Fresh start / Zayn centric

Prompt: Zayn ,17, is an orphan and is living on the streets. He is robbing houses, selling weed, and he is quite popular, but one day he robs harry’s house who is a successful detective, 22, and harry is unexpectedly home so he catches zayn and gives him 2 choices. 1. He reports him and goes to jail 2. He gets custody of Zayn for a year. Zayn reluctantly chooses the 2. option but things aren’t easy when you have a bad past

Trigger warning: being homeless

word count: 7.5k

A lot of people don’t really care about the homeless people living on the streets. They tend to say that it simply has to be their fault that they are living here and don’t give them money when they walk by because they are only going to buy alcohol or drugs.

When you have a place to stay, a nice comfortable bed, a bathroom and maybe even a fridge filled with delicious food you won’t be able to imagine living on the streets. It’s a daily fight for life.

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New home / Zayn centric

Prompt: Zayn is an orphan who is beaten at his orphanage so one time he sneaks out of it. Liam finds him in the park and wants to take him back but Zayn has an asthma attack so Liam comforts him and takes him home where he introduces him to Niall, Louis and Harry.

Trigger warning: abuse

Word Count: 2.5k

Zayn Malik was a six-year old boy who hadn’t had much luck in his life yet. He was currently living in an orphanage because his parents had had a problem with drugs and so a social worker had taken him away from his family and put him here.

This had been two years ago and Zayn still wished to go back to his parents. They hadn’t cared much about him but at least they had never hurt him. The people living here were all cruel and the boy hated it. He hated the other kids that were living here because they always found something to make fun of the little boy and he also hated the workers here because they were unfriendly and sometimes they lost their temper and hurt him or the other kids.

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i think, that on the 2013 tour, everyone should carry a sign. and on the sign should be a blown up picture of homeless Zayn

cause honestly, how great would Zayn’s face be, when he walks out on stage with the rest of the boys, and everyone holds up their sign, and it’s this picure

but the signs have to be hidden till Zayn comes out on stage


homeless looking zayn malik