Okay. So this recipe is beyond perfect, so I’m going to share! Enjoy some homemade Frappuccino!

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not sure if you are taking prompts, but if you are...klaus doesn't back down from a challenge. it was how caroline ended up lying naked on the kitchen table, not able to do anything about the bowl of her homemade caramel that he's just dumped all over her naked body. if you're not taking prompts or this isn't one you want to do, that's totally fine.

Thanks nonnie, sorry for the delay in writing this. Hope you like my take, it’s set in the post TVD finale world where I am happily living since our endgame. Also I’m tagging you Angie luv @thetourguidebarbie, my smut enabler! NSFW.

Pour Some Sugar on Me

New Orleans - 33 months post TVD finale…

According to the Original siblings, Klaus and Caroline were insufferable nymphomaniacs. Given their sensitive hearing and those thin walls, according to Elijah, they’d left the compound for the weekend to escape the ‘noise pollution’ as Rebekah put it. Kol had tersely told them not to enjoy themselves as they left bags in hand, Klaus had retorted that he was just jealous. The resounding groan he heard from all his siblings only proving his point.

“I can’t believe it actually worked,” Caroline grinned triumphantly, looping her arms around his neck and playing with a stray curl at the nape. “We have the compound to ourselves for forty-eight whole hours.”

“What worked?”

“Oh come on you don’t think I was extra vocal by accident, do you?”

“I just assumed you were enjoying yourself, love,” Klaus replied, his slightly hurt expression not lost on Caroline. “You better not have been faking those orgasms given all the effort I put into pleasuring you.”

“Oh I was enjoying myself plenty, Klaus,” she purred, leaning in and placing a lingering kiss on his crimson lips, her tongue darting into his warmth briefly. She pulled back just as Klaus moaned into her mouth desperate for her to continue. “There’s no need to worry, you’re doing just fine in that department.”

“I wasn’t worried,” Klaus scoffed, although his tone was telling her something different. “I know what an amazing lover I am.”

“Well, to be fair you’ve had over one thousand years of experience,” she teased. “Do you realise we’ve had the place to ourselves for five minutes and we’re still talking?”

“Not that I’m complaining at all but has anyone ever told you just how insatiable you are?”

“I’m trying to make up for lost time, you know given however long it takes and all.”

“Hey, that was all you, love. You could have been in my bed, writhing beneath me for a lot longer if not for that stubborn Forbes determination.”

“I am not stubborn,” she pouted.

“Now that there is case in point” he joked. “It’s okay Caroline, in fact your obstinance is one of the many things I love about you. Your outstanding skills in the bedroom is one of the others.”

Caroline had shown up in New Orleans a month earlier. They’d had minimal contact since Hope started at Caroline’s magic school a year ago but she’d arrived to personally return his cheque. Klaus knew it hadn’t been cashed yet but wasn’t expecting her or it to arrive so unexpectedly on his doorstep. Their banter and simmering sexual tension had returned with full force as they bickered back and forth over possession of said cheque. The Mikaelsons, who were standing transfixed on the surrounding balconies, had all commented that it was the best show they’d seen in a while. Well, that was until it got extremely heated and not at all G rated.

“Stop being a baby Mikaelson and just take it,” she’d growled, shoving it at him for the tenth time.

“Oh, I’m being the immature one here?”

“I can’t accept this, the least you can do is let me return it to its rightful owner.”

“I don’t see my name on it,” he baulked. “You know it’s called a gift for a reason, Caroline.”

“It’s too much for me.”

“Caroline, you’re entirely missing the point here,” he lectured.

“Oh really, and what is that?” She scowled, hands on hips as she waited for his response.

“This isn’t for you, it’s for your school and your students, Hope and the twins included. Don’t you think they deserve to have this so they can enhance their learning experience?”

“Oh, so now you’re going to try and guilt me into accepting this money?”

“Why? Is it working?” He quipped, continuing before she could interrupt. “Think of the children, love.”

“I forgot just how infuriating you can be,” she huffed.

“Trust me, you’re no picnic yourself, sweetheart.” She paused, obviously trying to work out what she was going to say next but there was something else building between them, something very familiar. That tension that had the ability to take hold and override anything in its path.

“How about we revisit this later?” Caroline rasped. Klaus couldn’t remember who made the first move, all he could recall was their lips hungrily attacking each other, shedding their clothes hurriedly and their sweat coated limbs entangled beneath the sheets. They hadn’t left his bedroom for three days straight, something his siblings wouldn’t let him forget in a hurry given their resulting insomnia.

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