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kageuta asked:

Happy birthday my dear, I hope you still get your pizza homehow! *hug*

Thanks a lot!!! ♥♥
I ORDERED MY ALMOST FREE PIZZA……… I hope it took the coupon lmao….

46 HD How To Get Thicker Hair Images

46 HD How To Get Thicker Hair Images

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  • 1. First band you saw live? Deep Purple
  • 2. Last band you saw live? Falling In Reverse
  • 3. Favorite you’ve ever seen? Everyone is unique in its own way…but I’ve waited for Falling In Reverse for so long, so…
  • 4. Best concert memory? Deep Purple entrance in 2008 <3
  • 5. Worst concert memory? Circlepit during FIR, I was homehow dragged in, and I end up basically destroyed.
  • 6. Who has the best banter onstage? All Time Low
  • 7. What’s your favorite music festival? I wanna go to Warped Tour SO BAD, but I live in Italy
  • 8. Do you wait to meet band members after a show? Everytime I can
  • 9. Do you go to shows under the influence or no? NOPE!
  • 10. General admission or seated? It depends.
  • 11. Do you like a band playing mostly new or old stuff? Mix of both, but the older stuff make you feel that unbeatable sense of nostalgia…
  • 12. Would you ever go to a concert alone? Yep but never happened 
  • 13. Do you go early and catch the openers? If I can
  • 14. Would you rather see a band you’ve seen a bunch of times again or see a band you’ve never seen before? Booooth!!!
  • 15. Do you mosh? Nope
  • 16. Do you crowdsurf? Never did
  • 17. Would you rather see a band do an acoustic set or their standard live show? Both
  • 18. Do you take photos? Sometimes
  • 19. What’s one band you’d love to see live? NEVERENDING LIST…All Time Low, Set It Off,  Ice Nine Kills, Sleeping With Sirens, Escape The Fate, New Year’s Day, Black Veil Brides, Against The Current, We Are The In Crowd, The Anthem, Yellowcard, Panic! At The Disco, Juliet Simms, Walk The Moon, Moneta, As It Is, PVRIS,  Pierce The Veil…and many others.
  • 20. What’s one band you’d love to perform with? SET IT OFF, all the way!