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Michael James Holt, 26, was arrested two years ago in September after authorities received a Crime Stoppers call that he had expressed a desire to commit an “indiscriminate public place shooting.” The searches of the three residences he was drifting between revealed he had the means to do so, as he had stockpiled several homemade weapons, which included imitation pistols. His intended target was the Australian shopping center Westfield Tuggerah in New South Wales, but he had also told a college friend he dreamed of walking through the school shooting teachers and students. Holt described himself as “anti-system, anti-religion, anti-politics, pro-gun,” as well as being a professed neo-Nazi. He recently plead guilty to several charges of manufacturing  and possession of firearms, and he is scheduled for sentencing in March.

Give me Slytherins in Dumbledore’s Army.

Give me Slytherins vouching for and adopting muggleborn first years during the reign of the Carrows. Walking the corridors a day or two after the start of term, spotting a cornered and terrified looking Ravenclaw first year and wading in like, “Ah, there you are! I tried to catch you at the feast, but you left for that tower of yours. How’s your Mum? She asked me to keep an eye out for you. Come on, don’t know about you, but lunch feels like forever ago. Shall we go raid the kitchens? You can tell me how the family’s doing, it’s been ages since I’ve seen my cousins.” “Who are- umm - do I know you?” “Just keep walking kiddo.”

Give me Slytherins running interference. Sitting in the thick of it in the Common Room, listening in on the discussions and idle plotting the older students under the guise of studying. Giving the odd absent minded smile in the appropriate place and laughing when expected, but making careful notes in their Herbology crib notes. Later relaying the intended and potential threats to the rest of the DA.

Give me Slytherins raiding the dungeon store rooms. With the Carrows’ idea of discipline bleeding Madame Pomfrey’s resources dry, alternative sources of items like raw murtlap, salamander blood and doxy eggs need to be found. Not all Slytherins take potions past OWLs, but there are a number who don’t who leave the dungeons with full book bags and later leave the Room of Requirement or the Hospital Wing with them considerably lighter. Later, the empty bags will be lined with takings from the Green House 8, where Longbottom and Sprout are growing in secret what they can’t steal from anywhere else.

Give me Slytherins insisting on hand to hand fighting being included in the DA’s training schedule. Because it doesn’t matter how good you are in a duel, if they get your wand away from you, you are going to have to find another way to defend yourself. They throw in a few hand held weapons as well because, well, come on, have you seen the corridors around here? There are suits of armour, like, every four feet! There are swords and morning stars everywhere people. Plus, it will scare the shit out of them. And a few halfbloods introduce the concept of homemade weapons and explosives and then the battle plans just get downright dirty.        

Give me Slytherins hitting other students with spells in the corridors. Imagine, you’ve just stumbled out of Defence Agai- wait, no, can’t really call it that anymore – Dark Arts. You’re shaking, trembling from head to foot. They had you demonstrating the Imperious this afternoon. On Luke, you’d always had a bit of a thing for Luke. And you couldn’t do it. You’re not sure what they hit you with but you can barely keep your feet under you. It doesn’t take much for the Slytherin girl to shove you into the wall. You hit the floor as she walks away, her head thrown back in a cackle. You vision blurs with tears from pain, humiliation and just being sick of being so damn scared all the time. Some lion you are. You don’t see the Slytherin boy coming the other way until it’s too late and his wand is already raised on you. You cry out as the first of the tears start to fall and brace yourself. There’s no pain though, despite the continued malicious laughter in the air. You feel warm instead, like someone’s just wrapped you in a much needed hug. You feel warm and safe and, as impossible as it seems, you feel happy and oh so hopeful. You drag yourself to your feet as the cheering charm settles like a warmed cloak and you lock eyes with the Slytherin boy just as he rounds the corridor corner. He winks at you and places a finger over gently smiling lips.

Give me Slytherin girls laying into boys during DA combat sessions. Gryffindor boys unwilling to raise their wands on a younger, smaller girl. “Oh come on! Seriously?! Dude, do you honestly think that Bellatrix Lestrange is going to smile and curtsy and thank you for being a gentleman?!” *curse flies* “Do you really think that Dolohov is going to extend the same courtesies to me?!” *another curse flies* “Because I telling you now Galahad, he ain’t! Now fight back you damn pussy cat!” “She’s right Davies, now fight back!” “Thanks Longbottom!”

Give me Slytherins convening with other members of staff. Requesting to be put into detention. They can be there for support for the younger students, the non-purebloods when the Carrows get into their stride. The moon touched girl from Ravenclaw, all blonde hair and pale eyes, she came up with this spell. Allows the effect of a curse to be split multiple ways, takes the edge of the Cruciatus is cast at the right moment. But they need more people in there, if anyone else passes out like the first time Lovegood did it will raise suspicion.

Give me Slytherins raiding the laundry baskets for spare ties. Yes, ok, so it’s not going to fool anyone with half a brain for very long, but the number of the Carrows underlings who just clock what colour is dangling around your neck and keep walking is laughable. The other staff members have cottoned on to it, seeing ties being swapped out at the classroom door and say nothing.

Give me Slytherins contributing their own photos and stories to the Memorial Wall in the Room of Requirement as the War drags on. Friends and family, alumni who refused to join Voldemort’s forces and paid the price for their defiance.

Give me Slytherin quidditch players who suggest aerial support squad to patrol the Forbidden Forrest in secret when the Carrow detentions warrant a little field trip. Waiting in the air in case anyone is in need of a quick retrieval. Give me beaters from different houses practicing with the bludgers, improving their aim and trying to see it they can weaponise them, or charm them to attack certain targets. Give me chasers practising flight with a second rider and keepers doing weights training in case they ever need to snatch someone out of danger. Give me seekers testing their reflexes and developing communication short hand for when they will be scouts on the battle field.      

And give me Slytherins in the face of bigotry. Because that shit is a two way street. How many time has it been said, “Why don’t they just chuck all the Slytherins out?!” over the years. “Who’d even want to be a Slytherin?” Truth is, the sorting hat gets a rhyming couplet to give an overview of each house and that is it. Not all Ravenclaws are free thinkers, not all Gryffindors are fearless, not all Hufflepuffs are good people. Give me Zachariah Smith after a bad clash, looking around at the red, blue and yellow lined room and those students bleeding and bruised and staring in on the few wisps of green set solidly among the others. Give me harsh words, unfounded accusations and a comment of ‘snakes in the lions’ den’. Give me Neville and Ginny yelling back, shouting him down, but he’s built up a head of steam and some of the younger members start to look torn and begin to edge way from the Slytherins in their midst. Give me a small slight Slytherin girl, finishing up bandaging a spained wrist of a small Gryffindor boy and rise to her feet prettily dusting off her hands. Give me her crossing the room quickly and quietly to within striking distance and then lamping Smith in the jaw. “Any means to achieve our ends you say? And what happens when our goals are your goals? When our home and friends and lives are the same one threatened as yours? The houses are there to give a sense of family in a new environment and to give us the distraction of inter-house quidditch matches. It was not designed to segregate us, we get enough that out there! We are one side here, and unless certain heads are removed from certain arseholes, it is going to be the side that comes of worse! Now, if anyone else requires essence of murtlap, I’m over by the second window.”

Give me Slytherins in the DA.

Elliot Alderson x Reader

Anonymous asked: Can you do one where the reader and elliot are sort of dating but the reader isn’t sure how he feels about her because he doesn’t show a lot of affection but then out of the blue he starts to, thanks x 😊

OKAY so maybe I went a little offtrack from the imagine again as this isn’t exactly out of the blue but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

You lay trying to catch your breath, a thin sheen of sweat covering your body as you relished the cold air of Elliot’s bedroom hitting your skin. His breathlessness recovered quicker from yours and he lay in silence, staring up at the ceiling like he usually did. You spoke before the awkward tension in the room overwhelmed you, of which he was very much immune to.

‘That was good.’


Your voice sounded faint in comparison to his definitive reply, the flatness of his voice stopping the conversation dead.

Elliot’s phone vibrated on the side – just a text, never a call. He snatched it up immediately, the phone angled conveniently away from your gaze as he read. You held your breath as you waited for him to speak.

‘I got to go to work. You can stay in and let yourself out later.’ Being allowed to stay while he was gone was Elliot’s version of a peace offering for his abruptness. Allowing you unsupervised access to his comfort zone.

You didn’t reply – you were worried about what might come out of your mouth if you did. Elliot was up and getting dressed. You averted your eyes.

No less than two minutes later and the apartment door was closing with a quiet click. You stayed still for a moment wondering what to do, before deciding that you weren’t staying here – this apartment didn’t want you, even more so when Elliot wasn’t in it.

You tried to clear your head as you rode the subway home but every time you glanced at your blank lock screen you felt another twinge in your chest.

Strangely enough it had been Elliot who had approached you – he said the words.

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submitter wished to be Anon

1. Scout hates the taste of wine. He refuses any sort of wine, no matter what.
2. He loves plushies, but hates to admit it. He has at least 35 plush bears back home.
3. He eats so much McDonalds when he gets the chance it is almost scary.
4. He has a fear of horses. Got kicked in the sack when he was 17, and he refused to go near a horse ever again.
5. When he is in his room, he tries his best to do knife tricks like spy. He fails. A lot. Cuts up and down his hands, but he still does it.

1. His “perfect family” is a wife, a boy and girl. No more, no less. If he gets two girls, he will try his best to make it as manly as hell.
2. He made Zhanna an eye-ring. He ripped a man’s eye out just so he could make it. And she loves it.
3. He doesn’t like chocolate that much. Don’t ask why…
4. No tea for this man, “that is not Amarican!”
5. He tried to stop smoking.
He failed…

1. They love talking to engie when they can’t sleep. Very good friends.
2. They burnt down their house when they where 13. They where angry… their mother beat them until they cried when it happend.
3. They like the sound of glass breaking. They don’t know why.
4. They are smart. Not engie smart, but smart. They make a lot of homemade weapons.
5. They will kill someone for a strawberry lollipop

1. A good cook. Makes really good food, and is the one that makes dinner most of the time.
2. A REALLY good kisser. He can’t really prove it, but he is. He is a natural.
3. He doesn’t get drunk in front of ladies or his family. He tries to stear clear of any beer around them.
4. A honest to god funny guy, but he is kinda an ass when he is drunk.
5. He loves coffee and tea. He can drink both. At once. And still enjoy it!

1. A massive softie when it comes to the people he cares for, which is sadly low(his family and the Medic).
2. He won’t KILL anyone if they touch his gun, but he will break an arm and a leg.
3. He has a bear plushie with amo around his chest like he does in battle. His sister made it, and he loves it so much that he put it on his bed and never lets anyone touch it.
4. He once broke the soilder’s helmet with his bare hands. But thankfully there where more.
5. Sometimes he talks in german with the medic. He knows a little german, enough to have a convo with him but he is not the best.

1. He loves horses. He would ride them all the time when he was a teen.
2. He makes the best damn pancakes, and is a good cook too.
3. He is friendly, but also deadly. He will saw someones limbs off if they ever try to harm anyone he cares for.
4. A hard-ass worker. He will stay up all night to get anything done.
5. He doesn’t like taking off his helment to much, he hates the fact he is bald.

1. He doesn’t give a shit if you die, unless you’re Heavy, His family or his birds you can jump off the roof for all he cares.
2. He found his love for doves when he was 10. His father had one and he fell in love with it.
3. He is Jewish, but he doesn’t really speak of it. He learned to hide it from his time living in Germany.
4. He loves tea. Coffee is a no-no for him.
5. The medic loves it when one of his doves rest on his sholder. It feels natural to him.

1. If you thought peeing in a jar was gross, you won’t like what he does in the little hole behind the shed he scopes in…
2. He likes being alone. No one to bother him or tell him how to work.
3. He loves eating simple foods. Fancy foods will never make him happy.
4. Even though his parents don’t like his work, he still loves them and was really sad when they passed away.
5. He doesn’t smoke all that much, only when he is really stressed. He can control it which is rare for most people.

1. He cannot cook for the life of him. He has tried. Once he burnt ice cream.
2. He has a disguise for a lot of people, not just the mercs.
3. He enjoy’s Miss pauling. Not as a lover or anything, but just as a person. Not really a friend either.
4. He can understand a little german, but not that much
5. He started smoking when he was 16. A long story…

Christopher Dankovich, at age 15, stabbed his mother 111 times to death on April 24, 2005. He was sentenced to 25 to 37 years in 2006.

Earlier testimony from a psychologist indicated that the boy believed he was on a mission from God to protect children. When his mother tried to discipline him for his homemade weapons, intended for abortionists and child pornographers, he lashed out at her.

Commish for @jamie-jim-jam who requested some hurt/comfort.

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“Incoming, Hog.”

The biker snorted and glanced over his shoulder. Off in the distance, distorted by the bikes dust trail, black spots were drawing near.

“Hang on.” he grunted, and twisted the throttle. The bike roared like a demon and ate the ground, leaving the potential threats in the dust.

Or so they thought.

Junkrat yelped and nearly pitched out of the sidecar as Roadhog screetched to a halt.

“OI! Hoggy, whats the idea?!”

“Tire spikes.”

He’d barely seen the glint of wicked spikes in time. Stretching across the road and a good distance to the side, gleaming thorns of metal bristled.

And the ambush was sprung.

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anonymous asked:

He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people. Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU. He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!

You come into my inbox, you disrespect my man Tony Stark… and I could be angry with you but, to be honest, your message made me very happy. Guys! The day has come! I got an anon message telling me that Tony Stark is a villain and I am now officially a member of the Tony Stark Defense Squad! So, even though it may be wiser to ignore this message, I decided to celebrate by actually answering it.

“He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people.”
You quoted my post here but you changed the ending. The result is quite ridiculous, if I may say. (For those who don’t want to read the post I linked, we’re talking about Ultron here). Look, English is not my mother tongue so forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the grammatical construction “to do something” implies an intention behind the action. If I go to the shop to buy an apple, I go there in order to buy an apple, with the intention of doing so. I’m sorry, are you a native English speaker? If you’re not, that could be an excuse, but you can’t possibly think that Tony’s intention there was to kill people.
What was Tony’s intention when he decided to create Ultron? (I’m not going to say “when he created Ultron” because it would be a blatant Bruce Banner erasure and also Ultron kind of created himself, the AI was already in the stone and all. And we can’t forget about Wanda. Let’s not discuss it here). It’s very clear in the movie. He did that to protect the Earth and everybody on it. Wanda played with his mind and we could see his fears: his friends dead and the Earth invaded. He did what he did to prevent that from happening. He did it to protect people, not to kill them, anon, you can’t possibly fight me on that, you just can’t.

“Tony is the … villain of the MCU.”
Now the second part of your message. It’s not less ridiculous, but far more often believed in than the first. It’s really weird that some people think Tony is a villain. Let’s check what the word “villain” means, shall we?
villain - (in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot (source)
Now, I agree that Tony’s actions and motives are important to the plot but I’m afraid you missed the “evil” part of the definition.
Tony has made some mistakes, yes. But is a mistake an “evil action”? Isn’t an intention to harm necessary for an action to be considered truly evil? I think that the “evil action” and “evil motives” are connected. Creating Ultron was a mistake but it was not an evil action, for it was done with a pure motive. You can point out Tony’s mistakes all you want (he’d gladly do that himself), but you cannot question his motives. All this man does, he does to protect others.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word “hero” now.
hero - a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities (source)
If you’ve seen any of the movies you’ll have to agree that Tony has courage and, in fact, lots of it. There are more proofs of that than I am in the mood to count right now. Just to name a few situations… escaping from that Afghanistan cave, saving civilians from terrorists while being a civilian without any training himself, stopping a crazy guy with electric whips without a suit, chatting with Loki, fighting aliens, flying a nuke into a portal, going to kill a terrorist with homemade weapons, being part of the Avengers who fight aliens and crazy robots on a daily basis… like okay I’m going to stop now but I hope you can see that Tony is no coward. A coward would never become Iron Man. Gosh, a coward would have built the Jericho Missile for the terrorists and died in that cave to begin with. Well, at least you wouldn’t be calling him a villain now.

But Tony’s courage is even deeper than doing those brave deeds. It’s about falling and rising. It’s about getting out of that cave and changing his whole life for the better. It’s about realising the harm caused by his weapons and shutting down the weapons division. It’s about being betrayed by people who were close to him but still choosing to trust others. It’s about being told he’s not fit to be a hero but being a hero nonetheless, every day. It’s about creating Ultron (yes, that) because he refused to stand back and let everyone die. It’s about not curling in a ball and crying out of the agony of remorse when Ultron went crazy, even though it would’ve been so much easier than doing everything in his power to clean up that mess. It’s about going on, every day, even though he blames himself for everything bad that happens. It’s about trying to make up for it, for all his mistakes, and for the mistakes of others.

On to the next part of the definition. I’ve already mentioned some “outstanding achievements” of his, like putting the nuke in that portal (which saved the Manhattan and finished the fight) but let’s add saving of the president and having his part in creating Vision to the list. Well, it’s not the whole list, obviously. But the point is proven, so let’s move on.

Now, noble qualities. Let’s take the list from this site. There are so many of them that I’m going to be very brief on each, but if you watched the movies, you’re going to know what I mean.

*sacrifice – taking the nuke through the wormhole
*determination – he! gotta! save!
*loyalty – coming back to the Avengers while not being on active duty when things got rough, wanting to arrest others instead of letting killing squads deal with them (yes, I’d call it loyalty, he could have just sit and watch you know?)
*courage – already discussed
*dedication – have you ever seen a more dedicated guy, like, have you seen him at work
*bravery – may I remind you about the nuke and aliens and stuff
*perseverance – get the image of him dragging his disabled suit in a forest through the snow
*focused – he literally doesn’t sleep when he has a goal he wants to achieve
*conviction – he believes in what he does, he wants to continue doing it
*selfless – fighting for others while risking one’s life is hardly egoistic, I think it’s quite the opposite
*gallantry – the definition on that site tells me it’s about fighting the danger “with high and cheerful spirit” and well, if it isn’t Tony Stark
*fortitude – does refusing to make a Jericho for the terrorists count? yes
I’m sorry but at the end of the list of qualities on that site was this: “Heroes are not born, they are made. Anyone of us can acquire these heroic qualities and can be a hero” and well if it isn’t Tony Stark.
Wouldn’t you agree that the word “hero” fits Tony far more accurately than the one you used to describe him? Surprise, surprise! Tony is actually a hero! Who would’ve thought, right?

But! You didn’t only call him a villain, did you. You said “the biggest villain of the MCU”. One, Tony is not a villain. Two, there are many villains in the MCU, why must you insist that a hero is a villain if you have plenty of them already. Three, all of the villains did bad things, why do you think that Tony, a hero, is worse than them? Four, have you heard of Thanos? Wait for Infinity War and then tell me Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU, please. Not that Tony couldn’t be the biggest villain. I mean, if he only wanted to, he could. Thanos would look pathetic next to him. The thing is, Tony is a good man with pure intentions. Luckily for everyone.

“He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!”
Now this is something that bothers me a lot, and it’s not because of the reason you probably think. Just.. it’s clearly stated on my blog that I’m from Poland. Why do you come into my inbox and compare a character to the president of the USA that I have near to no interest in? Why would you assume I think he’s the biggest villain of our universe? It’s just… no? Why would you do this?
I do know some things about Donald Trump though, mostly from tumblr. I know that some of the things that people have against him are his attitude towards immigrants and the way he handles healthcare. Well, as far as I can tell, Tony has nothing against immigrants. Take one example: he has nothing against Wanda Maximoff. More than that, he’s trying to protect her from being deported. The girl is not a US citizen and she doesn’t have a visa. Not very Trump-y of Tony, right? As for the Trumpcare, I don’t know how it works. I guess that people have lower taxes but have to pay for their healthcare?? Tony has numerous foundations and funds everything always, so jot that down. I might be wrong about this whole Trump thing but, like I said, I don’t know that much about it. Maybe next time think before you send someone who’s not from the USA a message comparing someone to Donald Trump. As I see it: connections to Donald Trump? None. Oh yeah, he’s a white rich male but I had no idea that makes you a villain.

So that’s that. What you said in your message turned out to be untrue. Surprised? Did you think it wouldn’t? No but honestly, did you?

Did you expect me to agree with you? Did you expect me to be persuaded by your zero (0) arguments? Really, what was your purpose here?

I have no idea what you wanted to achieve with that message, but I’ll tell you what you did achieve. You got a long post about why Tony is not a villain and why he is a hero. You got a post which explains to you why you’re wrong. Anon, do you realise that? I’m talking to all the anti-Tony anons here. You are just giving us all an excuse to produce long detailed posts about how amazing Tony is. You are just giving us an excuse to write something other Tony fans, not you, will enjoy. Do you realise how unwise that move of yours is? You’re not going to persuade us into thinking that Tony is a bad guy. If anything, it’s you who’s going to be persuaded. If that’s the case, if you want to be persuaded, sure, send anti-Tony asks. We’ll all gladly explain to you why you’re wrong. Because we enjoy that. So, thank you, for giving us the opportunity. But you might want to think twice before sending an anti-Tony message again. This Isn’t Working.

And the last thing: Tony is not written as a villain. He is not supposed to be a villain. If you accept that, you’re going to enjoy the movies more, trust me.

A Shiv is slang for a knife or razor weapon that is concealed and something inmates are super not allowed to have. The term came into vernacular around 1915 to describe improvised, homemade weapons for prison inmates and are often called shanks. A shiv blade can be made from a wide variety of items that are accessible to the inmate. Glass, plastic shards, toothbrushes, tree branches, pens/pencils, etc. Any object that could possibly be sharpened and wrapped with a hand guard can and will become a weapon, eventually.

My Analysis of the Alt Right

With my apparently controversial post yesterday condemning white nationalism as a conservative, I want to explain more of my thought process behind that post.

Many have argued, and I agree, that white nationalism and conservative ideology are completely different. However, that does not mean we don’t need to make the distinction. 

The issue comes with what liberals call “the Alt Right”. This term has as many different definitions as there are people using it. Those definitions range from “just really conservative” to “Trump supporter” to “actually a Nazi.”

For the purposes of this post, my definition is “a conservative who has become extremely frustrated with liberals, especially on issues such as immigration, political correctness, and feminism.” Someone in this category may have begun making more and more statements that liberals would call “racist” or “sexist”, and I would consider “impolite” or not helpful, even damaging to the political discourse. 

The mistake here is to think that these people are simply moving along a line toward the red end of the spectrum. The spectrum is not a line. It’s not even a “horseshoe”, as some have called it. It’s a circle. 

The difference between the red side and the blue side is not any single issue. It’s a philosophy of how government should be involved in the issue. More government on the blue side, and less on the red side. 

Most Alt-Right people started out in the middle of the red side, the reddest part. However, as they became frustrated with liberals on the issues I mentioned above, especially immigration, they began to move down along the circle toward the blue. Some ended up in the purple, where they make vague comments about using the military to reestablish America as a world power and asking Trump to ban Muslims. 

Unfortunately, some have continued to move toward the blue, echoing the ideas that brought out Black Lives Matter and creating their own mirror image version, focused on promoting white lives, now at the expense of others. 

What’s more unfortunate is that many of these people have kept labels like “right”, “alt-right”, and “conservative.” Under Trump, many seem to think their ideas even have a place in the Republican Party. 

When people organize a white nationalist rally, name it “Unite the Right,” and call themselves “alt right” and “conservative,” then come to that rally with violent intentions (demonstrated by their homemade weapons and shields that they brought with them, many decorated with white nationalist, white supremacist, or even nazi symbols), what does that look like for us small-government conservatives?

Some may take issue with how I have put the white nationalists and the liberals on the same side of the spectrum. However, which party promoted slavery when Republicans were working to abolish it? Which party opposed Civil Rights? Which party promoted segregation and Jim Crow laws?

Not the Republicans. 

Conservatives value individual liberty and minimal government interference. This promotes equality, because the government isn’t coming in and telling you where to go, who to talk to, or what to do. You are free to make your own choices. We believe that not only is racial inequality immoral, but the government doesn’t have the right to discriminate against people based on their race (or gender). 

White Nationalists aren’t Democrats or “liberals”, but they are on the left of the political spectrum. They have different goals and ideals, but the same means b which they want to accomplish them.

I condemn White Nationalism as a conservative because racist leftists are out there committing racial violence in the name of conservatives. And that’s not okay. 


Remington 1861 Army Revolver

Manufactured by Eliphalet Remington and sons in 1862.
.44 cap and ball, six-shots cylinders, easily removable by pulling down the loading lever and removing the cylinder axis, allowing to switch to a pre-loaded one.

This particular example, believed to have been owned by a Confederate soldier, features an unusual lanyard ring and a homemade ring iron sight.

Dating Chris Argent

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Requested by @taliajromanoff

- He’d be hesitant.
- Homemade meals.
- Finding his weapon supply.
- He wouldn’t get to close because of his line of work.
- You wouldn’t care.
- You would work out with Derek and Peter.
- This would make him jealous.
- If he brought it up.
- ‘At least they help me.’ 
- ‘I’m keeping you out of it.’ He would respond.
- ‘I don’t need to be kept out.’
- He wouldn’t talk to you for a while.
- The pack would make you be stuck in the same room.
- Always pairing you two together.
- Impressed when your cornered and fight the creature.
-  Annoyed when he finds out you were hurt.
- Convincing him to teach you how to use weapons.
- You take a liking to guns.
-  He smirks at that.
- The battle gets serious people are dying.
- Before you both separate he pulls you in for a passionate kiss.
- He leaves you breathless as he leaves.
- You are both worrying about each other.
- You kiss him after the battle.
- Spending more time at his house.
- Dates to the gun range.
- Being called the power couple.
- The pack always being welcome in your home.
- Him being fed up with werewolves.
- Helping him groom his bread.
- Neck kisses.
- Him rubbing his bread across your neck.
- Forehead kisses.
- Being like a pack mum.
- Being close to Melissa.
- Melissa would teach you basic medical stuff.
- The pack trusting you with their life.
- Including Peter.
- Derek and Scott being like your brothers.
- Chris protective of you.
- Helping them all get into their accepted schools.

| Sonic Chaos | Chapter Four: The Crazy Jungle Girl

 (GUESS WHO’S BACK!!!! Gosh, it’s been SO LONG since the last chapter! But it’s finally here, and I promise I will speed up the process…it’s a long story why I got so hung up, but it’s back now, so it’s alright. Thank you @mangaanonymous for the illustration ilyy <3)

                                                  ~ Chapter Four~


    Amy’s eyes painfully fluttered open. She covered them with her hand to protect them from a bright orange light. She found herself leaning against a tree with a baby blue blanket draped over her. Amy took a few deep breaths, looking to her side to see nothing but green plants and trees. She turned to her left and her right, her neck ached as she did so. The sun was setting on the horizon.

  She opened her mouth to say something, but words couldn’t reach her. Her head was pounding and her muscles were all sore. Her blood felt like molasses and for some reason, she felt extremely heavy. Every ounce of her being was telling her to just go back to sleep and never wake up.

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Live Wild - part 6 (drabble series)

Police!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and her friends are in a store when a group of men come to rob the place. Reader finds a hiding place and call the police. Detective James Barnes will help her through this terrifying situation.

Word Count: 996

Warnings: None

A/N: Based on this post. Took me a while to sort it, but here we go. It’s more like a silly sort of fluffy story, nothing too oppressing. James isn’t in this one

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Epilogue]

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You looked down at your phone and saw that the battery was dead. Great! The man behind you said something, but you were too terrified to move.

He cupped your elbow to help you to your feet. He wasn’t brutal and that pulled you out of your stupor. Behind you a tall, broad-shouldered man was looking around him, worry etched across his face.

Cassie had her legs wrapped around the man’s small waist, her head rested on the man shoulder as she slept. He was carrying her with one arm under her butt, his free hand still holding your elbow.

“We gotta go!” He whispered.

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the one thing i love abt im3 being just Tony Telling Bruce This Story is how fucking Cool tony clearly thinks pep and rhodey are. Like he spends the entire film being a disaster who barely knows how a gun works, meanwhile rhodey saves the day and pepper is the coolest and Tonys like “wow I love my fave people so much,,,if only i, superhero and genius billionaire Anthony Edward "iron man” Stark, could be even half as cool and competent as my best pals" like the only time he makes himself look cool is when he’s a) saving a bunch of people from falling to their deaths and b) explaining to bruce in excruciating detail how he made his homemade weapons out of Christmas tree ornaments

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 48: New Friend

Sam Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

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That night, if it was night, you weren’t sure if the sky would ever change from the dark teal blue you were currently staring at. But that night you found a small hollow in a tree, big enough for you if you crouched down, hugging your knees to your chest. Rocking back and forth, you watched as shadows crept by your, their eyes glowing strange colors in the night sky as they howled or screeched. Often times you would hear the agonizing cries of a monster that was taken down. Making you wonder where Monsters went when they died in Purgatory. Were they reborn in Purgatory, meant to live a hellish life over and over? Or is there a void for Monsters, where they know no more?

As you pondered these things, you wished for any sort of weapon. While those monsters out there had sharp teeth and claws, you had nothing. Not even a knife hiding in your pocket to protect you. It was a scary thought, knowing you were defenseless in a weird, hopeless land.

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Thick and heavy bass lines charged with brutal dance floor drive and delicate dark vibes

[Osaka | Japan]

Since listening to daft punk’s “derezzed” as a junior high school student, Keshigomu has fostered a deep love for dance music. In 2013 she started her DJ career overseeing a new party “Movement”. A year later, she joined the DJ crew “Sprout’s Dub ‘94”, a collection of DJ’s born in the year 1994.
Since then she has joined a range of parties spinning anywhere from heavy neurofunk to smooth liquid Drum and Bass and has supported the likes of Brian Gee, Alvin Risk and Andy C. She has become a vital part of the Osaka drum n bass scene.

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28, Claven :)


Clarke glanced around the station, but it was mostly empty. Just a few of the lower-level engineers working in the back. She glanced down at her father’s watch, newly repaired. Just after five. Raven was probably already down at the mess hall for dinner.

She started to head back for the hall, but then–


Clarke whirled in place and caught Raven coming out of one of the small storage lockers on the far side of the station.

“Hey,” Clarke said, crossing over to meet her. “I got your note. What did you want to show m–”

Raven grabbed Clarke’s arm as soon as she was in grabbing distance and yanked her into the storage room, closing the door behind them. A second later,  the overhead light flickered on with a groan and buzz, and Raven’s face was just inches from Clarke’s. Her eyes were wide and excited, and Clarke was completely confused.

“Um, what…is happening, exactly?”

“I made something,” Raven said, as close to giddy as Raven Reyes could be, which wasn’t close but close enough.

Clarke stared at her, a little unsure. It wasn’t the first time Raven had lured her in for a “surprise” only to have that surprise be a homemade weapon of some kind. The last time she’d thrust something she made into Clarke’s hand, all excited eyes and practically bouncing, it had looked like some sort of strange handle. Until Clarke accidentally pressed something before Raven could explain what it actually was and ended up with one eyebrow completely singed off. A switchblade/lock-pick/mini-flamethrower combo wasn’t the kind of surprise Clarke had been prepared for.

“I’m not touching it,” Clarke said, and Raven rolled her eyes.

“It won’t hurt you,” she said and then pulled a slim, tube-shaped object from her pocket. It looked almost like it was made from some sort of gelatinous material molded around a metal cylinder. There was a larger metal piece at the base. “Here.”

“I wasn’t kidding,” Clarke said with a small laugh. “I’m not touching that thing until I know what it does.”

“Stop being a baby.”

“It took six weeks to grow my eyebrow back!”

Raven stifled a laugh. “Okay, fine. I’ll show you.” She pressed the bottom of the metal base and the tool instantly began to buzz. It shook her in hand, trembling as it lay on top of her palm, and Raven smiled so wide that it looked like it hurt. “It’s a vibrator.”

Clarke’s eyes widened. “You made a vibrator.”

“I told you I’d think of ways to spice things up,” Raven said, waggling her eyebrows. “You wanna touch it now, don’t you?”

Clarke laughed and reached for the vibrator. The shock of its vibration actually startled her, though, and she dropped the damned thing as soon as it was in her grip. She fumbled, trying to catch it before it could hit the hard floor, but it tumbled down all the same. It hit the floor with a hard thud, and the buzzing instantly stopped. The vibration ceased, and a piece of the base cracked off and rolled across the floor.

Guilty, Clarke bit her lip and looked up at Raven. “Oops,” she whispered, and Raven planted her hands on her hips.

She stared Clarke down and let out a heavy, disappointed sigh that sounded much more like Abby than Raven, and Clarke winced at the sound of it.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ll help you fix it.”

“You realize this is why we can’t have nice things, right?” Raven asked, and Clarke huffed out a laugh. She grabbed Raven’s arm and pulled her into a hug, wrapping her arms around her and pressing fast little kisses to Raven’s neck.

“I’ll make it up to you.”

Raven deflated in Clarke’s arms, her chin resting on Clarke’s shoulder. “How?”

“They made pudding for dessert tonight,” Clarke said. “You know how rare that is.”


“You can have my portion,” Clarke said, and Raven instantly popped up. She grabbed Clarke’s hand and started pulling her toward the door.

“You’re forgiven,” she said, dragging Clarke along. “Let’s go.”

Clarke let out a wild laugh and laced their fingers together.

Lucas as the Masked Man. All three sprites including the unused one.

Yeah that’s the Mystical Stick. It was the only stick that came in my mind to replace the Sword.

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Headcanon: Ford is a Period Accuracy Stickler at SCA events, but also 100% goes to Renn Faires dressed as a member of a Starfleet away team. After Dipper shows him Stargate and SG-1, he does that, too.

Oh my god.  Okay.  I had to mull this over for a bit, but here we go.  (This got long!  Sorry!)

YES, I could totally see Ford being the kind of snarky asshole (and I say that in the fondest possible way!) who would wear a Starfleet away team uniform to a RenFaire.  Complete with a working tricorder that he built himself (possibly with Fidds’ help).  (Re. SG-1, I can’t decide which I like more: the idea that yes, Dipper marathons the series with him and Ford loves it; or, of course, Ford actually met SG-1 during his dimension-hopping.)

Now, with regard to SCA events… hmm.  What popped into my head was Ford adjusting his glasses and saying, “That’s why it’s called the Society for Creative Anachronism”, with that raised eyebrow and slightly condescending tone, you know?  Not least because if he was that much of an Authenticity Maven, then he wouldn’t be able to wear his glasses, and we all know he’s probably blind as a bat without them.  (Yes yes, I know, that or he would choose a period in which he was allowed to have some kind of glasses – which he would research meticulously – but the thing is that I’m not sure that college Ford would be able to afford a custom pair of period glasses.)  After all, one of the early taglines for the group was “the Middle Ages not as they were, but as they should have been” (or, “could have been”), which was meant to cover everything from trying to leave behind the perception of the medieval period’s sexism and racism, to allowing for modern conveniences where possible or necessary (the biggest Authenticity Maven in the world is not going to refuse to use a real bathroom).  For a lot of Scadians, “emotional authenticity” is more important than material authenticity, and there’s a realization that that means emotional authenticity as described by the participants (who are, after all, modern people, and each of whom brings their own desires to the group).

But another reason I feel like Ford might be into authenticity when it suited him, but ignored it when it was inconvenient (which, let’s face it, describes 90% of the SCA then and now), is because the early SCA after all was one part “medieval” and one part “we all love Tolkien and we kind of want to have a big LOTR cosplay party”.  While it’s obviously never explicitly said in canon that Ford is an epic fantasy / Tolkien fan, I extrapolate his enthusiasm for DD&MD to conclude that he was (given how strongly LOTR influenced the development of D&D). 

So I kind of feel like Ford would have gotten into some things about the SCA that encouraged attention to authenticity, but that the overall appeal to him (as for many people) is the way it allows for the recreation of the “good stuff” while ignoring the bad stuff or the inconvenient stuff.  I mean, if you want super strict authenticity, the Civil War reenactors are right down the road. 

What would Ford have been into, in the SCA?  I have to think about that some more.  But I already have a few ideas.  (Disclaimer: I’m supposing that Ford and Fiddleford would mainly have been able to attend some SCA events during their college years.  After Ford moves to Gravity Falls, I feel like he’d be too busy, and too alone, to do it.  And once Fiddleford shows up in Gravity Falls, the impression I get is that they’re both too busy and there’s barely any time for them to have the occasional DD&MD session, let alone devote the time necessary to find and go to events.  However, this disclaimer is also for the fact that I feel you kind of have to stretch a point to suppose that Ford had any time for the SCA during college, given he was taking such a ridiculously heavy class schedule in order to complete both his bachelors and doctoral degrees in only 6 years.) 

One obvious thing that I think might have drawn Ford’s attention, and that he would have been good at, and I think could have been an outlet for his “authenticity” side, would have been the scribal arts.  I could see him getting really into creating authentic tools, and learning period book-binding techniques – which he later puts into practice in Gravity Falls, when he makes his own journals; and which would have served him during the portal years.  (After all, when he emerges from the Portal, he’s still got a quill pen in his pocket.)  With his artistic abilities, I think he would have been really good at both calligraphy and illumination.  And I also think he would have really enjoyed researching period manuscripts, with the bonus of that being a way to study how medieval scholars recorded information about the kind of “anomalies” he would go on to study.  You just KNOW he’d get excited about bestiaries and had all these theories about how those monsters might really have existed.

I actually also think Ford might have really gotten into performing as a storyteller.  The SCA does not have as strong a “performance art” or live role-playing component as some other similar organizations.  People do adopt medieval(ish) names and “personas”, but the extent to which people perform in-character as their personas or according to an interpretation of medieval manners is extremely variable.  But, we do see that even into the present, Ford retains some fondness for getting into a character and performance – such as when he’s being DM (Princess Unattainabelle?).  And as someone interested in folklore, he’d have a lot of legends and stories to draw upon. So I could see him standing up at a bardic circle and doing the storyteller schtick.

Meanwhile… those weapons!  I actually think that they weren’t all necessarily for show, especially the crossbow.  As @a-million-chromatic-dreams headcanoned recently, it seems like Ford really started getting in shape once he started college.  So I could see him being drawn into the fighting side of the SCA.  If, at the time, he was really getting into the idea of becoming more athletic, and more capable of defending himself, I could see him trying heavy-list fighting.  (Which, in the SCA, does involve padded weapons and homemade armor, but the hitting is real, even though heavily regulated.)  I’m not sure if he would have stuck with it. I know plenty of people did it, but wearing a helmet while also wearing glasses is a huge pain in the ass.  I could certainly see him getting really into archery, though; and I could see that crossbow as being something he built himself (again, as an outlet for an interest in doing some things authentically).  (I admit that this fits in with my perception of Ford as more of a distance fighter, as opposed to Stan, who is a hand-to-hand fighter.  Ford certainly seems capable of hand-to-hand, but he clearly has a preference for using guns.)

One last thing that I think is kind of interesting with regard to imagining younger Ford interacting with nerd culture in general (under which umbrella I absolutely include the SCA), is that because scifi fandom and related groups like the SCA are heavily comprised of a lot of nerds, who often felt (and were!) bullied for their interests, there certainly tended to be a general acceptance of and even celebration of the unusual.  And this was especially true in the early 70s, when fandom culture is a lot more limited and insular because it is not widely advertised (by means of the internet, for example); and when fandom culture is intersecting with the general counter-culture of the time.  All of that is to say, I think Ford’s six fingers would have been more of a positive in that group, than a negative.  I think that could have resulted in some of the early positive reinforcement that later led him to make anomalies his life’s work, and to proudly use his six-fingered hand as his identifying symbol (such as on the journals).  

I can totally see him running around, adopting “Stanford the Six-Fingered” as his SCA name (because rules were a lot more lax in those days, and it wasn’t as unusual for someone with a medieval-ish-enough sounding name to just use their real name and append a cool epithet to it), wearing a red cotton broadcloth tunic with the gold six-fingered hand on it.

Whether or not it was very likely, I’m finding that a pretty endearing image. :)