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Aomine, Kagami, Takao, Himuro, Izuki, Nijimura,  Kasamatsu, and Mayuzumi's reaction to them coming home from work and finding their s/o and 5 yr old son sleeping inside the pillow fort they built while waiting for them to return.

Kagami: Standing in the doorway to the living room for a few seconds, he only stares at the sight in front of him. Everything feels completely innocent and sweet in that moment for him as he takes a mental image of his lover and his son napping peacefully together.

Izuki: His heart practically skips a beat when he sees the two of you sleeping underneath the homemade fort. Taking out his phone, he snaps a few pictures to keep for himself. He would’ve gone undetected too, if not for the flash and shutter sound of his phone’s camera app.

Aomine: There would be no way he would pass up the opportunity for a quiet afternoon with the two of you so, despite there being no cushions on it anymore, he lays back on the couch. It isn’t long enough before he can hear his son stirring awake, the fort tumbling to the ground as he kicks at the cushions.

Kasamatsu: There’s the faintest of smirks on his face as he sees the both of you sleeping soundly underneath a fort made of pillows and blankets. He still has some work around the house to do, but before he goes he turns on a fan and faces it in your direction so you both don’t overheat.

Takao: Half of him wants to jump straight into the pillow pile with the two of you, but the other half of him wants to keep the peace and cherish this moment for the rest of his life. Eventually he decides on the former, taking a running start to leap into an empty spot next you the both of you.

Himuro: A little sad that he’d kept the two of you waiting for so long, he strides over to your side and wakes you up my pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. Neither of you want to wake up your son though, instead opting to watch him rest as the two of you relaxed in this rare moment of silence.

Mayuzumi: He almost doesn’t notice when he walks into his home for the first time. He’s able to walk almost completely through his entire house before he realizes he hadn’t been greeted yet. When he finds the two of you, the thought of a nap is so inviting that he quietly lays on the couch beside the fort.

Nijimura: This couldn’t be good for either of your backs, right? As gentle as he’s ever been, he picks up his son and carries him carefully back to his room and places him in his bed. By the time he returns to the fort, you’re already awake and groggily rubbing at tired eyes, a smile on your face.

Movie Marathon// Josh Dun

Requested: I was wondering if you did smut. If you do can you please write me a josh fun smut where josh and y/n are best friends and neighbors. They have been best friends for ever and they have a sleep over one night and they are in y/n’s room, then things get smutty? Please and thank you!

Note: Contains smut!


              Since your parents were out of town for the weekend visiting an aunt of yours who just had a baby, you invited your best friend Josh over for an old school sleepover. When the two of you were kids lay around in a homemade blanket fort and watch movies until you fell asleep. You were currently setting up the blanket fort in your room, while Josh was heading over.

              “Y/N?” You heard him call as you hung the last corner of the blanket. You smiled to yourself as you jogged out of your room, meeting with Josh as he stood in your kitchen, looking through your family’s cupboards.

              “Popcorn is in the second cupboard from the left.” You commented, seeing your friend nod as he shut the current cupboard he was looking at and walked over to the one you pointed out. “Are you excited?” You nearly squealed, the two of you hadn’t done something like this in years. You absolutely loved these sleepovers, you questioned why Josh decided he wasn’t into them anymore.

              “Oh yeah, its been way too long since we’ve done one.” He laughed, putting the bag of popcorn in the microwave. “Star Wars marathon tonight?” The two of you talked about having a marathon together for quite some time now.

              “Of course. Marathon, popcorn and blanket fort cuddles with my best friend!” The end of your sentence seemed to bother Josh a bit as he turned to focus on finding a bowl for your popcorn. “Okay, maybe no cuddles.” You mumbled, scared that you just ruined the whole night with a sentence.

              “I’d love cuddles with you though.” Josh spoke, his tone sounding as if he never began acting weird in the first place. “Why do you think I don’t want them?” He turned, looking at you with a serious expression as you sighed; holding back the urge to shrug at him.

              “I brought it up, and you started acting weird?” You offered, watching as he bit his lip nervously. Something was definitely going on inside his head and you craved to know what it was.

              “This is going to be nerve wracking but it wasn’t you asking for cuddles. I’d love to cuddle you until the end of time—just not as best friends that is. I’ve liked you, if not loved you for a couple years now. I hated seeing you with other guys, it killed me to see you get your heart broken. I just want you to be mine, but I don’t want to risk losing you as my best friend if you don’t feel the same.” You were almost sure Josh didn’t take a breath throughout his whole ramble to you. It took you an agonizingly long minute to comprehend the information that had been given to you. Josh, your lifelong best friend, and love interest of this year liked you? Loved you even.

              “So what does this mean? Are we dating now, because I don’t think I could do friends with benefits.” You joked, smiling widely as Josh stared at you shocked.

              “Does…does this mean you like me back?” Once you nodded, he pulled you into a tight embrace. “Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” You couldn’t help but let out a slight laugh at how classy he was with asking you out.

              “Of course Josh. Now get the popcorn ready, I want blanket fort cuddles with my boyfriend!” God that felt weird to say, but an amazing type of weird. The best kind.

              You made your way up to the blanket fort, setting down the drinks the two of you had decided on and pulling open your laptop. You smiled and felt your cheeks burn a little when Josh sat beside you, pulling his arm lovingly around your waist.

              “Ready for the dork fest?” You giggled, playing the first movie as you cuddled closer to Josh’s side, resting your head on his shoulder. About halfway through the second movie you noticed Josh had shifted a lot, almost as if he was uncomfortable.

              “Are you alright?” You asked, pausing the movie. “You keep moving and look like you would want to be anywhere else besides here.” You had to admit, the thought of Josh not wanting to be with you like the two of you had planned hurt a bit.

              “I’m fine, it’s just. You’re going to hate me for saying this but I’ve been thinking of you, a lot. In ways that I shouldn’t be.” He mumbled, staring at his lap, where you noticed a slight bulge was in his sweatpants.

              “Oh.” You whispered, unable to think of any other words. Yes you’ve thought about him in those ways once or twice, but you always shook it off. “Like do you want to, try something?” You asked, knowing that both of your families would be a bit stricter on you two hanging out now that you were dating.

              “If you’re okay with it, start slow and see where it takes us.” Josh mumbled, leaning over to you. His warm breath dancing across your lips as you began to relax. Meeting him halfway in a warm, loving yet curious kiss. It took no time at all to deepen, as the two of you began exploring each other’s mouths. Your lips only parting once when you gasped, as Josh unexpectedly pulled you on top of his lap. You were now straddling him, giving you both easy access at the friction you craved. You rolled your hips against Josh’s, hearing a soft moan pass by his lips into your mouth. His hands wandering your sides felt amazing, along with the friction the two of you were giving one another.

              Biting your lip softly, you pulled at his shirt; letting it fall to the floor beside you as you felt yours being pulled away at the same time. You felt comfortable around Josh, even if the two of you had decided to try dating only a few hours before. Though you didn’t have much for sexual experience, you trusted him enough to give your virginity to him. Before you knew it, you were on your back, top completely exposed with Josh overtop of you. You pulled at his sweatpants, smiling slightly as you saw that he had decided against wearing boxers underneath. It made you wonder, did every time he come over with sweatpants on; was he exposed underneath? The thought made your core ache harder, as you slid your fingers smoothly around Josh’s cock, gently pumping up and down with quick pace. Your actions received sounds of pleasure from the boy, as his fingers found their way past your pajamas, massaging your clit. The two of you kept teasing on another until you felt Josh shift; allowing him a better position to strip you of your pants and begin pumping his fingers inside of you smoothly. The feeling caused you to moan out; only prompting him to add another finger. This only made the feeling better; which is why you felt so teased when he pulled his fingers out. Before you could make a sound you felt something else inside of you. He didn’t go slow, allowing you to adjust, he was rough and dominant. A side you never expected to see from Josh. You always viewed him as a sweet, pushover.

              “Moan my name, I want your neighborhood to hear whose making you feel nice tonight.” His seductive tone got a loud, pleasurable moan of Josh’s name. Causing a soft sound to escape his lips. “Good girl.” He growled, attaching his lips to your neck as he continued to pound into you—each thrust better than the last as he hit your g-spot. Causing never-ending waves of pleasure to wash over you. Through his rough thrusts, and the kisses on your neck. You didn’t know how much longer you’d be able to last; and by the sloppiness of Josh’s thrusts. You could tell he was close too.

              “Fuck.” Josh moaned, quite loudly as you felt him cum, causing you to reach your peak with a loud moan yourself. Josh had pulled out and laid beside you, grabbing a blanket that was laying at your feet to cover your sweaty bodies. “I just had sex with the girl I’ve loved for years.” You saw him smile as you cuddled into his side. “I feel like this is every guy’s dream.” You giggled, feeling your eyes grow heavy as you listened to his heartbeat.

              “Well, you’re the only guy for me.” You kissed Josh’s sweaty chest before letting sleep take you over.

I spent a few hours today make this special thing :) A date jar! All different kinds of dates from staying in, going out, day time activities and cute evening ones. Thought it was a really nice little something for this cute boy & I to do together :)

Here’s what’s inside:

Day dates
Go for ice cream
Play miniature golf
Visit the zoo
Go karting
Visit sealife centre
Walks with puppy
Theme parks
Sunny drinks

Evening dates
Movie date
Live music
Go out to dinner
Watch a comedy show
Have a slumber party
Drive in cinema
Watch the sunset
Breakout Manchester (Google this)

Themed nights (food/dress up/decorations)
Cowboys & Cowgirls

At home
Make homemade lemonade
Write a bucketlist
Bake a cake or dessert
Make a fancy meal
Play video games
Build a blanket fort
Make homemade milkshakes
Order take out
Play video games
Have a Harry Potter marathon
Art therapy colouring

 Trips away


In five years I’ve lived in five different houses, all of which have felt like home at some stage. But that’s mainly down to the folks and friends that have lived in those places with me. In each place I’ve lived I’ve built myself my own little places to concentrate. Forts within those houses. A tiny space to escape into, a space to find my own kind of quiet and my own sort of peace.

“There is a confusion that adventure is expensive, and maybe that’s because we confuse adventure with traditional vacation… Adventure is in your backyard in a homemade fort, it’s sleeping in the back of your car, eating a cold can of chili under the clear desert night sky. Adventure is a roadtrip- it’s splitting gas with 4 friends to see trees, streams, mountains, sky, wildlife, a beach, a state park, canyon, etc for $20 bucks each. Adventure is doing, it’s just going, it’s using your time off to see, do, and be what you want because your time off is yours and it belongs to you.” - Well said by WR ambassador @scottchanning.
#TrustTheWild | #LiveTheMountainLife by western_rise