• Me, a year ago: why are people so obsessed with finding spoilers? I prefer not knowing anything
  • Me, now: *stalks every actor, actress, writer and director on Twitter, analyze every pixel of the stills, rewatches the promo 80 times and frequents the spoiler tag*

In this land,
far from home
many times
I’ve walked these roads 

Today, however,
I feel lost
in the thought
of the lanes 
I once strolled

This body
was agile
these feet
much younger
with thoughts like lightning
and a heartbeat of thunder

Now all that’s left
is this frame that’s weak
is this soul that’s old
is this mind
like a book with pages
starting to fold

an ache in my chest
still remains unaltered
since I parted with my home
while my heart faltered

And as in a haste,
I made my move
This heart of mine
strongly disapproved

So while I traveled
all the way,
this far
A piece of me
I lost
as I couldn’t
bring my heart

Painfully from this vessel
it got torn apart

—  Of Homes and Homelands, Shikha Singh