homemade pasta is the best things

Dating 2P Italy Would Include

parts of this one is really more of a survival guide
I mean
it’s a bad idea, man
he’s not good at relationships

•hope you like pasta my dude
•and are chill with Really Expensive gifts (that are probably stolen, tbh)
•become friends with Lutz and Kuro. You’ll be hanging out with them a lot
•Luciano is the most suave, smooth talking, charming, charismatic, gentlemanly bastard you will ever meet
•until he’s not
•expect candlelit dinners with copious amounts of roses and high quality red wine and sweet kisses and homemade pasta followed by The Best make out sessions
•he really is good at this whole kissing thing
•his hugs are really warm and feel really safe and he smells really nice and I am way too gay for this shit
•this is honestly a really bad idea
•please be safe
•and by “safe” I mean “run very far away”