HOMELAND | Carrie & Quinn | “The most remarkable aspect of episode [’Casus Belli’] — written by Chip Johannessen and directed by Alex Graves — is not so much how the plot around Carrie thickens but the depth of the love story that is emerging around Carrie and her high-maintenance house guest. “A huge misunderstanding” is not how most parents would react to the news that their kid is being held in a basement with a man equipped with high-powered weapons. Carrie’s faith in Quinn’s essential goodness is unwavering, even when it appears to everyone on the outside that he’s taken Carrie’s daughter Franny and nanny hostage in her basement. Carrie knows in her bones that Quinn’s only mission is to protect Franny — he will never deliberately harm her. And clearly Carrie has complex feelings for Quinn. She wasn’t exaggerating when she told him through the window that seeing Quinn bond with Franny provided “the best feeling I’ve had in a really long time.” – Variety

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  • Me, a year ago: why are people so obsessed with finding spoilers? I prefer not knowing anything
  • Me, now: *stalks every actor, actress, writer and director on Twitter, analyze every pixel of the stills, rewatches the promo 80 times and frequents the spoiler tag*

In this land,
far from home
many times
I’ve walked these roads 

Today, however,
I feel lost
in the thought
of the lanes 
I once strolled

This body
was agile
these feet
much younger
with thoughts like lightning
and a heartbeat of thunder

Now all that’s left
is this frame that’s weak
is this soul that’s old
is this mind
like a book with pages
starting to fold

an ache in my chest
still remains unaltered
since I parted with my home
while my heart faltered

And as in a haste,
I made my move
This heart of mine
strongly disapproved

So while I traveled
all the way,
this far
A piece of me
I lost
as I couldn’t
bring my heart

Painfully from this vessel
it got torn apart

—  Of Homes and Homelands, Shikha Singh

Homeland | F. Murray Abraham interview on Live with Kelly

anonymous asked:

6.06 Fuck me!! I have to say my favorite scene in this episode was Carrie in Conlin's house. Kudos to Alex Graves for this obviously Hitchcock-inspired scene!! I gasped out loud when Carrie and the killer saw each other in the reflection on the art work. And again when she slipped getting to the car!! Jesus Christ!! This killer, whoever he is, is "a slippery bastard", as Max first referred to Quinn when he got on to that bus to meet Dar. Now I think only Quinn has the skills to take him down.

Anonymous 2 said to wthomeland:  OMG I’ve watched 6.06 3 times already. It’s like 3 gifts from Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Le Carre rolled up into one big early Christmas present!!

Anonymous 3 said to wthomelandI must admit, after 6 episodes in, I am just loving this season. Unlike the other seasons, it is more of a whodunnit where everyone is a suspect. Now I need to go back to the beginning and hunt for more clues.

Totally agree, Anons! 

Homeland doing a little bit of a crossover this season into the mystery thriller genre and it is all kinds of fun! 

Can’t wait for Quinn to go full Quinning on slippery bastard’s ass!!! 

Refugees carry their mother tongue like a tool in their tool box,
I carry mine like a gun that I do not know how to shoot.
My grandfather speaks the language of the country that he has immigrated to with a deep accent and holes that remind him everyday of the flight he had to make.
He twists the words and speaks softly incase he makes mistakes.
He sighs deeply when he hears me throw in words of a foreign language into sentences of my mother tongue.
If all we have left is our language,
should we let them occupy that too?
But I still speak my homelanguage with a slight tone of a foreign country,
with words and grammar that don’t make sense.
But I still attend all my mother tongue classes.
For my grandparents, for the people that fought so that I could have a language to speak and to call my own.
For my father and mother who were war children.
Who went through puberty having to worry about if their parents were going to be alive tomorrow instead of worrying if their crush likes them back.
For my family who still have hints of PTSD.
For my grandpa who has nightmares every night.
For my mother who cannot go to basements without getting flashbacks of having to hide in them from the war crimes comitted against her.
I attend my homelanguage classes, and I fight my own tongue because it is one of the only things that binds me to my ancestors.
They cannot occupy or kill something that is alive forever.
Books and songs and language and language and language.
—  //My grandpa, my mother tongue and I.