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Making dried orange peel!
These can be used for baths, hot teas or ciders, potpourri, or witchcraft! The process is extremely simple, and makes the entire house smell nice and fresh (which is also a good way to cleanse and banish negative energies in the home, as I’ve noticed). You can also do this with lemons, it’s the same process and the same usage!

The process:
-Get a large amount of healthy oranges with unblemished skin. Be sure to wash the oranges and scrub them lightly, because they are often coated with lots of germs and pesticides, which you REALLY don’t want on your dried product!

-Peel them however you wish, I find it easier to peel the entire orange in a giant coil shape, and then cut that coil to whatever sized pieces that I want my end result to be. Keep in mind that bigger pieces will be easier to strain out of whatever you use these in, so shaving them extremely tiny isn’t very convenient.

-Set your oven to it’s lowest setting, preferably around 200°. Place an aluminum foil sheet over a cookie tray, and generously arrange your peels on the foil. You don’t have to wait until the oven is completely heated, just stick them in there.

-The key is to expose them to low heat for a long period of time, which I’ve estimated to be about an hour and a half. Turning up the heat higher in an attempt to make the process faster will result in a few scorched pieces instead of lightly browned and crisped. You’ll know they’re ready when you can pinch one in the middle and it won’t give at all. Don’t be afraid to stir them around a bit so they all can get even amounts of heat exposure.

-While you’re waiting for them to finish, you can cut open the peeled oranges, and either juice them or slice them for eating!

Voila, now you know what to do with those orange rinds that people often throw away! 😊

A message for tattoo-curious folks, delivered with love.

Listen up #Skwad, there’s a reason we go to professionals. 

But if you’re already jumping on @margotrobbie‘s #SkwadGoals scratcher train, BE SMART. Its an open wound with blood and fluids. I’m seeing these kids without gloves, reusing dirty needles, when any basic info is right on the smartphone? Read up. Come correct. BE SAFE or GO HOME.
#HepCisaBuzzkill #MRSAdontplay

There have always been scratchers, but has there ever been another time in history (I’m actually asking) when mainstream beautiful actors have gone on global media tours for blockbuster films, promoting the idea of scratching as a fun group activity?

What’s more important though is what they don’t talk about. Safety. Sterilization. Blood spatter. 

  • They don’t talk about needles; how do they sterilize? Do they sterilize (while boasting about tattooing several friends in one night)?
  • They laugh about how bad the designs look. But how do they heal? Did the skin get infected? Did the ink stay in? Was aftercare considered or discussed at all? 
  • The words “cross contamination” never come up. If you just hang around an unsafe tattoo space with a skinned knee or paper cut, your blood can mix with their blood. Touch an area exposed to someone else’s fluids, then rub your eyes or eat a slice of pizza. You’re ingesting their bodily fluids. Who’s ready to take that risk?

Look it’s not on Margot Robbie to educate people on a trade she knows very little about. (It would be nice if she did mention safety… even once.) But people are influenced by celebrities, so I had to say my bit. 

I’m not anti-DIY, either. I’ve gotten work from self-taught tattooers, done in their homes; they were some of the most responsible experiences, preoccupied with sterilization because they (naturally) don’t want to eat or sleep in an amalgam of other peoples’ fluids. 

I’m just saying there’s a way to do it right. Take it seriously. If you or a friend are determined to get that eBay rotary, and don’t have a tattooer available to give advice, spend some time researching risks, sterilization, aftercare. Get all the tools to experiment responsibly. And don’t trust someone to carve open your body unless they care enough to do the same! 

End of rant. Thank you for reading. ♥ Comments are open.
With love,
Morgan @tattrx

The best shampoo ever!
It’s been awhile since I stopped using convencional shampoos and my hair looks much MUCH better.
I have been using Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) as a shampoo and cider vinegar as a moisturizer.
We can only wash our head with baking soda once every two weeks.

I tried to make this natural and organic shampoo!
1 small or medium peeled cucumber,
1 peeled lemon,
Cinnamon and 2 cloves (these two are optional)

Just put everything on a blender, blend very well with a cup or two of water.
After blending just strain it to a Jar and that’s it!.

My hair looks A M A Z I N G, and it smells divine!!!
Definitely I will stick with it!

Note: When you wash your hair with it, make sure you rinse very well because of the lemon.