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hpeachus  asked:

please make more broganes headcanons! I love your account and that au :D

Yo I just realized that in a perfect Broganes au Shiro would’ve been around when Keith was a Small And Chubby Kid and that mental image is so cute that I punched a wall to feel manly again.

  • My fave origin story is the one where Keith imprints on Shiro when he’s like, twelve, and Shiro is just like “lol sure why not” and accepts it.
  • If one of them stands near a body of water, the other will immediately try to dropkick them in.
    • Keith: (on an alien planet) Hmm, scans say that this lake is non-toxic to humans…
    • Shiro: (immediately starts running towards him)
  • They both secretly think that the other is a huge drama queen. Pfft. (They enable each other.)
  • Shiro is definitely the more school-oriented of the two (Keith: I’m just here to fly planes and find aliens) so he often found himself wrangling Keith into studying. Keith’s got a decent head on his shoulders, but he’s also… apt to skip ahead to the good parts.
    • Shiro: Keith. They’re not going to let you graduate on pilot credits and science classes alone.
    • Keith: wtf why not??
  • Money is kind of tight (mainly bc most of Shiro’s paycheck goes towards Keith’s education and most of Keith’s pocket money goes towards his bikes) so the two of them are excellent at amassing and using coupons. Lance is in awe of their collection.
    • Matt: One time I went to the store with Shiro and Keith and they racked up a charge of over $1000 but then their coupon game was so fucking raw that by the end of it the store owner owed them $8. What the fuck.
  • Shiro: (coughs)
    Keith: Shiro?? Shiro, are you okay??
    Shiro: Just let me die, Keith.
  • When he was a kid, Keith used to constantly buy these crafting kits from the store so he could make Shiro all sorts of random crap. Shiro treasures his fifteen pot holders, seven bird houses, twenty-four friendship bracelets, eighteen necklaces, four misshapen and messily painted mugs, two photo albums, and one leather stamped wallet. (The homemade dreamcatcher was returned to the store after Shiro explained how it was cultural appropriation).
  • The only reason why Keith knows how to cook is because Shiro can’t.
  • On that note, Keith used to make lunches for Shiro when he was younger. I mean like, it was about as decent a lunch as a fourteen-year-old could make, but Shiro was touched.
    • Random student: Heyyyyyyy, Shirogane’s got a packed lunch! (slaps him on the back) Didja girlfriend make it?
    • Shiro: Haha, no. My little brother did.
    • Shiro:
    • Shiro: Also, the fact that you saw I had a packed lunch and automatically assumed I have a girlfriend who makes me food is kind of fucked up, dude.

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