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Remington 1861 Army Revolver

Manufactured by Eliphalet Remington and sons in 1862.
.44 cap and ball, six-shots cylinders, easily removable by pulling down the loading lever and removing the cylinder axis, allowing to switch to a pre-loaded one.

This particular example, believed to have been owned by a Confederate soldier, features an unusual lanyard ring and a homemade ring iron sight.

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“Don’t fall in love, there’s just too much to lose” - Michael

Based off of the song Terrible Things by Mayday Parade

Warnings: Mentions of illness + death

Michael was sat at home, thinking of you. You were all he thought about anymore. Whenever he looked at your eight year old son, he saw you. He had your eyes and your smile. Ever since he lost you, he wasn’t the same. He stayed strong for the sake of your son but inside he was broken. Michael remembers the day you met, he replays the events in his head as he sat alone in the living room, staring at the photo of you and your son when he was only a baby. It was his favourite photo of you. It reminded him of the time before it all went wrong.

He stares at the photo as he remembers the day he asked you to marry him. He gave you a little homemade box, with a ring inside it. He had tied it together with pieces of string. It didn’t look like much, but to you it was perfect. The smile on your face as you said yes will always remain with him. His love for you would never fade. He knew he was screwed as soon as he first saw you and tried to, not so, subtly check you out while you were with your friends. You had noticed his glances, and couldn’t help but look at him as well. You were usually quite cautious, but that day you threw caution to the wind and went to ask him out, knowing that if you didn’t you would regret it for the rest of your life. The moment Michael first heard your angelic voice was one of the many fond memories he has of you.

Michael was glad that even though you were no longer with him, he still had your son. Michael sat on the couch crying quietly, partly from the happiness of his memories, but mostly because of the sadness that followed. “Daddy, why are you crying?” he heard your son’s voice from the doorway. Michael wiped his tears on his shirt as Alex walked into the room. “It’s nothing bud” Michael smiles sadly at him as he walks towards him. Michael wraps an arm around him, pulling him to his side as he sits down on the couch next to him. “Are you thinking about mummy?” he asks sadly in his sweet voice, as he looks at the photo in front of his father. Michael nods.

Alex didn’t know much about you. You had passed when he was four, so he remembered you but was not quite old enough to understand why you were not around anymore. Michael wasn’t sure what to tell him at first. When you had told Michael about your illness and that you only had weeks to live, Michael broke down. You, however remained strong, and Michael was in awe of how you remained so calm in the situation. He was a complete mess but it was you on the brink of existence. You helped to calm him and reassure him that everything would be alright. “It’s okay dad” Alex says, rubbing his father’s back. Michael loved your son, he was his only ray of sunshine in his otherwise dark world. “Don’t fall in love, there’s just too much to lose” Michael murmurs to Alex. The time Michael spent with you were the best years of his life, he wouldn’t exchange them for anything. However, the pain of losing you had broken Michael, and he couldn’t bear for the same to happen to your son.

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A ring I made in my 3d design class. We did an investment casting with sterling silver. I originally carved it out of wax and then casted. Got to use a blowtorch, it was terrifying but fun! I buffed it out with files and sandpaper and then some fat stuff. Used a patina process between the last two buffs. I had a gold color from the patina but it changed after a long time. Really happy with this none the less.

I should take a nice picture of it…and go get a manicure lol My hands are all messed up from the sanding and filing….