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Congrats Iona!!!!!!! Can I have a name aesthetic for Jessica and my friend would also like one if that's ok her name is Claire!! Thank you ily!!!!!!

ahh jess ily <3

jessica: gold necklaces, old english towns, cobbled streets, singing eighties pop at the top of your voice, dancing in the rain, books tucked into corners, tea in hand, laughter in the back of your throat, crossed fingers, gloved hands, the feeling of warmth after a storm.

claire: pastel hair, perfect nails, homemade cinemas, polaroids strung on fairy lights, oversized jumpers with hands tucked into sleeves, french plaits, balancing on railings, arms outstretched and sea air in your lungs, 

want one?



We know thousands upon thousands of letters and tour outfits flash across your screen in the late hours of the night after your shows, but we thought we’d write you a little note to thank you for bringing us together. When I was in 7th grade (Amanda) I met the really loud girl who moved from Brooklyn on my soccer team (Victoria) and somehow her yelling at the refs made me want to be her friend. Fast forward one year and its May 13th and we are going to see the Fearless Tour together. That was the first time I have ever seen you live and I cannot begin to tell you how much it changed my life and our friendship. I remember coming home from the concert around 2 AM and immediately going to buy the Deluxe Edition (How could I ever have lived without it?). The best part of that day was the affirmation that Vic was going to be in my life forever. Fast forward to Speak Now Tour, Emily & Caileigh came with us and we watched you sing all of our favorite songs …so naturally, we had to go three times! We were lucky enough to be there on the closing night of the Speak Now Tour, where you sang my favorite song “Fire and Rain” with James Taylor. Speak Now came at a perfect time in my life and I never knew that to this day it’s the soundtrack to all of my happiest memories. Fast forward to RED and the four of us went to Metlife Stadium and were blown away by your presence in a huge arena…you were made to do this, Taylor. As much as we loved the songs and the dancing and the crying and the thrill of making outfits and posters there is nothing that beats driving to the concert with a car full of your best friends belting out the lyrics to the songs you’re craving so much to hear live. The four of us all go to different colleges, all live in different parts of New Jersey, but somehow you’ve always been the common ground for us. Your concerts are our sparkling nights together. So thank you. 

Fast forward to today, and in two days we will be seeing you in Philly clad in our homemade barista outfits and polaroid poster. We also thought since you love singing about Starbucks so much you’d probably want a gold card, so we made you one. Coffee sometime soon?

Can’t wait to see you again, 
Your Starbucks Lovers 

P.S. We know you dont follow us or anything so if people could reblog/like to help us get Taylor to see this we would love you forever and ever taylorswift tree-paine tswiftontour

P.P.S. Yes that is our local Starbucks, yes we were judged. starbucks