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“I just lost my mind,
but I still got you.”

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Sex or no sex?

Laure (@laure00001): SEX. Who needs it, right? I mean what is it useful for anyway? It’s dirty, messy, noisy, and… ahem… Ok, seriously. Carrie and Quinn already have a complex, emotional, intense connection. Why is sex so important? 

Frangi (@frangipaniflower001): I believe they belong to each other.

Laure: Ah. A romantic.

Cynthia (@lange-c): Not to pressure you, Laure… but you’ve got a deadline on this debate. Carrie and Quinn could have sex tonight.

Ashley (@ascloseasthis): Fucking whip cracker.

Julie (@gabehcoud): Sleep well, Ashley?

Frangi: As I was saying… I believe Carrie and Quinn belong to each other, not just as platonic soulmates but as partners. Adults who are in love and start a relationship should be allowed to have sex, right?

Laure: Pff. No. Why? Sex. Yuck.

Frangi [ignoring Laure]: But, also and here’s the real reason… Carrie and Quinn so often fail with words. With sex, they would finally be able to open up and communicate.

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Homeland | ‘Lights Out’ Official Clip | Season 6 Episode 11  

anonymous asked:

I am so disappointed with writers. Last season C/Q separation was because of gunshot wounds and sarin gas, they both were sent in the different directions. This year it is all about miscommunication, presented in a way so both have trouble trusting each others decisions. Agree with previous ask that hearing C repeatedly ask "what is going on??" tires me to death – writers should just let them focus on what is going on and resolve it together. I don't need smoochies, but this is maddening.

Anon 2: Dammit all to hell! Reunited in the final 60 seconds of the episode?! Season sex had better be the payoff we’ve been waiting for. These writers are assholes.

Needless to say, we disagree with you, Anons. 

There is absolutely no comparison between this season and last season. I’m not really sure why people keep referring to S5 as an example of how bad the writing can be. We remember Season 5 as well as anybody, thank you very much. 

Season 6 has been damn near flawless in terms of writing. The plot has been tight and the characters have been receiving great development – ESPECIALLY Quinn.

And so has Quarrie. The first few episodes were uncharacteristically Quarrie heavy and even over the three episodes they were separated, the relationship continued to be developed (Quinn/Dar scene; Carrie/Lonas scene; Carrie/shrink scene). The writers separated them because they are on individual journeys that required them to be apart. It’s not just about solving the mystery. 

There is NOTHING to suggest from S6 that there will be no payoff for Quarrie. I’m not even talking about sex now, I’m talking about an emotional resolution to ALL THE QUESTIONS that have been opened about them this season. 

Yes, if that happened, that would constitute very bad writing. But we have seen nothing to make us fear that this is what’s going to happen. Nothing. 

If it does, we will join your bitch-fest for a few days and then we will shut down the blog because we refuse to hate-watch the show. 

Does that make you feel better? I feel like it annoys people that we are enjoying the season. WTF is that about?