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Can I have some food for a shark? Obviously lots of fish but I especially like sushi and salty foods! -a thresher shark

Hey anon! Sure thing! :D Hopefully you’re okay with all the raw fish recipes I found. My head is practically spinning from the sheer number. I got a few sushi recipes as well! *dumps them*

Done! Hope you like it anon! If not or you just want more recipes feel free to hit me back up and I’ll look around some more <3 <3 Cheers!

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I know I know it’s old people food. I went from never thinking twice about tuna salad to craving it daily after getting a bite of some of that good good. If you make it the “healthy” way it really can be considered a healthy, satisfying as well as filling snack. The tuna and mayo taste rich, the celery gives a refreshing crunch, and the green and purple onion really seal the deal to making you un-kissable, so load up in the event that you have an unwanted suitor. Lots of lean protein to make you feel fuller for longer, the worst thing in here is mayo which you can easily make yourself to avoid all of the scary oils and artificial stuff that goes into the jarred stuff. I will admit that half of the time I do use the jarred stuff (Blue Plate, light). The perk to making your own tuna salad is controlling how much mayo goes in. Some people, like myself, don’t LOVE mayonnaise and yet so many tuna salads taste like mayonnaise salad with a bit of tuna. So you decided how much suits your fancy. PS - Every time I make tuna salad I switch things up a bit – sometimes I add boiled egg, or carrot or apple chunks. Sometimes I add sour cream or turmeric, dill or garlic. Play with that tuna fish till it feels right girlllll.

Makes for about 4-5 servings

4-6 cans of tuna in water, drained (light = less calories)
½ – 1/3 cup of mayo (add by spoonful and adjust according to taste)
2 celery sticked, chopped
1/3 purple onion, chopped into small pieces
1-2 green onion, green part only, chopped
1/2lemon’s juice
S&P to taste

For homemade mayo:
3 egg YOLKS, beaten
1/3 cup olive oil
1 lemon’s juice
Salt and pepper

Add all ingredients to a large bowl and mix very well. If you have a food processor, NOW would be a great time to use it but only pulse HALF of the tuna, afterwards add the other half of the tuna to the processed tuna-veggie-mayo mixture in a large bowl to maintain a nice consistency. Chill and serve on bread, with crackers, in lettuce cups or plain.

For homemade mayo: In a large bowl, beat the yolks with a whisk while drizzling olive oil in LITTLE BY LITTLE. Add a squeeze of lemon juice. Beat. Drizzle olive oil. Lemon juice. Beat. Drizzle. Lemon juice. Beat until you’ve used all olive oil! Refrigerate for 30 minutes.