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Every few months or so, and certainly in the romantic fixation of Valentine’s Day, I begin to think I know what love is. How it ought to feel, the breath it catches in my throat, the texture of its weight against my heart, the way it turns me inside out. Its expansive yes. My dad and his partner Susan sent me a short passage by the lovely poet David Whyte earlier this week, about not naming love too soon. When we do, we limit it. We rob it of the oxygen it needs to expand.

But the truth is, there are so very many kinds of love. There is the love I see dear friends experiencing for the first time this year as they become mothers and fathers, the love between two friends who’ve known each other for decades, the love between lovers just nascently entangled, the love between teacher and student, the love between near-strangers falling into a friendship that will sustain them for years. The truth is, there are infinite loves. Loves so numerous and ineffable that they cannot ever even hope to be named.

And so, for all things intoxicating and unnameable: This edible, sparkling coconut rose sugar scrub.