Please help Adrian, Charlie and Chuck get off the street and find housing!

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These three originally traveled to Seattle, Wa all the way from Springfield, Mo to start a new life away from their abusers and the persecutive attitudes of the Midwest . After they arrived, the job they were promised was suddenly filled and the housing that was promised to them was suddenly denied. All three are now working, and they were temporarily staying in a shelter, but due to the shelter’s religious nature and the fact that one of them is a trans-man and one is genderqueer and bisexual they were soon told they were unwelcome, and they are now literally living on the streets of Seattle, Wa.

They are all working now, but still need a place to call home. The little bit of money they have is all being saved for bus fare to and from work. They also do a variety of arts and performance on the side, as they are very creative and inspirational people.

I know these kids personally, and they are some of the sweetest, most thoughtful, caring individuals you will ever meet. Adrian has personally helped me stay off the streets before, and I really want to help them now in any way I can. If you have the means to donate anything, please consider helping them out!

This is Charlie’s Tumblr blog:

Things not to do when you see somebody panhandling on the side of the road...
  1. Tell them Wall-Mart is hiring. They know Wall-Mart is hiring. They may have even applied at Wall-Mart. Do you know what the first thing you do after you start working for Wall-Mart? File for public assistance. Wall-Mart employees are our new Welfare Nation.
  2. Offer them food. Now, let me say here that I have given food to the homeless. Sometimes it’s well-received, sometimes it’s not. Krispy Kreme Donuts are always well received. Frankly, I would be afraid to take food from someone I did not know because some people are mean fucks and the homeless are targets. If you want to offer food ask them if this would be okay and hit up the nearest drive-thru.
  3. Swerve your car out of the turn lane. It’s not like the homeless person is going to just leap out onto your car and, frankly, it marks you as a coward. Same goes for hurriedly rolling up your window. 
  4. Grab your phone and pretend to be looking at something really important. It’s a big ticket in California and everyone knows you’re faking it. You end-up looking like Michael Bolton from the movie Office Space.
  5. Beg poverty. When you cruise by in your BMW or Mercedes the words “I’m poor, too, bro!” sound really sincere. And yeah, I get it, you’re working and I’m not. But it’s just one really nasty illness between you and having that pretty car repossessed and losing your apartment. I have a little holder thingy in my dash where I drop pennies. Homeless people will save up spare change and run it through the change machine at the market so they can buy food. “Anything Helps!”

If you have anything to spare, a dear friend of mine could truly use some help. Logan (formerly Brooke) needs some assistance getting back on his feet and a place to live. As of today he is considered homeless, and needs a place to call home asap. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t mean it.

I understand there are thousands of LGBT youth living on the streets so if at all possible I’d like to prevent one more.

At the very least please spread this by reblogging it or posting to facebook. I’ll be repeating this about every hour to spread it. Thank you for your consideration.
Click here to support Tinotenda's Emergency Fund by Tinotenda Mandebvu
My name is Tinotenda, I'm a nonbinary transperson of color. I'm a poet, photographer, and visual artist living in Ohio. I've recently been kicked out of my parents house. I've been suffering from depression and suicidal ideation for quite some time and my parents have never really been that su...

Please help if you can! If you can’t donate to my gofundme, here is a link to my paypal. If you can’t donate any money please reblog this and also keep me in your prayers. Thank you!

Need a Bed in Cincinnati, OH

Hello! I’m a 21 year old trans, queer, disabled individual who is very poor and needs a safe, accepting place in Cincinnati, OH. Right now I can’t offer much for rent but I’m able to work and I’m very resourceful so I can probably make up to 350-400 a month work if need be?

This is what I look like:

I really need a safe place to stay where I will not be manipulated or controlled. I am respectful and do chores.

I need this place by August 1st.

Any donations in case I need to give a security deposit would be appreciated too–I have a paypal donate button on my page, but no pressure. 

You can message me here or call/text 5137952007.

Please signal boost if you can.

József (52)

- CNC műszerész voltam, tizenhárom évvel ezelőtt Hamburgból jöttem haza. Akkor nyílott a WestEndben a jégpálya, a gyerekeket vittem le korcsolyázni és hanyatt estem a jégen. Úgy sikerült a fejemet bevernem, hogy azóta százszázalékosan munkaképtelen vagyok. Úgyhogy ez maradt, a gyufakocka. Nagyon hálás vagyok egyrészt istennek, másrészt azoknak az embereknek, akik hajlandók a nyomoromon segíteni. Addig nem szeretnék kalapozni, amíg adhatok valamit a segítségért, ezért akitől adományt kapok, annak adok egy gyufakockát.

- Miért vált munkaképtelenné?

- Ezt úgy hívják, hogy nem ellenőrizhető érzelmi reakció, bármilyen ingerre. Nem tudok békávézni, nem tudok egyedül bevásárolni, mert ha a busz ránt egyet vagy valaki nekem dől, az első öt másodpercben nem tudom kontrollálni, hogy elsírom magam, vagy átrámolom az illetőt a csukott ablakon. Namost az én betegségem miatt ne sérüljön meg senki! Olyan gyógyszereket szedek, amivel forgó gép mellé abszolút nem lehet menni, sajnos. Vagy le vagyok szedálva, és akkor elbírok egy ilyen beszélgetést is, vagy nem, és akkor a szobában ülök, mert nem tudom, hogy mit teszek bárkivel.

- A gyufakockákkal azért elbíbelődik?

- Igen, mert ha ezt a falhoz vágom, nem sértődik meg.

Józsefet és gyufakockáit a Deák téren, a Starbucks-szal szemben, jobbra az első padon lehet általában megtalálni, illetve egy támogatója Facebook-oldalt is készített számára.

We got kicked out (with very little notice) by my abusive mother and we need help.

About a month ago, my mother kicked my girlfriend and I out of her house after a very heated argument that was bound to happen. To somehow sum up the situation, my mother and I are two completely different people and she refuses to see that. Other than that, she doesn’t try to understand my personal identities or my mental illnesses; just the physical illness that we share. She refuses to call me by my preferred name; she refuses to acknowledge that I’m agender and has referred to me as a lesbian when I specifically told her that I’m not; she refused to get me medication that I requested for my manic depression, even when I got to the point of begging her; she threatened to hospitalize me for my mental health a couple days after the argument, justifying it by saying, “If you think you need pills, then you need professional help.”. Thankfully, I’m eighteen now and can legally request medication from a doctor without her consent. Aside from her abuse towards me, she’s told my girlfriend that her autism isn’t real, she constantly pressures my girlfriend to stop taking her medication, and she “commissioned” my girlfriend to draw her a mascot that would be used on her business cards and never even paid her for her hard work. Worst of all, she’s claiming that she is the victim in all of this and if that doesn’t scream “ABUSER” then I don’t know what does.

tl;dr: There’s so much more that I could write here, but, to be quite blunt, she is a manipulative, hypocritical, abusive woman and I hate to call her my mother. 

She’s moving to a different country in October, and if we don’t have enough money saved up by the end of September, we’ll be homeless. We also have a cat that we love very much and we’ll need to take care of him too, so we need all the help we can get right now. 

Here’s what you can do to help us out;

Commission my girlfriend! If you send her an ask (to her personal blog; agent–montana) about commissioning her, she’ll happily respond to your message! You can check out her art here; yuki–onna! You can also offer a monthly pledge on her Patreon; found here.


You can commission me for a writing piece! If you send me a message, we’ll work out which fandoms I can write about, but I’m open to just about anything if I know enough about the characters. I’ll write NSFW pieces too, if that’s what you’d like. An example of my writing can be found here; a Gravity Falls fanfiction that I’m co-writing with my girlfriend on Ao3! 


You can send a donation directly to my PayPal;

If you can’t donate or commission us, please reblog this post and spread it like wild fire!! We need all the help we can get. Thank you!
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My name is Jayden. I have been homeless since January of 2014 when I moved out of my abusive mother’s home. I’ve lived with different sets of friends since, and the time has come where I need to be out on my own.

Originally, I had until the end of this year to make this move, but then I was forced to move out much sooner, into another friend’s home due to the ending of a relationship. These friends are moving to another city on August 1st, and I need to be out before then.

I already have $700 saved up, but I have pets, and the pet deposits are pretty high. I have 10 days or so to find a place to live on my own, otherwise I’ll end up homeless for “real”, or worse, my friends will be evicted for letting me stay with them.

Please please please help me meet this goal so I don’t end up on the street. If that happens I will likely lose my job, as well, and then I’ll really be stuck in a bad place.

The best part of working in Pediatrics, is that no matter what kids have been though, they’re resilient. They’re tougher than us, and they forgive faster. They’ve learned early on the importance of relentlessly pursuing your goals, and all they ask for in return is a sticker, or lollipop. The fact that they are homeless hasn’t stopped them. These kids make as much of an impact on us, as we do on them.
—  A Pediatrician’s view