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A lot of fans got to take pictures with Rupert after the Emmy panel in May. He was so nice getting to everyone. I was very lucky to get a picture but it's too bad I look frightful compared to the tall, dark and handsome man beside me.

Shut the fuck up, Anon! You got to meet Emmy-Panel Rupert??? 


Your Rupert:

My Rupert:

Could this day get any worse?? Anons are fucking ruining my life!

Your punishment for trying to upstage me is that now you HAVE TO share the picture with us. I don’t care if you look like Miss Piggy… the picture will be seen by us!

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Hello :) I used to be around the fandom a lot but had to take a break following the S5 finale shitshow. I'm actually waiting to board a plane to NYC as I'm writing this. Any chance you could get in touch with me if you know where there will be filming going on in the next day or two?

Hey! Welcome back! And yay, new asset! I think they might be shooting somewhere outside NYC (unfortunately) today but we will keep checking and let you know as soon as we know anything. They might have two locations, and are probably in the city on Friday? At least we are hoping they will. How long will you be in town? We’ll keep you posted! Are you on Twitter btw?

Cheeky husbands

As usual, poor Dan is having to listen to me regale him with stories of storms in fandom teacups.

I emailed him one of the messages i received and he replied with this:

“why is this happening to me?
how did you get my e-mail address?
you have the wrong address
i think 24 is better than homeland
quinn is a poo

Poor Dan :). But he is always good for a laugh when fandom gets annoying.
homeland fic: Boof (quinn & carrie (sorta))
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Summary: Post-season 5. Quinn’s alive, out of the CIA, recovering his health - and he’s moved to Australia because my head canon always has Carrie and Quinn ending up in Australia, living in some remote coastal location in peace.

Notes: We just rehomed our rescue Kelpie Jerry yesterday. His trial adoption was confirmed by his applicant. Because of behavioural issues, Jerry was in foster care with us for more than a year - longer than any other dog. At one point, we thought we’d have to euthanise him. But we persisted and eventually we found him his forever home.

Anyway, this scribble was in part prompted by Jerry and in part prompted by the spoilery photos of season 6 Quinn.

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I dont trust Gansa either. NOT after shitty s5. Carrie is not so caring type of person and rather impatient. I think she will give up on him after few fights and his drug escapades with hookers. Sorry for being very pessimistic. But I have a faith in Frannie. She will be his little angel and will help him somehow

LOL at Franny being there for Quinn independently of Carrie. She’s not even four! In any case, you know we don’t ascribe to this view of Carrie. She is a fiercely loyal person, almost stubbornly so, and we’re sure she’ll be there for Quinn this season 💁. 

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Sorry we couldn't get a good look because they had the entire part of small area blocked off last night. I talked to someone and they said a tall guy and red head lady were there but maybe those are stand-ins? Not entirely sure, I left because there's no point in trying to snoop around in the middle of the night plus my camera phone is terrible.

Lord have mercy! A tall guy??? 

Ok when I was there on Monday, people were walking right past the shoot, nothing was blocked off. OMFG they totally have a Quarrie scene up their sleeve, don’t they???

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