Being Justin's best friend and dating Zach would include...

•Justin is very close with your family because obviously his isn’t great

•He’s introduced you to some of the best people in your life. (Zach being one of them)

•Justin hugging you constantly

•Play wrestling is a constant with you two

•Everyone thinks you two have hooked up, but you never have.

•You’ve kissed playfully though.

•All of his girlfriends have gotten insecure about you. Including Jess, who’s your friend as well.

•People think it’s weird that y'all cuddle but you guys have been doing it since you were five so???

•When Zach first met you he saw you at your most comfortable. You were hot tubbing with Justin at Bryce’s.

•Plus Justin was Uber protective.

•Zach had classes with you at the middle school you both went to but he’d never noticed you really

•Back to the first time you met, it’s middle school, hormones are high, and you’re in a bikini

•Long story short, Zach has to leave the hot tub after just a few minutes.

•Even after you get together, and after high school, no one ever lets him live down that little Zachy had to leave because of an unwarranted boner

•After you break up with Montgomery De La Cruz, for his cheating and his constant need to get into fights. Justin sees how lonely you are.

•He’s always wanted you to date Zach, the purest of his friends.

•"Ya know, Zach’s single. I think he’d take you on a date.“

•"As a favor to you? No thanks.”

•Zach starting to talk to you and sit by you at random times during the school day.

•"how much is Justin paying you?“

•"paying me? Think higher of yourself, Y/N”

•Zach convincing you to study with him at his house after a week of this.

•Justin’s right, you two hit it off

•Justin ALWAYS crashing your dates

•when you say things referring to “your man” from the stands at basketball games, they both look up.

•Justin shipping you two even more after Zach shuts Bryce’s comments about you down.

•Zach being the kind of boyfriend that wants to know fun facts and opinions you have.

•"I really don’t think Zach will ever know more about you than me.“

•"You have a ten year advantage”

•Zach’s mom repeatedly talking to Justin about your relationship. She’s protective, like him. They get info from each other.

•"he’s in love with her, Justin.“

•"good. Because she loves him”

•Justin looking like the third wheel

•But you, justin, and Zach all think of yourselves as the third wheel when it’s just you three hanging out together.

•"Id do anything for her, Justin"

•"Better stay that way, Dempsey"

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Te borraría de mi mente, pero a la mitad del proceso, vería de uno a uno los recuerdos que harán que mientras te quiera olvidar, más querré que te quedes en mi mente, por que ahí es donde perteneces…

Ma France à Moi - Diam’s

Ma France à moi c'est pas la leur, celle qui vote extrême
Celle qui bannit les jeunes, anti-rap et pro-FN

Celle qui s'croit au Texas, celle qui a peur de nos bandes
Celle qui vénère Sarko, intolérante et gênante

(…) Et qui prétend s'être fait baiser par l'arrivée des immigrés
Celle qui pue le racisme mais qui fait semblant d'être ouverte
Cette France hypocrite qui est peut être sous ma fenêtre
Celle qui pense que la police a toujours bien fait son travail

(…) Non, c'est pas ma France à moi, cette France profonde
Alors peut être qu'on dérange mais nos valeurs vaincront
Et si on est des citoyens, alors aux urnes la jeunesse

Ma France à moi leur tiendra tête, jusqu'à ce qu'ils nous respectent

Puedes hacerte adicto a cierta clase de tristeza,
como resignarte al final,
siempre el final.
Así que cuando nos dimos cuenta que no teníamos sentido,
bueno, dijiste que todavía podíamos ser amigos,
pero admitiré que me alegré de que se acabara.

Pero no tenías que cortar todos los lazos conmigo,
hacer como que nunca hubiera pasado,
y que no fuimos nada,
y ni siquiera necesito tu amor,
pero me tratas como a un extraño,
y eso resulta tan duro.

Ahora eres sólo alguien que solía conocer.

—  Somebody that i used to know - Gotye.

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#21 montyxreader where theres a party at bryce's and they're playing beer pong and she wants to play too,but bc they've never seen her play before everyone including monty are like "are you sure you know how to play" and she just rolls her eyes at them and completely beats their asses,so evry1 is flabbergasted (especially monty) and shes all smug and stuff

Thanks for the request! Enjoy (: x

#21: “High five!”

The music was blaring through the speakers, some type of heavy bass song filling the entire backyard - and probably the neighbourhood. Cans of beer littered the ground and discarded pieces of clothing lined the pool. It was another one of Bryce’s parties, full of drunk teenagers and the lingering smell of marijuana.

You walked back into the backyard from using the bathroom, your eyes resting on the beer pong table that currently had your boyfriend and his friends surrounding it. You grinned to yourself, heading over.

“Can I play?”

The boys looked to you, their faces twisting into questioning looks. “Are you serious?” Zach asked you, making you narrow your eyes at him.

“Yeah, babe, you’ve never played before.” Monty pitched in. You folded your arms across your chest, glaring at the disbelieving group of boys.

“I’ve never played in front of you.” You countered. “So, lets go.”

You stepped toward the table that was covered in spilt beer and red solo cups. You held your hand out to Justin, in whom was holding the ping pong ball. He smirked, dropping the sticky ball into your hand. Ew.

Y+ou were on Monty’s team, versing a questioning Zach and an almost proud Bryce. Justin was the referee, shaking his head at your theatrics and mouthing to Zach and Bryce that they’ll win. Except he didn’t mouth it, and didn’t care that you heard him say it.

“Shut up, Justine.”

He glared at you. You offered him a confident smile, turning to face Monty, in whom just shrugged his shoulders and let you stand in position.

“Are you sure you even know how to play?” Bryce questioned, a beer in his hand.

“You’ll see.”

You got into position at the end of your side of the table, one foot in front of the other as you angled yourself sightly sideways, you lined yourself up, locking your eyes onto a target cup before lifting your arm and gently throwing the ping pong ball towards one of Bryce and Zach’s cups. You watched as it went straight in, the satisfying sound of it hitting the cool beer made you grin widely and jump up.

“In your faces!” You shouted, spinning around to give Monty a giant hug. He laughed loudly at your reaction, stepping forward to take his turn.

“Wait, wait,”Justin chimed in. “As chairman of this table, and referee by choice, I therefore declare that Y/N got that in from beginners luck, and shall have another go.”

Monty gave you the ball, and stepped behind you, slapping your bum on the way past. Justin gagged, and the others told you to hurry up. You sighed, but laughed, and lined yourself up again, throwing the ball and having it bounce off the rim and into another cup.

You squealed in delight, turning to face a surprised Monty. “High five!” You shouted, holding your hand up in order for it to be slapped by Monty’s palm. He held up both hands, going in for a high ten.

Justin made you go again, and again, and again, until you had won the game and embarrassed not only himself, but his friends in whom he was supposed to be supporting more.

Monty shouted his support, picking you up and spinning you around. Apparently there was a $100 bet on this game, and you had just won it for Monty. So you shouted in Zach’s face, holding your hand out to collect the cash before handing it to Monty.


Okay but an AU with the 13 Reasons Why boys having games night (with Taffy and Justlex)...
  • Alex: Why the hell do Jeff and Bryce keep winning? Their cards are rigged or some shit. Who the hell shuffled?
  • Tyler: Of course Bryce is gonna win cards against humanity
  • Monty: I swear Clay and Jeff keep exchanging cards- that's why Clay's in his lap, Jeff can cheat
  • Bryce: Maybe it's just because none of y'all's are funny, Zach and Clay might as well not even be playing
  • Zach: Yeah, well at least we're not relating all our answers to our boyfriends like Justin!
  • Justin: What? Just 'cause I'm gettin' some and you're not?
  • Clay and Jeff: Actually-
  • Tony: Guys! ...
  • Alex: Seriously, Justin?
  • Monty: Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Standall here, seriously?
  • Alex: Hey, don't agree with me
  • Justin: Don't agree with him
  • Tyler: Guys-
  • Everyone: Shut up!
  • Tyler: I was just gonna see if anyone wanted the last slice of pizza, but I guess it's mine
  • Clay: It's yours
  • Bryce: Look lets just go another round
  • Alex: Why? So you can kick our asses again
  • Bryce: Yep
  • Justin: I have a better idea
  • *Justin and Alex start making out*
  • Clay: Seriously Justin? Is it necessary for you to do that when we're all right here
  • *Justin gives Clay the finger*
  • Monty: This game sucks
  • *Monty throws his cards across table*
  • Tony: Agreed
  • Jeff: Mmm
  • Tyler: Yeah
  • Monty: I'm going to get a beer
  • Bryce: Fine, bunch of losers
  • *Bryce flips the table*
  • Jeff: Did he just-
  • Clay: *nods* He did
  • Zach: This is why we can't have nice things