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dec. 26, 2016: what NOT TO DO vs. what TO DO as a student

hey, everyone!!!

after rambling on and on about my first semester as a high school junior in this post, I have decided to compile a list of tips (if u can call them that) of things you should think of doing versus things you SHOULD NOT DO, LIKE, EVER as a student! i’m planning on following these things during the upcoming semester.


  1. Study everything the day before your exam. First of all, it’s just too much stress. Plus, there’s no way you’ll be able to remember everything while testing. Just, don’t do it. I had done this multiple times last semester, and I just never want to experience something like that ever again. Here is a way to break your study time/material into chunks. Here is another way.
  2. Eat nothing in school. (Unless it’s Ramadan or something.) You need to eat, you’ll feel dizzy and weak and your health will be negatively affected without (HEALTHY) food. That happened to me. What I (generally) take to school are a few crackers, my own homemade cheese ‘dip’ (or some Babybel/string cheese), yogurt, and a little candy bar.
  3. Spend too much time in the bathroom/shower. This is THE WORST thing I do to myself…this is my “go-to” method of procrastination. I just shower or spend time in the bathroom for, like A LOT OF TIME per day. Just take this as a little piece of advice from me: don’t spend time you could be practicing for that math test, badly singing Whitney Houston songs. Just don’t. Your future self will thank you.
  4. Study continuously for prolonged periods of time. I HATE sitting down for a long time, oh my gosh. My back hurts, my butt hurts, I start to get drowsy. Refer to tip #9 of the “Do’s” for a solution.
  5. Start a TV show during the school year. Unless you have PERFECT time management skills, just don’t get hooked into a TV show. I’m 99.98% sure you’ll binge-watch and regret your life. I’m really glad I didn’t start watching Gossip Girl last semester, and I’m not gonna do it this next semester, either.


  1. Invest in a planner or start a bullet journal. I’ve used both methods. Just get any cheap old notebook, or, if you can afford it and you want to, splurge a little and just record all upcoming events and everything you need to do. You don’t have to spend 1229834 hours decorating your planner/bujo like the perfect ones you see here on tumblr. Maybe add a little color code, a little doodle here and there. Just decorate it however you want (or don’t!!!) as long as you’re not taking away precious study time. I personally have a 2017 planner that I’ve recently started to use, so I’m just gonna stick with that, tbh.
  2. Designate a day per week/two weeks to just review past/current material taken in a particular course. Okay, in the past I’ve been too lazy to actually do this, but I AM gonna start doing this next semester. I’m probably leave the weekend for physics and chemistry, and maybe Sunday for biology…I think I’m gonna make a specific post about that later.
  3. Stay hydrated! Oh my gosh, this one is so important. Whenever I don’t bring a water bottle to school, I end up cranky, sleepy, and suffering from a headache. For those reasons, I think it is always a good idea to take a water bottle with you to school.
  4. Find time to exercise. It is rather hypocritical of me, a lazyass slob, to say this, but you pretty much ALWAYS have SOME time during the week for a workout. Even once or twice. Not gonna lie to myself anymore.
  5. Do as much “homework” as you can in school. I have a total of 45 minutes of break per school day, so I’m going to use those to do work. The only problem I have is finding someplace I won’t be distracted by my friends. I think I’ve got that covered, though.
  6. Organize your binders/folders/whatever frequently. Just do it and YOU WILL NOTICE A BIG DIFFERENCE in how quickly you finish your tasks. I have an expandable file folder in which I keep any papers/notes/stuff I write or receive throughout the week, and then after the end of the week I spend time filing them into big binders for each subject.
  7. Maintain a clean and tidy room + desk. I literally CANNOT focus if my study area is messy. My grades DROP. It’s hard to study when you have an area the size of a large textbook to do work in, and a pile of papers/clothes/BOTH at your feet. I advise you to tidy (which does NOT mean redecorate) your desk before your study session, just to get some more space to think and do work.
  8. Join some kind of school club/extracurricular activity. Joining my school’s Model UN has given me so much joy and I’ve met so many wonderful people. I really advise you all to join something!! Just remember, manage your time wisely!!!
  9. Use the Pomodoro method to study. It’s simple yet effective. Try it and you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve especially aced a ton of memorization-based tests because of this method.
  10. Start working on projects early. Not only does this reduce stress levels, it also may help you boost your grade! If you experience any issues, you can just write your question(s) down on a little sticky note and ask your teacher instead of panicking at 1 AM!!!!

Good luck to us all!!! <3 Rawan

Eating cleaner, feeling cleaner.

I’ve been so focused on my diet lately and despite having a major breakout at the beginning due to the huge change it has definitely made a mahoosive positive impact on myself both physically and mentally.

I’ve swapped my cows milk for soy and coconut, swapped from quick supermarket snacks to healthy, organic, clean snacks such as fruits and natural yogurts. I’ve been having my vegetables with homemade dips so i know all thier ingredients, removed ALL caffeine from my diet and minimised my sugar intake, drinking 2 litres minimum of water a day. I have removed the majority of red meats only eating these once a weeks, and have added more quorn into my diet. I have started shopping locally for my meats and dairy too supporting smaller butchers and farms it’s not much pricier and you know the source. Smoothies have made a great breakfast replacement for my stupid early hours at work after eating a solid breakfast in a morning anytime before 6am was giving me the worst stomach pains ever.

Overall i feel so much fresher, so much more awake and alert. I have tonnes more energy and it is all definitely taking an effect on my body. I’m shedding my fat like crazy and due to the dairy and white meats my muscle building has sped up incredibly. It’s a strict diet but it’s definitely worth it and your body soon adjusts to its new routine and all bad cravings vanish!

mysme-trashcan  asked:

Ohohoho it's this trash coming in your asks ( that didn't sound right ) How about- RFA+Saeran&V (after eye surgery ) react to MCs sister, who was staying at they're house, goes to use a blender, doesn't lock the top down, what ever was in the blender flies out and there's a mess everywhere and they hear MC freaking out at the scene of all of this and they go to see what was going on?

ayeee I finally got to this! It’s a hilarious request and I think it’s what made me message you in the first place lmao but I hope you like it, ems! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (ah yes, the ams and ems duo(¬‿¬))💛 

…thinking of 8 things to put in a blender is hard


  • it was hot outside and literally no one in the house wanted to go out
  • mc’s sister was also in town and decided to visit (she met zen before its chill)
  • the three of them were supposed to go out that day, but it was..too hot
  • so mc and their sister decided to make smoothies instead
  • zen got a phonecall halfway through, however, and excused himself before walking into another room
  • “ready for some smoothies, my dear sibling?” mc’s sister says with a grin
  • “ready, dear sister” mc answers
  • she turns on the blender, ready for the ice, berries, and liquid to mix together
  • instead, the top flies off and so does everything else in the blender
  • mc’s sister is covered with cold berry juice, too shocked to scream, but tenses up
  • mc starts yelling going for the blender to turn it off before grabbing a towel
  • zen runs back in, thinking something dangerous happened, but instead sees mc wiping their sister’s eyes so she can see again
  • and he can’t help but laugh
  • his kitchen is a mess, yes, but seeing this was totally worth it
  • now mc’s sister can talk again and starts yelling, “wHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?”
  • mc’s sister turns to mc, giving them a ‘look i am going to punch your boyfriend’ look
  • mc just shrugs, “at least…you’re not that hot anymore…?”
  • zen laughs harder. mc’s sister slaps both of them in the arm


  • movie night!
  • yoosung is setting up the living room with pillows and blankets while mc and their sister gets snacks in the living room
  • mc was on popcorn duty and mc’s sister was in charge of chips and dip
  • but she wanted to make homemade dip, so they had to take out the blender
  • “how are the snacks coming?” yoosung calls out
  • “popcorn, done! mc says. “dip is about to be blended!” their sister says
  • the blender is turned on
  • disaster strikes
  • “AH DIDN’T- LID-” mc’s sister yells while getting splashed with the contents of the blender
  • mc gets hit, too. so does the popcorn. it’s a travesty.
  • “tURN OFF THE BLENDER” mc yells
  • but she can’t. she’s being attacked
  • yoosung runs in like the hero he is and manages to turn it off, despite getting messy as well
  • they all stare at each other, horrified
  • “..I think we need to take a shower first…” mc says. the other two agree
  • it turns into cleaning night instead of movie night


  • did someone say ‘iced coffee’?
  • mc’s sister said ice coffee!
  • and they want mc to show off their skills they learned from the cafe so they could make it at home as well
  • so here we go
  • ice, coffee, flavorings, syrup
  • aaaand blend!
  • mc gets covered in the stuff, mc’s sister - who was idly observing from behind - gets half covered
  • she’s the one who yells, but mc turns off the blender
  • jaehee runs in and looks at them, shocked
  • “why…?”
  • “…iced coffee…” mc weakly says
  • she actually walks up to the both of them and kisses mc’s cheek
  • wh y
  • “hmm…at least it tastes good” jaehee says with a smile 
  • mc could probably die on the spot
  • now mc’s sister is yelling


  • mc was playing around in the kitchen with their sister, going through recipes they found online
  • jumin offered just to let the chefs prepare something, but mc’s sister insisted
  • and since jumin can’t cook that much, he stays out of their way 
  • they were baking a cake that had this filling in between the layers
  • and they needed the blender to make the filling, crushing things and all that
  • “ready, mc?” their sister says, grinning. “yeah, the cakes are in the oven already”
  • “alright, blender time!” she turns on the blender
  • and both of them are now covered in sugary dust
  • mc’s sister yelps out of shock 
  • mc yells out, “yOU DIDN’T-;;;” 
  • jumin runs in, very concerned
  • he sees them covered in this sugar dust. 
  • can’t help but laugh, just a little
  • “should i call the chefs now?” he asks. the two of them nod
  • “…and a change of clothes” mc’s sister says

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • they were going to make milkshakes! 
  • all three different kind of flavors for the three of them 
  • so far they made a vanilla one for mc, a chocolate one for saeyoung, and were going to make a strawberry one for mc’s sister
  • saeyoung was out of the kitchen, knowing they could handle it 
  • mc stayed in the kitchen for moral support
  • “i can’t believe you passed up strawberry for vanilla. even your dork boyfriend got chocolate” mc’s sister said
  • “i hope your milkshake goes up your nose” mc responded
  • “ha ha” she rolls her eyes and turns the blender on
  • ….it went up her nose alright  
  • mc’s sister yells and mc literally bursts out laughing
  • until they realize that the kitchen is a mess
  • saeyoung runs in and looks around, also kind of devastated at first
  • and then he looks at mc’s sister
  • …he’s laughing, he can’t handle it 
  • “it actually went up your nose, oh my god-” “saeyoung-” “yeah, yeah, i’ll get a towel but this is GOLD mc” 

v / jijhyun

  • you know those liquid soups you can make in a blender? like pea soup?
  • jihyun wanted to try one of those!
  • and so did mc’s sister, yay! 
  • they were all in the kitchen, but v realized it was time to water his plants, so he excuses himself for a bit
  • “that’s it?” mc asks, looking at the blender “I feel like it’s too easy”
  • “oh hush, mc. all we have to do is blend it!” their sister says and goes to turn on the blender
  • gosh, they’re so lucky it was cold soup 
  • mc’s sister managed to turn off the blender, but she just put her head down on the counter in shame
  • mc yelled, getting splattered before the blender was turned off. “oh my gosh- the kitchen!” 
  • jihyun comes running in, looking at the kitchen then at both of them
  •  “…i have one question, for you.” he says to mc’s sister
  • “…yes?” she says 
  • “are you that jealous of our kitchen?” 
  • mc’s sister blinks “why would i-”
  • “you’re green with envy, I can see it”
  • mc starts cracking up because that was so ridiculous 
  • mc’s sister puts her face back on the counter 


  • mc and sister were making pasta for dinner!
  • it was one of those pesto pastas 
  • so now they had to make pesto 
  • saeran was watching them from the living room
  • “alright, let’s get this pesto done!” mc’s sister said 
  • and turns on the blender
  • “wAIT” mc tries to warn her
  • its too late. 
  • the pesto flies everywhere
  • mc’s sister is his directly in the nose first
  • mc can’t save themselves 
  • saeran literally facepalms
  • the other two are too shocked to do much, so he has to stand up and turn it off for them 
  • “i’m- so sorry-” mc’s sister says.
  • mc lowkey wants to lay on the floor and accept death 
  • saeran just shakes his head and puts his hands on both of their shoulders
  • “..that was pretty funny”
  • forget what mc said about accepting death, saeran thought that was funny 
  • they still have to clean up the kitchen though 

vanderwood (i remembered u wanted him ayee)

  • look, vanderwood was gonna let them do their thing, they were going to calmly sit and read this book
  • mc’s sister was making some kind of fancy recipe and it involved putting things in a blender
  • listen….i still dont have a blender and food network only tells me so much
  • and mc was helping! they poured it into the blender for her
  • “alright mc. i know this is weird, but we put it in a blender to smooth it out. and then it’ll be done!”
  • *turn on blender*
  • *sees life flash before both of their eyes*
  • they are both covered in this supposedly fancy liquid 
  • and they both just..stand there for a second
  • until mc yells, “w HY”
  • vanderwood just sighs and gets up to check the damage
  • the floor and counter is a mess 
  • it got on some of the cabinets
  • both mc and sister are preparing for the worst 
  • “aw, i don’t get that fancy dinner?” vanderwood said, pouting
  • they’re both kind of surprised
  • “we’d…have to restart..” mc’s sister says
  • “oh no, you two need to clean up this kitchen. i’m ordering us a pizza” 
  • “vanderwood-” mc tries
  • “and im not helping!”

Lunch today was raw crackers by RAW HEALTH topped with homemade pesto dip! I found these crackers at The Health Store Dundee 😁 Thanks to Rebecca for helping me. 🙌🙌 These crackers taste great and are super filling! For the pesto dip I blended one stalk of celery, two small-ish courgettes, basil, a tiny handful of cashews, one avocado, a small spoonful of chili flakes and a little bit of water so it was easier to blend. 🍃🌿🌱 The last pesto I made was better than this one, but this was still tasty. I think I’ll eat the leftover pesto on potatoes tomorrow. For now I’m heading to the shop to stock up on more fruit. What did you have for lunch today? 😋


Holy tzatziki!

Tzatziki is such a great word! It’s up there with vermillion, opulent, eloquence, serendipity, and ethereal.

Luckily, it lives up to its name. I love the cool, creamy taste of tzatziki. It’s an essential component in a pita sandwich next to hot, crispy falafel, crunchy lettuce, diced tomatoes, tabbouleh, and homemade hummus. The fresh yogurt-cucumber taste pulls the whole deal together. It’s also a healthy dip/sauce to serve with grilled meats and veggies, pita chips or soft pita bread.

If you look for tzatziki recipes you’ll find that the ingredients are almost always the same, but the measurements vary. I would suggest following a basic guideline and then taste and adjust as you go.

By the way, just in case you haven’t been keeping track, this is recipe four of seven middle-eastern foods here in the last week. We’re coming down to the finish line. Still to come are falafel and tabbouleh. This is the recipe I use and love.



  • 1 English cucumber, peeled and grated
  • 1 pint (16 ounces) Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • Juice from ½ of a juicy lemon
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon fresh dill, minced, or 1 teaspoon dried dill weed
  • Salt to taste


Squeeze out as much moisture from the grated cucumber as you can. Return it to a bowl and squeeze again five minutes later.

Whisk the olive oil and lemon juice into the yogurt. Stir in grated cucumber, garlic, dill and salt to taste.

Cover and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to let flavors come together.

we had a party last night and apparently someone took all the goldfish

I know that sounds very whatever like who cares it’s goldfish you can just buy another bag for 2 dollars but none of you understand. we had these three giant bowls. three. giant bowls. filled with goldfish. and someone dumped em all out and took the goldfish.

like the rest of the food is still here except for the goldfish.

what the fuck.

Bad Typo Starters
  • Fuck rolling dicks.
  • I want some lesbians.
  • What the duck!?
  • JFK I guess.
  • I’m just banging with ___.
  • Try the new Anus Pounder!
  • Are you sure you want to exist?
  • Remember to turn your cocks back!
  • I want some penis butter Snickers
  • They have homemade crap dip!
  • Holy fuck, the dog fister stroked out nine straight batters!

http-anti  asked:

((I cant pass up the opportunity)) Anti was on his bed while Chrome was out, in nothing but boxers and a T-shirt. The other had left to go shopping for some food and Anti found out they had something he wanted. [Text: Chromey: they have homemade crap dip!]

Chrome felt about twenty people staring at him as he laughed loudly. he was now bent over the handle of his shopping cart, trying to stop laughing enough he could type back [Text: Pupper: I am pretty sure that’s not what you meant to say, but it did give me a good laugh, had about 20 people staring. what is it you meant to type?]

((XD omfg I am laughing so hard))

anonymous asked:

How's father's day going for you Miss Andorra? Get anything special for your dads?

Andorra: Oh of course! Today I surprised France Papa with his favorite brand of Merlot. He seemed very happy and invited me to stay and have a glass with him. 

As for Papi Spain. I have known him for much much longer, so I thought something more sentimental would be better. I gave him flowers from my garden, a cute teddy bear, and homemade churros dipped in chocolate that I placed in a heart box. He absolutely loved it… but then he started getting “emotional” and saying things like: Ay Andorita, I knew adopting you was the right choice! Tú si me tratas bien! No como tus @#&*** hermanos que me dejaron!!! 

He does this every year. He gets happy.. then mad…. then sad about the things he says. “SIGH~” He is a wonderful father, really he is. And I do believe that he loves the latin countries with all his heart, he just didn’t know how to show it properly and drove them away. But I’m still here… I’ll always be here…. I love him… both of them. 

(MISS MUN: Sorry for the sketchiness, I was out all day celebrating fathers day with the whole family)

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics
  • Hufflepuff: honeysuckle, sunrays ,a baby's first laughter, rainbows, kittens, a friend covering you with a blanket when you've fallen asleep, hot coffee, woolen socks, Halloween,girls giggling, rosy cheeks, cinnamon buns, homemade cookies dipped in fresh milk, family gatherings, warm hugs, random compliments from strangers, orange groves, a child feeding a butterfly, medieval fairytales, the tooth fairy, panda bears, dirty knees, honeyed lemonade, cherry earrings,bunnies, floral tapisseries,the house door open 24/7 for everyone, happy cries, airport hugs , morning dew,daisy fields,the friendly stranger who smiles at you, the joy of small things
  • Gryffindor: homemade cake, fireplaces, the smell of burning wood, golden wallpapers,family trees,blown candles,european cathedrals, wonderlust, moonless nights, falling star wishes,bonfires, midsummer nights,ghost stories, students' rebellions, a passionate kiss in the rain, musical premieres, christmas reveillons,team hugs before a game, concerts, motorcycle races,night candatas, Lorca's poetry, secret lovers, Venice, ancient oak trees, the deep sensuality of roman languages, Shakespeare's playes performed in the 18th century, stone cottages, drunk lovers dancing in the moonlight,dirty feet, messy hair
  • Ravenclaw: blueberries, plum galettes, black hairbuns, hands stained with ink, nails bitten to the quick, dog-eared books, blown candles,collarbones,oxford shoes, shy smiles and quick glances in the library, British boarding schools,drunk conversations about the meaning of life,Scandinavia, black bitter tea,silver jewellery, castles, orchids, male perfumes and androgynous outfits, round glasses, cappuccino flavoured macarons, turtle necks, eyebrow dance, knitted high thigh socks,abandoned villas, the english countryside, blue velvet, dark bags under the eyes, cold cheeks,a quick puff of cigarette before class, anxiety, German Romanticism, amethyst, passive-aggressive, perfectionism, deep affection under a thick layer of sarcasm,a thing for bearded teachers, the smell of parchment, bookstores...
  • Slytherin: wingtip shoes, black vanilla cigarettes, silent films, dusty empty vodka bottles, british boarding schools, golf,gothic architecture, candlelit cathedrals, Chopin, Salvador Dali, scandinavian whodunits, dystopian futuristic novels, a weekly existential crisis, strawberries dipped in Valrhona chocolate, Bertolucci's films, black pearls, bubble baths( in virgins' blood), red lips no matter when or where, the sound of killer heels on the pavement, cheekbones, pale skin, haskis, nordic nature, blood oranges, reptiles, carnivore flowers, lace, candlesticks, Serge Gainsbourg's records, Chanel No 5,Paris at night, feeding the pigeons,, indie bars, post-war Berlin, trainee lawyers

theheightswithinyou  asked:

I want to know what you will do with sterek and "cowardise". Thanks and congrats !

What’ll I do with it? Hmmmm… :) Cowardice for my 1k prompt event!

“How do I look?”

“Great,” Derek said, not looking.

Stiles whined. “C’mon.”

Derek forced his eyes up to confirm what he knew was true: Stiles did look great. He was wearing dark, slim trousers and a pale blue dress shirt, undoubtedly Lydia’s purchases from the way they perfectly hugged his frame. But then, Stiles didn’t really need any of that. Not when he had that irrepressible grin on his wide mouth, that knowing glint in his chocolate brown eyes.

“You look great,” Derek said again, flatly, and looked back down to the article that he’d been staring at without comprehension while Stiles fussed over his outfit.

He could still see Stiles preening out of the corner of his eye, running his broad hands down the flat planes of his chest. “Thank you,” he said. “Next time, try to sound less like the words are being dragged out of you with pliers, and you’ll be giving an actual compliment.”

“Hmph,” Derek huffed through his nose.

“Sourwolf,” Stiles teased affectionately, patting Derek’s head as he passed the couch. “Thanks again for giving me a ride.”

“Always happy to be your taxi service,” Derek replied sarcastically, tossing the unread magazine back on the table to follow Stiles out the door.

Stiles just smiled, like despite the tone he knew exactly how much Derek meant it. It was a little frightening how easily he saw through the act, these days.

Derek cleared his throat. “You should really get a new engine for that thing. Third time in as many months, isn’t it?”

“The jeep is not a thing,” Stiles said imperiously, sliding into the Camaro’s passenger seat. “She’s a dear old friend. And a new engine would be really, really beyond my price range. Broke grad student, remember?”

Derek bit back the inappropriate offer to buy it for him. There were limits to their relationship, after all.

“So, where’s Jake taking you tonight?” he asked, and hoped he was still able to disguise his true emotions on this topic, at least. Stiles didn’t need to know that Derek hated his boyfriend.

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Pregnancy Diet: A Criminal Minds Imagine

A/N: Hi there, so I posted an answer to an ask earlier, stating that I’d relapsed, and I’ve gotten a few questions about it. This is just a PSA that I’ll be making a post to explain, and it could be a trigger. However, this is a request for Spencer putting Y/N on a diet so that her pregnancy goes smoothly. - fuckeree

Rating: PG13

Warnings: None that I can think of


It always amazed you how hungry you could be when put in the right place at the right time, and that was before you had gotten pregnant. You remember days of just eating dinner, and suddenly smelling freshly baked pie or cookies, and throwing aside your full stomach in order to indulge yourself. 

But now, as you hold a hand on top of you ballooned out stomach, it’s more of a ravenous feeling than just simple hunger. The baby has been a lot more active as of recently, and as if that wouldn’t add to your constant want for food, it was food that had been outlawed, yes, outlawed. 

Grumpily crunching on a chunk of carrot, you can’t help the grumbling and roaring noises that were coming from you, it was your brain telling you that carrots just weren’t good enough, that you needed more, you needed what was all around you. 

“Someone’s hungry today” JJ presses a kiss to your cheek and you nod, throwing your hands, and the carrot, up. “Ever since this ridiculous enlightenment that Spencer had, he’s officially put a ban on all the things that I crave. Vanilla ice cream, pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, poutine, Chinese food, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, all of that stuff”. 

She sets down her bag, and can’t help but try to fight back her grin. “Well you’re going to hate today. You shouldn’t even be here!” she gesture to the empty table, usually covered in scattered papers and electronics. 

“It’s fast food potluck lunch day” Morgan strides in, brandishing a rather large tupperware container, and the smell that comes within is enough to make you drop that stupid carrot into the trash, and get a little closer. 

“Why didn’t he tell me this? It’s a tease!” you swallow what you’d bitten off, and watch a Derek unveils the most delicious looking homemade pizza that you’ve ever seen, and a whimper comes forth. 

“Oh come on Derek, pizza, really?” he just shakes his head and pulls you in for a hug, or a type of hug that you can still manage. 

“I’m sorry, if I had known, I would’ve made something else” he ruffles your hair, and you shrug, Spencer had said it was for the best. 

But ‘for the best’ really didn’t help, when fresh oatmeal cookies made an appearance, thanks to JJ, followed by deep fried pickles from Rossi, and when Kate comes in holding macaroni and cheese, you feel like you’re going to lose it. 

The only ones who hadn’t made their appearance yet were Garcia, Hotch, and your very own fiance, who had neglected to inform you of this sinfully delicious tease. 

“Those cookies look so good, oh god, JJ you have to give me that recipe for when my ban is lifted” you can’t stop staring at all of the food around you, you thought this morning had been bad when you were watching a woman eat a cinnamon bun for breakfast, but this was like Hell itself. 

“I will, but come on Y/N, just have one” she offers you the dish, and it takes everything you have to shake your head and smile. 

“Spencer wants this diet strict, I’m sorry JJ, I really wish that I could” sadness rises in your eyes, and she takes you by the hand. 

“Spencer isn’t here right now” she says quietly, just loud enough for those in the room to hear, but low enough to keep it away from prying ears. There’s simultaneous laughter, and Rossi nods furiously, biting into his own cookie. 

You look around at the encouragement they’re all giving you, and you let your pregnant-woman-will-not-say-no-to-cookies attitude take over, quickly picking up a small cookie and holding it to your lips. 

“It’s been so long” you murmur, before taking the smallest bite out of it, savouring the way that it crumbles so softly in your mouth, the oatmeal just the perfect consistency as you close your eyes and lean your head back. 

“Oh this is good, this is so good” you mutter, taking another bite, and grinning sheepishly as the team looks at you with pride, and a little bit of mischief in their eyes. 

You’re about to finish it off when you hear a thud coming from the door, and it’s like a herd of deer caught in one massive headlight, as all of you look to the long legged young man rushing towards you. 

“Y/N! What the heck!” he’d dropped his bag at the door, probably watching how much joy you derived from a food you weren’t supposed to eat, and is now standing in front of you, flustered and wild eyed as he takes the cookie. 

“Guys, you know that we’re eating super healthy for this baby, a little less encouragement on cheating the diet would be nice” he shakes his head, and you just smile at him, knowing he can’t stay mad at you. 

“Babe, I just really wanted to try one, it’s one cookie, come on” you push your lip out, pouting at your fiance as he pushes his hair back and bites at his lip, trying to suppress the smile that fights to come up. 

“I.. You’re not suppo-.. Okay” he sighs, defeated by the puppy dog eyes that you’ve been staring at him with, and you smile like the cheeky devil you are. 

“But seriously, no more feeding her goodies, at least not until our daughter makes her entrance, I just really want them both to be healthy” he takes your hand and squeezes it, and you lay your head on his shoulder. 

“Spencer here gets really anxious, he’ll go crazy if you give me treats” you kiss his cheek and he nods. 

“I guess.. That’s just my way of trying to make sure that absolutely nothing can go wrong to either of my loves, and I get really worried that maybe the baby will have a reaction or something once she’s born, that can happen, you know it can!”. 

You take his discussion about allergies as a chance to take a seat, and take a breather as your daughter decided it’s time to kick the crap out of you all over again today. 

“Alright Spence, they get the daddy talk, come on” he just nods, “Oh, okay” he says quietly, picking his bag up and joining you at the table. 

“This stuff all looks so good” you hint, and he shakes his head, “What I made is really good too” he counters. He lifts up a container of homemade spinach dip, and hands it to you, followed by a tray of mixed vegetables. 

“Is this so that she can dip her vegetables in vegetables?” Morgan takes a piece of pizza and waves it across the table at you. “Come on, one little piece, I can cut it in half!”.

Spencer shakes his head and opens the tray, taking a cucumber and making the first move. 

“Come on baby, pweaaaaase?” you bat your eyelashes at him and he doesn’t even falter. 

“Nope, here, try this” he dips a carrot in it, and holds it out to you. Not really wanting it, you lean over and bite it directly out of his hand, he watches with an expectant look and you chew slowly. 

“Not bad, but I think dipping pizza in it would be better” you say, and he shakes his head once more. 

“You’re not going to give up about this, are you? You’re like a little kid” you smile and press his hand to your face, he squishes your cheeks, and you stick your tongue out. 

“Please, please, please, please” you’re incessant, you won’t give up until you get some of that pizza, and maybe some pickles too. 

He holds strong for a little while, but eventually he just stares directly into your eyes, and puts his hand back on your cheek. 

“I’m not a master, I’m just a fiance, go ahead” there’s a round of applause, and you can feel the giddyness rising in your throat. 

“Thank you babe” you murmur, placing a subtle kiss to the corner of his mouth, and he grins into it. 

“You’re more than welcome” he replies, passing you the rest of the dip to use. 

Kate was waiting for Willow to arrive at her apartment. She wanted to talk about something and so Kate invited her for the night. Almost as if she was returning the favour of the night one week ago. Now, Kate wasn’t a cook by any means but she could whip up chips and homemade dip in no time. Of course, this is what she made for the two of them. She had just finished dishing the dip before she heard her door open. “Willow?” she asked.