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Imagine, just the whole Stranger Things gang hanging out and getting all ready for the holiday seasons at the Byers house

  • Lucas climbing on top of Dustin trying to get to the top of the tree to put the star on top
  • Will making homemade tree ornaments and carefully placing each one on their own branch
  • Mike stringing popcorn together to make a pretty little decoration, unaware that Eleven is eating it all from the other end.
  • Joyce being tangled in the Christmas lights and feeling the deja vu
  • Hopper passed out on the couch with a Santa hat over his eyes
  • Nancy, Jonathan and Steve wearing ugly knitted Christmas sweaters as they sit around the fire roasting marshmallows
  • Joyce sneaking a kiss from Hopper under the mistle toe
  • Eleven then is standing under the mistletoe after seeing this when Mike suddenly walks beside her unaware of it, and she kisses him mimicking Joyce and not really understanding it
  • Dustin, Lucas, and Will’s jaws all drop in shock when they see it
Craft and Creations: Yule: Ornaments (Scented Pine Cones)

Want to keep your tree earth-friendly? Then this homemade ornament will be a great addition to any Yuletide tree. 

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What You’ll Need:

  • Pine cones (any size, any shape)
  • Ginger, Nutmeg, and Allspice (equal parts and blended)
  • Mixture of craft glue and water (1:1)
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Paintbrush (small)


Rinse off your pine cones and spread them out on a baking sheet. Bake at 250* for 20 minutes, this will open them up and get rid of any harmful bacteria that maybe still on them (especially if you picked them up outside). Don’t worry about any sap, it will harden and actually make them shiny (ooo, shiny). If you ended up buying your cones at a store they’re more likely already opened and clean, you can skip the rinsing and go straight to baking. 

Once cooled, use your paintbrush to paint on the craft glue/water mixture. You can either coat the entire cone, or just the edges/tips for a more “frosted” look. 

Then you add the glitter and spices to your cone. You can do this is one of two ways. One, just use your hands and sprinkle the mixture onto you cone, this way works better if you are going for the more “frosted” look for you cone. Two, put all of the spice and glitter in a plastic baggie and shake until your hearts content. This way is better if you painted your entire cone in glue. 

Make sure the cone is completely dry before tying it off with ribbon and hanging it on your tree. Or, you can place several of these scented pine cones into a bowl and place them on a table as a festive centerpiece. 

(image from: indesignartandcrafts.com via google images)

This is a great craft if you have little ones and their are various ways to decorate pine cones for Yule/Holidays. 

Blessed Yule!

Part Three of “The Holiday”

Happy 2017! Enjoy the conclusion of this little Christmas/after New Year fic.

I’m planning to post this on FFn and AO3 on Friday.

Summary: Two women, unlucky in love, decide to swap homes and lives for the holiday season. What happens next is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Based on the movie of the same name, “The Holiday”.

Part One

Part Two

The Holiday

Part Three

Annie stared in shock at the two girls. Iris went to her immediately, bouncing red curls following behind as she smiled prettily.

The little girl pointed to the bag in Annie’s grasp. “Is that for us?”

“Oh—” Annie quickly gathered herself. “Yes! I’m sorry for the wine…there are some really good cookies in there, though.”

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It was finally that time of the year, and the holidays were looking especially cheerful at the Avengers Tower.

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DIY Easter Eggs – Very pretty!

Countdown to Winter Holidays: Day 7 (Kyungsoo)

Ah, I am really enjoying doing these you guys. I really hope you guys enjoy this one and all the other Countdown stories. But I messed up today and was supposed to write Jin’s but accidentally wrote Kyungsoo’s. So Jin will be tomorrow.

Based on Cold December Night by Michael Buble

-Admin Kat

[Day 1], [Day 2], [Day 3], [Day 4],   [Day 5], [Day 6]

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The smell of pine cone filled the living room. The white Christmas lights twinkling brightly as if they were mini stars that had been plucked out of the night sky and placed around the room. The tree stood, decorated with elegant and a few childishly homemade ornaments. The several carefully wrapped presents resting beneath the green branches; waiting for their future owner to ripe them open. The cold drifted into the otherwise warm room from the slightly open window. Kyungsoo stared at you as you hung the boys’ stockings on the TV stand. He stared at the way your hair was tired back, pulled out of your way so you could work on decorating the dorm for the holidays. He smiled to himself. You had come over late, almost midnight, with a crazy idea to surprise the other 8 boys with a decorated dorm.

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I bet Matt gets excited for Christmas and starts putting decorations up as early as November and he unironically wears ugly sweaters and he still leaves milk and cookies out for Santa because “tradition” omg ghomg and he creates homemade ornaments for the tree and he throws Christmas parties and sends everybody cards and THIS IS 100% TRUE


Unloading, she gathered her belongings and headed for the makeshift entrance that led into the belly of the half-destroyed AT-AT walker. It might be an ancient, rotting, rusting example of now useless military might, but to Rey, it was home.

After carefully unloading her gear and supplies onto the homemade cabinets and shelves, she remembered to make a scratch mark on one interior wall of semi-malleable material. She had long since stopped bothering to count the scratches, which now numbered in the thousands.

Bits and pieces of homemade décor ornamented isolated alcoves and corners: here a handmade doll fashioned from reclaimed orange flight suit material, there a cluster of dried desert flowers; on the far end of the bed insert, a pillow that had cost her a day’s work. It wasn’t much, but where such examples of defiant individuality had been placed, they softened the drabness of their surroundings.