for Grundy… and he kinda doesn’t remember that his girlfriend is his girlfriend. Everything would be solved if these kids would actually communicate… so it’s not technically slow burn - it’s not like he broke up with her or anything - but he just doesn’t know that the girl he’s been in love with since they were kids is also kinda in love with him back. SUPER good. Addicting story.

Something To Tell You by @findingbetty - I know, I know. This is not the first time I’ve rec’d this fic. But it’s freaking amazing and one of the best examples of slow burn for me. I just want them to freaking MAKE OUT ALREADY! The Jughead is one of the most unique Jugheads I’ve ever read and yet he’s still absolutely perfect. I love him and I love this story. Every update is a delight. 

Interstate Love Song by @juggieheadcoopers - I love snarky Bughead AUs. There is so much underlying attraction between these two - but both of them are so super annoyed with one another right now that they can’t see it. This is still pretty early on - but it’s going to be a wild ride.

I’ll Wait for You by @a-girl-named-whiskey​ - one of my favourite Bughead fics of like EVER. I guess I wouldn’t call it slow burn anymore… but for the first half of this story I was doing Homer Simpson’s Chili dance to get these two kids together. Seriously. Read it. Review it.

wet socks by @fairytelling - Because it’s a freaking Pride and Prejudice AU. Folks, I named my daughter Elizabeth because I am freaking TRASH for P&P and have been since the first time I read it when I was NINE. This story is SUPER new but it’s going to be a hell of a ride. Get in on the ground floor!

Ivy League Material by @confirmedbugheadtrash - I don’t know about you - but I LOVE College AUs - and this one is really great. Jug has a motorcycle that he brought to Yale with him. Yeah. 

born losers by sylwrites - of course no fic rec list would be complete without a sylwrites fic. This just finished this week and if you haven’t read it yet (or if you’re new to fandom) then you need to stop what you’re doing and read it now. 

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