homeless hub

soybean525  asked:

Can you give us a basic bio/intro to each of the partners(?) I don't really know exactly what this is or who the characters are but it looks really interesting!

Sure thing Soybean!
Our first two partners will be Goombert and Karl, the necessary Goomba and Koopa partners for the comic.
•Goombert is just entering adulthood and is struggling to find a job and a home. He lives in the homeless area of the hub world and has given up on everything.
•Karl is a college-age koopa that can’t seem to get into any good magic colleges. It’s not gonna stop them from becoming a magikoopa like grandma though.
The next three are Umbra, Dimentio, and Chroma. These characters are technically from the original Paper Mario series (looking at you Dimentio), but they’re being reused for important plot reasons.
•Chroma is a Paint Worm. She originated from Port Prisma as the black paint, but ended up wandering away from where she belonged. Petting her is not recommended unless you want to feel pain and only pain. She’s actually quite friendly, she just doesn’t know anything other than eating.
•Umbra is a shadow, like Vivian and her sisters. In fact, Umbra is a significantly weaker version of the Shadow Queen that was once trapped behind the Thousand-Year Door. She has a lot of beef against Mario and doesn’t intend to make nice towards anyone…except for Karl. Karl is alright.
•Dimentio is an a**hole. He has no right to be here but is here anyway because destiny has a sick sense of humor. You think he’d be dead after the events of Super Paper Mario; Dimentio couldn’t agree more. Everyone wants Dimentio dead, but apparently the universe refuses to let that happen. As such, the jester has taken it upon himself to make life horrible for everyone else.
The last two are Morris and Rosetta.
•Morris is a Shroob that has crash landed on the planet and just wants to go home. He fights with Dimentio a lot due to conflicts between their species, but going home has to take first priority. He’s the character responsible for getting you to places faster. He speaks broken English since it’s a Frankenstein language compared to Shroobish, but he’s trying his best.
•Rosetta is a female Shy Guy. Her bloodline is rooted in paint stealing, but her heart is rooted in pyrotechnics, so she combined them into one to make bank in the rodeo. She gets along really well with Chroma.
I cants add pictures directly onto asks but you get the idea and can probably find everyone on the banner.