homemade bars


Chicken Teriyaki on Ume rice bento.

In Japan, the new term begins in April at school and my daughter’s high school life has also started since last month.She joins a cheerleading club and does some physical training everyday except Friday and Sunday.

Lately she has a vaster appetite than she used to be and takes a energy bar made by me, which is consisting oatmeal, puffed adlay, almond, dried cranberry, dried blueberry, sugar, honey and butter.


Material List:

  • 10 - 2′ x 4′s
  • 15 - 1′ x 2′s
  • 8 wooden pallets
  • 2 rolls of copper flashing (bar top)
  • 1 box 1″ screws
  • 2 boxes 1.5′ screws
  • 1 - 75 gallon fish tank
  • 8 - 4′ plywood sheets
  • Various steel piping and fasteners (for foot rail)
  • 6 - 2 inch caster wheels

Project took 3 months to complete due to schedules. Two person job, my father and myself. The metal bar sign was purchased from an antique store a few years ago. I added the casters to the bar to be able to push it back against the back bar incase we require extra space in the basement.

UPDATED MASTERPOST hope you guys like this! i spent at least two weeks gathering the info so please use this as much as you like. much lovexxx <3


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Solid Lotion Bars!! 

So, I fell in love with the solid massage bars at Lush over the last few years but it made me wonder how easy it would be to make my own. I had a friend do this recently and that made me want to try as well. It’s so easy anyone can do it! Basically fool proof, not hard and saves a million dollars! Kidding, not kidding haha! So here you go, lets get right to it!!


15-20 prep time

1-2 hours cool time depending how warm your house is haha


- 1 Part Bees Wax

- 1 Part 100% Pure Coco Butter

- 1 Part Coconut Oil

Any Essential Oils you want to scent your bars


- Cheese Grater 

- Muffin Tin

- Double boiler or bowl and pot that fit inside each other

- Spoon to stir

Directions: Take your 100% pure coco butter (the hard stick kind) and grate it with your cheese grater. I used two sticks and that made about 1C of coco butter bits. Place those in your melting bowl. Take the same measurement (1C for me) and add it to the melting bowl. Then scoop out the same measurement of Coconut Oil and add it to the bowl. Adjusting your coconut butter is where you can decide how soft or hard your bars are. If you want them to melt more easily add a tad bit more coconut oil and vice versa less oil to melt more slowly and a harder bar. 

After all of the solid ingredients are in the melting bowl go ahead and place it on top of your pot of water. Turn on to a medium-high heat, watch the bubbles so they don’t boil over or get into your wax mixture. I basically didn’t worry about stirring or anything until the wax is almost all the way melted because if you stir too soon it will cool off what is warming and you want it all to get to a fairly high temp to melt it all. If some wax gets on the side of the bowl and starts to harden again, just scrape it off and add it back to the melting portion. 

Once it is all melted and mixed thoroughly turn off your heat and add in your essential oils. I used a mixture created by a local wellness company that encourages relaxation. You can choose your essential oils for scent preference or for their healing properties you get to decide. 

Once your oils are stirred in just pour your mixture into your muffin tins. My 3 cups created 6 full muffin tin bars. You can use small muffin tins or any fun holiday shape molds you find. Once they are all filled just let it sit out at room temperature to solidify. I just left the house and ran some errands. When I came home they were solid. Don’t pop them out too quickly, you want them to be solid all the way through. 

All I did to pop them out was turn the tin over onto a towel and press the bottom of each individual muffin and each popped out with ease. I think a good non stick muffin tin helps with this. 

My bars have sort of a speckled look to them on the bottom because some of the Vanilla resin that I used settled to the bottom. I love this look but yours may be different. I hope you enjoy them!! Let me know what scent combos you come up with and if you found any helpful hints for these!!


Homemade PB&J Quest Bars


Makes 2 bars. I doubled the recipe and made 4 bars (I ate one already, not in pic, sorrynotsorry)

The base for all homemade Quest bars:

- 4 tbsp (1 scoop or ¼ cup leveled) of vanilla whey isolate (you can use vanilla whey protein, however your protien macro will be slightly lower)

- 2 tbsp Vitafiber

- 2 tbsp Almond Flour

- ½ tbsp water

The mixers:

- 1 tbsp PB2

- 13g raw blueberries, unfrozen

Mix all dry ingredients listed above in a zip lock bag. Unseal and add Vitafiber and water. Seal and knead together like Play-Doh. This will take 5-10 minutes and elbow grease. Once mixed, open bag and add blueberries. Mix together partially. Remove from bag and spilt into equal parts. Shape however your heart desires. Put in refrigerator for 30 min till hardened.

The possibilities are endless with the mixers

Macros for 1 pb&j bar: 144cal, 16.8 C, 3.4 F, 17.6 P, 87.6 Na, 50.8 K, 11.9 Fiber

• unrequited love

nonnie requested: Hey there can you please write a Barry x reader story where the reader was the one who encouraged Barry and Iris to start dating, and when they become bf/gf the reader actually realizes that she is in love with Barry? Something fluffy/angsty and super-duper sad pleasee?

A/N: again, I’m sorry for not posting much. I’ve also been feeling down lately but here’s this. Does anyone miss me? Probably not. I’ll probably be busy tomorrow since I’m helping mum bake and we are baking a few different things like lemon bars to homemade bread since she’s in a baking mood. This is after they have dated awhile since I wanted to add H.R since he’s my favorite Wells. But I hope nevertheless you enjoy this drabble of your request nonnie. Ships are closed and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by sgmtcr

                  » Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (friendship, unrequited love), Iris West & Reader (friendship) «

You were best friends with Iris and Barry since childhood, you three were like the musketeers as Joe would say since you three almost did everything together. And that was how life was like, even though as you three have gotten older, you still were the three musketeers. You and Iris knew about Barry’s secret when the time came when he announced to you both that he was the speedster saving everyone. But there was one more secret you knew, the brown haired male was in love with his foster sister and you decided to help out. It wasn’t like you liked him or anything right? Or so you thought. They spent more and more time together without you as they did couple things. You felt something you never thought you would have but it was too late.

You, Y/N L/N had finally realized that you were in love with your childhood friend, Barry Allen aka the fastest man alive. You tried shaking it off but every time you saw them, you wished you were Iris. But the dark skinned female always seemed to be prettier according to you, you couldn’t compare yourself with her and besides she had Barry.

“Y/N! Y/N, hey!” A voice made you snap back into reality as you looked up from your monitor to see H.R holding a cup of your favorite hot beverage with a never leaving smile on his face. “Hey sunshine. Nice to see you back into reality with us, well just me. You seem to be working more than with Barry and Iris so I got you a drink. Is something maybe, I don’t know, on your mind Y/N?” He asks as you take the cup from the older man’s hand with a sigh. He may seem like an idiot to some but H.R always gave you a smile on your face mostly because he reminded you of your fun uncle.

“T-thank you H.R.” You weakly smile and take a small sip of the drink you loved, “I’ve just been thinking of those two actually.” Noticing H.R letting you keep talking and you bit your lip a little before looking down but slowly up again at him. “H.R? I think I’m in love with Barry, I know it’s selfish of me but I didn’t realize I had fallen in love with one of my childhood friends. .even though I didn’t mean too. Does that make me a bad person H.R?” You look at the usually smiling man only to meet where his eyes were looking. It was Barry and everyone else that arrived to start working as you couldn’t say anything, tears began to form as you got up.

“Y/N? Is that true?” The burnet asks you as you slowly got up and try to walk away and avoid him, avoid everyone you knew in that room. “Y/N!” He jogs after and catches your arm but you push it away while looking anywhere but the emerald eyes. “Y/N, is it true that you started to have feelings for me?” He asks you once again but there was silence until you spoke.

“There’s nothing to talk about Barry. You go be happy with Iris, you two deserve each other. I’m sorry but this is goodbye. .” You walk away more, silently hoping Bar would stop you and beg you to stay with him and the team. But he never did, instead he watched his childhood friend, Y/N walk away from his life. And you never came back to Central City even when you got pleads from everyone else, especially H.R since he missed you laughing at his bad jokes. You miss them but in the end, nobody’s plead didn’t matter, you were waiting for Barry’s but nothing ever came. You changed your number and email to avoid everyone. The sad thing was you vowed yourself to never love anyone ever again, no matter what because every guy you met reminded you of Barry.

And you could never love Barry, he was with Iris probably living happily. Last you heard, they were getting engaged.




Let’s get one thing straight: store bought granola bars are an insult to their homemade counterparts.

Homemade granola bars are soft, packed full of flavor and texture, and when they’re warm right after being taken out of the oven? Don’t even get me started.

I’ve been scrambling to clear out my pantry and granola bars are great for that, so here I am with a tray of deliciousness 😍

Sheldon walked into his living room to find the sight of his crying wife.  This used to be very upsetting to him, but over the last month or so she started crying almost constantly.  Again, this would be very upsetting if he didn’t know it was the pregnancy hormones.  Amy told him to ignore her when she was like this, but it was still a little hard to not be moved by his normally stoic wife crying about this or that.

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