How often do we see a hijab-wearing, career-driven, intelligent, independent Muslim woman on television with a voice of her own? It’s a groundbreaking role that I’m honored to play. Homeland is great at challenging our preconceived ideas. Many viewers will make up their minds about Fara the moment they set sight on her and hear her speak. She wears a headscarf and has a slight Iranian accent. She looks and feels completely out of place the moment she arrives at the CIA. She definitely senses that people define her by her appearance. The question is, has she become what society has imbued her with or does she prove them wrong? –Nazanin Boniadi


carrie and quinn ± ‘the yoga play’

“Carrie and Quinn have a connection that’s at least as magnetic as Carrie and Brody, since they’re not just driven and broken by their work, they’re actually working on the same side. Two dynamite exchanges spell out the emotional stakes here, first between Carrie and Quinn – “I’m not sure I like being watched over by you, Quinn.” “I’m at a safe distance.” – then between Quinn and Saul – “She’s on her own, Saul.” “She’s always been on her own.” Deepening the relationship between these complicated characters could give Homeland a genuine second wind that will last long past the twist’s last gasps.” - rolling stone


you’re dark at your worst you’re loved and you’re cursed

Here I am still holding on, you’re finding ways to break the bonds,
They’re stronger than you realized,
You can say that I’ve not tried, I’ve let you down, left you behind
But you’re the one who’s saying goodbye