homeland season 3 finale

'Homeland' Finale Recap: A Long Goodbye
Carrie, with help from an unlikely source, puts the pieces together

“…I’m disappointed to see the show couldn’t keep its emotional ball in the air long enough to make his sacrifice sink in. Did we need an entire, drawn-out episode of Carrie just crying over his death? Of course not — and that wouldn’t have felt right for the character. But did her crying over his copy of Great Expectations (a novel with a classic, absolutely appropriate story of love and loss) six weeks later resonate the way her drawing a star for Brody did? To me, it just missed the mark.”

“This (finale), on the other hand, went all in on its darkness and took the focus off its players. It made the American political system look like a hopeless one, with no compassion for itself or for its people. Maybe that’s too severe a reading — after all, current politics are enormously partisan as well — but the twist, if you can call it that, ignores the characters in favor of plot.” — Shirley Li, Entertainment Weekly

Arrow AU gif fics Masterlist

Felicity wishes for just one thing this holiday season. For her soldier to come home. 

Robert Queen is unmasked as the Arrow. His wife sends her daughter and daughter-in-law to Nanda Parbat to protect them from their enemies. There Thea and Felicity learn the truth about the brother and husband they thought they lost to the sea 8 years ago. Oliver Queen is dead. But Al Sah-Him has his face. 

When ex-marine Oliver Queen agreed to protect Ms. Smoak he imagined his days would be filled with stockholder meetings and business dinners, not ballet recitals and trips to Toys”R”Us.

Oliver and Felicity meet in college, but there’s no love lost between them. Over the years they go from enemies to friends to falling in love.

(post 4x09) Team Arrow’s picking up the pieces after a fatal accident, Oliver sees his dead fiancee. And somewhere on the outskirts of Star City Damian Darhk is holding Felicity hostage.

There’s only one thing Star City’s Media loves more than Green Arrow and that is Queen family. 

(post 4x08) Oliver tells Felicity about his son and they work through it together.

(pre-season 4) A look into the life of Star City’s favorite power couple from morning meetings to late night tv watchings.

(post 3x21) Thea and Felicity aren’t letting Oliver stay with the league.

(post 3x20) Where Nanda Parbat is actually a luxury resort.

Oliver and Felicity meet as children when he’s visiting Las Vegas with his parents. Uncle Elvis was kind enough to marry them.

Team Arrow leaves Nanda Parbat only to face new charges on homeland soil. 

Amanda Waller introduces Felicity to her new partner and explains their mission. Felicity isn’t sure she can pull off “evil mastermind” as her color, but A.R.G.U.S. has a training program for that too. 

It’s finally the time to be happy as Oliver decides to take the next step in his relationship with Felicity. Also Tommy really loves saying Laurel’s new legal name.

Team Arrow gets a new member. Or Oliver figures out that Felicity’s pregnant before she does.

Felicity breaks up with her boyfriend the week before her birthday. Trying to cheer her up, her friends take her to Verdant, where a special present awaits. Who wouldn’t want Oliver Queen for their birthday?

Oliver and Felicity have kept a secret from everyone. A very big one.

Oliver left with the League of Assassins. His decision doesn’t sit well with Felicity.

In the midst of all that Oliver left behind an unlikely friendship was formed. (Felicity/Laurel)

When Roy was seven years old two heroes saved his life. Their family is not a normal one. But it is the only family he needs.

Roy Harper-Queen: saving his parents’ marriage one step at a time. Even if it means paying someone to attack them at work.

(post 3x05) Sparks fly after Felicity introduces her mother to Quentin Lance.

They were ready to marry and start their lives together, until one freak accident changed everything. 

During a gala at Queen Manor Oliver and Felicity watch as their son teaches his little sister to dance.

Oliver is upset when his wife’s assistant wouldn’t let him see her without making an appointment.

(post 3x02) Oliver makes a decision. He can be both the Arrow and Oliver Queen.

(post 3x01) As Oliver watches Felicity with baby Sara he imagines what their life together would be like.  

;Ohhh the feels, guys I saw last night the season finale of Homeland. And I am pissed I Meaaan pissed as hell!!
Damian Lewis is gone? For good? Like for good?
I’ve been thinking and this episode just depresses me it was like a kind of closure i didn’t ask for.
I’m saddest than Carrie but I got a feeling that we will see Quinn carrying the baby with the bjorn.
That’s the only thing I’m really looking forward to watch :(
Please don’t take Mandy Patinkin too, i will die.