Bring Him Home || Dean & Im

She’d left Sam with Cas, rushing out the bunker door with hurried promise to return soon and a meaningful glance at the angel– Don’t let him do anything stupid– before she was off, the rumble of a stolen engine providing a background to her swirl of thoughts: Bring him home, bring him home, bring him home… As highway turned into back country roads, she checked the map again, red-rimmed eyes scanning the lines and names. It wasn’t hard to track him, she knew this kid backwards and forwards, and soon she pulled off on a dirt road, little more than a path. She cursed as the truck slowed to a stop, a small cabin sitting innocuously in between the trees a head of her.

Her anger flared as she spotted the car, her own metal frame, parked out front, and she swung the truck door open, feet hitting gravel before she slammed it shut. The pure gall Dean had, leaving his brother, leaving her, because of some guilt-ridden delusion. Sam was bent by his brother’s distrust and no amount of reassurance could set him straight again, something in his eyes full of guilt and disappointment, and Im had heard what he said, how he was ready to die, the words echoing in her skull as she stalked her way to the front door, raising her fist and pounding on it.

Body!swap (homeismyimpala)



“Oh uh, yeah sorry I do that sometimes. I had a bit of a run in with a strange creature and im not in the right body”

“Oh well alright, I guess that is a good reason. A strange creature you say…Can you describe the creature you saw?”

“Well Torchwood classifies them as ‘grey faces’ we dont know much about them other than the fact they have strange godlike powers, and can sometimes be rather rude. Overall they are rather harmless.”


homeismyimpala and looksgoodinsuits, how did you connect? ‘Cause Big H, I followed you because of Impala Monday, and Ianto, I met you at Fanime (I’ll post the photos of your cosplays tonight, promise!); but how in tumblr’s name did you meet?

And now you’re writing a Torchwood/Supernatural crossover and I’m shipping you two together, just letting you know.

homeismyimpala  asked:

"What have I done this time?"

Irritated, she jabs an accusatory finger into his chest, glaring up at him. “Don’t give me that tone, Winchester,” she snaps, “You know just as well as I do what you’re doing. Playing dumb isn’t going to get you anywhere." 

Backing off, she folded her arms, staring him down. "You really think I’m going to buy the shit you’re selling? Sam may be willing to overlook it for a while, but I’m not going to indulge your fantasies while this…thing leads you down a path I’m not sure you’re going to return from.” Her eyes flick towards the mark on Dean’s arm before she looks back at Dean’s face, waiting for an explanation.

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