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Glitch was doing laundry, meaning all of his clothes were being washed and so he was 'forced' into wearing Anti's, not that you could say that was bad to him, and he was singing to himself while going around the house and picking up. "'M so addicted to, all the things ya do-" he paused to open the fridge and check on the homemade Reese cups in the freezer before resuming his singing and cleaning, unaware of Anti at the moment. (Take my trash)

Anti was sitting in the hall on the floor, watching and listening to Glitch as he did the laundry and then walked into the kitchen. His tail thrashed harshly behind him, making thumping noises whenever it hit the ground. Once he spotted what was in the fridge, he licked his lips with a deep growl, pointed teeth being a little more prominent.

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Do you know where I can find a recipe for Reese's peanut butter for a small batch? I just want to make enough for a few people. Every recipe I actually can find is for a large amount and I'm new to cooking so I don't know how to alter it. Thanks! ❤❤

I’m not 100% sure what recipe you’re asking for? Are you asking to make reese’s peanut butter? or Reese’s peanut butter cups?


Here are some tips on halving recipes which imo would be your best bet either way. They still take the same amount of time to bake and the same temp.