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This is the side of Pakistan that you don’t see on ‘Homeland’

According to the writers on “Homeland,” Pakistan is a country full of terrorists with wild beards, invisible women cloaked in burqas, urban squalor, and people who speak Urdu in a near unrecognizable accent. From the Pakistani perspective, it would be funny if it weren’t perpetuating the same old stereotypes.

I’m a British Pakistani journalist. I have being traveling to my motherland since I was a child. Over the past two years, I’ve mostly been living and working in Pakistan, reporting all over the country. While I write often about issues related to terrorism, violence and displacement, in the last few months I’ve been turning my attention to the other Pakistan, the one that’s rarely shown in Western media.

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Happy Earth day! 🌍 from the day that changed my heart. tears of amazement at what the Creator’s voice spoke into being, and even more tears at the fact that His hand created us, and He delights in us more than anything and made us in His image. This earth is a beautiful place indeed, but we are His temple & that’s infinitely more. Keep loving those around you & take care of this beautiful world we live in. #earthday #romania #homeland #bucegimountains


This day in Homeland - April 30, 2014
“Both prone to rash decisions made with unshakable fervor, these two characters get each other in a way perhaps only dysfunctional twin siblings might. It’s how Carrie knew Quinn wouldn’t hurt her if she stepped into his eventual blast zone. For all Saul and Lockhart’s talk this season of how individual CIA lives are expendable when weighed against the greater good, that’s now how Quinn operates, and Carrie knows it.” –Price Peterson