homemade shamrock shakes


Today, my neighbour-friend and I did laps ‘around the block’ (we live on a cul-de-sac. Around the block actually winds up being 1.34km per lap). About .85km into the lap, there is a cute little playground. It still has about a foot of snow covering the ground, but there was a beaten path to the equipment from both entries. So we stopped, climbed through the snow, and did ‘pull ups’ (I could see my bicep flex, and could feel it, and my lats, and my pecs working, but I certainly wasn’t lifting myself off the ground, so I guess the ‘assist’ was probably offsetting 200 pounds of me), standing push-ups and squats.

I did 90 ‘pull-ups’, 180 squats and standing push-ups. I am kinda sore tonight. But I am so goddamn proud of myself.

So I rewarded myself with a homemade shamrock shake - with creme de menthe. It tasted exactly like I remembered shamrock shakes tasting, except with booze.

My workout neighbour buddy isn’t available tomorrow, so I might try to do this on my own, but it’ll have to be in the early morning before the Manthing goes to sleep after work. We’ll see how it goes.