homemade medicine

All about ginger!!!

•Relieves allergy symptoms
•Stimulates circulatory system
•Great for gas, bloating and colic
•Irritable Bowel Syndrome
•Fights colds and wards off chills
•Eases menstrual cramps
•Works as an expectorant to break up phlegm
•Eases sore throats
•Great for motion sickness
•Also for morning sickness
•May relieve pain and inflammation from arthritis
•Eases sore muscles

I like to take ginger tincture with 2-4oz of water as a quick remedy. If I have more time, I’ll brew tea with ginger root (and typically some additional herbs since ginger tastes STRONG).

⚠️warning: If you have an acute inflammatory disease talk to your doctor before using ginger therapeutically.
Ginger is also a natural blood thinner.
Always consult your doctor before taking herbal remedies if you are taking prescription medication.

Homemade Rose Oil

Rose oil is an amazing facial oil that is in loads of anti-aging products and is proven to improve appearance of acne affected skin, along with dry skin and even scaring. While most of these beauty products are loaded with chemicals and preservatives they are also typically outrageously priced, considering how easy they are to make at home, organically. Among the benefits homemade oils have on your wallet and your physical well being, I personally have found the process of growing, harvesting and working with my herbs deepens my bond with nature and cultivates a true spiritual connection to our bountiful Earth. I believe my state of mind influences what my hands touch so I make a effort to keep my mindset positive and my intentions conscious and pure as well. With this connection I trust that anything I create using my herbs will be potent and pure. 

I will be sharing what I believe to be the simplest way of making an herbal oil which is  a Cold Infusion Method.

All you will need is:


- Carrier oil (Jojoba oil is my favorite)

- 2 Mason Jars (with lids)

- Cheese Cloth (or an old t-shirt)

Anything you are using externally will be absorbed internally through your pours, so i can not stress enough how important ORGANIC is to your health, the plant’s health and the overall health of your environment and our Earth.

The carrier oil I found to work best for me is Jojoba oil, as it it absorbed quickly and leaves little to no oily residue on my skin. (My other favorite substitute is almond oil or coconut oil but both tend to bee too greasy for my skin type

Depending on how much Rose Oil you want to make you will need about 1 cup of carrier oil for every ½ cup of rose petals.

When adding the petals to your first jar it is important to break the petals to expose surface area and create easier access for the oil to extract the medicinal components of your herb. (You can also grind them in a mortar and pestle if you like, but I prefer a more hands on approach)

Once your desired amount of rose petals are in your jar you will add double the amount of your carrier oil and stir the concoction with a long stick before sealing the lid tight, and shacking the liquid for a short period of time.

Now its time to find a nice dark area for your elixir to live for at least 4 weeks to allows adequate fusion and extraction of the herbal components. Once enough time has passed you will strain your oil through a cheese cloth (or old t-shirt) into your second mason jar to obtain the purest and cleanest homemade Rose Oil! Because your oil is homemade and lacking all those gross chemicals and preservatives, your oil will have a shorter shelf life so it is wise to add a (cute) label on the outside of your mason jar describing all ingredients and date of creation. (The shelf life can be prolonged when stored in the fridge)

After the oil is strained I like to add Vitamin E because it too is amazing for your skin and is a natural preservative, so it will also extend the shelf life of your Rose Oil! If you don’t have sensitive skin you can also add any essential oils you like! 


Imagine: Finding out Brendon is a vampire and he turns you because he loves you and never wants to lose you…

Word Count: 1,825


You never did have the best track record when it came to being safe, it was as if danger and near death followed you everywhere you went but your boyfriend Brendon was mysteriously always there to safe you. He’d make you drink some homemade medicine which would have you feeling brand new in a day or two. It cut down on hospital bills.

You and Brendon were returning back from a date when your car was smashed into by a large truck, running you off the road and with enough force you’re ejected from the car. You can hear Brendon shouting your name as your vision starts to blur, he sounds fine but that’s impossible because the two of you had just been in a car crash.

Sleep overcomes you and closing your eyes seems like a good idea, however before the darkness takes over you feel something wet on your lips. It was probably blood from a head injury but something inside you told you to part your lips slightly and swallow. It was as if you could hear Brendon’s voice in your head. Then the darkness overcame you.


You slowly start to open your eyes, you remember very little from the accident but you were adamant your injuries should have killed you. You sit up in bed, yours and Brendon’s bed to be precise and notice there’s no sign of injury on your body.

On the bedside table is a glass of Brendon’s homemade medicine, you drink it without hesitation as you always did. Though this time you taste something metallic, you bring the glass up to your nose and sniff. Blood, that’s what you can smell. But why would there be blood in the juice you just drank?

You needed to find Brendon and get some answers because you were seriously starting to freak out. Carefully you climb out of bed only then noticing that Brendon had put you in one of his shirts which reached your knees. What exactly happened after the crash? Brendon should have been injured just like you.

Walking down the staircase you get to the bottom step where a patch of sunlight seeps through the front door window. The second the sun makes contact with your skin your foot starts to hiss and you jump backwards as you feel the skin on your foot blister. What was wrong with you? sunlight didn’t normally burn people like that.

Y/N: ‘Brendon.’

You get no reply. Carefully you edge your way around the patch of sunlight on the stairs and edge your way into the living room. The curtains are wide open and sunlight floods the room, you instinctively cover your eyes with your hand which is odd because you’re never normally sensitive to light like this. A stray beam hits your hand and you hiss in pain before jumping backwards into a patch of shadow by the bookcase.

You started to freak out, what was going on with your body? You’d never felt this weak before, back in bed you felt fine because the curtains were closed but now you felt the energy leaving your body. You begin to sob silently and sink to the floor clutching your hands over your knees. Maybe Brendon can offer an explanation.


Brendon hadn’t returned home all day leaving you trapped in the small shadow in the living room. You were unable to reach your phone, by now your had cried all the tears out of your body and had begun shaking uncontrollably. Then suddenly you hear the front door open and Brendon casually drop his keys into the pot, he was whistling.

Brendon: ‘Y/N are you up?’

You try to stand up but your body is weak and you collapse back to the floor. You manage to knock over a book which causes Brendon to run into the living room, his eyes scan the room frantically before they latch onto you. His face drops as he darts beside you in a second.

Brendon: ‘What are you doing down here?’

Y/N: ‘I woke up and you were gone. I came downstairs but the sunlight hurt me, I’ve been trapped here all day because the sun kept coming through the windows. Why did the sun hurt me?’

Brendon glances over at the open curtains and curses under his breath. He examines your hand and foot which still has slight burn marks on them.

Brendon: ‘I’ll explain everything to you babe after you drink this.’

Next thing you know his eyes have turned black and his canines have extended and he’s biting into his wrist. Your eyes bulge at the sight of blood trickling from the wound. You believed in the supernatural world, but Brendon couldn’t possibly be a vampire as he showed no signs.

Brendon: ‘I never should have left you, I thought you’d take more time to heal. Come on drink up, it will make you stronger.’

He brings his wrist up to your mouth and as much as you find the idea of drinking his blood repulsive, something inside you stirs and suddenly you’re craving the crimson liquid. 

You pull away after a minute or so and already you feel strength returning to your body. Brendon stands up and brushes dust off his trousers before bending down and scooping you up bridal style. You should have been more scared by the monster holding you in his arms, but he still looked and acted like the man you fell in love with.

Brendon: ‘Let’s get you back upstairs love.’

Before you know it you’re back in the bedroom and Brendon is placing you back in bed, however he doesn’t leave this time. Instead he climbs onto the bed next to you and rests your head on his chest as he starts to play with your hair.

Brendon: ‘If you haven’t already guessed it by now Y/N I’m a vampire.’

You nod in understanding.

Y/N: ‘Yeah I kind of conned onto the whole black eyes, extended canines and blood babe. How old are you? And why did you lie to me? Oh yeah and what the hell happened last night?’

Brendon chuckles.

Brendon: ‘I’m 150 give or take a few years, after a while vampires stop counting birthdays. Now the reason I lied to you is because I didn’t want to lose you. That night when we met in the club I was at one of my lowest points where I craved blood and would kill anything with a pulse. I saw you sitting at the bar and as much as I wanted to drink your blood, I couldn’t bring myself to physically harm you. When that creep was hitting on you I was jealous and protective, I did kill him by the way. But once I got to know you I knew I’d found the reason to switch my humanity back on.’

He sounded genuine, and it made you feel warm inside that he was jealous of another guy hitting on you.

Y/N: ‘I’d just lost my job that day and was looking for a little adventure. Then you came along and I got to have my adventure, give or take a few times you talked me out of things for fear of my own safety.

Brendon: ‘It takes a lot to kill a vampire Y/N, where as humans are easy to break.’

It was your turn to chuckle, it felt like you were having a normal conversation with your boyfriend who just happened to be a 150 year old vampire.

Y/N: ‘We were in a pretty bad crash last night. What happened? Because my mind is drawing blanks after I passed out.’

Brendon: ‘We were hit by an oil tanker, the driver was over the limit and unfortunately didn’t die but chose to do a runner. You were thrown from the car and I fed you my blood to heal you, however if a human dies with vampire blood in his system then they start the transition into becoming a vampire.’

That explained the weakness to sunlight and the weak body, Brendon had turned you into a vampire because he didn’t want to watch you die. However you were curious about the transition and what happened to the driver.’

Y/N: ‘What happens during the transition?’

Brendon: ‘You have to drink blood from a human, either from the vein or fresh. That glass I left you earlier which you drank contained the blood of the driver. He had no regard for your life and chose to run instead of calling an ambulance so I took his life to save yours.’

okay so that explained what happened to the driver, his blood was in your system and that was turning you into a vampire. But you had so many more questions. Brendon seemed relatively calm and willing to answer, after all he had made you immortal without your consent. 

Y/N: ‘How can you walk in sunlight where as it burned me?’

Brendon shifts himself from under you and pulls something out of his jacket pocket. It’s a small black box.

Brendon: ‘Vampires can only walk in sunlight if they have a ring made by a witch, luckily I know a friendly witch who made mine. Here give me your hand Y/N.’

You lazily lift your hand up while Brendon pops open the little black box, inside is the prettiest ring you’ve ever seen. You can tell it was handcrafted and looks like its been through the ages.

Y/N: ‘Brendon the ring is gorgeous.’

Brendon smirks and slips the ring out of the box.

Brendon: ‘This was crafted by my father 160 years ago, he gave it to my mother and then my mum handed it to me and told me to only put it on the finger of the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my days with. I had the witch spell it so you’ll be able to walk in sunlight, will you do the honours of marrying me Y/N?’

Your mouth drops open, those were the last words you expected to come out of his mouth. Was this why he was out all day? You should have been flattered that he’d waited 150 years to find the right person, and you couldn’t believe that person was you.

Ever since you were a little girl you’d always planned how you were going to get married. Maybe to a vampire wasn’t the initial plan but things change, you were both vampires and that meant he’d be stuck with you for a very long time.

Y/N: ‘Yes Brendon I will marry you.’

You’ve never seen a bigger smile on Brendon’s face then right now, he slides the ring onto your finger before pulling you in for a kiss. You smirk against his lips and pull away slightly.

Y/N: ‘You do know you’re now stuck with me Brendon.’

He chuckles.

Brendon: ‘I think I can handle you Y/N.’

BTS  You're Sick

When you’re sick and he takes care of you.

Jin – The only other person who would take better care of you would be your mother. And even that may be a toss up. Jin would be so on point with everything you needed: homemade soup, medicines, cool compresses. You name it, before you even realize you needed it, he’d have it taken care of. It sucks to be sick and you’d feel crappy but he’d make you as comfortable as possible and get you back to your healthy self quickly. But he would also be strict about making sure you got plenty of rest. He’d snatch the phone right out of your hands and smile sweetly at you as he ordered told you to sleep.

Suga – Would be convinced that sleep is the best thing for you. Seriously, it makes him feel better and he knows your body needs strength to fight off whatever virus or bacteria is wrecking havoc on your system. He’d ply you with medicines that have sleeping agents in them so you’d rest and rest deeply. Yoongi would work while you slept but come out frequently to check on you. He’d cover you with blankets if you kicked them off or get water for you if you needed it. But mostly he’d want you in bed recovering. A low key worrier, he’d be concerned but wouldn’t express it to you much.

J-Hope – Hobi would fuss over you so much it’d be difficult to get any rest. You’d just be drifting off for some much needed sleep when he’d ask you how you were feeling and fluff your pillows for the ninetieth time. He’d fetch anything you asked for and make all kinds of cooing noises about your pathetic condition. Thinking all the attention would make you feel better, if you said you needed quiet to sleep he’d nod and with a soft smile brush the hair off your fever-flushed face before he took his leave to the other room. He would check on you frequently though while you slept.

Rap Monster – Namjoon would take care of your needs certainly but he wouldn’t be over sentimental or coddle you excessively. Of course he’d feel sympathetic but he knows there isn’t anything he can really do. If your medications are making you a little loopy he might amuse himself by engaging in deep conversation with you. But for the most part he’d use the time while you convalesced to write or read. If you asked him to read aloud to you because you found his voice soothing he’d smile and comply. When you had your wits about you again he would totally tease you about your comment that squirrels should be elected to government.

Jimin – Ah, he has all the caring of Jin if not the know how. Very much he would want to look after you as best he could. Obviously he’d know all about helping you rest and medicines but as far as the personal touch of making soup or any home remedies he’d call Jin for guidance. He’d want to cuddle you to make you feel better even if you told him no, that he’d get sick too. And when he did catch what you had he’d very much want to be fussed over by you in return.

V – It would break his heart to see you not feeling well. He loves your quirky, funny side so when you’re laying there all subdued and pitiful he’d be crestfallen. Tae wouldn’t really know what to do for you so he’d follow your lead. If you felt like sleeping he’d go play video games. If you couldn’t sleep he’d entertain you with a puppet show or watch a funny movie. You think ice cream is the magic cure all? He’d run to the store to get it. Anything to get your mind off how bad you feel.

Jungkook – Kookie would call Jin for advice and to request he make some soup for you. When returning from picking up the soup he’d have all kinds of ideas from his hyung but he’d add in a few of his own. He’d stop at the convenience store and load up on all your favorite snacks and candy. Then if you felt up to it he’d make a pillow fort and watch movies with you. When you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore and drifted off, Jungkook would make sure you were covered by a blanket and alternate between watching the movie and watching you.

Homemade yogi tea

An excellent stimulation to promote well-being, yogi tea is often drunk to enhance digestion.


p>2 tsp ginger, freshly grated


p>4 cardamom seeds


p>8 cloves


p>1 cinnamon stick

2 tbs milk

Add ginger, cardamom seeds, cloves, and cinnamon stick to 8 cups water. Cook to reduce the liquid by half. Strain and add milk.

Via Mother Natures herbal By Judy Griffin PH.D.