As a Russian, I’m telling you: Viktor keeping fucking matryoshkas on his nightstand is not a pattern of normal behavior for Russians! I mean yeah, okay, maybe one as a talisman (still improbable) if he misses his homeland that badly (which I doubt), but THREE OF THEM??? Come on, those are mostly souvenirs for tourists.

Also fun fact about wedding rings: we wear them on right hands. Like on the very hand Yuuri put the ring on. He probably didn’t know about that, poor boy, but Vitya did. Oh, he so did.

"The girl who used to be your best friend changed her profile picture"

We stopped talking to each other entirely six months ago. Two years ago I let her stay at my house so she could finish high school in her homeland. While she stayed in my home she had a certain attitude and disrespect towards my family who would give her a roof for nine months. My family didn’t ask her for anything she would just clean after herself. After graduation she went to live with her family and we stopped talking because everything between us was left in a really bad place,but a year ago she contacted me again. I forgave her, we went back to normal for five months, but then she asked me if she could stay at my house again just so we could pass our summer vacation together to repay me everything for letting her stay to finish school. I would have let her, but my mother said no and I felt so bad that I couldn’t answer her question for an entire week. After I told her that she couldn’t stay she blocked me everywhere and didn’t reply to my last message.

Today she re-opened her old facebook and an hour later she had already blocked me. I know I did wrong by taking so long to tell her whether she could stay or not, but after everything I had allowed her to do to me for years, the emotional state she put me through; I couldn’t let her in again and I’m relieved she didn’t even try contacting me. I don’t know if would have been able to go through the same thing and not speak my mind. I don’t want to break her by making her realize how much she broke me.

ich weiß, dass das jetzt ausarten wird. sehr schlimm wahrscheinlich, aber ich wurd gern mal wieder was neues schauen also serienmäßig. was ist denn eure lieblingsserie? oder eine, die man eurer meinung nach gesehen haben sollte!

Bitte nicht so standard zeug wie Breaking bad, homeland oder the walking dead.

Unpopular Opinon

I really love Ilberd as a character. He’s cunning, dashing, unyielding to a fault and really doesnt let a damn thing get in his way to do what he feels is right. YES HE IS A VILLIAN and that doesn’t make his actions excusable before people wanna say I’m for mass murder and everything Ilberd did. Wanting his people and homeland free drove him to utter madness but it still never stopped him from doing literally ANYTHING to get a glimpse at his home being free. 

He’s very well written, thought out, i just wish his voice actor could have done a BIT better. 

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Just a thought, but now that Gangrel, Validar, and any other prospective heir to the throne are all dead, who rules Plegia?

“Whomever the people of Plegia deem fit. After a great deal of Plegians were left dead or displaced by Validar’s mass sacrifice at the Dragon’s Table, the country will inevitably enter a period of flux. The people will no longer look to the Grimleal faith for guidance, and refugees from this war and the Mad King’s war will be allowed to return to their homeland. With Ylisse and Regna Ferox overseeing Plegia’s reconstruction, I suspect it will be a time of great social change.”

“More to the point, Plegia’s new leader will need to be someone worthy of the position. Some point to Robin as a potential claimant to the Plegian throne, while others are talking over the possibility of a Plegian democracy. Whatever the case, this new leader must be able to put the past behind them to create a better future. Given that, the Ylissean League shall do all that it can to support them.”

In this land,
far from home
many times
I’ve walked these roads 

Today, however,
I feel lost
in the thought
of the lanes 
I once strolled

This body
was agile
these feet
much younger
with thoughts like lightning
and a heartbeat of thunder

Now all that’s left
is this frame that’s weak
is this soul that’s old
is this mind
like a book with pages
starting to fold

an ache in my chest
still remains unaltered
since I parted with my home
while my heart faltered

And as in a haste,
I made my move
This heart of mine
strongly disapproved

So while I traveled
all the way,
this far
A piece of me
I lost
as I couldn’t
bring my heart

Painfully from this vessel
it got torn apart

—  Of Homes and Homelands, Shikha Singh
  • Me, a year ago: why are people so obsessed with finding spoilers? I prefer not knowing anything
  • Me, now: *stalks every actor, actress, writer and director on Twitter, analyze every pixel of the stills, rewatches the promo 80 times and frequents the spoiler tag*