homeless by choice

the fact that jughead is homeless by choice is so interesting to me. like we haven’t seen them interact that much onscreen but from what i can tell, there’s not really all that much animosity between jughead and his father. his dad got one of the realest smiles we’ve ever seen out of him. and yet jughead would rather live nowhere than live with the man.

and the really interesting thing to me is that his dad seems to respect that. it doesn’t look like he doesn’t care– i mean, he did show up the morning jughead had to move out to check up on him. but he doesn’t ask him to come home (not openly at least). he just sort of asks him what he’s gonna do now, and accepts the answer. it’s almost like he’s saying “hey, i’m here. i’m not gonna push you, but i’m here.”

like i’m not saying jughead sr. is father of the year material or anything; he was instrumental in destroying jughead’s second home, but that didn’t seem to be personal or anything. the fact that…

  1. his door is open to jughead yet jughead chooses to be homeless rather than live with him
  2. yet they can have perfectly civil conversations and even make each other laugh
  3. and he seems to accept and even respect jughead’s decision to fend for himself rather than let his father take care of him…

all that lends me to believe that jughead sr isn’t abusive or mean or anything. i don’t think jughead hates or even really dislikes his dad (he did sort of try to defend him when he talked to fred). i think there’s something a lot more complex going on between then two of them. it’s likely jughead just objects to what he does for a living and refuses to take part in or benefit from it. he would rather fend for himself than be fed and sheltered by criminal activity, and his dad doesn’t fault him for that. 

but i can’t say for sure. all i know is that i really want to know more about the two of them. like right now.

give me plots based on cheesy sitcoms (there could be so many possibilities within each show and each character’s back-story and relationship with others lbr)

2 broke girls ↠ a spoiled billionaire’s daughter is shunned and penniless after her father goes to jail over a ponzi scheme, and ends up stumbling into the life of a young working-class woman who has been poor her whole life and still struggles to get by on a monthly basis; yet, despite being emotionally closed off and using sarcasm as a constant defense mechanism, she has a dream to open her own business – a cupcake store. the formerly rich girl moves in with her new friend and must adjust to living a life like her’s, working in a diner and barely scraping by on a monthly basis despite their combined pay cheques. 

baby daddy ↠ a feckless, promiscuous young man working as a bartender, living and loving the single life in new york city has a three-month-old baby girl left at his apartment door by a girl who was only a brief fling to him. unable to cope and wanting to follow her dream of becoming an actress, the girl leaves him with the baby and the adoption papers, but he never signs them, choosing to raise his daughter as a single father. with the help of his (male) roommates – best (male) friend, and sports star older brother – plus his childhood (female) best  friend now living in the city as a lawyer and his recently divorced mother, he begins to make a new life for himself and his child. complications follow when his childhood best friend is revealed to have been in love with him for years, yet his brother has also secretly been in love with her for years also, and the mother returns to the picture and wants to become a family.

the big bang theory ↠ a socially awkward (but incredibly smart and successful) physicist finds himself living next door to a wannabe actress – she’s beautiful, sexy, sweet-natured (despite her short temper), and definitely akin to a popular, confident girl that he never would’ve went for in high school. she becomes an unlikely friend of his and the rest of his group, defined as “nerds” and “geeks” their whole life, never really having a voice. the pair eventually begin a complex on-again/off-again relationship as their two opposite personalities appear drawn to each other over and over again.

the big c ↠ a mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer and realises that she has spent her entire life never really “living” or having the experiences she wanted to. she hides the diagnosis from her family at first, and begins making reckless choices, such as spending ridiculous amounts of money, having an affair, and kicking her layabout husband out of the house. at first, he engages in a sexual relationship with someone new despite wanting to repair his marriage – but, upon learning of each other’s affairs, the husband and wife forgive each other. learning of her cancer, he moves back into the house and becomes the loving, attentive, go-getting husband she’s always wanted. she branches out and tries to achieve an undocumented bucket-list of things before she dies, but they often go pear-shaped. in trying to make sure her son is prepared for the future, she causes him to become more distant. while repairing her marriage, her husband becomes addicted to cocaine. she attempts to reconnect with her estranged, homeless-by-choice brother who suffers bipolar disorder and breaks down upon hearing of his sister’s cancer. she attempts to befriend a grumpy, elderly neighbour who lost her husband to cancer many years ago, and ultimately the neighbour commits suicide. as the cancer progresses, the woman tries a radical treatment to try and cure it.

franklin & bash ↠ two longtime best friends – successful attorneys and not the least bit conventional. somehow, their cockiness and streetwise attitudes have helped them climb the law firm ladder together. often getting themselves into sticky situations with cases, the pair (almost) always manage to stay afloat and scrape a win after previously thinking they were in over their heads.

friends ↠ a former popular high school cheerleader (muse a) who still lives off her rich parents’ wealth even after college runs out on her wedding, seeking refuge at the home of her childhood best friend (muse b) – a formerly unpopular high school target for bullies. the woman stops using her parents’ money and begins trying to find her way in life, just like her new group of friends. muse b is a neurotic “clean-freak” who is striving to become a successful chef and find true love so she can start a family, but fails time and time again. muse b’s older brother (muse c) is a recent divorcee with a baby on the way, and bonds with muse a, later revealing he was in love with her throughout high school and his feelings are still there now that she’s returned to his life. they begin an on-again/off-again relationship and eventually conceive a child while they’re not dating, attempting to raise the baby as two single people. muse c’s college best friend (muse d) is an emotionally closed-off joker in a dead-end job, who struggles to commit to a relationship, while his roommate (muse e) is a promiscuous womaniser and a not-very-successful actor from a large family of sisters. but, he finds himself in a predicament when he falls for muse a years later (his first time ever really falling in love) and she doesn’t feel the same. muse d eventually falls for muse b after an unlikely hook-up, their years of close friendship making for a great relationship foundation – although, they have their hardships in discovering muse b cannot conceive to have the family she’s always dreamed of. lastly, muse f is a quirky young woman who suffered a difficult young life after her father left, her mother committed suicide, and her step-father went to prison – she was homeless and poor for a long time before reconnecting with her grandmother and making a life for herself, but struggles to find a romantic relationship that sticks.

how i met your mother ↠ a young man (muse a) living in new york with his best friends goes through the trials and tribulations of trying to find “the one,” with many failures and regretted hook-ups along the way. ultimately he falls for a woman (muse b) who doesn’t want marriage and children like he does, but they become close friends and on-again/off-again anyway, as he believes she truly is the one. meanwhile his friends from college and now roommates, who are engaged, go through the motions of finding difficulty in dealing with each other’s careers, calling off their wedding, getting back together, getting married, moving into their own place, and trying to decide when is the right time to start a family. the final member of his friend group is a rich, detached, compulsive liar of a man with extreme abandonment issues and no desire to commit, having slept with over two hundred women, until he marries muse b in spite of she and muse a’s history together. muse b must deal with the fact that she is infertile, and even though she never wanted children, she hates that the choice has now been taken away from her – but her husband is fine with this, not appearing to want children himself. however, their divorce three years later causes him to spiral into his old cycle of hook-ups and he soon gets a woman pregnant, landing him with a daughter whom he adores. muse a strangely finds his real “the one” at the wedding of muse b and they go on to have two children together, much to her surprise as she previously lost her long-term boyfriend in an accident, until she falls very ill early in her life. (except we’re going to pretend the dumb show didn’t fucking end like that).

melissa & joey ↠ attempting to rise as a strong woman in politics isn’t easy when you’re following your father’s footsteps, and even less so when your sister and brother-in-law get caught up in a ponzi scheme and go to jail, leaving said woman to raise her teenage niece and nephew alone. matters are complicated further when she is forced to hire a nanny last minute – a once-rich man, now a recent divorcee with absolutely nothing to call his own and nowhere to go, thanks to being caught up in the same ponzi scheme caused by his new employer’s sister and brother-in-law. he moves in, and while he’s an expert nanny and genuinely cares for the kids, he and the woman get on each other’s last nerve every single day. and every single day, a little more of the sexual tension builds between them.

modern family ↠ a big, unconventional american family. an wealthy older man, head of his own business, with two grown children remarries, and his beautiful young latina wife brings her son into a new family. years later, she unexpectedly has a second son in her new marriage. the man’s grown daughter, a former wild child, married her goofy college sweetheart after falling pregnant with their eldest daughter – a daughter who is following her mother’s footsteps by making a lot of bad choices (dating asshole guys, staying out past curfew, sleeping around, getting too drunk, getting kicked out of college) before eventually landing herself a ‘good guy’ who has a likeness to her father. she has two siblings, a multi-talented younger sister (advanced in all her subjects at school with a love for science, plays the cello, sings, and does lacrosse) who is labeled as “nerdy” and doesn’t care much for partying or dating, and would rather lord her intelligence over others or study; and an oddball younger brother with a lack of common sense, often found doing stupid things but is found to have above-average intelligence – and later in life, becomes a little girl-crazy as he enters his teen years, but often embarrasses himself in front of them. the older man’s grown son is a neurotic, gay lawyer and in a long-term relationship with his partner. the man struggles to come to terms with his son’s sexuality even after many years, but adjusts more over time, particularly after the couple adopt a baby girl from vietnam together. they try for a second child through a surrogate but it falls through, leaving them heartbroken for some time. 

new girl ↠ a sweet, dorky, feminist young woman discovers her long-term boyfriend cheating on her and is forced to move out of their shared apartment, thanks to being completely in love with him and having always been a pushover to his every wish. desperately seeking a place to live, she discovers a call for a roommate on craigslist, and moves in with three men of similar age to her – one well-meaning failed professional basketball player, a womanising businessman, and an awkward grumpy slacker with no real direction in life. despite this, the girl ends up getting along well with her new roommates and, in time, falls for the slacker of the group. 

the new normal ↠ a wealthy, successful gay couple wish to have a child, and select a newly single mother of a nine-year-old daughter to carry their baby. her family are displeased with the decision, and thanks to her lack of money after leaving her husband, she ends up moving herself and her child in with the couple whom she’s surrogate to. 

“Swerf” is just the funniest concept to me

Being critical of an industry and culture that montetarily and socially incentivizes and rewards male violence is the same thing as hating the women unfortunate enough to wind up in situations necessitating the literal COMMODIFICATION OF THEIR BODIES

Oh but of course the libfems will throw out their token upper-middle class supposed-to-be-college-athlete who decided to go a different route and it’s feminism bc she chose it.

There’s the difference and also the reason that free will doesn’t fucking exist within the capitalist framework for the vast majority of people (just bc you don’t see or interact w them doesn’t mean they don’t exist). A tiny minority of women in porn come from situations, bc of class relations and race more often than not, that allowed them to make the CHOICE to sell and profit off of their sexual labor. For the vast majority of women in the sex industry, they’re doing it as a choice between life and death. Between eating and not. Between paying rent and being homeless. Those aren’t fucking choices. Those are rational, survival decisions.

Stop with this fucking “swerf” bullshit bc it rlly just sounds like you don’t want to do any intellectual labor or self crit whatsoever and position yourself in opposition to rapey, misogynistic normalizations of your society (bc men won’t like it)

There’s nothing sex worker, emphasis on the workER, the human woman (not the male owned and operated inhuman industry y'all intentionally confuse), exclusionary abt radical feminism and it’s mission to rearrange society in such a way that eliminates the demand for sexual labor from women and the desperation and need for women to turn to this horrific industry

Homelessness is a choice

“One thing most people don’t understand is that more often than you might think, homelessness is a choice. It seems incomprehensible to the average person with a mortgage and a job that someone would choose to live on the streets begging for money to buy booze, but that’s exactly what they do more often than not.”


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x and y :)

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

… Steve *cough*. dunno why, but he is always the one who gets creepy nightmares, or screws things up. also, in more playful than tragic sense, Bucky, I like poking fun at him, by either giving him Fat Thighs nickname in MCU oriented fics, or calling him a homeless person because of his choice in clothes in Meow Cafe

Y: A character you want to protect.

Tony. eeeveeeryone enjoys Tony’s pain but I want to protect my smol husband and keep him away from harm

thank you!!

ask me about fics stuff

How to Allow More Good Feeling Abundance Into Your Life in the Next 7-14 Days

Intention: I want this post to provide massive value, 10 times or more the value that I consume, to everyone who reads and shares it. I want people to get real and tangible value from this. I do, I do, I do. Thank you.

There’s a difference between doing something that seems to make you feel better…that actually turns out to be an attempt to cover up how you “really” feel deep down inside…

And actually doing what really feels good in positive and healthy ways.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to give somebody something and experience their energy light up in massively positive ways…

You’ve then experienced what “actually feels good.”

If you’ve ever had an experience like over consuming alchohol in an attempt to avoid how you truly felt…

Then you’ve experienced doing something that “seemed” to make you feel good in the moment.

Just an example…

There’s a huge difference though.

Once we begin to change ourselves from within, the things in our outer experience begin to change as well.

So when you see a person with lots of abundance in their lives, in a multitude of ways expanding beyond and including money…

What do you think the difference is between them and a person who might be feeling stuck with bad luck and maybe even homeless (not by choice and not because they like or want it?).

It doesn’t matter how they got there really, the most distinguishable differences will most frequently be their “mindsets,” how they most dominantly feel, and how they choose to respond.

One person will be more focused on lack, one person will be more open to - feel “better” about - and be more focused on abundance and its positive aspects.

Which one do you guess is more likely which?

How can you allow the abundance you’d like to experience into your life if you are more dominantly focused on the opposite?

It’s a very tough thing to do from there.

But that doesn’t mean that you are unable to focus on abundance in positive and healthy ways. Even when circumstances strongly indicate otherwise.

The outer is a reflection of the inner.

It begins within.

We all have the ability to shift from within to begin to attract different circumstances.

Gradually slow down the negative momentum and the negative bad feeling focus.

When a new business is started it takes a massive amount of energy to get its momentum going.

Keep that in mind.

You have the “focused on lack” business, which brings you similar experiences.

And you have the “focused on positive aspects of abundance” business…which yields different results.

Ever driven a manual transmission car?

If so, this will make a lot of sense.

This will sound good, look good, feel good, and give you a step by step process that provides a clearer comprehension.

If you are in the higher gears (of bad feeling emotion and thoughts)…

You have to start slowing the speed down to get the vehicle momentum to stop.

Sometimes that means just find something you appreciate and appreciate it. For others it requires something else.

Through persistence and repetition you’ll find what works best for you.

As you do so, you’ll slow the negative momentum down from its higher gears. This makes it easier to slow down to an eventual stop.

And from there you can shift back up, but this time into more positive feeling gears.

You will literally be changing what you are asking LOA to bring you more of. You will literally feel better. You will literally begin to take better feeling actions and receive better-feeling results.

As you get higher up in the good feeling gears, you can more specifically ask for what you would like to experience.

And a lot of times you can experience what you’d like to experience in ways that you never imagined.

That’s why it’s important to be open and in a generally good feeling mood.

First, what you think you want will start getting closer to what you really want and to what you really need…

And second, wanting things that no longer serve you in positive and healthy ways will happen less and less to you. The cravings for wanting unhealthy things will be slowly fade away.

Repetition and persistence.

Remember that.

Repetition and persistence.

One more time.

Repetition and persistence.

When you feel heavy with lack, what vibes are you sending out?

What is LOA then bringing you more of?

How specific do you get about the lack that you feel and experience?

Very specifc right?

And what happens?

You attract more in likeness.

It’s the same the other way around as well.

SO here are literally some actions that you can take to allow more good feeling abundance into your life within the next 7-14 days.

Pay attention to your thoughts, and when you say something negative, or that expands attention on what you don’t want…

Simply say, “Correction, what I wanted to say was…”

And then fill in the blank the positive good feeling thing that you wanted to say and feel instead.


You catch yourself saying…

“I can’t afford that!”

“Correction, what I wanted to say was I feel like I like the feeling of being able to easily afford that.”

Or whatever resonates with you to say.

Commit to doing this for 7-14 days straight.

If you don’t do it for a day…Start over again with another attempt at 7-14 days.
If you miss a day again. Start over again.

Repetition and persistence.

Things WILL change.

Contrast WILL happen, but you won’t be trying to run from it anymore. You won’t be trying to justify it or cover it up with things that don’t really feel good.

You’ll simply make your adjustments and move one.

Both positive and negative things will happen. But whichever ones you give the most attention, energy, and focus to will be the ones that expand the most.

The negative things, that seem to keep you stuck in bad luck…

Are like that screen that pops up when you shut down your computer or phone.

It asks you if you are sure that you want to shut it down.

In this case it asks you if you are sure you’d like to attract better-feeling experiences, or would you like to stay with the currently running program of focusing too heavily on bad feeling thoughts and experiences…

Start recognizing that we can utilize both or negative and positive thoughts and feelings in productively positive and well being prospering ways.

The negative things will be your opportunity to confirm what you’d like to attract more of.


That’s it for now.

And until, and well on through, next time…

Peace be with you.

I’m on the trolley as I type this and a guy on talking at full volume on his phone saying that homelessness is a “choice” in response to his uncle, who was struggling from alcoholism for 20 years. :/

He also is bitching about his ex wife and one of his girlfriends, one of who cheated on him and also was doing drugs, and complaining about all bitches being the same.


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What's so bad about Tony Abbott?

oh, child. you’ve come to the right blogger.

this, is our current prime minister, tony abbott.

he’s been in office for almost a year, now. in that time, he’s managed to piss a lot of people off. myself included. so what exactly makes him so bad?

1) he’s sexist
in regards to abortion, he’s asked “why isn’t it regarded as a national tragedy” rather than the declining life expectancy of aboriginals [x] and that it’s all about women taking “the easy way out”[x]. he’s even gone so far to say that women will never succeed more than men because “their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons” [x]. let’s not forget that he thinks it’s not a woman’s right to refuse sex and that he believes it should be moderated [x]. did i mention he’s the women’s minister? [x] it’s not a joke. i wish.

2) he doesn’t like immigrants
he’s not a fan of immigrants and has been quoted saying such things as “jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to australia.” [x] let’s not forget, “i don’t think it’s a very christian thing to come in by the back door rather than the front door” [x]. you know, because there’s a queue for when you run for your life.

3) he think’s climate change is made up
he’s said (and god i wish i could make this up) “climate change is absolute crap” [x]. oh and he’s also made a comment on bushfire tragedies in australia saying “fire is a part of the australian experience” [x]. losing your home and family is definitely part of the australian experience, right tony?

4) he’s homophobic
when an 11 year old boy wrote to him about the rights of the gay community in regards to marriage and abbott wrote that he will continue to “support the existing definition of marriage”[x] not only does he refuse to take religious views out of the picture, but he wants to silence the gay community and has said “if you’d asked me for advice i would have said to have, adopt a sort of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about all of these things…”[x] he has also said “i probably feel a bit threatened (by homosexuality), as so many people do.”[x] yeah, and we feel threatened by you.

5) he upholds aboriginal stereotypes
about aboriginals, he’s said “there may not be a great job for them but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done.”[x] let’s not forget that if an indigenous person can’t find work, they have no excuse because there are no “cultural excuses”[x]. oh and what does he think about the british invading australia and killing thousands of indigenous people? “western civilisation came to this country in 1788 and i’m proud of that… [x] good job.

6) his view on homelessness
“we just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice.”[x] need i say more?

7) reduction of work rights
“compulsory paid maternity leave? over this government’s dead body, frankly”[x]

8) his way with words
what does he think about the crisis in syria? “it’s not goodies versus baddies, it’s baddies versus baddies”[x] what did he say when he posed closely with a group of teenage girl netballers? “a bit of body contact never hurt anyone”[x] how does he promote his campaign? “if you want to know who to vote for, i’m the guy with the not bad looking daughters”[x] his reaction to a dead australia soldier? “shit happens.”[x] i’ve saved the best/worst until last “no one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom.”[x] ew. let’s hope not.

there are about another thousand pieces of evidence i could use to explain why this man is bad for our country. like how his daughter has received an art scholarship that wasn’t known to other students before she received it [x], while he makes funding cuts to universities[x]. not to mention that when a radio listener called in to comment on how she managed to make ends meet because of his pension cuts by working on as a phone sex operator, he winked[x]. this guy is basically the scum of the earth.

and to close, i’ll leave you with this website. abbotisms is a site that showcases his best worst statements he’s been quoted saying. also, this video from john oliver’s “last week tonight” and it’s brilliant commentary on abbott’s stupidity and overall ignorance.

i hope we’ve all learnt something today.

10 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 96)

1. Even if the Earth was somehow separated from the Sun, the temperature of the molten core would be high enough to sustain life on the deep sea ocean floor.

2. Chinese Soldiers Training In Sub-Zero Temperature. A military regiment takes part in a morning exercise on January 29, 2013 in Heilongjiang Province of China. The temperature dipped to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

3. A young programmer offered a homeless man the choice between $100 cash or coding lessons. Leo Grand chose the lessons, and now his first mobile app is available to download for $.99.

4. in October of 2014, Amanda Bynes tweeted that her father sexually abused her as a child. She later claimed that…

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  1. She’s inappropriate. Rose is as damn near a Hogwarts legend as any one person who’s not Harry Potter can be - stories of her stunts run rampant even years after her graduation. Her combination of extreme smarts and foolhardiness meant she’d try to do just about anything if someone implied she couldn’t do it. She was clever enough, however, to avoid explicitly signing her name to anything she actually did, and now fact and fiction begin to blur. If you ask the right person, you can find anecdotal proof of Rose doing just about anything - sneaking into the Headmasters’ office, sneaking off of castle premises, close encounters with squids or centaurs or giant spiders, a sordid affair with Professor Binns - you name it. Though she might divulge to close friends and family that most of these things are entirely untrue, her unseemly sense of humor prevents her from denying any allegations outright.

  2. Her uncle got her into the auror program. The most malignant rumor the media has started about her comes from Rita Skeeter’s gossip rag, The Beetle (Est 2016). Hitting the shelves only days after her acceptance to the training program, the six page spread details closely the school records and private lives of her and her best friends Albus and Scorpius - and pins their acceptance to auror academy solely on nepotism. Rose’s lackluster marks on OWLs and NEWTs where the boys got top grades only serve to exaggerate this rumor, even though she earned her place fair and square - by the skin of her teeth, maybe, but fair and ninety degrees square. In a program that’s already frankly intolerant towards women, the negative attention is the last thing she needs.
  3. She has awful taste in men. This, to be perfectly honest, she understands on some level - her four ex-boyfriends, when you line them up side-by-side, do seem like an undesirable bunch. First boyfriend and first love Kiernan MacLaggen dumped her and broke her heart shortly after graduation when she refused to move to America with him and is now living penniless in Salem, and from there it’s just a downward spiral to Quentin Shunpike, unemployed and unmotivated, but possessing of a very habitable flat that Rose moved into straight out of her previous ex’s flat. Rose’s growing tendency to date deadbeats is something that gets remarked upon constantly in the family, and her cousin Lily posits that she does it at least partially for attention. Other theories include pathological underachieving and fear of inadequacy.
  4. Her clothes are custom-tailored. An awfully benign rumor, all things considered, but one that irritates Rose to no end. First penned by Rose’s school roommate Wendelin Wight in the Daily Prophet, the article claimed Rose spent “in excess of two thousand galleons on party robes and gowns alone, not to mention her extensive collection of frivolously fancy shoes” (sic). Rose is a stark practical kind of person who owns exactly three pairs of shoes - chucks, boots, and rarely-been-worn but sensible heels - and she takes almost no pride in her appearance. Wendy and Rose have always had a contentious relationship, though, and these nattering rumors about Rose turn up in the Prophet non-stop.

  5. She just got dumped. A rumor not started by an enemy of the family/gossip rag writer or catty ex-roommate, but by someone nearest and dearest to her heart. Which, Rose claims, when you factor in the treachery makes it twenty times worse. She’d like to set the record straight and make clear that she was certainly the one who dumped Quentin, and that it wasn’t a mutual feeling and he is most devastated, but she’s ready to move on to better things. It does have the unfortunate side-effect of making her functionally homeless, but remember she is homeless by choice, no matter what Scorpius Malfoy might tell you.

So Queenie up there was attacked by a dog a few days ago while going home from the Square. The dog was not leashed and ran off the sidewalk, into the street and jumped up on Queenie. She was bit all over her upper front legs and chest. Queenie kicked out and caught the dog, sent it flying. It’s owner picked it up and ran. Queenie is ok. She was seen by a vet, is on antibiotics for puncture wounds and has a fluid pouch that is draining on her chest. She, amazingly is still trusting and sweet and will let you see her chest without a fuss.

This dog belonged to a homeless by choice young adult. We call them gutter punks. They are groups that travel across the US, often hopping trains. They go wherever the weather is the best for the season so we have lots during the winter months. They don’t bath, work, or take care of themselves or the dogs the travel with. They beg and are often abusive and violent if you don’t give them money. They always harass us at the carriage line saying we are horrible people and slave drivers. There is little hope that the dog or owner will be caught, they may have already left town.

Please, keep your dogs on a leash for both its safety and the safety of others around it. This could have been much worse.

“Climate change is crap-”

“Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia-”

“We can’t just stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice-”

“The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience-”

“There was nothing but bush in Australia before British colonisation-”

“Shit happens-”

“Knighthood for Prince Phillip-”



“Reelect me 2016 whooo!”

One year later, the homeless coder is still living on the streets

In August 2013, programmer Patrick McConlogue offered homeless man Leo Grand a choice: $100 in cash, or two months’ worth of coding lessons. Grand opted for the lessons, and embarked on a quest to to create a mobile app of his own. Several months after picking up his first coding books, Grand launched Trees for Cars, a mobile carpooling app. But a year-and-a-half later, Grand still lives on the same back alleys where he and McConlogue first met. [via]

“I want to end homelessness.”
“How do you think that can be achieved?”
“I believe the answer to homelessness is secure housing. It might be housing that’s supportive, or it might be housing that’s independent. It depends on the individual. All homeless services, including housing services, should be person-centric. They should start with the choice of the individual and then work on recovery as part of their choices.
If you are looking at someone who is chronically homeless and tends to have high addictive and high mental health issues, recovery should be a focus, but it should be client led.  That means that the individual leads their own recovery, and it’s not a forced type of program because those programs don’t work. They have about 12 percent success rate.” 
“A city official working with homelessness once told me that a lot of people choose to be homeless.”
“This is one of the problems. The field is full of people who don’t think. They think within the stereotypes. Does that make sense—that people choose to live like that? The idea that someone is homeless by choice is utterly absurd.”
“I’ve only had one person tell me that he is homeless by choice because he was working three jobs in New York City and still had no money and also had no leisure time.”
“So, he says that he is homeless by choice. But if he had choices for housing that was affordable and equitable, and he could obtain it without having to work seven jobs, I imagine he wouldn’t choose to be homeless. It’s absurd to say that someone chooses homelessness because given the choice for housing that’s affordable and realistic, no one would.
The same is true of saying, ‘Oh well, they choose homelessness because they are mentally ill.’ First, being mentally ill is not a choice. An individual who is mentally ill has trouble navigating everyday normal social situations, particularly if they have Axis I mental health diagnosis or even Axis II mental health diagnosis. These diagnoses make it difficult to navigate everyday life. To say that they’ve chosen homelessness would be simply to say that they’ve chosen it over trying to navigate normal society. That’s just not an answer. So, do I think people choose homelessness? Never. And do I think that placing people in institution-like settings such as shelters is the answer? Absolutely not! They are of high health risk, they are costly to the public, they are unsafe, they are unclean, they are aggregate housing, and they spread disease. There is a plethora of issues with aggregate-type shelters. It’s an institution that institutionalizes people. It also limits opportunity. You are only allowed to sleep during the allotted hours. Does that limit your possibility of working nights? Absolutely. Where do you sleep? When do you sleep? You never sleep if you work nights. Does it limit the hours of your availability for employment? When you put your shelter on a résumé, does that limit your opportunity to obtain employment? Barriers to employment are just one example of the many barriers living in shelters creates. I’ve been in lots of shelters throughout my career and every time I go in one, I get the heevy-jeevies, for lack of a better word. They just make me sick.
“You also touched on several other related issues such as affordable housing and maybe even income inequality. Do you think that a more comprehensive approach to homelessness that addresses these larger issues is the right one or is that too ambitious?”
“The current way in which we are dealing with our homeless system, without a comprehensive view, without looking at jobs and affordable housing, without looking at it from a policy standpoint, doesn’t work. If we don’t change the way things are addressed right now, we will continue to see a rise in homelessness. There is a dwindling middle class in this country. The unequal distribution of wealth will only rise if we don’t figure a way to change the social structure in which we live, and that includes affordable housing and a host of other things—employment issues, mental health systems, healthcare and preventative care. Is it ambitious? Yes. Is it doable? It has to be. It’s the only answer.
It will be difficult because there is a prevalent attitude, particularly here in the US, that says—and I hate saying this because I make enemies—that people deserve this. It says that people don’t work hard enough. I think that’s obscene. I think someone who works at McDonald’s works very hard. And I think many of these jobs are essential to the entire running of things. A janitor is essential to the running of a Fortune 500 company or a university. When you don’t have a janitor, you realize how essential the job is. Pretending that these jobs aren’t of value is ridiculous. Having such a job shouldn’t mean that you have to choose between eating and having a home. It shouldn’t mean that you have to choose between basic needs in life. It shouldn’t mean that your kids have to wear shoes that are too small because you can’t afford shoes. These are not normal choices, particularly in a developed country, which the United States is. Choosing to feed or clothe your children should not be a choice that people in a developed country are making, at least in my opinion. 
“How did you become involved with these issues?”
“I started my career working with people with disability, mental or physical. I worked for a place that had dual diagnosis part. So for a while, I worked with people who had mental disability and mental health issues. That’s how I started working in mental health. Then I went back to university and studied political science with a focus on poverty initiatives, so the two things sort of melded for me. My focus has always been people who are chronically homeless, with the key indicator often being mental health issues. Over time, I learned more about drug addiction, which, believe it or not, is also an Axis I mental health diagnosis. Often, people with drug addiction are self-medicating out of their disorders. People tend to simplify drug addiction a lot. They say, ‘Well, they’ve made bad choices.’ Yes, there is some of that, but it’s far more complicated or sinister than just making poor choices. I’m sure there has been a time in your life when you thought, ‘This is the worst day ever. I’m going out to have a drink.’ Some people go out, have a couple of drinks, and they forget it for the night and go about their lives. Some people go out and have a few drinks because they had a really bad day, and they just don’t stop because that becomes their only coping mechanism. 
So I am focused on chronic homelessness, but it’s far broader than that. There are several categories of homelessness. In fact, 80 percent of the homeless population are not people you see. Dad loses his job, and they become homeless, for instance. They tend to funnel in and out of homelessness because they have family and other resources. But if you’ve ever dealt with someone who is schizophrenic, for instance, you know that it’s harrowing. The family wears out, bridges are burnt and the person is on their own. And there is both a lack of understanding around mental health issues and a lack of mental health care. It’s prevalent not just in the US but even in countries with more equitable health care systems such as Canada. It’s almost as if someone asks for that, as opposed to cancer, which they don’t ask for.  To me, they are one and the same. They are both diseases. Have you ever heard a child say, ‘When I grow up, I want to be homeless, mentally ill and addicted’? Those aren’t things people want in life.
I also find that homeless people are very interesting to talk to. They have a lot of things to say. They have a perspective that the average person doesn’t have. They have usually gone through things and—shockingly!—they are not bad people. They are people who struggle with things. And people who are struggling are far more interesting than people who have everything handed to them.”

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