the losers club as seniors


  • has been planning senior prank since he was a freshman
  • has participated in senior prank since freshmen year, but everyone knew that when trashmouth became a senior, his prank would top all pranks
  • is hailed by all as a fucking legend
  • teachers don’t want him in their classes, and when they do get him, they pray
  • except the english teacher, bc he’s full of bants and thinks richie’s sharp tongue is fantastic
  • has large hipster wide rimmed circular bright red glasses that bill brought from new york for his birthday- richie loves them (and he knows how fucking expensive they are)
  • richie and eddie have been together since sophomore year
  • richie still makes fun of eddie’s fanny pack, and kisses his pout off all the time
  • smokes with beverly at free period
  • draws on the walls all the time, and the janitors have stopped painting over them because the ones that aren’t dicks aren’t half bad
  • has a joke of the day in the school paper
  • spikes drinks at all the dances, always gets caught, always escapes detention, with help from mike, who has football training on the pitch outside the detention classroom
  • plays a mean game of basketball
  • he worked at the ice cream store over the summer, and would hook everyone up with free ice cream, except for mike, bc he’s vegan
  • always has a spare inhaler in his left back pocket
  • spray painted his bike bright pink (and bill’s for april fools, but he secretly loves it)
  • someone called him lady boy once and eddie fucked up his face so much that richie had to stop him and take some stuff from eddie’s fanny pack and clean up the asshole
  • asshole never spoke to him again
  • richie loudly sings kids in america out car windows, bothering stan so much. so. fucking. much.


  • always chewing strawberry gum
  • dating ben since junior year, always goes to the record store and listens to old music with him
  • secretly loves the library
  • all the guys (and maybe two or three girls) have massive crushes on her but her heart belongs to ben
  • favourite class is english, she started reading more when she visited the library over the summer (that’s where stan and ben worked)
  • rants to bill all the time, and taps her foot when stressed
  • she hid all of the pens in the school with richie once- chaotic evil?
  • let her hair grow out a little more, but then cut it when it got caught in someone’s fingers during a soccer game
  • heavyweight drinker, always plays drinking games with stan, also surprisingly a heavyweight
  • owns a leather jacket that her mom gave her, that belonged to her grandpa- wears it all the time and looks like such a badass with it over he swishy dresses and cowgirl boots
  • she worked at the record store, the diner, the gas station- just a whole bunch of little jobs
  • punched a guy for fake wheezing in front of eddie
  • richie punched him too of course
  • eddie just took a puff from his inhaler and stuck up his middle finger
  • all the girls admire her so much- she started a feminism club and had an advice column in the paper
  • captain of the soccer team, and the best player in the school- including the boys
  • i mean, she has the highest goal average per game in derry!?
  • has a funny joke lighter that bill bought her when he visited new york- it’s a molly ringwald lighter that you flip the head off for the flame
  • she loves it just like she loves her leather jacket


  • shotgun, no matter who’s driving
  • if a look could kill
  • richie would be dead 70 million times over
  • stan worked at the library over the summer, so all the Derry grandmas, book loving children, and a few in between love him
  • walking home, passes ms. smith’s house on the corner of the street?
  • walks in for a visit, comes out with seven cookies and a kiss on the cheek
  • but stan loves it
  • stan asked bill out at the beginning of sophomore year, and bill hadn’t stammered his answer
  • what i mean by that is that bill just kissed stan
  • in front of derry high school, in the middle of the gym, after bill’s basketball game (he and richie were varsity starters at 15 years old!)
  • but everyone just clapped, because stan was well loved and well feared by plenty
  • stan helps tutor some of the kids at the elementary school down the street, with maths and science
  • he an ben are best library bros for life
  • he know the dewey decimal system, morse code, and was now fluent in french and hebrew
  • has his coffee black because “i need to be energized through you bullshit, richie!”
  • watches all of the loser’s games, mike with football, beverly with soccer, bill and richie with basketball, and eddie with baseball, while he studies
  • he colour codes everything- a lot of the girls ask him for tips or to borrow his nice pens
  • he has a little golden bird hanging on a chain- a gift from bill when he visited new york


  • started playing baseball after he confronted his mom, came home tryout day with a scrape, totally freaked the fuck out, but made the team
  • he’s the Derry star pitcher, but still keeps an inhaler in his pocket
  • he also has rubbing alcohol, bandaids, pain killers, and a spare inhaler in the dugout
  • he loves his baseball cap (he washes it every other day)
  • chews mint gum (which richie loves)
  • has a baseball shaped fanny pack that bill brought back from new york for him
  • he started wearing converse- but everyone wore white ones, and eddie swore he could SEE the bacteria crawling, so he bought red ones that he kept clean
  • he still wore his velcro shoes occasionally, of course
  • he worked at the diner over the summer, and the bosses loved him because he kept the place squeaky clean
  • no food complaints because he also flipped a mean burger
  • the losers would come and spend hours there, waiting for eddie’s shift to end and putting in quarters into the jukebox 
  • eddie always requested Come on Eileen, by Dexys Midnight Runners
  • eddie always borrowed richies large shirts and would give them back washed cleanly and folded neatly
  • he’s very familiar with the school nurse (the old one left after eddie exposed her unclean nurse-ly ways)
  • richie had asked him out sophomore year and eddie had whacked him with his fanny pack because richie was drunk and had beer stains down his front
  • he tried again the next day and eddie accepted because he was sober and CLEAN
  • eddie loves going to the children’s hospital, even though the germs freak him out and he takes all the right precautions, but he loves talking to the kids and telling them stories about richie and beverly’s wild antics


  • american football legend!!
  • everyone wonders who’s gonna get his jersey when he graduates, because its just,,, wow!!!
  • stopped homeschooling and transferred to derry in freshman year- he met the loser the summer before, and begged his parents to transfer
  • he’s vegan and he makes GOOD vegan food that sometimes beverly mooches from at lunchtimes
  • he didn’t work during the summers- because he worked at the farm after trainings or school at home
  • loves photography
  • has collages everywhere
  • he has someone in the development store that gets him polaroid frames cheap
  • he has collages in his locker, in his room, has his pictures in the paper
  • he put his really stupid photos up EVERYWHERE for a part of the senior prank- pictures of dick drawings on the wall, a dog taking a shit, just his really stupid ones (with plenty of convincing from richie)
  • has some neat polaroid frames that bill brought from new york
  • wasn’t mad at ALL when richie spray painted his bike mint green
  • “I love it!! that would look so nice in the photos!!”
  • smoked once, choked and puked
  • “that was rancid, bev! you’re inhaling a freaking tar pit!!”
  • bakes really good cookies
  • can fight when needed
  • someone made a jab at ben once and mike was put in detention for 2 days for breaking the guy’s nose
  • helps richie out when he has detention
  • principals and teachers love him- always does his homework, always answers questions
  • except for spanish
  • mike fucking hates spanish
  • “I’m not moving to freaking Mexico when I’m older, ok??”


  • works at the library over the summer, and discusses books over mike’s cookies with the librarians and sometimes stan
  • listens to all sorts of music on his walkman, dances around as he shelves the books
  • writes poems and short stories for the school paper and the derry paper
  • he tutors some of the elementary kids in english, and helps the aspiring writers get their pieces in the paper or the library bulletin
  • has a separate notebook of poems about beverly and the rest of the losers (but mostly beverly)
  • the notebook was from bill, from new york
  • loves the smell of cigarette smoke and strawberry- but not too much
  • he goes to the bakery and brings muffins for everyone before school starts
  • ben drinks tea instead of coffee
  • loves big sweatshirts, has a whole bunch
  • his favourite pair of socks are superman socks
  • he knows a neat little coffee shop that has second hand books and really good lemon squares
  • but he likes meeting at the diner eddie works at more, because bev always plays new kids on the block for him
  • has a lighter in his pocket for beverly, because he knows that she’s not gonna stop, and wants her to be happy (which is really strange)
  • his hair is always really neat, and doesnt like it when people ruffle it
  • the most rebellious thing he’s ever done was partake in senior prank and put moldy stinky food in the teachers room and lock the door 
  • he was scared shitless he was gonna get caught\
  • but only richie, beverly and bill got in trouble
  • mike broke them out, with some support from ben
  • school mascot, can backflip, front flip, cartwheel and roundoff the FUCK out of the pitch


  • went to new york, brought something back for everyone
  • admired by everyone in the school
  • all the elementary kids call him big boss bill
  • very much in love with stan
  • plays shooting guard in basketball
  • lightweight drinker, stan always has to carry him home if richie throws a wild party
  • writes short stories and essays for the school paper
  • doodles in all the classes, never focuses, still passes
  • teacher wonder how he does it
  • co captain of basketball (with richie, but only because richie has a higher basket average than him, but bill can actually lead)
  • drives- not too slow, not too fast, and very responsible
  • once backflipped off the first floor onto the pitch because eddie said he would’ve been too chicken
  • sprained his ankle, never did something that stupid again
  • class president
  • learned how to play mahjong
  • very good at it
  • stammers still, but only when he’s nervous (which is actually a lot of the time, cause the losers are dangerous little shits)
  • worked at the grocery store over the summer, everyone in derry knew him
  • if he likes you you get special discount on the junk food
  • buys pens for stan all the time
  • always listens to music for about thirty minutes pre-game
  • watches all of eddie and mike’s games, as well as beverly’s
  • substitute school mascot for non basketball games
  • all the girls love him and his bisexual ass, but his heart is stan’s
kang dongho as your boyfriend

nu’est boyfriends 2/5

  • okay listen dongho is like a good mix of marshmallows and sriracha sauce
  • incredibly sweet, soft and squishy but also a little spicy
  • whenever he smiles or laughs the sun seems to shine a little brighter
  • his laughter was one of the many reasons why you fell in love with him
  • tbh you couldn’t help but wonder whether or not he was an angel when he first presented you with his beautiful and pure pearly white smile
  • like wow the way his eyes turned into little crescent moons gave you butterflies for days
  • but then, when you got to watch him perform for the first time, you couldn’t help but think that this sinful man was far from being an angel
  • anyways
  • even though he might be no angel, he’s the perfect gentleman for you
  • might nag you a lot about being to careless with yourself, but honestly, he’s just worried about you and wants you to be okay
  • asks you how your day went and is genuinely interested in your response
  • texts you sweet and sometimes cheesy good night messages every single day
  • tbh he just loves knowing that you’ll fall asleep with a smile on your face thanks to him
  • there’s not a lot of pda in this relationship
  • he has to keep up his rough bad boy persona
  • however, dongho is definitely never opposed to a few cuddling sessions when the two of you are at home
  • loves playing with your fingers because wow your hands are so small and his are so big and it’s so cute and he just wants to hold you forever
  • sometimes he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and just stare at you with a dumbfounded, huge smile on his face
  • spoiler alert: he’s smiling because he’s just so incredibly happy to have you and he can’t stop thinking about how someone like him managed to score someone like you because damn getting to date you is like winning the lottery
  • now, there’s no denying it 
  • dongho would definitely be a protective boyfriend
  • not in the way that he gets jealous easily or frequently
  • he trusts you with his life, he just doesn’t trust the rest of the male population
  • because to be quite frank there’s some nasties out there and dongho knows it
  • will always walk you home or at least to the nearest bus stop
  • and if you happen to have to wait a littler longer than usual for your bus he’d stay cemented to the ground until he gets to see you board the vehicle safely with his own two eyes
  • even if that meant he’d be missing his own bus
  • always gives you a soft little kiss on the lips and a lopsided smile as a goodbye
  • wow what a sweetheart
  • you grow very fond of the other nu’est members because they’re incredibly welcoming and warm towards you 
  • because it’s you, the girl that makes their main vocalist the happiest
  • you and minhyun get along exceptionally well, sometimes teaming up on dongho and playing little pranks or just affectionately picking on him
  • so when you do you better prepare because your boyfriend will not hesitate to tease you back
  • he loves knowing that he has the ability to make you flustered quite easily
  • so obviously, he takes advantage of that
  • a lot
  • like he’ll just so happen to be changing out of his shirt when you enter the room oops he totally didn’t do that on purpose no
  • or he’ll answer the door clad in nothing but a towel — obviously he just got out of the shower — and smirk at the way your cheeks heat up
  • “like what you see?”
  • loves kissing you so, so much
  • it doesn’t matter how or where he gets to kiss you, whether it be a quick peck on the forehead, a soft brush of his lips against your neck or a full on make-out session, dongho loves it
  • also likes kissing your hand frequently and softly
  • compliments you so much
  • “oh my god, you look so beautiful today baby”
  • “what did i ever do to deserve someone as stunning as you”
  • “there’s no reason to be worried, you’re so great at what you do”
  • his actions reveal to you what he sometimes has trouble speaking out loud — that he loves you, truly and deeply, and that he wouldn’t give you up for anything in the world
  • jesus what a soft man please just give him a lot of cuddles because he deserves them
RFA+V+Saeran orders at Starbucks


  • He’s a bit wary of the caffeine
  • He knows that the “Pass Out After Drinking Coffee Syndrome” is fake but still prefers to play safe
  • Usually orders hot chocolate with caramel syrup
  • Vanilla bean frappuccino during summer
  • Doesn’t get any food because then his order would be too expensive (honestly same)


  • His favorite is Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Doesn’t care if it’s considered to be Basic Girl DrinkTM, it tastes awesome
  • Normally orders tea though because it’s good for the body
  • Also gets Greek Yoghurt with Berries Parfait


  • Caramel Macchiato with three extra shots of espresso
  • Caramel Marshmallow Frappuccino/Iced Caramel Macchiato during warm months
  • She also buys packages of coffee beans to brew at home
  • Loves the chocolate brownies


  • Flat White is his go-to drink
  • Also likes Espresso Con Panna 
  • Cold Brew when it’s hot outside
  • Grabs Turkey Pesto Panini or the Caesar salad for snack because it seems nutritious


  • Orders secret menu drinks 
  • Which he also modifies himself
  • Baristas are always afraid they’ll have to remake the drink
  • Because who could possibly like a Captain Crunch Frappuccino with 25 pumps of caramel sauce and cinnamon powder, right?
  • Well, Luciel has strange tastes (must be a nice break from PHD Pepper though)
  • He also gets carrot cake and then has a sugar high


  • Unicorn Frappuccino
  • It’s so his aesthetic
  • He also likes White Hot Chocolate and Eggnog Latte
  • Gets blueberry muffins to go along with that


  • Orders plain black coffee
  • Then adds a ton of cream and sugar at the condiment stand
  • Likes Cake Pops and cinnamon bubblegum

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Boyfriend Seungri

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top version; here

  • getting cute facetimes at any moment
  • endlessly teasing seungri alongside jiyong. & the others too. but mainly jiyong. he always has your back when it comes to teasing seungri
  • is surprisingly shy & discreet about the relationship
  • when it comes to his talent or charms, he has no issue with showing that off
  • so it may seem like a surprise to know that he would be very modest & reserved about your relationship
  • but listen
  • he knows that the world finding out would be just plain bad. instead of supporting him, ppl would turn against him & you would face tremendous hate. & while facing hate or a scandal himself wouldn’t be too bad (it’s not like it would be the first time), he can’t bare to read articles dissing you or hear ppl talk bad about you
  • so it’s better to be secretive, for now anyways
  • when he wants to settle down (marriage, kids, pets, get a house, the whole shebang) then he would come clean
  • but while it’s harmless love, with no kids involved, he would be private about it
  • and even if he revealed the relationship, he wouldn’t post many things about you & would be very short w his answers to q’s about you in interviews. he really wants to keep his private life private
  • is reserved about it even to the guys
  • might occasionally brag or shoot you a flirty wink, but that’s about it
  • he tries to buy you cute things on tour but the guys take the piss out of him for it
  • & if he tries buying you snacks or sweets, they eat it before you can
  • they’re basically just really annoying big brothers
  • but they also adore you & the fact that you make their maknae happy but shush don’t tell seungri
  • he’s less reserved when it’s just you two though
  • and less reserved in the bedroom ;)
  • let’s just say, he likes when you’re tied up, blindfolded & vulnerable before him
  • sexy outfits are nice too :-) he won’t ever say no to you in a sexy outfit
  • teases you by denying kisses
  • then kisses your cheek when you beg & ur like “u missed??”
  • at which point he proceeds to ravish you ;)
  • he loves holding hands
  • and being the big spoon
  • which makes you feel so loved & protected at night, falling into a peaceful slumber. you always sleep soundly when he’s home
  • loving the bones of him but also “stfu seungri, it’s late, I want to sleep not listen to you half tell me a story” which is something that occurs a lot
  • he likes telling u every little detail of his day (& you doing the same) but this usually happens at 2 am
  • & most of his stories are only half true or blown out of proportion, w details missing, like, he’ll tell you he had a photo shoot. but “forget” to mention that it was a raunchy one w half naked, sexy ladies
  • rolling your eyes when he says something cheesy
  • “you’re honestly the most beautiful person I’ve ever met”
  • “whatever, nerd”

anonymous asked:

Can you do fluffy headcanons of Juuzou, Ayato, and Nishiki? Love your blog btw & happy birthday!!

But of course, and thank you darling!

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  • Juuzou really enjoys cuddling his s/o
  • He’s super hyper
  • Likes to make pillow forts with his s/o
  • And will often surprise his s/o with a game when they get home
  • loves Eskimo kisses// fite me on this
  • Occasionally shares his sweets with his s/o
  • But…they’re the only person he’ll actually really share them with
  • Cute kisses
  • Lots of hand holding
  • While sleeping, Juuzou likes to curl up to his s/o
  • because it makes him feel safe 


  •  Isn’t really one for PDA
  • BUT
  • Is hella protective
  • Likes to put an arm around his s/o’s shoulders 
  • Complains when they steal his clothes, but secretly he really likes it
  • ‘Cause it shows everyone that they belong to him
  • rough/passionate kisses when he gets jealous
  • cute/sweet kisses when they’re alone
  • Is a sucker for his s/o playing with his hair, fiTE ME
  • If his s/o’s a ghoul and working for Aogiri, you can bet your ass he’ll fuss over them going on missions



  • Nishiki, similar to Ayato, is hella protective
  • but lowkey tho
  • will venture out and grab snacks for his s/o if they’re human
  • wILL hunt with them if they’re a ghoul cause he’s worried they’ll get caught by the CCG
  • But claims it’s because he thinks he’s stronger 
  • even if his s/o’s an SSS class ghoul
  • biG SPOON
  • Gets hella flustered when his s/o wears his clothes
  • He gives really good hugs
  • Likes to give his s/o slow, passionate kisses 
  • will help his s/o study if they need help

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-Mun K


My texts from this fandom:


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Multiple characters:

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luandachan  asked:

Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, but I'd like to know if you have any recommendations from H50 and Sterek's fics. I'm curious to know what kind of things you read :P Thank you very much!

Oh my gosh, there are so many; there is so much good writing in both fandoms. I do a terrible job at keeping up with my bookmarks, so this is a very, very limited selection of just what I thought of off the top of my head!


Curving Like the Ocean Toward You

put your mind at ease

Not Yet Written

A Fielder’s Choice

I would not just leave you without a kiss (and its sequel)

The Co-Operative

New Jersey

Also: anything by stellarmeadow @stellarm, kho @lovethesnark


A Single Man in Possession of Doughnuts

Introduction to Zero-Sum Anthropology

Theory of Overprotective Canines

The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home

Love Thy Neighbor…He’s Hot

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The Dew of Little Things

Also: anything by Cobrilee @cobrilee, alisvolatpropiis @deleted-scenes, calrissian18 @wellhalesbells, inell @inell, bleep0bleep @bleep0bleep 

And honestly, so many others that I haven’t listed! I could go on for pages. :)

Takada Kenta as your boyfriend
  • dancing to girl group songs together 
  • claims to be more fabulous than you
  • and you can’t even deny it
  • makes you coffee in the morning 
  • likes to drink his coffee really sweet
  • dates are rarely spent at home
  • loves to explore the city with you 
  • never lets go of your hand when you two are out 
  • “Kenta my hand it getting sweaty”
  • “okay, switch hands”
  • also likes going out late at night to the park 
  • claims it is the best time to ride the swings
  • stargazing together
  • the type of boyfriend to win prizes for you from the claw machine
  • loves to play games
  • so dates are sometimes spent in arcades
  • singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite songs
  • and dancing around in your pajamas
  • teaching you phrases in japanese
  • sometimes will teach you bad words but will pretend like they aren’t
  • “Kenta, what does that mean?”
  • “It means you’re beautiful” (no it doesn’t also cue sly smirk)
  • you found it wasn’t the actually meaning when you said it to someone and they got highly offended
  • cue Kenta rolling on the floor laughing
  • so now you only trust Google translate to teach you japanese
  • will say sweet nothings to you in japanese bc sometimes he gets shy saying it in korean
  • loves to teach you how to dance
  • during winter, it is a must to go ice skating
  • and drink hot chocolate
  • and watch movies
  • and cuddle
  • will cling onto you when you sleep
  • wants you to be as close to him as possible
  • loves giving you kisses on your nose
  • or eskimo kisses
  • and loves when you kiss his cheek

thefashionwannabe  asked:

Can you please do a hc where the RFA+Saeran funds out MC is apart of a pretty good rock band and she's the lead singer

Hello, and yes, I can! Thank you for asking me!~


  • he didn’t know about it at first
  • like it was a big surprise when he saw you on TV???
  • he’s really surprised when he hears you sing and jam out
  • but he loves it nonetheless!
  • secretly buys all your albums
  • and all your merch
  • tells everyone he’s dating a famous singer
  • gets really happy if you sing to him
  • whether it be a lullaby or fIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
  • he goes to your concerts and hugs you backstage and kisses you good luck
  • cheers you on 100%


  • you’re in a what now?
  • dude he’s h Y P E D
  • “omg omg omg sing for me”
  • “please sign this”
  • buys all your merch too
  • wears one of your shirts to every concert
  • when the fanguys compliment your looks he gets all defensive
  • “you think she’s cute? well she’s my girlfriend”
  • fight me 1 on 1 right now you bitch
  • almost got kicked out one time for fighting a guy who said he loved you
  • “babe their fans pls”
  • when he gets home he demands cuddles and he wants to hear you sing
  • plus you’re voice is rly good in bed hue hue hUE KMS
  • he tells all his friends about you nonstop
  • support is 11037%


  • she didn’t find out until she came home to your band there
  • you have to explain you guys are just working on a few songs
  • gets a bit confused but then it links together
  • this girl is 100% on board
  • she accepts you for who you are
  • secretly buys as much shit as she can
  • but also momhee activated
  • makes sure that none of your fans get to “noisy”
  • bc she knows how it went down with Zen and she’s worried
  • but she really likes your singing and even though it’s kind of loud and annoying she plays it when she’s cleaning or something
  • she sometimes on occasions asks you to sing a slower song of yours
  • there are slow rock songs bitch fite me
  • she holds you when you do while sipping coffee
  • honestly you’re a gr8 stress reliever when needed
  • secretly goes to the concerts and watches
  • is secret #1 fan


  • you’re in a wHAT NOW?
  • he doesn’t even know the band, nor about you
  • so when one of his bodyguards ask you for a autograph he gets confused
  • he’s still confused when it’s a album they ask you to sign
  • when he asks about it you tell him you’re in a band
  • o h
  • he doesn’t see you any different, if anything, a lot cooler
  • he makes jaehee study up all on your band
  • doesn’t go to any of your concerts cause he’s busy but
  • asks you for a special performance hue huE HUE DOUBLE HUE
  • he even buys you more instruments and signs you up with record deals
  • you love this man you swear
  • gives shout outs to certain new songs you sing to him
  • holy mackaroon mc don’t make the man blush even more


  • he already knew from the start
  • he was confused by the band name but he heard you sing and fell in love with your voice
  • when you guys start dating you have to clean the house for him
  • but then you look in his closet and see a l l your merch
  • you ask him about it and he gets embarrassed
  • explains he’s been your fan since the start
  • you get so happy and blush and you even sing a bit for him
  • dude he’s so in love with you
  • holds you and dances with you to your album
  • he even listens to you on his headphones occasionally while working
  • when there is a concert he has it livestreamed on his computer
  • cause he can’t go because of work but he still wants to watch
  • l o v e s it
  • he gets all fangirly when you shout out to him like
  • f r e a k s


  • dude wh a t
  • he’s so ecstatic
  • you guys both rock out together when seven isn’t around
  • has a few items from your website/or bought from a store
  • secretly likes wearing them under his sweater/jacket
  • will jam out if he’s home alone with headphones
  • fucking loves it so much
  • he gets really embarrassed and probably has to hide in his sweater if you give him a shoutout
  • he tries attending concerts but he gets angry with the fans
  • so he just hangs backstage or at home
  • loves cuddling you if he goes on tour with you
  • like secret cuddles in small bed on the bus
  • but glares at a n y fan who asks for a autograph our photo
  • still loves u tho

That was fun, and I hope you like it! :3333333333 (Elizabeth the 3rd says hi)

anonymous asked:

Yukio and Shura in the first few weeks (or months?) of a relationship

Hello hello! Shura’s headcanons are written by @ricehoe, who started her new Ao no Exorcist blog! Make sure to check her blog @aonoexorcistfan and send her some requests~!


  • might seem shy and even uninterested at first bc she’s not used to being close with someone
  • will probably give you a cute nickname that you “hate”
  • might get drunk a lot bc she’s nervous around you -also a terrible cook but makes a mean cocktail
  • might feel bad about being a bad cook and ask rin for a recipe??? She wants to treat you
  • as she grows more confident she’ll lovingly tease you even more 
  • you know she’s comfortable around you when she shows up to hangout in her pyjamas
  • secretly loves hugs 
  • although she seems lighthearted and jokey, she’s a great listener and gives really good advice
  • excitedly babbles to you about how well rin’s training is going 
  • but makes you swear not to tell anyone
  • loves it when you take her hair out of a ponytail and plays with it (but pretends
  • she doesn’t)


  • he hides his demons; doesn’t want to bother you
  • but we all know this is a big mistake
  • he would feel a little awkward around you  - not because he’s ashamed of you, but because he is afraid that he might say something wrong and offend/scare you
  • everyday walks you home
  • loves to hear about your day; it makes him calm
  • Hugs. Hugs are important. Please give him as many as you can
  • most of the time is silent -  he prefers to hear you as I mentioned it above, but MAKE HIM TALK
  • easy way is to make him talk is playing with his hair – he will protest, but the feeling of your hands in his hair makes him a lot calmer and a talker
  • when you catch him out of guard and kiss him, he will be as red as tomato
  • “Don’t do that, Y/N!” *adjusts glasses*
Ed Sheeran’s Photograph, as told by Larry Images

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes, but it’s the only thing that I know

When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes, it is the only thing that makes us feel alive.

We keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves- where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken, time’s forever frozen still.

So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans

Holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet

You won’t ever be alone

Wait for me to come home

Loving can heal

Loving can mend your soul. And it’s the only thing that I know.

I swear it will get easier, remember that with every piece of you. And it’s the only thing we take with us when we die.

We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves. Where our eyes are never closing, hearts were never broken, time’s forever frozen still.

So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans, holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet, you won’t ever be alone.

And if you hurt me, that’s okay baby only words bleed

Inside these pages, you just hold me. I won’t ever let you go.

Oh you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen

Next to your heartbeat where I should be

Keep it deep within your soul. And if you hurt me, that’s okay baby, only words bleed. Inside these pages you just hold me, and I won’t ever let you go.

When I’m away, I will remember how you kissed me under the lamp post back on sixth street

Hearing you whisper through the phone: “Wait for me to come home”.

Bonus fun fact: During a 2011 push to expand into the American market, the boys stayed in a hotel called the Westin, less than a quarter of a mile from, you guessed it…. Sixth Street.

Photograph (ft. Bea Miller)
Boyce Avenue
Photograph (ft. Bea Miller)

Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it’s the only thing that I know
When it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
Times forever frozen still

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin’ me closer
‘Til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone
Wait for me to come home

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