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Mrs Willison’s Homemade Jam

by reddit user FamilialDichotomy

As a child, I was a picky eater like I assume most children are. As my parents tell it, my eating habits transcended normal childhood proclamations of “I don’t like broccoli!” and evolved into a refusal to eat absolutely anything of substance. Things other children might eat and enjoy like chicken nuggets, spaghetti, or even a hot dog were shunned by toddler me. It got to the point, they say, where they and my paediatrician became concerned for my health.

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Scenes from my day.

I got up and went grocery shopping (Walmart, Aldi, DelRay Farms Market) and got a few things for Easter.  Spent ALL the money I had asked Wolf for.  Came home and put it all away, scrubbed the floor under where the chick and duckling baskets have been, cleaned the kitchen, and then spent about 6 hours standing in it making things.  Make all the things!!

Top row:  
Left:  signs at the DelRay Farms Market.  Those Fresh Coconuts are cantaloupes.  And apparently cucumbers are “Pickleys.”  
Right:  WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE RABBITS.  Now you know where the phrase comes from.

Middle row:  I canned 5 pints of jalapenos today.  I threw in slices of a couple red ripe jalapenos, garlic, and chunks of onion.  
Left is Before, Right is After.

Bottom row:  
Left:  a few days ago I made 4 pints and a half pint of Strawberry Limeade jam, but it didn’t thicken properly.  So today I dumped it all back in a pot, washed the jars, added pectin and more sugar, and cooked it again… then filled the jars and boiling-water bathed them.  It seems to have jelled much better this time (and it tastes amazing!).  
Right:  I also made a Black Forest Cobbler (which some people call a Dump Cake but eww who wants any of that?).  We served it up for dessert with whipped cream, and it was delicious.

I washed up all the bowls, pans, and pots I used.  Watched a movie with the kids, and still have to put some clothes away in our room before I sleep.  

But BOY am I looking forward to sleep.


Jammy Rice Pudding Recipe | Now Cook It

Heart Spice (Derek/Stiles)

@sterekseason requested Stiles/Derek:  we were both lovers over a decade ago and now we meet again to battle it out on this cooking program. our rivalry is strong and just because the camera operator caught us making out in the pantry doesn’t mean i won’t defeat you with the power of truffle oil AU

For winning first prize in my Birthday Giveaway, Hannah gets two fics. This is the first one based on the prompt above. I hope you enjoy it! Fic #34 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Heart Spice. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

When Stiles was twenty-two, he had his heart broken when Derek chose his career over their relationship. A little over ten years later, they meet again on the set of a reality TV cooking competition. Derek wants a second chance, but Stiles isn’t really in a forgiving mood.

“Glad you could make it, Stiles.” Cora nods at him, offering a friendly half-smile that’s the equivalent of a wide, toothy grin from anyone else. It’s a little surprising, and also a little suspicious because Cora usually isn’t smiley.

“I almost didn’t come,” Stiles admits. “Lydia forced me into the car and drove me here before I could, how did she put it, wimp out like a whiny dork.” Stiles rolls his eyes. “For the record, I wasn’t wimping out. I was just having second thoughts because of reasons.”

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Homemade Rose Jam 🌸🍯🍞
’ مربى #الورد_الطائفي ’ 🌸🍃
من صنع أختي الكبيرة في البيت
بدون مواد حافظة أو ملونات صناعية ..
فقط سكر وماء وليمون 🍥💧🍋
لذيذة جداً 😍💕

IG : @Duaa_Alhasan ✨

Homemade Jam in 60 seconds.

Fresh Berry Jam in 60 seconds. Simply toss 1 cup of your favorite berries into a blender with 1 tbsp of chia seeds, and a tsp of honey or plant based sweetener. Blend, poor into a jar and place in the fridge over night. The chia seeds create a lovely jelly like texture to the sweet berries and honey. Fresh, easy, and no artificial sugars and pectin free jam!

Courtesy of Gluten Free Expo


a quick little Enjolras and Grantaire for soemily as a congrats for living through the bar exam!

based on her East Bay Hipster AU, in which Enjolras is a hispanic immigration lawyer moonlighting as a handyman and grantaire works at a bakery/bicycle repair co-op full of anarchist literature.

(basically my dream fic: love yourself and read it)

anonymous asked:

Heya, could I request a little scenario where the chocobros s/o comes home to find their young daughter had done their hair/makeup/nails as she was feeling sad and needed cheering up. Thank you in advance xx

This was a d o r a b l e to write. 🤗

I was smiling indefinitely throughout the writing process.

I hope this fills you with as much warmth as it did for me, anon.

Song: “I Have Friends In Holy Spaces” by Panic at the Disco

Prompto: Awaiting for his s/o to feast their eyes upon as they walk through the front door, Prompto struts flamboyantly around the living room, hands on his hips, lips pursed dramatically, strumbling childishly in a pair of heels that desperately cling to his oversized, sock covered feet. Their daughter an absolute mess of giggles, she lays on the couch, hands clutching at her stomach, as she takes in her silly father’s appearance. Once his s/o enters and takes in the garish image of Prompto’s now crimped and barrette covered hair, messily painted red lips, and glitter covered skin, there’s no doubt they’ll fall right into the rythym of their little girl, as they crumble into laughter on the couch. Prompto will give a playful wink and blow a kiss in his family’s direction, earning a flurry of whoops and cat calls from his s/o, who just can’t get enough of how ridiculous their silly lover looks. Once everybody has a chance to settle down, Prompto will continue carrying out his mission to make sure all memory of sadness and low mood evaporates away, as he sets to work on covering his daughters’s cheeks in lipstick kisses, building her laughter back up until there are tears of joy pooling at the edges of her smile crinkled eyes. Seeing Prompto go to such great lengths to make their daughter feel better will only deepen the already profound affection and care his s/o feels for him. And who doesn’t find a man who is good with kids charming?

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dealingishard  asked:

Do you do the thing where you crave things you are allergic to in a self destructive way? When I am depressed I don't eat for a long time and then binge eat all the things that I can't eat and then feel even worse. I can't figure out how to stop other than not having the food around (which is hard because my roommate is allergic to nothing) do you have any suggestions?

I legitimately crave meat every now and then, and a whole bunch of other shit I know I can’t have. 

For me I’ve been able to Not Do The Thing because giving in can literally make me ill for weeks and I’d rather just not deal with that anymore or risk having to stabbing myself with an epi pen, but if it helps to know, there are some theories that when you have food intolerances and allergic issues certain things are going on in your body which make a batshit kind of sense. 

Allow me to paraphrase wildly here, basically the there was a study recently that suggested that eating small, tiny tiny amounts of the thing you are allergic to (usually done under medical supervision) can help boost your tolerance and eliminate the issue, so now some researchers are proposing the idea that when your body is craving things you shouldn’t have, it might actually be trying to “fix” itself. This is wildly under explained but yea, there’s some science to back up why we possibly crave foods we are allergic to, and it’s got nothing to do with “I’m a self destructive piece of shit, witness me!”

The body can also become addicted to cortisol, and get wired up wrong so that it finds the stress hormone soothing, so that might also be another reason, again this was stuff I read recently in a fairly new study so I dunno how concrete it is, but it makes me feel better about my body going “you know what we should eat, red meat slapped between two slices of wheat product, boy doesn’t death sound delicious

As for how I avoid it, I eat something else. Usually I’m just hungry and my body is just craving, so I go off and make some soup with far too much salt in it to try and sate the junk food craving, or I slice up potatoes and roast em real quick and have some salty starch to tide me over. Sweet things are more difficult at the moment because sugar is making me feverish, but I’m hoping, hoping, I’ll be able to start eating homemade jam again on some oatcakes or something. I can also eat fresh caramel sauce without issue, but not once it’s set…so that’s my excuse for drinking it out of the pan and none of you can stop me. 

When I needed to stop eating certain things immediately and was struggling to do it, I just stopped buying it. ETD had to put up with a barren wasteland of a pantry until my body stopped going “lick all the wheat things” and after about 3-4 weeks the cravings subsided and I’m back to making bread and other things and don’t feel the compulsion to shove them in my mouth for the quick easy carbs. 

You basically just have to make the conscious decision to stop hurting yourself, and to let the cravings work their way out. Your body is most likely addicted to certain things, whether it’s the sugars the salt or the easy energy you get from it, and you giving it what it wants every now and then despite the fact that it’s really bad for you in terms of allergies, is feeding into it and keeps you in the cycle of craving things you are allergic to. So take your time, and try not to punish yourself too much if you end up giving in.

Just be aware that once you do give up certain foods for good and ever go back to them, your reaction can be very very severe if not life threatening, especially if it’s a genuine allergy. So please just be careful and take care of yourself <3

Celebrate National Poetry Month -- Day 1

by Rupi Kaur

did you think I was the city
big enough for a weekend getaway
I am the town surrounding it
the one you’ve never heard of
but always pass through
there are no neon lights here
no skyscrapers or statues
but there is thunder
for I make bridges tremble
I am not street meat I am homemade jam
thick enough to cut the sweetest
thing your lips will touch
I am not police sirens
I am the crackle of a fireplace
I’d burn you and you still
couldn’t take your eyes off me
cause I’d look so beautiful doing it
you’d blush
I am not a hotel room I am home
I am not the whiskey you want
I am the water you need
don’t come here with expectations
and try to make a vacation out of me


I will tag you all month if you like – just let me know!

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