Blast us to smithereens! That’s there’s dynamite!!!

My Jessie cosplay! I wore it to Mickey’s Halloween Party on Friday!

I made it all myself! From the hat to the belt buckle! ❤️


RWBY Characters + their possible troubles

Qrow has failed already, and he knows it. Winter could never let a tear fall. Ozpin made more mistakes than anyone. Ironwood did what he thought was necessary. Yang was going crazy. Weiss is not perfect, yet. Pyrrha is going to face her destiny.

Lucas as the Masked Man. All three sprites including the unused one.

Yeah that’s the Mystical Stick. It was the only stick that came in my mind to replace the Sword.

Munday Facts - Fast Five
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Five facts about me:
1. My birthday is August 19th~
2. 1/5 of my wardrobe is homemade tiedye.
3. I have 5 tattoos. (Three on my left shoulder, one on my ribs and one on my lower back. )
4. I’ve worn glasses since I was 10.
5. I’m a LARPer. (Live Action Roleplayer)

Five things I like to do:

1. Video Games
2. Writing.
3. Tabletop Gaming
4. Reading
5. Eating

Five places you’ll find me:

1. Home
2. Parents House(I hang a lot with them still)
3. Grocery Store
4. Current Larp Meet Up(Usually a Park)
5. In Bed.

Five things I am passionate about:

1. Youtubers & Their Playthroughs(I hurt myself like a fricken genius because I got to excited)
2. The Stories I’m writing(archiveofourown.com/ladyroslinedrake)
3. Video Games
4. Roleplaying(Forum, Tabletop and LARP)
5. My S/O-Cap'N.
Five people to tag:
@rockct-ninjx, @trans-76, @soldierofhorus, @kamai-tachi and @tracedthroughtime

5 Things Meme

Both mo caraid @littlesnowarrow​ and the darling @lechatrouge673​ tagged me in this. So, now you get to learn stuff about me.

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
1. Purse (UK definiton)
2. Epipen
3. Homemade lipbalm
4. A ridiculous number of crumpled reciepts
5. A random bookmark

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
1. Books!
2. A spare dog bed
3. Extra blankets
4. Mischief
5. An oil burner

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:
1. Visit my faraway friends
2. Learn to scuba dive
3. Learn to horse ride
4. Finding someone who loves me and supports me (totally stolen from Snow)
5. Write something that moves someone to tears

5 things that make me happy:
1. Bear and Mischief
2. The oddaughters, nephew & niece
3. Singing
4. Reading
5. Being out in nature

5 things I’m currently into:
1. Dragon Age
2. Mass Effect
3. Doctor Who (always)
4. Critical Role
5. Walking

5 things on my to do list:
1. Write up today’s consult
2. Walk the pups
3. Email my supervisor
4. Finish chapter 3 of Dream World
5. Finish chapter 7 of the new fic

5 things people may not know about me:
1. I alternate months between singing in the choir and assisting with the under 6s Sunday school.
2. My feet have what can best be described as an “abnormal” bone structure. The second toes sit on top of the big toes,from the side my little toes are S-shaped, and everything else is just squished into a smaller than normal space. My parents were told I may need an operation to be able to walk normally. I never did, but flip-flops are agony to me.
3. My great-grandfather was from Kirkwall (in Orkney, not the Free Marches)
4. I can trace my family on my dad’s side back to the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.
5. I have an actual, diagnosed by a specialist, allergy to rapid temperature changes. Given that we’re currently having 20C days and 2C evenings, my hands currently look like I have the measles. Hives are not fun, kids.

Umm, who to tag… @fereldenbastard, @sarcasmfish, @kagetsukai, @casforpenelope, and @gugle1980.