Circe in art

  • Circe Offering The Cup To Ulysses by John Williams Waterhouse -  1891
  • Circe the Temptress by Charles Hermans - 1881
  • Circe Invidiosa by John William Waterhouse - 1892
  • Tilla Durieux as Circe by Franz von Stuck - 1913

I would love to own a print of Circe Invidiosa. Such a powerful image.

Too cruel am I? And the silly beasts,
crowding around me when I pass their way,
glower on me and, although they love me still,
(with their poor sorts of love such as they could,)
call wrath and vengeance to their humid eyes
to scare me into mercy, or creep near
with piteous fawnings, supplicating bleats.
Too cruel? Did I choose them what they are?
or change them from themselves by poisonous charms?
But any draught, pure water, natural wine,
out of my cup, revealed them to themselves
and to each other. Change? there was no change;
only disguise gone from them unawares:
and had there been one right true man of them
he would have drunk the draught as I had drunk,
and stood unchanged, and looked me in the eyes,
abashing me before him. But these things–
why, which of them has even shown the kind
of some one nobler beast? Pah, yapping wolves
and pitiless stealthy wild-cats, curs and apes
and gorging swine and slinking venomous snakes
all false and ravenous and sensual brutes
that shame the Earth that bore them, these they are.

- Augusta Davies Webster

Circe and Her Swine by Briton Riviere - 1896