homemade city

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

When you are away from home for months at a time and thus continually update your mom re: the specific foods you want once you’re back. (Even though everyone’s like OMG FRENCH FOOD the current list is way longer than it was when I was in SoCal.)


IM DONE WITH THE ADAM YOUNG FUNKO POP! The only I have left for it is to order a plastic box for it to go in so the card stock box I made doesn’t get ruined.

I’m giving this to Adam in less than 2 weeks and I’m so excited! I hope he loves it and the book I made too (with the help of other hoot owls :))

A LAIDBACK GEAR FOR AUTUMN - model: Andreea Diaconu - photographer: Dan Martensen - fashion editor: Clare Richardson - hair: Tamara McNaughton - make-up: Chiho Omae - Telegraph Fashion September 2015 -

  • Holy Cow Ice Cream: 7270 South Broadway #1, Red Hook, New York 12571  845.758.5959  M-Su 11am - 10pm (approx. 100 miles north of NYC)