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Join us on Oct 29 and 30 for our first round of HL fanfic bookclub: Fic Me. We’ll discuss finlyfoe’s work, and of course her most recent Julia Series.

For a reader, it is an opportunity to get to know the writer, her thoughts and motivations and the secrets of creating process. For a writer, it is a chance to get detailed feedback from her readers: what gets to them, what works in a story. And it is also an occasion to chat about things we love.

Everybody is welcome to join. The link above provides a list of her fics with links and a short intro of the writer.

anonymous asked:

The CQ relationship is really complex, its just not an ordinary will they want they, its a relationship linked to matters of life and death almost all the time, and the two of them has had and will still have eachother lives in their hands. Thats their 'thing', and it seems impossible for them to run away from their pasts, they cant! GOD, this is romantic, sooooo dark, but extremely romantic.

It is ridiculously romantic! We are so blessed to have been granted the trashiest love story in such a thrilling package of CIA badassery! 

Enjoy it, guys, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Filming Tomorrow, Tue 10/25

Queens Hospital, NYC. Parsons Blvd. & GCP - Interior day shoot

  • POLICE PRECINCT PERPS - 18-99 AGE RANGE to portray people who have been picked up by police and are waiting to be booked. Down and out types, drunks, hooligans, and some family members who have come to check on family that has been arrested. Scheduled tentatively for Tuesday 10/25. This is an interior day shoot and you will have to wear winter season attire.
  • POLICE PRECINCT NYPD - 30s-60s age range - Heavyset/ Overweight with NYPD Uniform.
  • HOSPITAL ORDERLIES & NURSES, VISITING FAMILY- 20s-60s age range. NURSES & ORDERLIES- Must fit into a uniform/ scrubs, please list sizes. LIST ALL SIZES!! Scheduled for Tuesday 10/25. This is an interior day shoot.

Did our Trash Prince get himself committed to Queens Hospital’s state-of-the-art Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) after his hostage-taking, cop-shooting escapades?? 

Inquiring minds want to know! While this is an interior shoot, some intel might still be had by scoping out the surroundings. 

Please let us know if you are interested in spying for us! And please reblog!

anonymous asked:

You know, the letter was written 3+ years before Carrie opened it. A lot of things change in 3-4 years. Do you think Quinn still feels the same about Carrie? It is possible that his feelings faded? Like Carrie's did, sorta. She was with Jonas for the whole time, not exactly pining, nursing a broken heart. And I'm sure, Quinn got some action too...just look at him! *heart eyes* Anyways, my question is, is it possible in S6 that Quinn tells her that the ship has sailed? That he's over her?

The letter was about 2,5 years old. There is ZERO chance his feelings have faded. If he says that, nobody is going to believe him. And he won’t, he has never denied it.

Carrie’s feelings hadn’t faded either. She had looked for Quinn and thought of him the whole time. She had only been working at the During Foundation for about 14 months (correct me if I’m wrong), so he and Yawnas had probably been together for less than a year. Based on that phone call from Lebanon, it was pretty obvious that he was alone overnight with Franny for the first time, and Carrie talked to him like he was a babysitter doing her a service, not her dad. So I’d guess they hadn’t been living together that long.

Quinn had been in “deepest, darkest Syria”, I don’t think there is that much sexual action to be had. And one of the first things he does when he comes back is disobeying orders to save Carrie’s life. So much so that he was willing to die for her.

So yeah, absolutely zero chance of faded feelings. On either side.

anonymous asked:

Tell me RF/Quinn is not going to stay at psych hospital for the rest of the season! I want to see Quinn quinning, whatever way it is and interacting with the others (Carrie, Saul, Dar), but not locked in a room, he's suffered a lot, he'll get worse in that place.

Relax, Anon, this is not going to happen. Clearly Quinn is a big part of the season. From just a handful of spoilers, we know he’s hanging out with strippers & doing drugs; getting sandwiches at the deli with Max; breaking into apartments and trailing people in cars; living in Carrie’s basement and looking out for Franny; taking hostages and shooting hooligans; getting arrested and going into the psych ward. This is some exciting shit! (Much more exciting than Carrie who’s like meeting with lawyers and picking up Franny from school 😴) Why would they suddenly decide, “Well, that’s enough excitement for Quinn. Let’s lock him up in the psych ward for the rest of the season!” Not gonna happen! 

anonymous asked:

Re the new possible SPOILER ab Q in psych hospital, are we getting a reversal of the scene where Q is visiting C in S3? Love paralells and reversals, HL is good at this stuff.

We sure as hell hope so! This is classic Homeland trash! We’re loving the idea of getting a Quinn psychotic break in lieu of Carrie’s. I can just taste all the delicious parallel gifsets we’re going to get: “You came to see me in the hospital when I was not in a good place”; “Come on, you know my shit” “You know mine.” Hats off to Gansa, the Ultimate Trash Master!

This season feels almost too good to be true 😍

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Homeland In Bird’s Eye View

Landscapes’ beauty has been captured by many; some sang songs of praise by dedicating poems, some mesmerized by its beauty, used metaphors to dedicate pages after pages while others tried to capture it by taking photographs. However, Shamim Shorif Susom’s approach is a bit different - the  phenomenal photographer is on a mission to show the world aerial view of his homeland.

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