BRAND NEW Supernatural: The Official Companion Seasons 1-7

Ok, so this is for all of the SPN enthusiasts!  I invested in these official season companion books back in my Mostly-Jensen days, but never used them in the slightest, and they need a new home. Each is in pristine, crisp condition, with no visible wear whatsoever. I bought them new and paid nearly $30 per book (so over $200 all together), and, again, they are still in mint condition. Please check out the listing on eBay if you are interested and reblog this so it can reach as many as possible. They are full of incredibly interesting details and well worth having, or giving as a gift!

PM me if you have questions or want to make an offer. Cheers! 😘

So… I recently hit 3k followers!? Like how? What? It’s unbelievable! Thank you so much to all of you who follow me. It makes me incredibly happy that so many of you like my blog :) xoxo
To celebrate I made my first follow forever to show you who fills my dash with awesomeness every day (mutuals are bolded)!




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I hope I didn’t forget anyone. I love you all!

Bring Him Home || Dean & Im

She’d left Sam with Cas, rushing out the bunker door with hurried promise to return soon and a meaningful glance at the angel– Don’t let him do anything stupid– before she was off, the rumble of a stolen engine providing a background to her swirl of thoughts: Bring him home, bring him home, bring him home… As highway turned into back country roads, she checked the map again, red-rimmed eyes scanning the lines and names. It wasn’t hard to track him, she knew this kid backwards and forwards, and soon she pulled off on a dirt road, little more than a path. She cursed as the truck slowed to a stop, a small cabin sitting innocuously in between the trees a head of her.

Her anger flared as she spotted the car, her own metal frame, parked out front, and she swung the truck door open, feet hitting gravel before she slammed it shut. The pure gall Dean had, leaving his brother, leaving her, because of some guilt-ridden delusion. Sam was bent by his brother’s distrust and no amount of reassurance could set him straight again, something in his eyes full of guilt and disappointment, and Im had heard what he said, how he was ready to die, the words echoing in her skull as she stalked her way to the front door, raising her fist and pounding on it.

Oil Change and Check Up

Basically just a thing to keep track of my threads:

I owe:

  • impalasmybaby
  • fellfornaught (x1)
  • saltstainedleather

Waiting on (take your time):

  • insanityissammy (x2)
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  • thesoullesshunter (maybe? i don’t know if you wanted to keep that as a thread)
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  • xstoppedwriting (again, maybe?)
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If any of this is incorrect, please, please, please, let me know!

♦—Well I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make one of these things! It’s not very good since I’m not photoshop inclined, but I hope you’ll all like it anyways~ Anyways onto the names~

My bbies

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ayouthfulpassion, monsterhuntingwinchesters, kisame-hoshi-gawddamn, asumas-gaiden, fragrantlykarin, sordidsensory, musicunderthestarsandmoon, mranthonyeffingstark, tinydattebayo, spikes-and-shadows, nara-shikaku, iamtheshadowmistress, tajima-sama, crimsonbellator, tealwindwitch, strawberrysakura, night-winged, purplehairedanbu, uzuki-yugao, shinosays,

ecchi-ebisu-sensei, musical–android, masteroffantasies, flower-royale, flower-in-the-light, floreusbellator, minxto, mishas-assbutt-idjit, homeismyimpala, orangesage, tomatosaucekun, uzumenma, uzumakikushina-dattebane, iloverinforever, t-o-k-i-d-o-k-i, deadlyblossoms, thequeenofsand, theblessingofchoice, geoyubuchaenunim, strawberrypinkette, enigmaofchoice,

perfect-susanoo, ruzumaki, jashiiin, senkoh, forsaken-mother, pinkxbrute, dualfools00, murasakiirohana, littlesistersammy, glitchexmachina, senator–armstrong, transcends-into-pleasure, lithebomber, kunaihime, offenceanddefence, dangerous-buns, godofsenju, hinxta, psychoticgaara, ponytails-and-explosives, hxaler, hxineko, uzumaki-kushinasensei, playboy-sasuke, xirondragonslayerx,

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dragon-odango, convulsus, noblegentlemangai, desertgourd, kurenaiyuhii, kuramas9tails, hinata-sunflower-hyuuga, kuro-iwa, kuro-kyuubi, akumanomei, chaoticrelic, platinumcosmos, super-pervy-sage, rickety-mutt, grandma-nara, sky-sorceress, nacchan-loves-cuties, springtimeofyouthrocklee, whydotheykeeptakingmine, snakehawks,

cherryblossomsinbloom, floriditas, poignantsong, corruptedavenger, blindkunoichioftheleaf, smokingladiesman, emerald–hime, eliteuchihacrybaby, monsterboymansion, detective-of-romance, lokidarkfire, banzaifefs, jeansybaby, velvetroomofmuses, rising-serafeim, turnaboutdefenseattorney,

datte-bayoh, hxdoken, lust-solaris, junsui-shinzou, the-king-of-excuses, dark–inferno, illuminatilupus, darkness-silver-lilly12, niceguygai, hana-tsukioka

You all mean so much to me! I know I forgot someone, I can feel it. But here it is! If you didn’t make it on here, know that I still love you a lot! <3  I recommend following everyone listed here! c: 

Thank you darlings!

       Wow, I never thought I would get this far! I absolutely love you all to death and I’ve more than enjoyed my time here on tumblr so far. My two year anniversary is coming up in January and I thought it was only fitting to celebrate by giving love to those who I have truly come to care about and love. Even if we don’t talk I love seeing you on my dash. First off I’d like to thank both msharuno and crimsonhealer  for making me beautiful banners for this follow forever, without them I wouldn’t have been able to do this. msharuno I plan on using yours for my next follow forever! c:

       First I would like to do some special mentions before jumping into the list. Also please don’t take offense if you’re not on this, it doesn’t mean I value you any less. I may have forgotten a few people as I tend to be scatterbrained! Also the art source is here. I do realize some of these blogs are no longer active or are on haitus but I wanted to include them because at one point in time I was happy to have them on my dash ♥

celestialhimelucy: You are my best friend and you have been for over five years now. I value our friendship and I love you, even if most of our conversations are random without a point. Our phone calls give me life.

xgouka/nashide: I’m really privileged to have you as a friend. Hotaru and Tsunade’s relationship is one of the best I’ve ever had in my roleplaying experience on tumblr. I promise we’ll do an Inoichi and Hotaru thread one day! Thank you for putting up with me <3

itxstartswithino:You have been my bae for the longest time and I will always be here for you if you need someone to help you through something. You’ve helped me through one of my worst times and I can’t thank you enough. I love your portrayal of Ino also, I can’t wait to do daddy/daughter thread on my Inoichi.

shxnaro: TWINNNN <3 ily okay? You’re such an amazing person. You’re talented, sweet, intelligent, and you bring justice to any muse you play. I really am glad to have met such an awesome person like you. If you ever need anything I’m here.

msharuno: You are a sweetheart and I don’t know what I’d do without seeing you on my dash everyday. You bring a smile to my face and your portrayal is flawless. It’s like I’m watching the real Sakura by Kishimoto (only no 699/700). ily <3

hanaosakaseru: You are a beyond amazing person with a beautiful heart and soul. Your portrayal of Ino is one to admire and I’m very happy we were able to meet. I look up to you as an editor and writer ♥

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So basically I died and went to heaven today.

I met up with homeismyimpala and lilith1967 and got a ride in Lilith! They are awesome and a ton of work has gone into this gorgeous machine, and it shows. She is powerful! They kindly let me ride shotgun^.^ Being surrounded by the sound and feel of that engine is kind of surreal.

The whole experience completely made my day!

(I know, I know; I’d never get work operating a steadicam. Let us never speak of it.)