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This might be really stupid but how old is Frank? My brain is not sure if I should picture him as a 70 year old or like 30? I don't understand anything about USA veterans?

Not a stupid question at all! I know a lot of people assume that Frank is a veteran of the Vietnam War, but he’s actually 28. He joined up when he was 18 and served in Iraq.  

The Vietnam War has such a strong hold on our public psyche when it comes to PTSD and government mishandling of returning soldiers. But homelessness and mental illness are still a huge problems in returning military today.

Here are some stats about homeless vets in the US (main source):

  • The majority are male (about 9% are female)
  • 45% of all homeless vets are African American or Hispanic
  • 50% are under the age of 51
  • 50% have serious mental illness
  • As of 2012, homelessness was increasing in returning vets from Afghanistan and Iraq, even though homelessness in vets was decreasing overall (x)
  • PTSD affects 20% of soldiers who served in Iraq (x)
  • This especially affects young vets because they don’t know how to transfer military experience to civilian careers (x)
  • The majority are single (most programs that assist the homeless are targeted towards families with children)
  • Homelessness affects vets for an average of 6 years, which is two years longer than the average for homeless non-vets (x)

#TheHomelessPeriod exposes the unique menstruation problem homeless women face 

The new campaign shines a light on homeless women who need assistance caring for their menstrual cycles. According to the Guardian, approximately 26% of people in the U.K. who receive “homelessness services” are female. But in most shelters, “sanitary ware or any kind of period ephemera is scarce,” Vice reported earlier this year. Three women have a plan to fix that.

Please spread this like wildfire.

I work for the Voices for Youth program, my office is located in Upper Michigan. Recently, I’ve seen a picture post talking about homelessness and menstruation. While we are remote, our program deals with homeless teens between the ages of 18-21, while our Street Outreach program helps those youth between the ages of 10-21.

I’m sad to say that despite my own experience with homelessness, I never made the connection with homelessness and menstruation. I decided to take action.

Each of these kits I’ve made is made from donated products and includes:

1 Nivea bar
1 bar of Olay soap
One razor
One stick of travel sized deodorant
One toothbrush
One travel sized toothpaste
One overnight pad with wings
One regular flow pad with wings
Two panty liners

We gave a drop in center for GED prep, clothing applicable for the weather here in Upper Michigan, we’ll help you find housing, we have resources to help. I want anyone who needs one of these kits (be they cis, Transgender, anyone that we can help is welcome, we work with the local LGBT program to offer our services. WE WANT TO HELP.)

If you need more information, message me. If you want to donate to my office, message me. If you want to donate PERIOD message me, because we’re always going to need assistance.

Spotted today in Leeds. I can’t be the only one who finds this absolutely disgusting. We live in a society which tries to paint poverty as natural and fair but the fact of the matter is that it simply is not. The vast majority of homeless people suffer from no form of addiction whatsoever, and yet here we are stigmatising the most vulnerable in our society, many of whom do suffer from physical or mental disability, for totally ideological reasons. I should note this sign was not accompanied by charity boxes or information on how the homeless can seek assistance for addiction or for homelessness itself. Maybe that’s because while some people are launching campaigns to demonise these people further, these facilities are being destroyed by disgraceful attacks from our government. Solidarity with all homeless people. Whoever is behind these should be ashamed of themselves.

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Do you know which deity I should pray to for the homeless people?

Any deity you have a relationship can be prayed to for aid with a cause. Also, pretty much all of the theoi can be prayed to to ask assistance for homeless people, in different ways. Here are some examples:

Zeus-Please help legislation to aid and protect homeless people pass

Hestia-Please provide ways for homeless people to be sheltered and warm, especially in these winter months

Apollon-Please help homeless people to be healthy, and to find accessible treatment when they need it

Hermes-Please help homeless people find safe places to stay

Demeter-Please help to keep food banks and soup kitchens stocked enough that they don’t need to turn away a single hungry soul

Artemis-Please protect the young girls living on the streets

Ares-Please protect homeless people from violence perpetrated against them

Athena-Please help our world develop and implement better ways of helping homeless people

Prometheus-Please protect your creations who have no home

Eleos-Please bestow your mercy on the worlds homeless people

Moirai-Please be kind to these souls