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Today is Bruce Wayne's birthday!

So to honor the Batdad’s b-day, here are some headcanons about how his birthday goes: 

- The second he woke up he was met with every single one of his kids and honorary kids in his bed screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” to him at the top of their lungs. 

- Cass, Steph, Dick, Bans, Harper, and Duke all have him huge hugs, practically pinning him to the bed with the strength of their snuggles. Jason just punched him in the face, claiming it was a birthday punch, but Bruce could see the small smile on his face. Tim didn’t go in for a hug right away and was kind of awkward, but he did hand Bruce the homemade card they all helped to make, and Bruce gave him a small kiss on the head. Damian was stiff as usual, but he did hug Bruce for .2 seconds only when he was positive nobody was looking. 

- So. Many. Old jokes. The whole day his kids were making comments and jokes about how old he is and that any normal guy his age would be carrying a cane and wearing glasses, not beating up criminals every night. 

- Jason bought him a jug of prune juice and a crowbar for his gift. 

- The Waynes threw a huge party at the manor, where the batkids got into all sorts of trouble like “accidentally” tripping Damian and making him fall face first into the birthday cake. 

- Somehow all the rogues found out about Batman’s birthday, (Bruce suspects Selina told them, but he has no proof), and so when he went on patrol, he was met by all of his villains not committing crimes like he’d assumed, but instead hosting a birthday party for him?? 

- Harley even baked him a cake shaped like the batsignal, and it only had a tiny bomb in it. 

- It was awkward to attend a party with a bunch of supervillains, but at least the presents were good. Killer Croc knitted him a sweater, and Two Face gave him a Batman action figure. He was touched, to say the least. 

- The entire batcave was decorated with the brightest and most colorful decorations they could find. Streamers hung from the giant dinosaur, Barbara changed the screen on the computer to only show pictures of Bruce photoshopped with a party hat, and Tim installed motion sensor confetti cannons so that one couldn’t walk five feet without being shot with confetti. 

- Nobody really knew how old Bruce is. Tim thought it was 45, but Jason insisted it was at least 50. Damian just insists he’s old and says to leave it at that. So when they put candles on the devil’s food cake Alfred baked, they just bought a hundred candles and crammed them all on, deciding that as of now Bruce is 100. He was not amused. 

- Tim made sure to inform him that he shares a birthday with Tumblr and that he should feel very honored. 


@vairablogs sent me the physical copy of the beautiful BIRTHDAY POLAROID ART she drew for me!!! And a homemade card with stars on it AND STAR CONFETTI AAAAAHHHH THANK YOU FRIEND-VAIRA *MANY HUGS*

I’m so SO HAPPY that you sent me the physical copy of this! I was really excited just to see it posted here, but NOW I HAVE IT AND I CAN GLOAT OVER IT LIKE A DRAGON WITH ITS HOARD YESSSS. 


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-jot down notes when on the phone -leave phone messages for other family members - quick grocery lists - write down reminders for yourself
-made from sturdy cardstock
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Valentine's Day Gift HC

~What should you get for your hero this Valentine’s Day?


  • He hates Valentine’s Day. 
  • But he’s a fan of the little things.
  • Give him a handmade card, homemade lunch shaped like a heart.
  • Tell him you love him. Sometimes it’s hard for him to remember that people still do.

Soldier 76:

  • Loves white chocolate 
  • Homemade cookies are also an easy way to his heart especially if they’re heart shaped. He’s a sucker for homemade anything.


  • A nice bottle of sake is good (helps drown out his sorrows) 
  • Or if you’re trying to win his heart, make him chocolate he’ll be touched by it.


  • He’s more of a nature person so flowers work well especially if they’re not cut. He hates to watch them die. 
  • Sentimental things work too. Origami hearts that he can unfold and inside is something you love about him. give him a box full of reasons you love him.


  • Give him roses, he won’t be expecting it Everyone always gives him candy or cards. Be the person that gives him flowers and he won’t know what to say. This is good. Keep him on his toes. He’ll want you more.
  • Hanzo wrapped up in a bow works too.


  • Give him heart balloons. He’ll attach them to his arms and ride around all day with them. He’s so happy.


  • She likes chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Organize a picnic. Just sit and talk. Do something peaceful. It’ll help her feel mellow and calm. She’ll appreciate it. 


  • Big man means big box of chocolates. 
  • He loves almonds in his chocolate. 
  • Just spend time with him. Cuddle on a couch. Kiss him. He loves being showered with as much affection as he gives.


  • Heart shaped cake. She likes cake. 
  • She also loves sentimental things like a collage of pictures of the two of you. 


  • Doesn’t particularly like chocolate but loves roses. 
  • Also a sucker for a well thought out card that has all your feelings in it. 


  • Emily has this covered but if you must, don’t give her chocolate she’s hyper enough. 
  • Give her a homemade valentine with a pun on it. 


  • Peanut butter chocolates are he way to his heart.
  • Homemade treats also show him how much you care. Make Banana muffins!!
  • Help him out while he’s tinkering. Be there for him to bounce ideas off of even if you have no idea what he’s talking about. He likes the company. 


  • Likes dark chocolate.
  • Also chocolate covered strawberries. 
  • Just spending time with her is enough. She cares about you. Sit and ask her to tell you a story about the past. She loves to reminisce about the way things were before everything. 


  • Get him a valentine that can sing. He’ll play it until the battery dies. 
  •  Big fan of dark chocolate and marzipan.


  • A box of chocolates works best and maybe a coffee. 
  • Take her somewhere she’s never been and the two of you can go exploring. She loves learning new information. 


  • She loves coffee favored chocolate. 
  • Just go to the nearest store and get as much discount candy as you can. She’ll love you even more when she sees the giant bags of sugar you’re bringing her.
  • Buy her a new video game and play with her. 


  • If you can make a valentine explode/ shot flames/ erupt in fireworks, do it.
  • If not, you’ll have to get creative. He’s not the biggest fan of flowers or cards. 
  • Go rob a bank with him. 

Road hog:

  • Candy works but also normal food. 
  • Give the man home cooked meals and kisses. 
  • Tell him you love him. It’s more than enough for him. He’s content. 


  • Give her a pop up Valentine’s Day card. It’ll make her smile. 
  •  Really just about any gift will make her smile on Valentine’s Day. 
  • She’s just happy someone’s thinking of her.


  • Leave him alone. His wife is his valentine.
  • He won’t say no to free chocolate though. (Give him some extra to give to his kids)


  • A sucker for teddy bears. The bigger the better.
  • Spend time with her while she’s doing other things. 
  • Hold her feet while she does sit ups and kiss her when she comes up. 
  • Offer encouragement. You love her. 


  • Loves chocolate with praline in it. 
  • Prefers to be alone on the holiday. Give the chocolate and go. She’ll be grateful. 


  • Give him a singing valentine. 
  • He’ll mimic the song if it’s simple enough. 
  • Lay out some birdfees for Ganymede in the shape of a heart. They’ll both love it. Be kind to the omnic.

(Requests are open!!)

I finished up making Valentine’s Day cards finally! I really made them so ridiculous this year!
Disclaimer: Most of these were not my idea. I am only taking credit for the execution of them, not the original concepts!

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post “Dude just said, “While you’re writing postcards you can write to the…”

Yeah, we’re having a constant low-key version of that argument in my house. I think things are worse than he does, which ends up feeling like we’re on opposite sides even though it’s really more like moderate-left vs really left. It mostly results in fewer conversations about current events and more stewing on my part.

I’m getting it kind of all around– all kinds of dudes (it’s always dudes) keep telling me I need to chill. I’m not particularly vocally freaking out, but I have been writing postcards like they’re going out of style. 

I saw an excellent article on Twitter about how women are far more attuned to early signs of radicalism because their rights are almost always the first thing targeted. Oh, here it is– it’s brief, and doesn’t go into much depth, but just reading the headline really crystallized things for me. 

It doesn’t help that dudes are basically constantly telling women that they’re overreacting, but if it’s any consolation, our freakouts are pretty definitely justified.

I mean. Women are currently dying from lack of prenatal care access, and this administration explicitly wants to extend Texas’s condition to the rest of us. I’ve never been pregnant and don’t plan on ever becoming so but I am still a menstruating woman. This is personal. My dude doesn’t understand, no matter how good his imagination might be. (He thinks he understands, but he keeps telling me to chill out. No, he doesn’t understand.)

My mother just mailed me a handful of pre-stamped postcards to send to politicians. She gets it. 

This morning Dude was like but why do you care so much if immigrants are being deported and i’m like they’re people and he’s like it sucks but why care so much and I’m like because this is not my goddamn country and he didn’t really know what to say. I think, to his credit, he was just upset that i was upset. His family were refugees! He’s not unaffected by this, he’s not unworried. He just thinks worry is unproductive. Which, fine, sure, but I can’t just turn that off.