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summer cheronica headcanons? (or any really)

-summer hits riverdale like a freight train. they wake up one morning slick with sweat, hair plastered to their necks and bodies stuck together. cheryl whines as she pries herself off of veronica, untangling herself from her downy comforter.

“god, it’s hot” cheryl whines, rolling her head back. “not as hot as you” ronnie mumbles sleepily, seemingly unbothered by the suffocating heat. cheryl smirks, rolls her eyes and swats veronica’s shoulder. “shut up. we need to shower.”

-they drink homemade margaritas on veronica’s balcony, staring down at all the passersby and sharing quips about how such a small crap town caused them so much misery. cheryl watches how veronica flourishes under the sunlight; preening like some exotic bird. when veronica kisses her, cheryl tastes tequila and promises.

she thinks that anything could be an adventure with veronica by her side.

-cheryl picks veronica up in her luxury convertible, top down and music blaring. they drive hours and hours to the Botanical Gardens, sunlight streaming through the greenhouse roof. cheryl lists off each flower she sees, running her fingers along the waxy leaves and soft petals; and veronica thinks that cheryl is the prettiest flower of them all.

-their nights are spent skinny dipping in cheryl’s pool, their bodies silhouetted only by the yellowish pool lighting. cheryl’s hands still shake as she sinks into the water, and ronnie holds her close, pressing her nose into cheryl’s damp hair. “i’ve got you,” she whispers. “i’m not letting you go.”


“Do you want red or white wine with dinner tonight, sweet pea?”

Rebecca Carlisle, Maddie’s stepmom, glances over at the blonde and smiles innocently, but something about the hungry, expectant look in her eyes stops Madeleine dead in her tracks.

It’s a test, she realizes, sensing a breathless anticipation hidden beneath the older woman’s sugar coated words. Becky wants to see if I’ll drink the alcohol.

“Neither!” her sister Natalie cuts in loudly. She’s not drunk yet, but judging from her increasingly boisterous tone she’s not far from it. “Maddie wants to drink my homemade margaritas tonight!”

Madeleine rolls her eyes. “But that means you’d actually have to share some of that tequila with the rest of us,” she chides.

“Honestly, that’s the last thing you want. If I get drunk enough, I may forget what a loser your new boyfriend is,” Natalie retorts, smirking at her over the top of her salt-rimmed glass. “Although I doubt there’s enough alcohol in the entire city to make him look good, especially in comparison.”

“You must have had more of those than I thought. You’ve started talking gibberish,” Maddie laughs, but her entire body buzzes with anger.

“You know exactly what I mean, and so does everyone else. Trading Kit in for that idiot?” Natalie snorts. “You’re losing your edge, sis.”

“I liked him,” Gabrielle, the middle of the three sisters, chimes in quietly. “He seems nice, and he obviously cares about you, Madeleine.”

“Yeah, as I said. What an idiot.” And with that, Natalie turns on her heel and saunters away.

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I’m writing this as he’s making us Taquitos and homemade margaritas. It’s our tradition every single Tuesday night to have Tacos/Taquitos and tequila and we’ve been doing this every Tuesday since we’ve been together. I’m sitting on the couch and there is literally no place I would rather be than right here with the love of my life.

I met the love of my life on tinder. I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth but honestly I don’t give a fuck. That might be the tequila talking. Anyway, here goes our story.

I was on Tinder for the hell of it. I didn’t take it seriously. I had a few pictures, no bio, and maybe 5 matches. Well, one night I match with him. We chat. He’s nice, incredibly handsome, and actually held a conversation with me.

So you know what I do? I give him my number without him even asking for it and never text him back. This guy would text me all the time and it really never occurred to me that he was just interested in getting to know me. I had surgery back when we first started texting and he even offered to bring me soup and keep me company. He was such a sweetheart.

I could give a billion reasons as to why I pulled such a dick move but when it comes down to it, my guard was up and I thought he was just another fuck boy. Sorry baby, I was wrong.

So one night, about a month later, he texts me at 11:30 and I’m bar hopping with a friend (all two bars in the small town that I live) and he asks me if I’m out. Mind you, I haven’t talked to him in weeks. I tell him that I’m out, he invites me to where he and his friend are at which was about thirty minutes away, and I tell him I’m on my way.

The entire way there I’m nervous screaming and freaking out. It’s been a minute since I dated and I had no idea how this was going to go.

The first time I saw him I thought I was going throw up. He was the most beautiful human I’ve ever laid eyes on. I loved his smile and the way his eyes twinkled and scrunched up. I’ve never felt so nervous in my life.

He bought me a drink and we chatted and it went well. The bar started to close so we continued to talk outside and this is the moment that changed my life forever. He asked me about the tattoo of an anchor on my wrist and I shared with him my struggle of depression and surviving a suicide attempt. Not only does he listen but he shares his story with me and how he’s struggled with the same issue.

We talked for thirty minutes or so until our friends made us part ways but we told each other that we needed to meet up again soon. He texted me later that night and told me how amazing it was to meet me and how happy he was that I was alive and how the world would’ve missed an amazing human being. My heart instantly melted.

With him, I felt safe. I felt confident. I felt comfortable. I have been in two physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive relationships. Not once has he looked at me as s burden or as someone who is crazy and that meant the world to me.

Two months later, he’s my best friend. He’s my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my everything. He drives 40 minutes one way to surprise me for my lunch break at work and puts extra salt on my margarita. He never goes an hour without telling me how beautiful I am or how happy I make him.

When I met him I was so angry at the world and was set on never finding love. I wanted to make money and be successful. But when I found him, I started thinking of marriage, babies, a future together. That was not like me whatsoever but he brought out the best in me. I became loving, motivated, and excited for life.

He’s become my best friend and crazy love story. I never understood the saying “you know when you know” until I met him. He’s my other half and my soulmate and there’s no one else I would rather do life with.

So thank you tinder for bringing me the most amazing man in the world to me. You the real MVP.

Confession Time

Dani was nervous to say the least. Santana’s parents were coming over today and she had promised a home cooked barbecue. Cooking was one thing that She enjoyed doing and she especially loved barbecue. She had the veggies out on the grill, homemade margaritas made and ready to serve, and she had just pulled the ribs out of the smoker. They had been in there in the backyard for just over 4 hours and the looked perfect. Dani put them on a rack and set them in the oven to stay warm. She was still trying to put together her homemade barbecue sauce when she realized that she couldn’t find the vinegar. She was starting to panic some. “Fucking hell. Where did I put it?” She said as she tore through the kitchen cabinets trying to find it.