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Bath Magick is the easiest form of witchery to practice, as all you need is a tub and some intent along with things you can easily find around the house or from the kitchen.

Ritual baths are a great way to cleanse your mind, recharge, set your intention and work some magick for the following day or week. Water holds positive energy and has the ability to realign your whole body and mind.

Your basic Bath Magick tools should include:

💧 Salt (coarse sea salt or epsom salt)
💧 dried or fresh herbs
💧 dried or fresh flowers
💧 homemade or store bought essential oils
💧 crystals, rocks or gemstones

The first step to a successful Bath Spell or Ritual Bath is to set up an altar on the rim of the bath or the counter close to your tub. Choose crystals that match your intent, as well as a candle in a color that corresponds to it. Arrange your crystals around your candle and on the rim of the bath. Light the candle to start your ritual.

Draw your bath, adding your salt first for protection and Cleansing, and then follow with your chosen herbs and flowers. Put in a few drops of a corresponding essential oil. If you have a crystal that is safe to use in water, you can add it into the bath. When the temperature is right, get in and soak. Meditate on your intent as you relax and let the water calm you.

When you have finished, rise and blow out the candle, whispering or thinking: The Ritual is now over.

Energizing Bath
🌸 Yellow Candle
🌸 Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye
🌸 Orange slices, lemon slices, cinnamon, mint
🌸 4 drops of Peppermint essential oil (be careful, only a little)

Self Love Bath
🌸 Pink Candle
🌸 Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz
🌸 Rose petals, Rosemary, Lavender Buds
🌸 Geranium or Rose essential oil

Prosperity and Luck Bath
🌸 White Candle
🌸 Aventurine, Pyrite, Snowflake Obsidian, Malachite
🌸 Basil, Parsley, Mint, Thyme
🌸 Sweet Apple essential oil

Calmness and Rest Bath
🌸 Lilac or White Candle
🌸 Amethyst, Clear Quartz
🌸 Lavender leaves, Lavender Buds, Thyme and Rose petals
🌸 Lavender essential oil

Beauty Bath
🌸 Red Candle
🌸 Clear Quartz, Pearls
🌸 Oats, milk powder, red rose petals

Take care that the essential oils you use are safe to use in the bath, and less is always more when it comes to oil!

Soak up the magick!


Wands haven’t always been so easy to come by. Over the years I have made several with wooden dowels, hot glue, and a little paint. I remember having the top most wand with me at the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book at a Barnes & Noble. I think I held it while I read and cried through the last book of this series that meant so much to me. The middle wand I made at one of the best Harry Potter parties I have ever helped plan or participate in. It was a night I will never forget and I love that I have a wand to remember it by. The last wand I made recently, and when I looked at the three of them together, I realized how different they all were, yet how much they reflect not only me, but my immense love of this world. 


Well, based on the feedback I’ve been receiving, I think the majority will answer: “Yes!”

The Etsy shop is open and it is called SuzansTrinkets

Currently, there are two listings of two different patterns. This includes one covered in pumpkins and another with The Nightmare Before Christmas.



The first 10 people to order a pillow from SuzansTrinkets will also receive a Halloween themed pouch in which you can store your phone, headphones, makeup, and other little trinkets!!!

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The Green Virginette; Choromatsu editon: Recipe

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AKA: Frog Guts AKA Essence of Fappy. Whats that?? Is it time for this little green bean to make his drink debut?? A very Choromatsu-y drink for when you need a little liquid encouragement to get that autograph from Nyaa-chan~ Hopefully a certain someone Osomatsu wont get in the way this time! A twist on the classic mojito that is perfect for summer!!

What you will need: Midori Melon liqueur/Bacardi Pineapple white rum/Lemon-lime soda/Melon slices/Lime syrup(homemade or store bought) and a tall glass!


Step one: Chop or muddle some mint leaves and add in your ice!

Step two: Add your liqueur and rum!

Step three: Skewer your melon pieces

Step four: Add your soda until it is almost full and place your melon pieces on top!

Finally, add your lime syrup and, as always, some aesthetics ™ and enjoy~!

Thanks for reading and happy drinking everyone!!!!

Budget Witchcraft - DIY Candles for less than $5

Some witches believe that making your own candles harnesses more power out of them. However, now because of hour cuts at work I need to budget like crazy. So here is my recipe for homemade candles.

-dollar store oil burner (or your own microwave) 
-Wics and candle wic weights (You can use thick craft string, found at dollar stores, wood chips/bark for a wood wic, and tie them to your heat and water safe gemstones or coins) 
-Empty fire safe containers. (You can even use the same containers of the old candles, especially if they’re tea lights. Other uses can be sea shells, antique tea cups, old jars, be creative!)  
-Old burnt out candles
-(optional)Oils or herbs

  • Take out the leftover wax of burned out candles and put them in the oil burner (or microwave. I just personally don’t like microwaving things). Try to get the wics out but if you can’t then you can (carefully) when the wax is melted
  • Place in the oils and/or herbs while the wax is melted and stir
  • Prepare the wics in the empty containers 
  • Pour the wax in the empty containers

Now just wait for them to cool! These should be just as good as $25 dollar candle kits because you are still putting your energy into the making of the candles with personal touches.

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“Feel Better” Charmed Soup ✨🍲✨

My husband has been suffering from a bad cold the past couple days, so I decided to whip up a little kitchen magic to help him out. After just one bowl, he was already commenting on how much better he felt!
(All my measurements are approximate; it’s really just whatever tastes good to you.)


  • 2 cups bone broth (homemade is best, but store-bought is fine too)
  • 4 cups chicken stock
  • 1 cup wild rice
  • 1 medium onion
  • 9 cloves of garlic (protection, vitality) ((I chose 9 because it’s a good number, but use however much you want))
  • Black pepper (protection)
  • Sea salt (protection, purifying)
  • 4-5 fresh sage leaves (healing, purifying)
  • 2 bay leaves (protection)
  • 1 tsp fresh grated ginger (protection, healing, vitality)
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder (healing)
  • 1-2 tsp chili flakes (protection, healing, vitality)
  • A healthy squeeze of lemon juice (healing, vitality, happiness)
  • A splash of apple cider vinegar (because that shit is magic all on its own. But don’t overdo it; a little goes a long way!)

In a medium stockpot, drizzle a tablespoon or so of olive oil, heat on medium. Chop up the onion and dump it in, add sage leaves, salt, and pepper, and cook until slightly browned, stirring frequently. 

Add bone broth and chicken stock, then stir clockwise while focusing some healing energy into the pot. Mince up your garlic and add it to the broth.

Once the broth is simmering, add your rice, then the rest of your spices, lemon juice, and cider vinegar. I also poked healing sigils into the bay leaves with a sewing needle, like so.

Cover and continue to simmer until rice is thoroughly cooked. Before serving, do another clockwise stir and a final dose of healing energy, and there you go! 



Mom’s Pork and Shrimp Wontons with Spicy Peanut Sauce

(Serves 4)

Spicy Peanut Sauce:

1 cup peanut butter

¼ cup soy sauce

2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil

2 tablespoon rice vinegar

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

2 cloves fresh garlic, finely chopped

2 tablespoons ginger, finely grated

2 teaspoons Asian chili paste or sambal oelek

½ cup water 


½ pound ground pork

½ pound shrimp, each cut into thirds

½ teaspoon kosher salt

½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1 teaspoon brown sugar

1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil, plus more for drizzling

1 tablespoon soy sauce

2 tablespoon chives, minced

50 wonton wrappers

1 egg, beaten

Hot chicken stock, homemade or store-bought

Cilantro, for garnish

Serrano peppers, thinly sliced for garnish


1.     In a blender, blend all peanut sauce ingredients until smooth, adding more water as needed. Set aside.

2.     In a large mixing bowl, add the ground pork, shrimp, salt, pepper, sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, and chives. Gently, but thoroughly, mix everything together with your hands (or a wooden spoon).

3.     Fill each wrapper with one tablespoon of filling. Smear the edges of the top half the wrapper with the beaten egg, seal, and fold. Place finished wontons on a lightly floured sheet tray until ready to cook.

4.     When all the wontons are ready to cook, bring a large pot of chicken stock to a boil and gently transfer a few wontons into the boiling water, making sure to not overcrowd the pot. Cook for about 5 minutes, until the pork is cooked through.

5.     Transfer cooked wontons to a bowl. Top with peanut sauce, a drizzle of toasted sesame oil, and garnish with some cilantro and pepper slices. Enjoy!

Note: Any uncooked wontons can be stored in the fridge for an extra day or frozen for 3 months. Simply place them on a plate and cover tightly in plastic wrap.

The Square of Venus

Magical squares are all made, at least at my house, in essentially the same manner. The square that I am using here is from Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Here the Square of Venus is being used in a folk magic context, not a high magic context, so please make note of that. I am going to give the method for creating all magical squares and you can look up the other magical squares if needed. Magic squares are talismans or amulets (usually talismans) that are used for a number of purposes. Agrippa aligns them with the planets and the meaning of the square is linked with its astrological associations, ie. Venus with love, Mercury with communication, etc. The squares themselves are charts made of numbers and based around numbers with occult meaning. In the case of the square of Venus, those magic numbers are seven and its square, 49, as well as 175, and the number 1,225. These specific numbers are used because they are associated with the numerological values of the divine names of Venus. It’s a little like numerological Sudoku, come to think of it. Each planetary square is made up of a number of smaller squares. The smaller squares are all individually numbered, so the square of Venus has 49 squares numbered one to 49. The numbers are placed in a specific order. The number of each row and each column adds up to the square number. In the square of Venus, each row and column has a sum of 175. The total of all of these numbers is 1,225. They link together very neatly. Magic squares are classic talismans and they are practically a dying art.

  • Brown paper (the kind you use to ship packages)
  • A dip pen (found at craft stores)
  • Ink (either a magical ink, such as a homemade ink, a store-bought magical variety such as Bat’s Blood or Dove’s Blood ink, or good old regular ink)
  • A chart to copy from

1. Take a good-sized square (6”x6”) of brown paper. This paper must be made into virgin paper. Fold down a small portion of one side of the paper. Fold it back and forth until the fold has become weak. Tear. Repeat for the other three sides.This should leave the square of paper with four freshly torn sides.


2. This should leave the square of paper with four freshly torn sides.

3. Divide the paper into the number of squares needed, here 49. Draw in the lines for the squares and let dry.

4. Begin to write in the numbers. Start with the number 1, then the number 2. It may help to chant as you write in each number. Write in the numbers up to 49. If you make a mistake, if you put down the wrong number or the pen splatters, you will have to start all over again.

5. Let the numbers dry and seal in the spell. With your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger, trace three circles over the freshly drawn square with your hand, and then an equal-armed cross. The charm’s wound up!

5. Place this beneath your pillow to dream of true love. Place it in your bag or on your person. Place it in a sachet it or place it on your altar. Keep it by you.

Dragon Age Wintersend 2017

So once again it’s that time of year to start preparing for its send off. I know it’s only August. Yes yes, I understand it’s too early they say, but not to start planning. No, you never have enough time from planning.

It’s the second annual Dragon Age Wintersend!!

What’s going to happen: Once you have signed up and completed the mandatory survey, on November 5th we will begin matching you to a suitable pair. You can have fun with it and massage your pair via anon asking for their interests to personalize your gift to them. For more information see the FAQ Page.

Deadline to enter is November 4th 11:59 EST 


  • If you sign up, please participate.
  • Put your all into the gift, do some research and send them anons. People love anons.
  • Must be willings to share your address.
  • Can be anything from something homemade, store-bought, art, fics, music, etc… So long as you think that the other person would be okay with it. go for it!
  • If you are gifting art, music or a fic, all work must be original.
  • Once given your match, you can’t change or switch.
  • Have your anon ask open so that your SS can ask you about what you’d like. - We can’t stress this enough. Anon is how we contact you for your match, and how your match can contact you.
  • Have fun with it, tis’ the seasons? (It’s fall right now) of sharing your mild obsession with everyone and seeing what their obsession is.

Sign up here

Hosted by @right-in-the-vhenan and @the-queen-of-thedas (Please feel free to contact if there are any comments, questions or concerns)

🎃👻 Halloween Themed wlw Ask Game! 👻🎃

1.) Ghost wlw or jack o’lantern wlw

2.) Witch wlw or vampire wlw

3.) Sexy costume wlw or silly costume wlw

4.) Make her watch scary movies with you wlw or make her do a couples costume with you wlw

5.) Corpse Bride wlw or Nightmare Before Christmas wlw

6.) Corn maze wlw or pumpkin patch wlw

7.) Skeleton wlw or black cat wlw

8.) Werewolf wlw or zombie wlw

9.) Vintage Halloween wlw or historical Halloween wlw

10.) Jump into her arms in a haunted house wlw or protect her in a haunted house wlw

11.) Edgar Allen Poe wlw or Stephen King wlw

12.) Full moon wlw or new moon wlw

13.) Hocus Pocus wlw or Practical Magic wlw

14.) Orange color pallet wlw or black color pallet wlw

15.) Carve pumpkins with her wlw or go trick or treating with her wlw

16.) Cemetery wlw or haunted house wlw

17.) Mortica Addams wlw or Wednesday Addams wlw

18.) Candy corn wlw or apple cider wlw

19.) Homemade costume wlw or store bought costume wlw

20.) Read horror stories with her wlw or watch creepy YouTube videos with her wlw

I love You Back

Author’s note: FAHC imagine where reader is Ryan’s wife and bakes him cookies to take to work, she knows what he does and she’s alright with it. Geoff and the rest of the crew are always curious how Ryan always has some form of goody with him until maybe one of the lads see them exchanging things and they think you’re a drug dealer or something..

Pairing: Fahc Ryan Haywood x female reader

Warning: smut, the f-word (it’s Michael), the s-word, fluff, masterbation, implied rough sex..


“When are you going to share what I bake with the rest of the crew? I make enough for a small army.” You said, a small smile on your face as you handed your husband Ryan a goodie bag filled with treats you just baked. “Maybe I don’t want to share you at all. Maybe I’ll just keep you for myself.” Ryan said with a smile before hugging you around the waist and kissing along your neck. You blushed profusely, “Ryan. Please, don’t let me make you late for work. Besides they’re always asking about me.” “They don’t know about you.” Ryan said into your neck, his words tickling you and making you giggle. “Yeah well something makes you happy and it’s not just my baking. They’re gonna find out about me eventually Ry.” You said, though you wore a smile. “Nah, you’ll be my secret forever.” He said, before kissing you on the neck again.

When Ryan got home he came into the house slowly. You could tell just from hearing how he was walking, slowly, but heavily, that he’d had a rough day. You immediately got up from bed where’d you’d been reading and went into the bathroom to start a hot bath. You slipped into your robe and nothing else, heading into the living room to find Ryan sitting on the couch, his head slung back against the couch cushions. You appeared next to him, “Come on Ry.” You said and he opened one eye to a slit to try and see you. You beckoned him with a finger and he grunted, getting up and following you into the bedroom. You took his shirt off him, splaying your hands across his chest you massaged lightly as you went down, before removing the rest of his clothes.

Once he was bare you lead him slowly into the bathroom, hands in his and once in front of the tub you slipped off your robe. Nothing was said as you got in and let the hot water envelope you like a silk cocoon. You turned in the water, and Ryan woke up enough to follow you. Once you were both in you swam around Ryan so you were behind him and brought up a canister to get his hair wet. You washed his hair for him, massaging his scalp in the process and he grunted when you pinch his bottom. “Too tired and sore.” He muttered and you smiled knowingly. “Couldn’t resist a tease Ry. You do have a nice butt.” As you massaged body wash into his back you could feel his chuckle. You finished washing him and got out.

You pulled him into the bedroom and now that he was clean and relaxed you had a plan to make him even more so. “Lay on the bed Ry, on your chest.” You said simply before you walked back in the bathroom. As tired as Ryan was he did what you asked. When you came back your robe was back on and you held a bottle of oil in your hands. You climbed up the bed and sat at his feet. You warmed some oil up on your hands and started massaging his feet. You massaged the arches, heels and toes until you got more oil and rubbed up his calves and the backs of his knees. You replenished your oil and massaged his posterior and his lower back. You slowly worked up his whole body, eventually reaching down his arms to his fingertips where he trapped your fingers in his. “Too good.” He mumbled against the sheets. “Huh?” You asked and he turned over sleepily. “You’re too good for me.” He said and reached up to touch your face. He cupped your cheek and you smiled down at him, “I love you Ry.” You said and he smiled now completely sated and pulled you down for a kiss. It was loving and gentle and when he pulled away he said, “I love you back.”

When Ryan woke up he woke up to the sweet smells emanating from the kitchen. A lazily smile grew on his lips as he realized he wouldn’t have to go in till later and he stretched. His muscles from last night instead of being sore, were pliable and soft. He chuckled as he got out of bed and got dressed. You really were too good for him. The only reason the crew didn’t know about you was for your safety and for Ryan’s. If other people knew about you they’d try and use you as a weak spot to get to Ryan and then Geoff. Ryan made his way out to the kitchen to see you dutifully baking more treats, it was almost a wonder how Ryan kept his strong figure with the amount he ate of your goodies. “Someone’s busy.” He said, a smile on his face as he watched you bake in your apron, without a bra and in your panties. You turned and smiled, “And someone finally got to sleep in.” You said and removed a pan from the oven, setting it on top of the stove to cool before you got out another cooling rack and started transferring the goods onto it.

“Thanks for last night, I needed it.” Ryan said, coming over to wrap his arms around your waist. “It’s no problem Ry. You just got back from work, it’s bound to get tiring.” You said and placed a kiss to his shoulder when you turned your head. He spun you around to kiss you properly which brought a blush to your cheeks. You looked down but Ryan brought you back up to face him. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered.” “And you’re always cute.” You said and stole another kiss from him before slipping gently out of his grasp so you could finish your baking. “What time do you go in later?” You asked and you set another cookie sheet down on the stove top. “Ehh, probably in a few hours.” “You stopping by the store on your way back?” “I can. What do you need?” “More sugar.” “Babe, if you get any sweeter you’re gonna melt me completely.” “Is that so?” You asked, relieving yourself of your oven mitts and your apron and stepping towards Ryan in nothing but your panties. “You saying I’m not sweet enough already?” Ryan stuttered when he saw you but quickly pulled you in for a kiss. And just like the temperature of an oven, things heated up in the kitchen.

“Dude, how come you always have cookies with you?” Michael asked as they were getting ready for a heist. “I like cookies.” Ryan said and Geoff scoffed, “Yeah we all do, but you always have them. How do you have time to go to the store?” “They’re homemade.” Ryan muttered and Gavin gasped, incredulous. “Wot! I didn’t know you baked Rye-bread.” “Maybe it’s just one of my many secrets Gav.” “Many? That means you have more. You gonna tell us Ry?” Gavin pushed and Ryan turned towards him, a crooked smile on his face, “That’s debatable Gavin. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” “Oh come off it!” Gavin laughed it off but even he didn’t think Ryan was joking completely. Needless to say Ryan did end up sharing his cookies and then went through ten whole minutes of the rest of them raving about how good they were. It was only a matter of time until they found out about you as well.

“The guys tried your baking today.” “And?” “Ugh, they thought it was awful. Must mean more for me.” You hit him playfully in the chest. “Stop that. I know they liked it. And you’ll always have my confections so don’t worry.” Ryan chuckled. “And your affections?” He asked, sounding hopeful. “Of course Ry, isn’t that why you married me?” Ryan smiled and cupped your head in his hand, causing you to blush and smile. “I love you.” You said and Ryan leant forward on the bed and kissed you. Pulling away he repeated, “I love you back.”

You were out at the store, getting your normal everyday groceries when you saw Geoff enter the store. He went over into the liquor isle and picked out an expensive looking bottle. You tried not to pay attention to him but you couldn’t help but recognize him from Ryan’s stories. You smiled and went back to your shopping. When you were in the check out Geoff appeared behind you. “Saw you looking at me earlier when I entered the store. You checking me out?” You chuckled and shook your head, scanning your items. “Just browsing.” You said and scanned a package of flour. Geoff caught your hand and you gasped, pulling back slightly. Geoff noticed this and said, “What’s wrong? You act as though I can’t touch you.” “You shouldn’t.” You replied and Geoff smirked, “Why not?” “Because I’m married.” You said and finished bagging your groceries. Geoff held up his hands. “Okay fair enough. Though if I were a little younger maybe I’d fight them for you.” At that you actually laughed, taking up your groceries and turning back to look at Geoff. “Now that, I’d pay to see.” Geoff gave you a strange look accompanied by a smile but didn’t say anything. You nodded to him and then left the store, putting your groceries in your trunk before heading back to your apartment.

“Babe? You home?” You called out as you heard the front door open and then the the familiar sound of Ryan walking into the kitchen. “Yeah, what’s up?” “Saw Geoff at the store today. Also I was thinking maybe we should get a house that way I’ll have more room to bake for you.” You said, putting the groceries away. Ryan gave you a strange look, “Wait, say that again?” “The house part? Well I was thinking-.” “(Y/N). You know which part I mean.” You looked down and then back up at Ryan, his face solemn. “It’s fine Ry, he didn’t know who I was.” “But you knew who he was? How?” “Come on, all your stories. Besides, first pace he went when he entered the store was the alcohol isle. If that doesn’t give it away what does?” “Did you talk with him?” “Yeah, in the check out. He thought I was checking him out but I told him I was married and he said if he were younger he’d fight whoever had me, in this case you, but he didn’t know that and I said I would pay to see that.” Ryan pierced his lips. “He’s gonna know something’s up. You acted like you know him.” “I do.” You said and Ryan placed his hands on your shoulders, “No, I know. But-.” “Ry, it’s okay. He doesn’t know me and I think he’d be pretty used to people recognizing him, he’s the boss of the most notorious crew in the city.” You wrapped your arms around Ryan’s shoulders, feeling how tense he was. “It’ll be fine Ry.” “Okay.” He relented and placed a kiss to your lips before he parted and said, “I’m going out, I’ll be back later.” “Okay.” You said and placed a kiss to his cheek.

“Dicks dude, there was this girl at the supermarket today.” Geoff started in when Ryan got to the penthouse. “Oh no, Geoff’s finally gone rogue, falling in love with the public.” Jack said and made a funny face. “No dude, she wasn’t like the public.” “How so?” Gavin asked and Geoff told his side of how he met you. “Well I go into the store right, to get some Whiskey.” “Go figure.” Michael said and Geoff chuckled, “And I see this chick just looking at me, or at least in my direction so I get behind her in the checkout and ask her if she was checking me out when I came in.” “She probably had to look for a trashcan after seeing you.” Michael teased, making Geoff laugh before continuing, “And she says no and that she’s married. So I told her if I were younger maybe I’d fight the lucky son of a bitch who got to have her.” “Yeah? So what makes her different Geoff. What makes this one stand out from all the rest?” “I don’t know man. It was almost like she knew me. She laughed and said she’d pay to see it. Like she’d knew I’m lose.” At this point Ryan had come into the room more and said, “Aww, did Geoff get the piss taken out of him and that’s why he thinks she’s different?” Geoff scoffed, “Knock it off cocksucker, you wish you could have seen her.” At that Ryan smiled, but only slightly, little did anyone else know he did see you. All of you, all the time.

When Ryan came home you weren’t out in the kitchen, you are in the bedroom. You didn’t hear Ryan come in and you were too unfocused to register the door opening and closing. You were on top of the sheets, fingers deft in your folds and sinking in and out of your wetness. “(Y/N)?” Your name fell on deaf ears as you got yourself off. Ryan walked into the kitchen only to not find you there, only a fresh sheet of cookies, cooling on a rack. You made slight whimpers as you held your breath, thinking only of Ryan. You came, just as he opened the door to the bedroom, getting to see you arch your back in pleasure and take out your fingers. You brought them up to your lips and lazily licked them clean. “Well, this is always a welcome sight to come home to.” He said and you were too sated to be startled. Instead you reached out your hand, waiting for him to come to you. He did, and lost his clothes in the process. You watched, dazed from your playing, as he crawled on top of you. He cupped your cheek and ground his front on your warm sex. “Always know how to get me going.” He started, “Tasting yourself on your fingers, knowing I would be there to see it. Naughty girl.” He said and ground his now hard length into your inner thigh. “What to do with naughty girls?” He mused out loud and proceeded to make your body completely useless for the rest of the night.

When you woke up you wore a smile on your face, getting up and dressed before wincing slightly. Ryan really had shaken you all night long as that band from the 70s would say. You got up and dressed, glancing over at Ryan’s empty bedside. “Early again.” You muttered and made your way out into the kitchen only to find Ryan in it instead. “Good morning sleepy head.” Ryan greeted you with, holding up a spatula as he turned pancakes on the griddle. “Did you sleep well?” You scoffed and smiled, “You know I slept well. Did you?” You asked, grabbing a seat at the table and flinching slightly. Ryan chuckled, “Something wrong?” He asked when he watched you sit down. “Only thing wrong is you won’t answer my question.” You said, pretending to be serious. Ryan tutted and came over to give you a hug. “Is someone a little sore from last night?” “Just you wait mister. Once this is over, I’ll be the one on top and you will be the one with the sore lower half.” Ryan chuckled and pulled back to check the food. You smirked and added, “For a week.” That comment got him to turn around, a dark, lidded smile in his eyes as he watched you try and get comfortable in the kitchen chairs. “Well, we’ll just have to wait a while until then. Won’t we?” You taunted him further by teasing, “Yes, it will be a while until I can recover. Make sure you have your favourite memories of me to keep you sated while I heal.” You said. Ryan pretended to pout and it was one of the cutest sights. “Please?” He asked as a question and the rest of your resolve fell. “Just make sure to pay attention to the angle of me on you.” You said and Ryan sucked in a breath. “You know for a baker, you sure know how to melt my butter.” Ryan chucked and you laughed, “Stop with the baking puns, you’re ruining it.” “Never.” Ryan said and you replied, “I love you.” Only for Ryan to say, “I love you back.”

“Come on Ry, when are we gonna meet your supplier?” Gavin whined on the couch, xbox controller held lazily in his hands. Ryan perked up, his eyebrow curious as to what he meant. “What are you talking about Gav, I don’t have a supplier.” “Denial.” Michael called in and Jeremy laughed, “Come off it Ry, you always seem to have the best cookies and you’ve been happier recently. You doin’ drugs or something?” Ryan choked on his diet coke spluttering, “Drugs? Why would you think just because I’m happy, I’m hitting up?” “Come on, it’s like you always have the munchies or something. And if I were coming down off a high I know which cookies I would want.” Michael said and Ryan said, “I thought you quit when Ray did?” “I mean yolo right?” Though the mention of Ray made Michael go quiet, until his phone chimed with a call. “You talking about me bro?” It was Ray and Michael smirked, “Yeah fucker, telling them how my dearly departed friend used to justblaze.” “I’m not dying!” “Sometimes I can still here your voice.” “Enough with that meme!” Michael chuckled and took Ray off speaker phone, walking out of the room to have more privacy. And then the banter continued on, the rest completely forgetting about Ryan’s so-called dealer.

“Hey Ry? Where are you now, I’m out and I wanted to give you some cookies. I figured you’d be out by now.” You said into your phone. “What makes you think I’m out?” You heard back and you laughed, “Please, like you aren’t still giving the crew little tastes of my amazing cooking?” “Well someone thinks highly of herself, doesn’t she?” “Please, I like myself very well thank you very much, and so do you. Besides, I saw you sneaking cookies last night, it’s like you didn’t get enough yesterday morning in your goodie bag.” “I don’t share.” He said and you blushed thinking about the other night, “Yeah you do. You can’t tell me you don’t share when you shared all of yourself with me the other night, and then some.” You heard Ryan exhale a breath, “That’s not fair, we’re getting ready to heist and here you are talking like that up in my ear.” You smiled and blew against the mouth piece, “If only that could hit your real ear.” And you knew you heard Ryan try and hold back his whimper. His ears always were sensitive. “Fine, I can meet you in five minutes. You better not be teasing a man about his cookies.” He fake threatened and you smiled, “Never.”

Soon you heard Ryan pull up in his black with green trim, Zentorno and you walked up to the passenger side window. You leant against the car when he rolled down the window and you offered him a bag that had white tissue paper against the interior walls, to keep the cookies more fresh. He smiled as he got some money out of his wallet and offered it to you. “I feel like this is a drug run, you getting me my fix.” He laughed out. “And you paying me for it. What’s this for?” You asked him and he chuckled when he said, “Play it up. Treat yourself.” You smiled and winked at him saying, “You know I will.” With that, you stepped back from the curb and tucked the money he gave you in your purse, and Ryan revved off to go back to work. Little did either of you know the lads had follow Ryan and with the little act you had done, they were now under the impression you were Ryan’s drug dealer.

They followed you for the rest of the day, though they never spoke to you once. They didn’t try and corner you, or take you or even stop you. They just watched you. Back at the penthouse late at night after Ryan left they told the rest of the Gents about it. “It’s real. We saw it.” Michael explained. “Geoff you have to believe us, it was like they really were exchanging drugs.” Jeremy put in after Michael. Geoff shook his head, “This has to be a misunderstanding.” “What’s there to misunderstand? Ryan pulled up, got handed a plastic bag with white shit in it and gave her money.” “Well, Ryan does seem to be acting differently lately, though it’s just happiness. What’s wrong with that?” Geoff asked and Gavin piped up with, “It’s bloody terrifying and different. Usually Ryan will slip in a joke about stabbing someone, now all he does is laugh.” “Or make an even more morbid joke.” Jeremy put in. “Alright, so maybe just follow this “dealer” again. See what her routine is.” Geoff said, “And don’t mention this to Ryan, if he denied it once, he’ll just deny it again and we have to figure out a way to help him before he tries something stronger and really hurts himself.”

So the lads continued to follow you throughout your day until they slipped up, and you recognized Gavin. You would be able to recognize him blind with that nose of his, and his British accent. He was peering behind a display of chips when he was knocked into from behind. You were currently doing the weekly shopping and turned when you heard a squawk of, “Micoo!” You turned to see Gavin picking himself up off the floor of the grocery store and turn to a freckled guy with burnt red hair. “Careful Micoo.” Gavin said, though was much quieter about it. You paid them no mind, trying to act like that sudden out burst hadn’t caught your attention. You paid for your groceries and drove to the police station knowing they wouldn’t follow you in there. You requested a back room to make a private phone call and then called Ryan. “Babe, I think the lads are following me.” You told him and you could almost hear him bristling, “What? Why?” “I don’t know. They were at the supermarket, hiding behind a chip rack.” “Well Lil J’s here with me and Jack so.. Are you sure it’s them?” “Yeah, I think I’m able to recognize any of them from the stories you’ve told me.” “Okay well let me call them. Where are you now?” “The police station, figured they wouldn’t follow me in.” “Why you think they’ll try something?” “Well maybe, since they don’t know who I am. Why would they be following me?” “I’m not sure. But act natural, just go home and if they try something I’ll find them.” “Okay.” You hung up your cell and pocketed it, making your way back out through the station and thanked the dude at the front desk.

You started making your way back home when you got on the road only to hit a bump and cause your tire to go flat. “Dangit.” You muttered and texted Ryan where you were before getting out to assess the damage. You heard a little motor like a mo-ped and turned to find Michael and Gavin riding up behind you on a Faggio. You ignored them and went about changing your tire. “Looks like someone’s a little flat.” Michael said and you frowned, “You better be talking about the car.” Michael just laughed, “Don’t worry babe, I was.” You visibly recoiled and tsked, “Only my husband is allowed to call me babe.” You said and Michael held up his hands. “Didn’t know you were married.” “That’s because you don’t know me. Now why are you following me?” You asked, still changing your tire. “Maybe because we found you out.” Gavin put in. You frowned, your brow furrowing, “Okay, what’d you find out?” “That you’re a drug dealer.” “That I’m a what?!” You asked, eyes wide and face incredulous. “That you deal drugs and we saw you making a deal with one of our friends and we’re just gonna tell you to stop selling to him before he hurts himself.” You stared at them, dumbfounded until you remembered back to your little charade you did with Ryan when you brought him cookies. “Don’t you think you need more evidence before you just start accusing people of dealing or doing drugs?” “Not when our friend who’s normally just creepy starts randomly laughing and it makes you wonder whether he’ll kill you.” “Right? It’s bloody weird, makes me shiver about what he’s thinking of.” That made you smirk because you did the same thing. “How do you know what your friend is thinking of is bad? Maybe he’s just remembering a good time?”

Michael and Gavin continued to look at you until Michael came back with, “I see what you’re doing. Not answering our questions, now be honest. Are you a drug dealer?” “No.” You said and Gavin answers with, “Ah ha! Drug dealer’s are never honest so that means you are one!” A blank look crossed your face and you set down your tire iron. “You just told me to be honest and when I am you don’t believe me? How biased is that question?” “How’d you know we were following you?” “Uh, this is Los Santos. Not hard to pick up on suspicious people around here.” “Leaning up against our friend’s car and offering him a bag of white stuff and getting paid for it is suspicious.” Michael sneered and you countered with, “So’s hiding behind a rack of chips.” Gavin muttered, “Crisps.” “Whatever. Now are you done interrogating me so I can finish fixing my car?” You asked and Michael crossed his arms. “Well if your not a drug dealer, then what’d you give our friend?” “I gave him cookies. And if you believe that then you know I’m not a drug dealer.” Both lads faces dropped, “What?!” Michael screeched, “You’re the master cookie maker?! Those are your cookies Ryan always has?!” You smiled, “Yeah what of it Jones?” Michael was still freaking out about how delectable the treats Ryan shares with them are yours when Gavin said, “Wait, how do you know his name?” “I can figure a lot out Gavin, especially since I know Ryan.” Michael stopped fawning over your baking to say, “But how do you know about us? We’ve never heard about you.” “That’s because she’s my wife.” You all turned to see Ryan standing there, black Zentorno pulled up behind the Faggio. “And that’s how it was supposed to stay.”

“You’re married?!” Geoff shrieked when you were all back at the penthouse. “Since when you fucker?” Michael asked and Ryan and you laughed, “Since three years now?” Geoff huffed, “Well that explains you being so happy these past few years Ry. I can’t believe I thought you’d turned to drugs.” “Geoff come on, who long have you known me? Besides, (Y/N)’s the only drug I need.” Geoff made a disgusted face saying, “I didn’t need to know that.” And Jeremy called out, “Don’t forget her cookies.” Everyone but Geoff laughed, “I can see now I would lose, even if I were younger.” He said, calling back to the conversation he had with you at the store. Ryan brought you aside, walking with you up to the roof and sitting down on one of the many chairs. “I’m glad they handled that well. Now I’m off the hook about drugs and you’re off the hook about being hidden.” Ryan looked at his feet when he said that last part and you knew he was still scared for everyone’s safety, especially yours. “It’ll be okay Ryan.” You said and held up Ryan’s face so his eyes could meet yours. “I love you.” He said and you kissed him, wrapping your arms around his neck. Pulling away you said, “I love you back.”


*pardon future me taking advantage of this old dead account*

I’ve opened up an Etsy where I’ll be selling of my collection of homemade stickers: Lemongellii Store on Etsy

There’s lots of original sticker designs, glittery stickers, and Osomatsu San stickers (for ya weebies<3)

I’m home for Summer break and am desperately looking for a new job with no luck so far. I have to make as much money as I can in the 4 months that I’ll be home so I can survive at college once I move back.

Anything helps, thank you for reading.

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Hmmm if you feel inspired, would you be up for writing some Gaara headcanons, maybe about a sick Gaara with a very caring So? Have a wonderful day🌧🎀 (rain bow hehehe) I luvs your work.

I hope you have a wonderful day too!


Originally posted by kazekage-gaara-forever

  • Gaara complains a lot when he’s sick, but not about being sick. He’ll grumble towards Kankuro, bossing him around. You’d be able to hear the soreness in his voice and the little sniffle at the end of his sentences, letting you know he isn’t well.
  • At first he would refuse to rest, stating that he has far too much work to do and who else will do it. You’d have to find some sort of way to either physically restrain him from leaving or beg him to stay and rest. “You need to let me take care of you, Gaara. You’re sick.”
  • His favourite thing when he’s sick would be resting his head on your lap while you run your fingers through his hair soothingly. This is also a very good way to try and get him to rest while he’s sick.
  • Also lots of cuddles, in bed or on the couch covered in a pile of blankets. Gaara would love your fingers running across his back or again through his hair while he wraps his arms around you. If you stopped stroking his back or hair he’d start whining your name to get your attention so you would do so again.
  • Gaara’s s/o would also make him plenty of tea or make sure he has enough water nearby to stay hydrated.
  • He would probably complain about having to take medicine. “I can heal naturally, I don’t want to take anything, Y/N” Which only leads to you forcing him to take medicine, knowing in the long run it’ll make him feel better quicker.
  • Plenty of tissues, possibly even the ones with the aloe vera or balm to stop Gaara’s nose from being rubbed raw. 
  • Making soup for Gaara, whether its homemade or store bought. He appreciates it all the same, but don’t try and feed him it’ll make his body overheat even more, his cheeks blushing red.
  • Gaara would be worried about your own well-being as you nurse him back to good health, “You’re going to get sick if you take care of me, Y/N.“ 
  • To which you basically shrug your shoulders and tell him that he needs someone to take care of him and if you do get sick at least you’ll have him to take care of you!
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“Skam Imagine Part 1: Chris Schistad cheers you up at your surprise birthday party”

Inspired by Fickle Game by Amber Run

warnings: Chris is the world’s best kisser, pass it on

[I do not own the gif above!]


You’d had many dreams about coming home to house a chaos and screaming, in fact it was one of your most recurring nightmares. Mind you, it usually involved watching your family get murdered or something only of nightmares. Coming back from the library to find half of your school already waiting at your house was just as traumatizing. You didn’t think even three quarters of the partying teens knew who you were, but no one passed up a good party. 

Was it a good party? Were people going to talk about your birthday party for days to come? 

Maybe it wasn’t the end of the world. 

You knew it was Eva who had set it up but the way she opened the door with a sly grin and a big gift box that she kept shoving in your direction. You had taken the box and opened it before Eva tore it apart for you, not worrying about the beautiful yellow ribbon around it. 

“You’re giving me a dress?” Your eyes skimmed over the silky red number and internally cringed. It was gorgeous, absolutely stunning, but it wasn’t exactly… you

“Don’t look at it with such disdain, Y/N, it’s your size and everything. You’re going to be the hottest person here. Besides me, obviously, but it’s your birthday so you get to be second hottest.”

You gave her a pointed look and then glanced back down at the dress. It was insanely gorgeous, and it was your birthday. Maybe you could wear it just this once? 

“But really, it’s going to look amazing. And Kåre is here, so not only can you ask him out finally, but you’ll be in the perfect outfit.  

Somehow you had wound up in the dress quicker than you would have thought possible. The mention of the boy you seemed head over heels for, for the past two years, was at your party. 

You bounced down the stairs and gave hugs to your friends who seemed a little tipsy and quite excited to see the birthday girl. Noora handed you a gift, too excited to wait to give it to you, and you opened it quickly. Noora always gave the best gifts, usually from second hand stores or homemade. And every single one was chosen with love. 

You look at the silver bracelet that had an amethyst stone in the middle, a small hairline fracture down the middle. It was one of the prettiest thing you’d ever seen and instantly recognized it from the homemade jewelry store across from where you worked. You were always tempted to buy the entire store. 

“Noora, it’s beautiful, thank you so much,” you gushed to her loudly. 

She gave you another hug and Chris came bounding around the corner in one of her crazy outfits that always looked fabulous on her. She gave you an almost forceful kiss and grabbed you by the shoulders. 

“I’m poor, Y/N. But I’m a damn good kisser,” she exclaimed drunkenly, making you laugh and hug her tightly. 

Eva suddenly was leading you away from the other girls and pushing you in the direction towards him. Kåre was standing only a few feet away, a drink in his hands and one of his friends by his side. His black hair was covering his eyes and your hand twitched, longing to reach out and push it out of his face. 

That boy had totally consumed your thoughts. 

“Kåre, have any words for the birthday girl?” You flinched at Eva’s incredibly loud voice and froze when he looked right at you. Eva seemed to slither into the crowd and abandon you to face Kåre coming right towards you. 

“Y/N! What’s up? I didn’t know this was your party!” 

You opened your mouth and closed it, twice, while trying to decide if you should be offended or not. It wasn’t a big deal, so he didn’t know who’s party he was it? It’s not like Eva had sent our pretty invitations or anything that he had been looking at for a week. At least you didn’t think so; you assumed she’d just spread the word at school. 

“Yeah, it’s my birthday. Gettin’ older,” you mumbled with a forced laugh. 

“Cool. You look pretty hot,” he said a little bluntly, making you realize he was definitely a little tipsy. You were dumfounded at first, even excited, that he found you attractive. Then you felt insanely awkward. 

“You too,” you said shakily, hoping he didn’t realize how nervous you were. The two of you’d had classes together and even group projects, but you’d never really talked that much. Not outside of classes at least. 

“Anyways, I have to find some of my friends. And tell your friend, Eva I think, to come find me later.” He winked at you and seemed to disappear so quickly you wondered if he had even been there. 

What did he mean about Eva? 

Realization dawned on you and you slowly felt every part of your body crumble into a thousand pieces. Every little bit of hope that you’d had for you and Kåre disappeared. He was into Eva. Suddenly your birthday, your dress, and even your friends couldn’t cheer you up in the slightest. You turned away from the crowd of people in your living room and decided to hide in the kitchen. 

The two people making out against your counter seemed slightly irritated that they were no longer alone and scrambled out, not noticing your depressed expression. 

You saw of the alcohol used to make drinks out in the hall and grabbed the bottle of peppermint vodka like it was a long lost friend. The smooth mint flavour burned down your throat deliciously and and four shots later, you felt like your body was humming. Getting drunk wasn’t your style, but you did enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling a little bit could give you. 

Unfortunately it was only moments later that the tears began to flow down your cheeks like rain drops against a window pane. You grabbed a cloth from one of the kitchen drawers to wipe your eyes but you were crying too hard to really make a difference. 

When was the last time you had cried like this over a stupid boy? Your friends used to warn you about him too, saying he was too into himself to be smart and notice you. 

“I’ve seen many girls cry at parties, but I have to say, you look the most heartbroken, elskling.” The voice startled you and you looked up at it’s owner with wide eyes. 

Never in your young years had you imagined Chris Schistad calling you ‘darling’. Never in your young years had you ever actually imagined him showing up to your party though either. It was like a rare sighting of an endangered animal. Or a unicorn for that matter. 

“I’m trying to suffer in silence.” 

“Somebody is snippy when they’re sad,” he commented with a hint of amusement in his tone. You shot him a glare but by the way his lips curled into a smile, you knew it wasn’t very effective. 

“Up up, elskling,” he said motion to the counter that you were leaning against. You shook your head and his gaze became harder, more demanding, but oddly still kind. You rolled your eyes and did as he asked. 

“So tell me, what does it take to make a girl cry on her own birthday?”

He knew it was your birthday? Chris was full of surprises apparently. You couldn’t decide if you were more shocked or flattered. 

“Stupid boy wants to fuck my best friend,” you said bluntly, reaching for the bottle of vodka again. Chris lightly slapped your hand away and grabbed the bottle for himself, taking a couple of swigs and putting it out of your reach. 

“Drinking won’t solve anything,” he said pointedly before resting a hand on your thigh. You looked down at it and felt a small rush in your head, from the alcohol or maybe from the effect of Chris touching you. “If he makes such a nice girl cry, fuck him.”

“Thanks but already I tried actually that,” you retorted with a miserable pout. Chris choked on a surprised laugh and moved slightly closer to you on the couch. 

“You’re funny too, why haven’t I see you around at school?”

You looked away and pretended to be deep in though, biting your lip gently. “If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say it’s probably because I’m not much to look at. I’m not your type.” 

He took a sip of his drink and watched you carefully for a moment, his eyes slipping over your body as smooth as the alcohol that had rushed down your throat earlier. You felt your body numbing and you wondered if Chris Schistad really did have magical powers. Here he was talking to you at your own party; you supposed anything could be possible. 

“I beg to differ. And while I truly appreciate that dress,” he said with a longing sigh, a little too suggestive, “you’re really, really too pretty for some asshole to ruin your birthday.” 

Your stilled and Chris’s hand moved up your thigh to where your own hand rested. You prayed he wasn’t going to just shove his hand down your pants and be that guy and was pleasantly surprised when he put his hand over yours. The rough yet incredibly warm hand covered your own and matched the warm feeling in your chest from the alcohol. Perhaps Chris Schistad was his own form of alcohol. 

“Maybe we just hadn’t found the right time to meet then,” you suggested in a low voice. 

He gave you one of his wicked smiles and nodded, tossing his blonde hair out of his eyes. “Now seems pretty good though, doesn’t it?”

Before you had a chance to nod, he’d gently pulled your thighs apart and pressed his body between them, resting one hand on your cheek and the other on your back. You breathed in, regretting it a moment later when his lips touched yours, so gently you almost didn’t feel it. 

Worrying he would pull back, you breathed him in and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his lips closer against yours. Something needy and passionate washed over the both of you and his teeth were tugging at your bottom lip while your tongue grazed his top lip. 

Soon his tongue was sweeping through your mouth, peppermint an overwhelming flavour on both of your tongues. You leaned him into, your back slightly arched, and his palm against your back sliding upwards, pushing your shirt with it. His pinky grazed your bare skin and you made a small sound in the back of your throat. 

He moved his hand back down and covered your exposed skin, his finger tips kneading gently into your lower back. Your finger nails tug into his neck and he stopped breathing for a second, seeming almost enticed by the quick sting. 

“Happy Birthday, elskling,” he whispered into your lips. 


A/N: This was so fun to write and since I’m looking for fun with these, I didn’t edit. Editing makes me uninspired and tired unfortunately. This is part one! I’ll try and write another part or two tonight :) 

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Hi, hi, hi!! Your Snapchat hc was awesome!!!💞 I found Jumin's the best lololol anywho, I see your requests are open +_+ can I request a hc for Saeyoung opening a toy shop and how the RFA+minor trio(if you're okay with that) would help out? I was rewatching/reading his ending last night and read the part where in his dream he had opened a toy shop and thought it was cute. I hope this is alright! Thanksh!

RFA (+ Minor Trio) Reacting to Saeyoung’s Toy Shop

Note: Aww, thank you so much for the support on my Snapchat HC. Hope you enjoyed this, it’s a mix of shitposting and actual seriousness - let’s be honest, some of these shenanigans would occur.


✰ - He applied to work here, and after an hour of dealing with Seven′s dumb requests, quit.

✰ - If you’re wondering what those requests were, they were something along the lines of “Organize them from most dangerous to least dangerous” or “Organize them from most memeworthy to least memeworthy.”

✰ - Probably wastes a lot of his money here, because Seven′s toys are actually really cool. (Oh my god is that a mini working motorcycle for your figurines? I’ll take two.)

✰ - He tried kicking V out of the store when he worked there, accusing him of robbing the place because he took a business card.

✰ - Eats all of the complementary mints at the front counter without hesitation.

✰ - Sometimes he argues with Seven about the prices, although in the end, he ends up paying more than the original price was.


✰ - There’s actually a lot of his themed merchandise at the toy store, compliments of Seve, although some of it is questionable.

✰ - He’s fine with the doll version of him and it’s many princely outfits, hell, you can even get a little brush to brush his ~beautiful~ rat tail hair.

✰ - Doesn’t like the mask version of him, it looks really creepy and who in the right mind would wear a mask version of him?

✰ - Then, there’s the clip-on ponytail that’s supposed to mimic his beautifully long rat tail locks. He still doesn’t have any comments on that.

✰ - Sometimes he’ll autograph the ZEN merchandise, but Seven actually just auctions that off on his eBay account.

✰ - Is outraged when he sees that there are Elizabeth the 3rd plushies in the same store he sells his merchandise, and requests that they are at least “12 tiles away from his section.”

✰ - On occasion he’ll stop by the store to greet fans, and tweet about meet and greets he’ll have there, it brings up his popularity and awareness about Seven′s store.


✰ - She definitely helps out with the behind the scenes work, and counts stock, and reviews polls for which toys Seven should add to the shop. 

✰ - The main reason she helps out at the toy store is because of free items there, and will literally take all of the ZEN items.

✰ - Will ask if he thinks about turning his store into a franchise or if he’ll consider mass producing his items, but after he declines, agree that it’s just a nice family owned store.

✰ - Helps print out business cards for him, and tries to keep the store professional, such as setting store hours that are within reason. “No, Saeyoung, 4:20am to 6:09pm is not appropriate for children.”

✰ - Unfortunately has to maintain all of Jumin’s Elizabeth the 3rd projects, and discuss seriously about them with Seven.

✰ - She sets up a suggestion box for new items, and proceeds to write a bunch of ideas for ZEN products.


✰ - Invests a lot of money in the Elizabeth the 3rd products, and really wants to get them mass produced - after buying a case of each item for himself.

✰ - Has asked if Elizabeth the 3rd could come in for a toy signing, but thought against it once realizing she’d be within a hundred yards of Seven. (Also, she has no thumbs.)

✰ - Often tries to get Seven to collaborate with C&R, and eventually gets him to run a special toy section of the company, although Jumin only makes money off of the Elizabeth the 3rd product.

✰ - Advertises for the store, all over C&R International. He took down the out of order sign on the bathroom, just to put up the flyer.

✰ - One time, when he was in there, a little kid asked him “How’s the weather up there?” Of course, he was confused. When asking Seven about it, apparently the kid was making fun of him. (Jaehee: “No, Mr. Han, you cannot sue a ten year old.”)

707 [BONUS]

✰ - Literally everything in the store is homemade - by him. Except for things that have multiples, such as the Elizabeth or Zen items, he gets Tom to manufacture those. 

✰ - Contributed 50% to the toy shop name, “Choi’s Toys” (He came up with the Toys part, he’s a creative genius.)

✰ - He put out a tip jar at the front desk, but nobody has even put a coin in there. He feels slightly offended.

✰ - There are like two bad reviews online by angry moms who are complaining about his toys being “overpriced and hazardous.” Let’s just say that he changed those to, “Great deals and very kid-friendly!”

✰ - The majority of the profit is going towards his wedding with MC, as well as their honeymoon. The rest is going towards buying a new car.

V [He got the eye surgery!]

✰ - He loves taking photos of the children with the toys, grinning while holding up their homemade cat robot.

✰ - For his next exhibition, he dedicates it to both Saeyoung and Saeran, with the many photos of the shop and the happy faces of children - as well as the RFA inside the shop.

✰ - V runs the facebook page for the shop, littering it with beautiful photos and information about new items. Although, is often told to make things seem more exciting.

✰ - As a gift in honor of the store opening, he creates the flyers using his creative touch!

✰ - Doesn’t understand why Yoosung thinks that taking a store business card is stealing - the sign literally says, “Please take one.”


✰ - He’s the other creative genius, coming up with pairing, Choi and Toys. (They are twins, after all.)

✰ - On holidays, he’ll take some of the toys to the local orphanage and hands them out to many of the children - he doesn’t want them to feel underprivileged as he did as a child.

✰ - He helps work at the shop, but despises being the cashier. So, whenever he’s asked to work the register, he hides behind the counter or changes the sign to say he’s on break.

✰ - Those rare moments where he’s actually working the register,  Saeran gives back more change than he should. On purpose, because he knows how pricy his brother’s toys can get.

✰ - Whenever someone puts money in the tip jar, he pockets it, to annoy Saeyoung, but still puts the money in the fund for the wedding. He’s secretly excited to be the best man.

✰ - Doesn’t like the kid’s radio station that plays throughout the store, and is not afraid to change it to something hardcore and emo  like My Chemical Romance or All Time Low.

✰ - Gets mad when Moms complain that the music isn’t appropriate. “I’m not listening to the damn alphabet song on loop.”


✰ - Ever since they lost their job at the agency, they work as the custodian of the store. Really despises it. REALLY.

✰ - One time, a child had an accident on the floor, and they threatened to taze the poor child. Then, the kid began to cry, and the mother began to yell at Vanderwood. 

✰ - Deathly afraid of angry defensive mothers, but is totally okay with yelling at a dad, defensive or otherwise. 

✰ - Sometimes he sees kids put things back on the wrong shelves, and isn’t having any of it. “Put that back where you got it.” If they had glasses, you can expect the librarian look.

✰ - Also despises the childish radio that is played, and fully supports Saeren in playing anything else.