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Remember the thrill you got as a kid when you received your very first knife? Well I guess men will be boys forever because hey! I still know the feeling every morning when I gear up for the day! I carry the stuff I carry because it gives me pleasure, simple as that. My father taught me to be a gentleman and to be prepared and never to forget to be a scoundrel as well! I hope my kit represents that and maybe it gives some of you guys some new ideas. Hearty greetings to Pavel from PicaroonTools whose shop I can’t recommend enough and to everybody else remember what old Jack Burton used to say ’ it’s all in the reflexes!’

April potter prompt

I think luna would show her pride by wearing clothes in the colours of the flags. As in quoiromantic ace luna wearing blue green black clothing and combining it with purple glasses. Also I think she would wear homemade bracelets and rings with different flag colours (also the black ring)

Sorry I thw one who made the luna clothing prompt. I’m a hufflepuff!

Luna’s family has never dressed in what other (mostly pureblood) wix deem appropriate. Xenophilius wears robes, but they’re often pretty pastels, and his robes are never tied up properly, displaying the various shirts and shorts he owns underneath. Pandora (Merlin bless her soul) wore muggle sundresses and big muggle sun hats, and if she wore a robe, she tended to wear it like a cape. Her parents encouraged eccentric clothing through which Luna could express herself. 

Although Luna actually does have a penchant for robes (they feel very nice, in her opinion), she most enjoys accessorizing with handmade jewelry and scarves (some of which she got when some very kind but very nervous house elves asked her to pick up one day when she was around where they were cleaning).

So when Luna ran across a quaint little muggle shop selling all sorts of accessories, she couldn’t help but be drawn to some of them, particularly the more colorful ones, in which she realized she could mix and match them to create her own pride look. Purple glasses, a necklace on green string that ends simply in a question mark, and some plain bracelets and necklace chains that she could customize with her craft supplies at home were some of the first items she just had to buy. 

Luna felt so proud wearing her small pride items, she couldn’t help but upgrade to some full-on pride outfits. Madam Malkin’s is happy to customize robes for a little extra charge. Between that and some lucky finds in Secondhand Robes, Luna finds her closet fuller with some gorgeous black robes and deep purple robes with options for a green, purple, white, or even gray tie-around, plus matching hats with similar tie-arounds. She also found a lovely hat that, with a little cleaning and just a little magic, is pure-white with a black tie-around which luna enchanted to look purple depending on the viewer’s perspective.

To round out her outfits, Luna couldn’t help herself from getting some wonderful shoes from a muggle ship. Some knee-high, soft boots in purple and some comfortable sneakers in green.

The black ring, which she never takes off except when she washes, was actually a gift from Ginny. Luna never really felt the need to come out, nor did she feel the need to hide. So although her being a quoiromantic asexual never really came up, Ginny figured it out through her attire, and gifted Luna the black ring one birthday.

Some snobby wix may stick up their noses at Luna’s attire, but others get a thrill of wonder when Luna walks by and can’t help but think they must not be alone in how they feel.

~Hufflepuff Mod

1. This morning I went to the thrift store and Hobby Lobby, aldi (which was PACKED and a mess since they’re expanding), and DelRay Farms.

2. In case you guys wonder what a woman who doesn’t work does all day? Once a week at least, this is it. It took almost 5 hours, and the driving was in a car with no AC. In Georgia.

3. I got home, lugged in all the shopping and put it away, (kids are with R so no help), heated up last night’s fish fry and homemade onion rings for my lunch, and did a load of kitchen linens/rug, which I hung around the porch rails because it’s hot out.

4. I’m pooped.

5. I have to leave to get the kids in 2.5 hours so I’m just gonna knit.


Remington 1861 Army Revolver

Manufactured by Eliphalet Remington and sons in 1862.
.44 cap and ball, six-shots cylinders, easily removable by pulling down the loading lever and removing the cylinder axis, allowing to switch to a pre-loaded one.

This particular example, believed to have been owned by a Confederate soldier, features an unusual lanyard ring and a homemade ring iron sight.

New Videos
  1. Apple Ass Cock Ring –> Made a homemade cock ring for a friend and tested it out on an eaten apple, first.
  2. Citrus Stuffing -  Using a lemon, lime and an orange in my ass all at once. Cameo from an apple as well.
  3. Citrus Stuffing #2 - Again using a lemon, lime and an orange in my ass all at once. Cameo from an apple as well.
  4. Kong Whore - Stuffing a Kong dog toy up my ass
  5. Hydrant 01
  6. Hydrant 02
  7. Hydrant 03
  8. Hydrant 04
  9. Hydrant 05
  10. Hydrant 06
  11. Unicorn 01
  12. Unicorn 02
  13. Unicorn 03
  14. Unicorn 04
  15. Unicorn 05
  16. Unicorn 06

I don’t have descriptions written up for any of these, or solid prices set; but, they are all edited and uploaded and ready to sell.

Destiny Headcannon- Weddings

Do you ever wonder how Guardians get married? What ceremonies they do or how they propose? 

  • Titans getting married on the city walls 
  • Hunters finding places way up high with beautiful scenarios to propose 
  • Warlocks spending days decrypting Shakespearean love ballads. 

Or maybe if the guardians don’t think they have the time

  • Titans proposing mid battle as bullets and explosions fly around them as shit is hitting the fan. 
  • Hunters randomly dropping the question in the middle of very tense scenarios, like in the middle of the Crota Stealth mission. 
  • Warlocks doing it right before a dangerous mission or raid. 

 Then you have the weddings themselves 

  • The Vanguard acting as the pastors, or maybe Shaxx being used if they couple were Crucible Stars 
  • The few that are recognized as Iron Banner champions getting Lord Saladin to step in for the job. 
  • Everybody does it differently though so Zavala’s is very straightforward and honorable. 
  • Cayde-6 is more laid back and lighthearted. Occasionally making a joke or two during the ceremony 
  • Ikora is humble but extravagant, having a calm but serious demeanor. 
  • And the weddings vary but Titans tend to have larger weddings were everything is rank and file. 
  • Hunters have weddings with only their fireteam members/close friends/family   
  • Warlocks tend to do it even smaller with just the wedding couple and Ikora. 
  • All the rings being homemade so Guardians have to go to Amanda or Banshee-44 to get them made. 
  • Particularly brave Guardians forging their own rings by spending days farming for materials, only to fuck it up and do it all over again. 

 And my personal favorite 

Two members of a fireteam getting married mid-raid to heckling (or disbelief) of the other members. The groups Sunsinger having to read off the vows, pausing momentarily to murder a Minotaur or two. Ending the whole ceremony with beating the raid boss as the couple kiss.

Taking a day off practicing to marathon LoTR

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This Was Unexpected Chapter 1

Summary: Joey was not expecting all this drama had his and Daniel’s first year Anniversary. He was also not preparing to  see Wolf had run away, Daniel going to work on their anniversary, and Shane rushing to his house for unknown reason. 

Note: Some grammar and spelling errors here and there. Might seem a little rushed. One out of seven parts. 

Let’s just say Joey was NOT expecting Wolf to go missing when he came back from his jog. Especially on his one-year anniversary with Daniel, so when Joey came back from his morning jog and saw that Wolf had chewed through his leash, and jumped over the fence.

So after spending two hours looking for Wolf and finding him hiding inside a neighbor’s doghouse having puppy making times with her dog, was not how he was hoping the anniversary would have gone. When he got home he did expect to find Daniel still asleep in bed, not fully clothed (Joey’s least favorite verson of Daniel) “What’s going on?” Joey asked before giving Daniel a quick peck.

“Vogue called, I have to do a shoot today.” Daniel started off before looking at Joey’s sad eyes, “I know, I tried to explain to them since it’s my supposed day off but since the photographer will be out for three days and this is the only day where they will have all the models needed for the shoot. So I have too.” Daniel explained.

“Have a good day at work, love you.” Joey accepted Daniel’s kiss, making sure to make it last. Making the kiss into somewhat of a mini-make out session.

“I have to go” Daniel playfully smiled coming up for air, “Love you. Be happy, I get back as soon as I can!” Daniel kissed him one last time before heading out.

Joey sighed and slumped onto his bed, today could have not gone any worse for him. Wolf’s failed escape resulted in staying indoors because of the lack of collars and leashes Joey had. And since David had decided to spend the day with Megan, he didn’t have anyone else to hang out with. Summertime Sadness lyrics came popping in as Joey reached for his phone.

“Hello?” Joey asked, not even bothering to check the Caller ID.

“Okay I’m coming over. If you are Daniel are doing anything weird hurry up, because Shane The Fat Third Wheel is coming over!” Shane started off. “And Bye because you can’t say no if I hang up!” Shane finished off hanging up on Joey.

Joey was taken back, but he was glad Shane was coming over. Now he could vlog today, too! The Shoey fans would love it, and it could be really fun. Joey quickly got out of his bed and hurried into the shower.

(With Daniel)

“He doesn’t suspect anything, right?” Daniel asked. So maybe he had lied to get out of the house. BUT IT WAS FOR GOOD REASONS! He had been planning this for months, cute little picnic set up, bunch of flowers, and a homemade crystal ring box. He had actually got the neighbor to help him get Wolf inside the dog house, and he arranged Shane to keep Joey busy.

“Not at all! Good luck with your plan!” Shane replied “Okay bye!” Shane hung up in a flash.

Daniel shrugged and placed the phone back in his pocket, “It’s going to be okay. Daniel, Joey loves you and you love him. He is going to say yes.” Daniel said placing the gold ring back in the ring box. “You can do this.”

First glance || f2f

The adrenaline was still coursing throughout the male’s body, the rush he always got during and after a fight was addicting. He had been underground boxing for years now and had made quite a name for himself. Nate was a big guy and he was hard to take down despite many trying, making him one of the best. Now he had won another match, he could hear the crowd cheering for his victory, another one under his belt. Lifting his arms up in the air he grinned happily, this was dangerous he knew that but that was why he loved it. Nate was fearless, some people said he was stupid but nobody could stop him. Walking out of the homemade ring he flexed his fists a few times, the bleeding of his knuckles were normal, the slight pain from the constant contact with his opponent’s face no longer bothered him. Sitting down on a wall outside of the crowd he wiped the side of his hand against his lip, more blood, great. Reaching for his water bottle he downed half of the cool liquid as he got his breath back.