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6 of Crows Christmas Headcanons

- Wylan wants to make sure that everything is perfect because Kaz never got a chance to experience a “real” Christmas and Inej’s family didn’t celebrate it

- Kaz “grudgingly” makes hot chocolate just like Jordie used to make them when they had extra cash

- Kaz is incredibly protective of Wylan (he won’t admit it he continues to give him shit as normal) and wants everything to go perfectly because he can tell that Wylan’s biggest wish is to be loved for who he is

- Snowball fights ft. the Crew

- Inej inexplicably never gets hit even if the other 5 all aim for her

- Matthias always ends up taking snowballs for Nina

- Nina introducing the crew to traditional Ravkan holiday food and Matthias manages to get some Fjerdian liquor

- Wylan sets up an advent calendar for the rest of the crew to do together. Some days it has riddles that lead to prizes, some days it has candies

- On the 24th, the advent calendar clue reads “up the chimeny with care” 

- Inej climbs the chimeny and brings down a wrapped package. They unwrap it together to reveal a painting of the six of them because they’re all Wylan’s family now

- Matthias dressed as a Christmas tree (it’s Nina’s fault)

- Kaz in reindeer antlers

- Kaz somehow gets a full-sized pine-tree into The Crow Club. No one knows how or where he got it

- Jesper sets up mistletoes in random parts of The Crow Club. Somehow Kaz knows where they all are and avoids them like the plague

- Nina tailoring ugly sweaters for everyone 

- They all go Christmas tree shopping together and buy the biggest tree they possibly can for Wylan’s inherited mansion

- Decorating said tree proves to be difficult

- Their Christmas tree is decorated with a mixture of extremely expensive ornaments that Kaz and Wylan bought and homemade ornaments that Nina and Jesper insisted everyone make

- Nina helps everyone bake cookies to leave out for Santa that evening

- Cue a giant food fight 

- They make a huge mess but the cookies turn out okay

- All the crows get dressed up in fancy clothing for a nice dinner on Christmas Eve at Wylan’s

- Jesper wears a red bow tie with Christmas trees on it much to everyone’s amusement

- They all sleep at Wylan’s house that night

- Nina wakes everyone up at 6 am shouting about Christmas. 

- To everyone but Kaz’s surprise the cookies they left out for santa are gone. Aka Kaz got up in the middle of the night and ate the cookies so that it would seem like Santa had come to the house.

Robin’s Nest: Part 10

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1329

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Christmas is a big deal in the Wayne household. It has been ever since Dick was born. In fact, before the kids you and Bruce were more likely to eat a TV dinner and watch Die Hard than do anything all that Christmassy. However, when Dick was born Bruce had decided that he wanted to go all out for Christmas, just like his parents had for him. It was during that year that your Christmas traditions were born.

Dick had only been around a month old at the time, but the two of you had bundled him up and taken him to get a tree. Then the two of you had decorated it while telling Dick Christmas stories. That first tree had been very elegant, filled with Thomas and Martha Wayne’s ornaments. Over the years, however, a mix of more family like ornaments had made it onto the tree. There were ones with each of the kid’s birthdays, or in Cass’s case one with her “gotcha day”. There were homemade ornaments and class made ornaments, and the wonderfully pretty ornaments that had first decorated the tree now sat carefully out of reach rather high up on the tree. Instead of being in the foyer, the tree had been moved to the family room, where there were couches to lounge and snuggle on.

You decorate the rest of the house as well. The kids hand handmade decorations, help set up the garland, the manger, and the wreaths. It’s an all-day activity that Bruce takes off of work for. By the time you’re done everyone is exhausted.

You spend a lot of the kids’ holiday off of school baking in the kitchen. You bake lots of treats and goodies, and then you and the kids take them to Gotham’s police and fire departments. Very early on you and Bruce decided that you’d never spoil the kids. They couldn’t just have something simply because they wanted it. There were chores that had to be done, and you always made sure to take them to volunteer somewhere at least once a month. During December however, you’d take them somewhere to volunteer at least once a week. A soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a food drive, and of course you and Bruce take on a whole angel tree, because kids deserve a nice Christmas. You feel like it’s important to show that donating money doesn’t fix everything, helping out and lending an actual hand is just as valuable.

There’s no big Christmas ball. You save that for New Year’s Eve, because Christmas is about happiness, and the people who come to those things always find a way to suck away the joy. You figure it’s better to end the year with that.

You and Bruce also take the kids to look at Christmas lights. Alfred makes hot cocoa and cider, and packs warm cookies, and he takes you through the neighborhood to look at lights. The kids press their faces against the windows ohhing and ahhing. When all is said and done they’re exhausted and ready for bed.  

You and Bruce tackle Christmas shopping together. You go out in these cheesy disguises, like hats and sunglasses, and make a day of it. You even share one of those giant pretzels.

This year however, you’re not able to do as much, and you’re not able to go as long. Because this year, you’re pregnant again, and your due date is Christmas day. You’re praying that the baby comes late, so you don’t have to spend the day away from the kids. As it is, you’ve already had to miss the Christmas lights, the shopping, and the pretzel, because you can’t go long without peeing. Still you make the best of it, as you watch the kids run around and ask you to taste test things.  

The baby doesn’t come on Christmas; he comes on Christmas Eve. It’s early in the morning, and you’ve been banned from the kitchen because the kids are finishing up wrapping their gifts. You do your best to not make a big fuss about it as Bruce drives you to the hospital. You’re extremely lucky, your labor is fast and easy, and you deliver within three hours of arriving at the hospital. The doctor just grins and makes a comment about how having so many kids makes the process easier. You just kind of stare at him, because he obviously wasn’t there for Dick’s labor and delivery.

The baby is happy and healthy, and he looks so much like Bruce that it’s scary. In fact, Damian and Terry look a good deal alike as well. You name him Terry, and he’s adorable. He has a full head of this black hair that’s sticking up in every direction, and as you look at him you realize that you’re done. This is your last baby. And from the way Bruce is wrapping that arm around your shoulder you know he’s thinking the same thing.

The doctors want to keep you overnight, so Bruce goes home to tuck the kids into bed. He reads them the night before Christmas, and tucks them in. Then he takes care of putting all the presents under the tree.

You’re discharged at five am, and you’re exhausted. But you smile as Bruce takes Terry, so you can go change into your soft pajamas. You come back to find Bruce rocking Terry slowly in front of the now lit fire place, and singing Silent Night. You watch for a moment before you join in. When you’re done you take the baby and Bruce goes to change.

The kids come barreling down the stairs at six in the morning, with cries of joy. But they stop dead at the sight of you and Terry. You just smile and say: “Guys, this is you new brother; Terry.”

They surround you, and Dick, Jason, and Tim take turns holding him. Cass is hesitant, so you pull her into your side, and help her. You show her the proper way to hold him, and she lets out this huge smile. Damian and Helena hold him with Bruce’s help, and once everyone’s had a chance, they dive into the presents like the kids they are. You snuggle into Bruce and just watch as the kids exclaim over what Santa brought them.

Those in the League that have nowhere to go are invited to Christmas dinner. J’onn, Diana, Shayera, and John take up the invitation. Everyone but John is a bit mystified by Terry, and you realize that they haven’t had a lot of interaction with kids. John however is a natural, and he just smiles and says “I have a ton of nieces and nephews.” Each leaguer gets a present, and as the kids pull them away to go play, you watch them go with a smile on your face.

Then Bruce is wrapping his arms around you, careful of Terry. He whispers: “Look up.” and you smile at what you see before turning and kissing your husband under the mistletoe.

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Hey can I get a rundown of what happened in the finale if you have time? I've been out of the fandom for a while but I shill check back in on your blog (cause legit your one of the best writers I know hands down), and all I know is Donnie's a robot and raph has a beard? Like, no wtf he can't grow hair??? Also Casey's dead? Maybe? Is April alive n well? Ugh so many questions, I'm sorry.

okay so here we go with the quick rundown:

-  yeah raph grew a nasty beard. no we didn’t get an explanation for why that is or how it was possible. but that’s the least awful thing about this shitty finale. (raph also doesn’t remember anything about their former lives, and perpetually is a grumpy old man. this was endearing until it was annoying.)

- donnie is a robot now, functionally immortal and probably the least insane of the brothers. honestly he was one of the only two good things about this whole mess. protect the robo turt.

- casey is assumed dead, like april and the rest of their human-ish friends, seeing as they’re not shown in the episode at all beyond a skull that’s implied to be casey’s, but i call bullshit on all that. 

- partially because i doubt donnie would actually let his amnesiac brother use the skull of one of their best friends as a homemade bomb ornament, and partially because april and karai were both mutants and should have survived the mutagen bombing. 

- april was literally the most mutant individual in the cast, being one straight from birth and from a line of mutagen immune part-kraang experiments. she and karai, also a mutant, should have been perfectly fine with their badassery and individual powers.

- honestly the stuff about karai and april being dead is such bullshit, i stg.

- mikey got a horrendous makeover that is not just racist but also severely out of character. would the most social of the brothers really isolate himself like that in the desert? and if he knew where the green place was, why the fresh hell hadn’t he been chilling there all along?? nah. that was just slopppy ooc stuff right there.

- leo was. ugh. also really ooc. even worse makeover than mikey, turned into essentially a terrible hulk clone ripoff that resembles a nipple. why did he call himself maximus kong?? that has no connection with any of his sci-fi interests or obsession with bushido code. wtf.

- no seriously look at him. mutant nipple man. its a fucking tragedy.

- the actual plot of the episode arc revolved around this sweet stabby bean, who is the second part of the “only two good things about this finale” i talked about:

^^^mira, a lesbian who deserves a better family than this freakshow.

- her backstory is ambiguous but basically her clan of meerkats all had the green place’s location tattooed on their body, and they got wiped out when people started trying to find the green place. she enlists the help of raph and donnie- (read as: beats them up and tricks them a bunch of times until they’re too entrenched into her drama to runaway anymore)- and they all try to make it to the fabled green place, which was never really explained or expanded on. it was just a random oasis that magically grew in a barren landscape and had clean water to drink from.

- people are headcanoning that april made the green place and is the “green goddess” that mira once referenced when giving raph her blessings. i agree with this headcanon.

- anyways: the main antagonist, maximus kong, turned out to be leo when they got down to it, cue big reunion and angst scene between him and raph no wonder tcest exists, and then leo magically remembers their former lives after being slapped around a bunch and blown up. happily ever after or some shit from there, living in the green place.

it makes?? no fucking sense??? narratively this was a shitshow, visually it was a shitshow, and emotionally it disappointed me so badly my heart made a little black hole in my chest.

i want 2+ years of investment in this disaster series back from ciro. this finale was just him ensuring no one else could ever touch his “masterpiece”, and ensuring my undying loathing of his work. 

may 2012 TMNT rest in fucking pieces.

I wish I could be the laugh into your pillow on a sunflower morning,
The homemade ornaments on your forever Christmas tree.

But I am the sharp needled pine in your backyard, whose love grows only for you-
And you are the one who carves a heart into my bark…filled with the initials of a stranger who rots my soul

Sap falls onto your fingers, sticks to your blade,
And you smile, unaware that it is my spilt blood.

—  J. K. L

DIY Easter Eggs – Very pretty!

Imagine, just the whole Stranger Things gang hanging out and getting all ready for the holiday seasons at the Byers house

  • Lucas climbing on top of Dustin trying to get to the top of the tree to put the star on top
  • Will making homemade tree ornaments and carefully placing each one on their own branch
  • Mike stringing popcorn together to make a pretty little decoration, unaware that Eleven is eating it all from the other end.
  • Joyce being tangled in the Christmas lights and feeling the deja vu
  • Hopper passed out on the couch with a Santa hat over his eyes
  • Nancy, Jonathan and Steve wearing ugly knitted Christmas sweaters as they sit around the fire roasting marshmallows
  • Joyce sneaking a kiss from Hopper under the mistle toe
  • Eleven then is standing under the mistletoe after seeing this when Mike suddenly walks beside her unaware of it, and she kisses him mimicking Joyce and not really understanding it
  • Dustin, Lucas, and Will’s jaws all drop in shock when they see it

It was finally that time of the year, and the holidays were looking especially cheerful at the Avengers Tower.

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How to Save a Life || Brian & Justin

Justin and Brian had been living together in New York City for a little less than nine months. Everything was going great for them. Justin’s art had become a successful career and in five months he would be opening an exhibit in Paris. Brian’s NYC based Kinnetik was kicking asses and taking ad deals away from it’s competitors daily. They were going to get married at Britin in four months. They had also somehow managed to get the munchers let them have visitation rights every other weekend and major holiday with Gus. All in all their lives were rather amazing.

Since it was the week before Christmas they had come down to Pittsburgh and were staying at Britin. Emmett had made the manor Brian had bought for his prince into the premiere place to get married or throw a party in the Pittsburgh area so they had enjoyed the amenities added to the estate. That morning they hooked up the horse drawn sled to hunt for their two Christmas trees. Which was the reason why Justin, his sister Molly and Gus had craft supplies strewn across the kitchen table. They were making homemade Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. 

Justin’s cell began to ring as he was showing Gus how to make snowflakes from coffee filters. Seeing the caller ID he assumed Child Protection Services were calling for a donation to buy some foster children Christmas gifts. However as soon as he answered the phone and listened to the woman calling him he started to feel sick to his stomach. “Gus go tell Daddy I need him in the kitchen right away.”, he told his soon to be step son. As soon as he was out of the room, Justin turned to Molly as he listened to the social worker on the line. “Call mom to come stay with you and Gus until we get home. You might want to help him write his list to Santa Claus.”, he suggested as Gus pulled Brian into the kitchen. Justin turned his attention to Brian. “We need to go to the hospital right away.”, he told his fiancé. “I will fill you in with what I know on the way there.”


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1!! (Decorating) with V and Yoosung please! Love your work btw ❤👍

Hellooooo! Thank you for the request, I had lots of fun writing this :D  i hope you enjoyed (i should be studying for finals // sleeping but HEHE)


  “What?!” you exclaimed, clutching onto your boyfriend’s broad shoulders desperately, a sense of panic stricken through your body. “You don’t decorate for Christmas?”
   "No, not usually. I haven’t had a Christmas tree ever since … Rika,“ V replied shyly. Decorating for the holidays with V was a hassle at first, him claiming that it was a waste of time because he could barely see the decorations. He said it would just be a trouble to set up for the both of them, especially if he couldn’t even enjoy them. The holidays were generally just a depressing time for V, mainly because of Rika, but he was getting much better now that you were here to fill the lonely, silent nights. Though, decorating purely just for aesthetic wasn’t the true point of having a tree and lights. You wanted V to experience Christmas spirit, even if he couldn’t necessarily see it. You wanted so desperately to share the smallest bit of Christmas magic - the scent of fresh pine, the blurry colors produced by fairylights, drinking hot cocoa together - all of that you wanted to share with V, no matter how persistent he was.
  You had decided to bring some old Christmas decorations laying around in your old apartment to V’s house to get started. He was less than optimistic, but you had faith he would get into it as soon as he started to let his creative capabilities loose.
  “Here, take these. I think you’ll like them,” you chirped, handing some bright fairy lights off to V. V glared at them for a moment. Though his vision was blurry, he could still notice the bright glimmer of the lights. It made him feel a bit more happy about the whole situation.
  “You know, MC, decorating for the holidays always used to make me depressed. Christmas supposed to be such a happy holiday, but when you have no one to celebrate it with, it’s a bit… sad,” V commented, balancing the fairylights on the furniture. “But, somehow this year feels much different.”
  “Hmm, why is that?” you laughed, prancing across the room to V to wrap your arms around him from behind. You pressed your body against his and he eased into it, your heartbeats synchronizing into a fast metronome. You could see behind V’s blue hair, that he was smiling. Genuinely smiling.
  “It’s because of you, silly,” V hummed while wrapping the fair lights around your bodies. Small glimmers of glitter and shine resonated around you. “Merry Christmas, my love.”

  Yoosung, as you expected, was far too excited for Christmas. It was his favorite holiday, mainly because he was such a familial person. But this year was different for him, it was his first Christmas without his whole family. He was in college now after all and he was bound to move out at some point. He knew this. Though, it still felt kind of lonely without his siblings, his parents, and other members of his extended family not all gathered round. He refused to let this damper his holiday spirit though and he very enthusiastically offered to decorate the Christmas tree with you.
  “My siblings and I would always make homemade ornaments. I’ve had some of these since I was seven years old!” Yoosung laughed, picking up some messily painted handcrafted ornaments. It was quite evident that they were old, as the white paint was yellowing and small cracks spread everywhere. He grabbed them by the small ties baked into them and hung them loosely on the branches. “It’s my first year decorating a tree without them, actually. You should see my sister’s reindeer she made when she was 6! It’s all mismatched colors, it’s pretty funny now that I think back to it.”
  “That’s really cute!” you commented, embracing your cheery boyfriend. You snuggled your face into his chest, the aroma of fresh linen coming from his hoodie embracing you. “We can make ornaments too, if you want.” You let go to pick up a box of storebought glittery, spherical ornaments. You sprawled them all around the tree, the hooks clinging to the branches.
  Yoosung’s cheeks went red at the offer and he laughed a bit. “Of course, we have to!” Yoosung smiled, planting a kiss on your cheek. “But first, let’s put the star on the tree. My siblings and I always used to fight about who got to put it on, but this year, I’m pretty certain you should have the honor.”
  “That’s really sweet, honey!” you beamed.
  “Just like you! Merry Christmas, I love you!”

Undertaker, Sohma, Agni, and Snake celebrating Christmas with their s/o and meeting their parents for the first time? -Anonymous

Undertaker would put a little twist on decorating just for the fun of it. He and his partner would make little mistletoe bats and line the tinsel up to spell out ‘beware’. If his lover insisted on actually flaunting Christmas spirit, he would decorate the shop a little bit, spreading Christmas trinkets around and buying small sweets to eat with his lover. His celebration of it wouldn’t be too big, but he does like the holiday, though he’s more subtle about it.

As for meeting their parents, he wouldn’t be concerned. He knew he would be seen as a bit odd, but his love for his partner was real, and as long as that was true, he was sure things would work out one way or another. Their parents found his attire question, and while he still came off as weird, their parents really liked him. Every so often he made a statement that truly illustrated how much he appreciated their child, and he made them laugh various times, which is really all that mattered. Undertaker was glad that it ended well, and knew that after a few more encounters, he knew they would warm up to him even more.

Soma thought Christmas was a super weird holiday, but after some time, he warmed up to it. More specifically, he warmed up to the decorations and putting them up alongside his lover. He went crazy over them, filling the house with lights, tinsel, mistletoe, wreaths, and one of the most flashy-looking Christmas trees his partner has ever seen, brimming from top to bottom with ornaments. Additionally, he used the whole being with those you love aspect as a lame reason to cuddle with his lover even more often than usual.

When meeting their parents, he was honestly a little anxious, but more excited than anything, and he refused to let his worries get in his way, able to act completely natural when actually meeting them. Their parents were very impressed by all his energy and childish aura and grew to be quite fond of it, looking forward to the next time they’d meet the lovable boy. Their appreciation of him made him very giddy.

Agni was absolutely amazed by Christmas and all of its customs. He would really enjoy reading Christmas tales with his partner and making some traditional Christmas foods. Baking cookies, cakes, and cooking a turkey with his lover would be some of his favorites.

When meeting the parents of his partner, he would be internally panicking about what their opinion of him was, but he stayed very composed and kept a steady, calm conversation with them. Their parents absolutely, without a doubt adored him. They would be very proud that their child had found someone like him, and after that first meeting they would always ask about him. When his lover told him this, he was beyond flattered, taking pride in the news.

Snake would always really, really look forward to Christmas, everyone’s high spirits cheering him up. He was in a constant good mood, humming Christmas tunes and giving his partner little pecks, taking them by surprise with his unusual confidence. It would be very hard to find him away from his partner during this holiday as he would always be performing some activity with them. He would be ecstatic if he and his partner could make homemade ornaments together and decorate a cute little tree.

When he was told he’d be meeting their parents, he was nervous beyond belief. He was almost completely certain that their parents wouldn’t like the fact that their kid was dating a scaly freak. He was fairly quiet during the meeting, but he spoke honestly, politely, and made his love for his partner clear. Though at first their parents did question his appearance, they found his humble personality and utter care for their child very charming. The accepting welcome caused to feel Snake insanely joyful and relieved.

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Can you do some Christmas Solangelo headcanons? Just because I love that ship so much and I love Christmas so yeah

Hoooo boy, for the past few years I’ve been relatively lukewarm about Christmas because??? I was just emo?? But NOW? Now I’m PUMPED and this holiday season is going to be GREAT! In celebration, my dear, here are those Solangelo Christmas headcanons:

  • Will loves ugly Christmas sweaters. He has a vast collection that he has stowed away in the back of his closet, just waiting until December first and he can break ‘em out without seeming too eager
  • of course he does seem eager because he is and when you have an ugly sweater for everyday of the goddamn week it’s not really an obsession you can hide
  • when he started dating Nico was when it got really bad though because then there were the SALES and Will would come home with four new sweaters, two of which he bought for Nico, even somehow finding some in black
  • “I am not wearing that”
  • “But it’s black!!”
  • “Yeah so is Catwoman’s suit but I’m not gonna be wearing that anytime soon either”
  •  Nico is a bizarrely good gift wrapper??? He claims Bianca taught him but Will knows better, this son of a bitch is always offering to wrap people’s presents for them. Hell, he offered to wrap his own present from Will. The nerd fucking loves wrapping presents
  • Christmas. Baking. They suck at it. 
  • Will tries to follow the instructions to a tee but Nico is just a Fuck It kind of guy. Measuring cups??? Never heard of ‘em, that’s what your eyes are for. Preheating the oven?? Who cares, shove those bad boys in pronto
  • Will of course goes back and takes them out until the oven’s actually ready but Nico INSISTS it doesn’t matter
  • Much to all of their friends’ dismay, Will and Nico discover Pentatonix’s Christmas album. Nothing is ever the same again. You haven’t suffered until you’ve heard an emo Italian and a theatrical blond try to sing Carol of the Bells a capella 
  • They had mistletoe hung up but when Nico and Leo came face-to-face under it, it was never seen again. It’s still unknown whether Will, Nico, or Leo was the perpetrator
  • You thought Nico bundled up before?? Ahahaha, the little shit can’t stand the cold, catch his ass outside on a snowy day in three jackets, a scarf, two pairs of socks, gloves, and a beanie with a ball on top. Maneuvering? Impossible. Worth it? Totally.
  • Will thinks this is adorable especially because Nico’s cheeks get all red and when Will points it out, Nico gets flustered but his movements are so constricted that he’s basically just a sputtering ball of cloth waddling ominously toward his boyfriend
  • Curling up by the fireplace is absolutely Nico’s favorite thing. Warmth? Check. Cuddles? Check. Hot cocoa with three pounds of whipped cream on top? Fucking check.
  • They’ll sit there for hours, snuggled up against each other just talking endlessly about everything. Nico was robbed of a lot of his childhood Christmases so Will just shares his own holiday stories and Nico loves hearing them especially knowing that he’s currently actually making his own Christmas stories to tell in the future
  • Snowball fights are the worst. Nico may be trying to surpass the circumference of the sun in all of his clothes but it just adds extra protection. 
  • They mostly just have one vs one’s but sometimes the whole camp gets involved
  • it’s more intense than capture the flag
  • They decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and Nico is just in awe of how beautiful it is adorned in twinkling lights and homemade ornaments. 
  • Will jokes about how they should put Nico on top of the tree as the angel because of his name and Nico kind of wants to throw the tree at him but he also kind of wants to kiss the adorable little fuck
  • he does the latter
Craft and Creations: Yule: Ornaments (Scented Pine Cones)

Want to keep your tree earth-friendly? Then this homemade ornament will be a great addition to any Yuletide tree. 

Originally posted by xmas-wonderland

What You’ll Need:

  • Pine cones (any size, any shape)
  • Ginger, Nutmeg, and Allspice (equal parts and blended)
  • Mixture of craft glue and water (1:1)
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Paintbrush (small)


Rinse off your pine cones and spread them out on a baking sheet. Bake at 250* for 20 minutes, this will open them up and get rid of any harmful bacteria that maybe still on them (especially if you picked them up outside). Don’t worry about any sap, it will harden and actually make them shiny (ooo, shiny). If you ended up buying your cones at a store they’re more likely already opened and clean, you can skip the rinsing and go straight to baking. 

Once cooled, use your paintbrush to paint on the craft glue/water mixture. You can either coat the entire cone, or just the edges/tips for a more “frosted” look. 

Then you add the glitter and spices to your cone. You can do this is one of two ways. One, just use your hands and sprinkle the mixture onto you cone, this way works better if you are going for the more “frosted” look for you cone. Two, put all of the spice and glitter in a plastic baggie and shake until your hearts content. This way is better if you painted your entire cone in glue. 

Make sure the cone is completely dry before tying it off with ribbon and hanging it on your tree. Or, you can place several of these scented pine cones into a bowl and place them on a table as a festive centerpiece. 

(image from: indesignartandcrafts.com via google images)

This is a great craft if you have little ones and their are various ways to decorate pine cones for Yule/Holidays. 

Blessed Yule!

Snow: Overwatch x Reader pt. 1

Playing with a minor modern au here, split the cast into equal groups of two this time. I’ve got work in a few hours so part 2 will either be up when I get home or some time tomorrow because I’m off. Afterwards, I’ve got a request to do a date edition where I melt your hearts with fluffy stuff, I’m working on a Hanzo x Reader and a separate McCree x Reader, and then I might go and make some of the “readers” from my Thunderstorm fics into characters.

• He wakes you up in the morning by beatboxing in your ear, and once your eyes open he thrust the curtains apart and shows off the glittering landscape of white snow.
• His smile is so bright, you wonder if you’re still dreaming somehow but he pulls the window open and grabs a handful of snow, blowing it into the room with a whoop of laughter.
• He wants snowmen and snowwomen and whatever else, he wants snow angels and ice forts, the works. You have to show him the ropes, he says, you promised.
• With a groan and smile, you push him out the room to get dressed and as you’re not eager to get sick, you make sure to bundle up.
• Lucio has a good idea of what to wear but you grab a green toque and scarf just in case.
• Most of the morning is spent building a massive snow fort on the front lawn, one build enough to rival Reinhardt’s castle from across the street. Then you engage in snow warfare, enlisting Hana and Lena help when Reinhardt brings out Jack and Gabriel.
• The road between your two houses is white with snowball splatter. Lucio’s adorable nose is shiny and red. You all break for lunch, warming him up with soup before you spring the next surprise: sledding.

• Reinhardt loves snow, really. Before you even wake up, he’s already built a dozen or so snow people that are scattered all over the yard. But it’s so much more than that! Tiny snow dragons with fierce snarling mouths, grotesque trolls, and ornate castles, delicate figures carved from ice.
• He’s both proud and bashful at your admiration of his work, but now you want your own castle so you two spend the day crafting a formidable fortress of ice. Everyone in the neighbourhood is super jealous because Reinhardt is physically capable of lifting large blocks of ice.
• Afterwards you both take hot showers and pull together to bake cookies, cuddling under some blankets and watching passerby’s gape at your masterpiece.
• Play gets decorated for Christmas, he puts you on his shoulders so you can get the star on the huge ass tree he picked out.
• King of Christmas sweaters, dude.
• The ice castle gets bigger and bigger throughout the winter, the neighbour kids fight over it constantly so you and Reinhardt have to supervise. A lot.
• The Queen (Ana) knights you and Reinhardt as caretakers of the castle so there is no confusion. Fareeha is the princess, Reaper is the dragon, and 76 moonlights as a knight when he isn’t feeling cranky.

• Winter is hibernation for Reaper, but he’s also extra cuddly. You wake up with his beard rubbing up against your back and his arms snaking around your waist.
• Snowballs fights are intense though. While it takes you maybe ten seconds to form your snowball, he gets five done. He doesn’t completely go to town on you thought, but by the end of a fight your hair is dripping wet.
• He is totally that person that puts rocks in their snowballs when battling rivals. There is a reason Jack always wears a mask.
• Did I mention Reaper is super cuddly? Because that’s all he wants to do, seriously. Savour this moment.
• As much as he detests the cold, hearing you giggle and laugh while throwing snowballs at him is something he always remembers in tough times away from you.
• He makes a mean hot chocolate, there are tons of marshmallows.
• Really likes watching the stop-motion Christmas movies with Rudolph.

Soldier 76
• He is such a dad.
• Type of person to shovel everyone’s sidewalk, ready to break out the ice melt for the really icy bits, and he shovels the road when the snow crews are “too slow”.
• You help by sweeping up after him, you’re very proficient with a snow blower.
• You guys compete with Reaper in who has the best shovelled sidewalk.
• 76 is a Christmas freak, really. He has had your present picked out since July. He is literally so good at picking gifts people wonder if he’s physic.
• He knits ugly Christmas sweaters and sells them, donates the money to children’s charity. Reinhardt always gets copies. Reaper totally has some too, but don’t tell anyone.
• The cold helps Jack relax a bit more so the two of you tend to spend more time in time just staring into each others eyes.

• What a mom.
• She’s always making sure your bundled up well, and that you’ve got a thermos with soup of hot chocolate.
• You handle the brunt of yard work and Mercy encourages you with kisses.
• She has a collection of snow globes that she breaks out when winter hits, a lot are part musical box so you play them a lot.
• You too dance to a lot of Christmas songs, Mercy’s not the best dancer so she keeps her feet on top of yours.
• She was probably a field medic during the war, and what she’s seen has probably kept her up at night, so she works as a nurse at the children’s hospital. You bring in books for the two of you to read for the children. You make all the funny voices while she’s the narrator (You totally get Reinhardt to come in as Santa Claus if Torbjorn can’t make it).
• You guys do a lot of crafts as well when the weather gets really bad, your Christmas tree if full of homemade ornaments.

• Roadhog makes the best snow people, and he also takes great pleasure in destroying other peoples snow people.
• Has the cutest collection of Christmas sweaters, doesn’t care how embarrassing they look because you think he looks adorable.
• You guys go sledding a lot and he picks snowball fights with anyone willing to take him on. Mostly Junkrat though.
• Roadhog doesn’t necessarily enjoy winter, but he likes that you can throw what it produces.
• You catch him lying in the backyard when its snowing, mask off, and mouth wide open so he can eat the snow flakes. His face is speckled with snowflakes, his cheeks red, and you snap a picture only for him to drag you onto his stomach.
• It’s quiet and the two of you make the weirdest snow angel ever, but Roadhog loves it.
• You guys are the weird people that find theme parks and ride the Ferris wheel in the cold when no one else will, he sits you on his lap so your bum doesn’t freeze.

• When the snow falls, you and Winston gather the icy snow and pour maple syrup over it and then eat it. It’s a French thing Widowmaker let slip and Winston is all over it. Apparently its called maple taffy. Try it, it’s great. You have to heat up and syrup and drip it over the snow, let it freeze and then enjoy!
• Remember that one scene in Frosty the Snowman where the kid uses Winston as a sled? Yeah, Winston wants to try that. The snow gets in his shirt but he’s never moved that fast and listening to you scream and laugh makes his heart race.
• You guys have the best Christmas lights display because Athena is pretty much a huge leg up. You don’t know why your electricity bill isn’t higher, but you honestly don’t care.
• The amount of peanut butter related recipes Winston’s been hoarding is ludicrous and you two attempt making all of it for Christmas dinner for everyone else. Winston measures everything correctly, and everything turns out great even if you don’t bake often.
• Because everything is so quiet and still, it reminds Winston of the moon a lot so he gets a little melancholy but having you here with him makes everything better. When Christmas dinner comes around, you leave a plate setting open for Dr. Harold.
• When it’s really cold, you break out all the puzzle books and colouring books you can find and the two of you see if you can complete them all before spring.
• While Winston doesn’t have a crazy collection of Christmas sweaters, all of his are super warm and you totally just wear those when the to of you are home alone. He thinks you need to be some pants on.

• She likes throwing you into snowdrifts.
• She also enjoys wrapping you up in layers whenever you guys go on long walk in to snow. She thinks your red nose is just too cute.
• Having Zarya on your team in a snowball is great, the snowballs are the size of your head and she throws them like a shot put.
• If you’re walking home and notice large snowdrifts on either side of the walkway, she’s waiting to ambush you. She likes nothing more than to tackle you into the snow and nuzzle your face because you make each other warm.
• If there’s a lake nearby, she participates in that activity where you jump nearly naked into the freezing water.
• She’s probably wrestled a polar bear, and she’s totally owns an Alaskan Malamute or one of those big Norwegian breeds.
• Vodka tastes really good cold; she keeps bottles out in the snow. People have tried getting at them. They haven’t.

• He knows you can’t set snow on fire but he still tries.
• Roasting marshmallows in the backyard, in the fire pit, makes him super giddy. He has stockpiles wood all year for these moments.
• Because everything goes to sleep in the winter, he likes setting fireworks off to keep things interesting.
• He has shoved snow down your shirt just so you can retaliate by throwing snow in his face. You prank each other like this all the time until Roadhog squashes you into a snowdrift.
• You and him work as Christmas elves and give toys to the less fortunate – he and Roadhog may or may not have threatened large companies to be more giving.
• You guys get a team together to play against Lucio at the local hockey rink, if you can’t skate Junkrat loops an arm around one of your and pulls you along with him. He won’t body check people until you can skate on your own, that what he says but even when you get better, he sticks close to you.
• When winter winds down, he commemorates this occasion by building a snowman and blowing it up.

• She enjoys midnight walks through the city with you, her hand closed around yours and her face carefully hidden with a thick scarf. She gorgeous even when bundled up.
• Spending time indoors in small cafes with warm cups of hot chocolate and just shooting the breeze is enough for her.
• You can her skating on the small patch of ice in the backyard and you take her out to the local rink. She skates circles around you, but she’s so bloody graceful you don’t care. She could’ve been an Olympic figure skater, she blushes and calls you ridiculous.
• That maple taffy stuff? She’s all over it. But she totally doesn’t have a sweet tooth, nope, definitely not.
• You two watch all those terrible Christmas chick flicks and laugh the entire time at how convoluted and stupid they are.
• You take warm baths together in the tub after a long day.
• If you’re feeling especially down, Amelie knows a really nice French bakery in the area that bakes things fresh every morning.
• Genji loves a good snowball fight, but only after Mercy’s outfitted him in new armour that can withstand the freezing temperature.
• You talk him playing “Snowball Ninja” with you – you toss snowballs at him and he has to cut it with his sword or tanto. He cannot hit the icicles you throw at him or else he loses points. He accepts, its fun for you and extra training for him!
• You were worried Genji would have trouble dealing with the cold but he’s super warm! Nothing like spending an afternoon cuddling with the cyborg but mind how often he releases his shoulder vents
• Because of his new body, eating is…difficult, but he can do small amounts. You’ve got a few recipes to try and you make smaller portions so you don’t tax what remains of his digestive system.
• Watching all the Christmas classics with him is so fun, Christmas is a little different in Japan and because he was part of the yakuza, he’s never seen these movies before. He’s got one hell of a soft spot for Rudolph.
• He’s great at skating too, so you guys play hockey whenever you get the chance, and he teaches you how to skate if you can’t.
• You and Genji ambush Hanzo plenty of times over the winter by pelting him with snowballs. It’s the most fun you ever had because Genji can’t stop laughing at Hanzo’s anger, and then you two have to book to safety before the dragons come out. Which is cheating, Handsoap.

Snow: Overwatch x Reader pt.2

Here’s part 1 if you missed it. Again, operating on slight modern au. I don’t know if anyone else in the world does Zoo Lights but Calgary does, so that’s where I pulled that from for Fareeha.

• Three words: personal sleight rides. McCree is the kind of guy that has horses and a two-person sleight just for occasions like this. What do I mean? You guys pack enough supplies for a month and he drives you to a cabin up in the frozen north away from the stresses of the city. The Northern Lights streak the sky every night, you’re roasting marshmallows in the dark, and the bed is always warm because the warm fireplace is always lit.
• To pass time, McCree teaches you how to shoot and evade capture under the guise of an extended Nerf gun fight in the woods.
• His aim with a snowball is terrifying, please don’t let him use Deadeye.
• Sharing the bathtub is something you both insist on to not waste water. Yep, completely, no ulterior motives there, right?
• He always has nicknames for you and “sugarplum” is most prominent when the snows on the ground.
• There are days when the two of you just lie in bed together talking, he’s got his arms around you and his head rests atop yours. You hear the beat of his heart and his rumbling laughter when you start tickling him.
• You’re both closer when you get home, and you’re both ready to challenge Hanzo and Genji to a massive snowball fight that draws everyone in the entire neighbourhood. You’re the one that actually gets sick, and McCree is all but ready to nurse you back to health.

• She loves spending the day with you, not necessarily doing anything, because the hustle and bustle of Christmas has everyone else in a frenzy.
• She doesn’t personally celebrate the holiday but the two of you do exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Your house is where Christmas dinner is held, everyone invited, and Fareeha enjoys it purely because of the family atmosphere, not because of the religious implications.
• She does camp out on the rooftop and throw snowballs at you when you get home.
• Fareeha likes the snow but the cold is the main issue, she’s used to hotter climates which is why you’ve given her a toque, mittens, and scarf (Mommy Amari approves of this type of courtship).
• Going to Zoo Lights is probably her favourite thing in the entire world during Christmas. The zoo transforms into a myriad of multi-coloured light displays for a week – glowing silhouettes of gorillas and dinosaurs, tall tropical trees made of yellow and green lights. It’s cold and dark but you packed a thermos of hot chocolate and you’re holding her hand so she doesn’t mind.
• The two of you hold a movie night with the gang and watch every Christmas movie you can find, even the really poorly made ones. Cricket on the Hearth, Fareeha declares, is one of the weirdest cartoons she’s ever seen with its poor animation and weird musical breaks. A crow made a contract kill on a cricket and then got shot during a bad deal, what is this?
• Snow angels are a must, because Fareeha is an angel and she blushes whenever you tell her that.

• Ever seen Tracer skate? It’s horrendous. She wants to go fast immediately but always loses her balance. You’re sorely tempted to just drag a chair with you whenever you guys go skating but you decide against it. You have her place her hands on your shoulders and skate in front of her, telling her to match your strides.
• It takes a while but eventually you’re gliding around the rink in unison, she lets go of you and slides up beside you grinning like a dork.
• Watching her eyes light up while decorating the Christmas tree tugs at your heart strings every time. There’s a lot of homemade ornaments on your tree, dating back years from when you were both young. You get different colours of candy canes to hang on the tree, and string popcorn around it because Tracer thinks its neat.
• There’s mistletoe in your house but it keeps moving, so Tracer always manages to steal kisses from you at any given time. Not that you mind.
• You too string mistletoe anywhere you can and film the results of strangers and friends meeting up. If you reveal the clip of Jack and Gabe in the garage, your fates are sealed.
• Tracer also makes good doing several things for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, she thinks she losing her accent from saying her catchphrase so many times.
• Watching the Doctor Who Christmas specials is a tradition and you are not missing out.

• Hanzo’s childhood was lessons in manipulation and deception, a bodily study of what hurt most, it was order and restriction. Snowball fights are completely out of his league. Sure, he understands the principle but he treats the game like a duel, all about winning and taking down opponents instead of the visceral joy of smacking snow into each other’s faces.
• He doesn’t attack you very often because he has a strong arm so you use this to your utmost advantage, shovelling snow down his shirt when he least expects it. He whirls. Were you not allies? What is this? …Of course Genji is laughing, a coup perhaps?
• “Loosen up, Shimada.” You hurl a handful of snow into his face.
• This is a challenge. Watch out. He gathers armful of snow and smashes into you, the snow cold and soaking through your sweater. His beard tickles your neck; you’re laughing at the all the emotions coursing through you because of the pouncing dragon.
• He understands it then, not even bothered when you retaliate by rolling him over and trying to bury him under the snow. He does not resist, startled and in awe of your laughter. Everyone else just kind of watches because there’s a very strange sound coming from Hanzo that someone might call laughing. Genji hasn’t heard his brother laugh in so long he almost forgets how good it sounds. So naturally he joins.
• Hanzo has one hell of a cold afterwards but you don’t mind looking after him. Neither does he.

• She has a love-hate relationship with the cold. On one hand, she so loves building snowmen but he really does not want to get sick so she doesn’t spend a lot of time outside. She also was in cryo for a while, which has its own issues.
• She wants to try out all the Christmas goodies with you, doesn’t like gingerbread though, tastes funny to her.
• Cuddle in front of the fire with Mei, she loves the heat of the flames in front, and you hugging her from behind.
• Totally watches Frozen with you a couple of times, really likes the idea of a living snowman.
• Santa Claus is Coming to Town is one of her favourite movies purely because of the Winter Warlock. The Year Without a Santa Claus is a close second because of Snow Miser.
• Best. Ice Castle. Ever. Russia is jealous.
• She is your Little Blue Marshmallow.

• Ironically, he humours Reinhardt by being head elf for the mall’s Santa Claus display. He was Santa for a while but people kept remarking how short he was so he stopped.
• Helps give out toys at children’s hospitals and orphanages.
• He makes a lot of toys himself, really simple things like trains and animals but they’re painted by hand and the details are very intricate. He’s made a few copies of some of the toys from the Island of Misfit Toys, some are given away and other are put up for auction with the money going to charity.
• Your gift is handmade too, don’t worry. But he keeps it hidden until Christmas morning to give it to you.
• When shops have the audacity to play Christmas music in November, he starts singing loudly and annoyingly until staff have to turn it off. People have no respect, he says.
• Alternately, when Christmas movies start playing in November, he sends strongly worded letters or emails to the stations taking part – don’t play Christmas Shoes at all, that movie is terrible.
• This is the one part of the year where no one calls him a dwarf. They just call him a very angry elf; he’s trying not to take it personally.

• Doesn’t celebrate Christmas so you two avoid the crowds and crazy mall situations.
• She’s mostly working during the holidays so you make a point of taking her out for lunch to get her out of the office. You’re the one who fills the space because she’s uncomfortable talking about herself. But this new project at Vishkar is super interesting and she’ll go on for hours.
• She doesn’t really stare at you while saying this but you don’t mind, she’s so excited in her own subdued way. She wonders if she’s got something on her face because you haven’t stopped staring at her.
• If you do want decorate for Christmas, she takes over it entirely. It’s very organized and she takes nearly half the day making everything perfect, and everyone who comes over says it looks great.
• Doesn’t really do the whole Christmas dinner thing, she’ll stay for most of it but needs time to herself.
• She attends her company’s Christmas party out of habit, you tag along and mingle with everyone as she observes from a distance which suits her just fine.
• You snag a kiss under the mistletoe and that baffles her – why would a plant dictate when people should kiss each other? You make a mental note to explain it to her later.

D. Va
• Snow Gremlin. This rascal likes nothing more than to infuriate her family with really harmless snow related pranks. Dad 76 has locked the snow blower in the shed with several different locks and passcodes but she keeps getting in.
• Because she’s under no obligation to go out, she does amp up her gaming habits and sends you out for food regularly. That allows you to get her presents and hide them.
• Don’t bake anything at home, she’s going to eat it and be coy about it.
• How she gets your present, you don’t know, but it is there under the tree.
• She loves a good Christmas tree, live streams putting it up for her followers to see.
• She, Mei, and Reinhardt are in an unofficial battle of the best snow fort.
• When she does sleep, her legs are tangled in yours and her arms are around your waist.

• Bastion kind of hibernates during winter, he’s an older unit so he can’t regulate body heat well.
• If he doesn’t hibernate, he chills in the basement with a bunch of blankets and any small animals that were abandoned or couldn’t escape south.
• It’s a bit of a hassle to have all these animals but Bastion keeps it under control – a minimum of three birds, a squirrel, and a two female rabbits.
• You decorate the basement and also craft a couple of beds for all the animals but they mostly sleep with Bastion.
• When spring comes, Bastion lets his little friends go and they stay within the neighbourhood and raise their families near the house.
• Bastion watches the first snowfall and makes happy chirping sounds, you make sure to play a bunch of Christmas movies for him.
• Snow globes, he loves them.

• Does a lot of work with the homeless and less fortunate, you follow in case he gets himself in trouble with anti-omnic people.
• Zenyatta is very familiar with snowball fights and ensures you that victory will be his regardless of your actions. Having a few more arms certainly helps. Cheater.
• Christmas shopping is stressful so Zenyatta makes sure to give you plenty of attention afterwards, massage with more arms are very, very nice.
• He can regulate his body heat but you still have him wear woolly sweaters, totally has a few of Soldier 76’s Christmas sweaters. He makes them look adorable.
• Actually tolerates Christmas carollers.
• If you can get out of the city, Zenyatta really likes the Northern Lights.
• But really, snowball fights? Zenyatta is amazing.

Ana Amari
• Like her daughter, she doesn’t really celebrate Christmas but you still go shopping for presents for everyone.
• You help clean up the neighbourhood of snow and then engage in friendly snowball fights. You build tall snowmen in the front yard to hide behind when everyone else starts slinging snow.
• Christmas parties are fun because the two of you dance the night away.
• Ana supervises hockey games and snowball fights, ready with a first aid kit – she see’s what Gabe is doing with the snowballs and scolds him plenty.
• You two go skating a couple of times in a small frozen pond in the woods, she sometimes goes hunting to keep her aim accurate.
• Most times she’s just content to sit with you in front of fire, content with the peace and quiet and having you near her.
• When everyone is waking up to open presents, she lays with you as the snow falls, hair unbound and lips grazing your temple.

Countdown to Winter Holidays: Day 8 (Jin)

Sorry again for the mix-up between Kyungsoo and Jin. But either way, I really hope you guys like this installment of the countdown. <3

Based on the song Christmas Eve by Celine Dion

-Admin Kat

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Originally posted by eriyelkimchi

“Okay, I guess you boys have practiced enough for today.” The choreography teacher announced. Jin was the first one to jump up and dash out the practice room. The sudden blast of cold winter air felt like fire against hi sweaty skin. But he didn’t care. He ushered the boys into the car and hurried back towards the dorms. It was already getting dark and he still had so much that he had planned. He looked out his car at the snow that glistened from the headlights of the passing cars. All the couples roaming around the sidewalks in their matching scarves or coats made him jealous. All he wanted was to be home and spending Christmas Eve with you.

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